Samsung DeX Unboxing and Demo: Galaxy S8 Desktop Dock!

hey everybody Tim Schofield below and also it’s time to have a look at the samsung decks station it is a desktop experience dock so what you can do is actually decrease in your Galaxy s8 or s8 plus as well as actually use it as a desktop computer I’m gon na proceed and link it to my monitor additionally proceed and also reveal you guys real fast what’s in the box established it all up and also get points going as well as give a quick demo too so to start you’ll see it runs off of HDMI UHD 4k 100 megabit Ethernet and also 2 x USB 2.0 so on the back you’ll see here USB 2.0 2.0 Ethernet HDMI and USB type-c too so let’s proceed and open this guy up and also real quick see what all is available in this box and right now you do have your docking terminal which does have some wrapper on it on the back right here I’ll speak about this in just a second you have a flexible fast start similar to one that included the Galaxy S 8 black right below and after that I think this should be a USB type-c cord and it is so used to be kind a do USB type-c to charge battery charger decks docking terminal finally you have a Flying Start Overview in situation you require to recognize exactly how to do anything as well as that’s practically it that would be whatever in package so let’s go in advance and grab our dock and take a close take a look at it so on the top here you’ll see a little of an arrow so you really simply need to push up and it reveals that

USB type-c adapter right there as well down near the bottom rather much simply FCC info here’s a check out the back so it resembles it has some vents or they may be audio speakers I’m not precisely certain off to test that out in simply a second finishing off you have your two USB type-a ports your Ethernet slot HDMI as well as your USB type-c for some charging ok so I went on and got my Galaxy s8 and also I attached my decks to this check right here via HDMI I connected it in using USB type-c I likewise inputted my cordless mouse that I have right below as well as likewise linked a Bluetooth key-board to my phone so allow’s go on and also evaluate it out for the very first time I’m gon na push the power switch on my display as well as then connect this guy in and we’ll take a look at what actually occurs to the tool due to the fact that it is initiative power it is charging the phone and also it states welcome to Samsung Dex and it claims begin utilizing Dex or switch to screen mirroring so you have a couple choices you’ll see here it states welcome to Samsung decks as well tap begin Samsung Dex on your from the begin so I’m gon na go ahead as well as

press start samsung Dex as well as looks like it powers off the screen right here brings our display to a Samsung deepness display and there we go below is our new desktop alright so allow’s run via a number of points as you can see I have a mouse right there moving undoubtedly attached to this Mouse which you will certainly need the display completely closes off right below if you push the power button on your Galaxy S a which I will do right below it will actually lock your desktop computer and if you push the power switch once more you’ll see it takes you to whatever secure screen you have so you can simply go on as well as key in your predetermined lock screen to unlock your desktop computer currently see your notifications as a glimpse at a glimpse you’ll see in the bottom right they will certainly appear so you see I have a number of notices my Verizon LTE all that things increase or break down the menus we’ll speak about that in a second multitask quickly you’ll discover every one of your open applications neatly lined up on the taskbar and afterwards right here’s a notification just a lot of stuff I don’t actually know anything out of your day some decks just supports F HD so 1080p resolutions so some high resolution material might look a little different which’s rather minute much it so allow’s proceed hit begin as well as it claims make certain all 4 edges of our display fit looks respectable to me I’m gon na go

ahead as well as hit OK and there we go so we’re all prepared to go resemble you can lessen as well as maximize information if you tap on the day and also time you can bring up a certain schedule I’m not gon na do so at the minute you have a drop up food selection to actually go to those quick shortcuts so if you desired to go ahead and also transform on Wi-Fi if you really did not intend to use details 4G LTE or not allow’s you understand you are connected to there’s that key-board I’m linked to out II audio output you can have it be your phone or the display screen device so I have it as my phone let’s go in advance and test and see if that was X those were really speakers on the back so to test this out allow’s most likely to our app cabinet and also I do intend to make note that the wheel on my computer mouse does function and I’m rollin with it let’s go to Chrome and you’ll see lots of Google and also right here is a home window while it while it is docked you can really resize this home window any type of way you would love to vertically or horizontally or you can go fullscreen too if you wish to so what with that said let’s experiment with the key-board as well as go to points up our mobile site which we should have the ability to state hi let’s request desktop computer site due to course we are anchored as well as want to use it as a desktop computer so you see it lots it up simply fine appears to scroll promptly too allow me just go to one of

my video clips simply to check out the speakers on the back of it I wish to in fact verify as well as see if those are audio speakers so let’s click method moto G 5 alright so I’m gon na go on as well as show up the media quantity and also you’ll see it is coming out of some speaker let’s check as well as for those of you questioning these are not speakers on the back the sound is making use of the phone audio speakers which does have a little a contour into it so the audio will discharge towards you when you have it in front of you so it’s not a horrible appearing by any type of ways yet naturally you might want to take into consideration some sort of external speakers most likely a Bluetooth audio speaker since it resembles you will not have the ability to accessibility and the earphone jack while it is connected right into your dock ok currently that we have actually gotten that off the beaten track allow’s advance I’m gon na close out of the Chrome App as well as we’ll take a look at our alerts down below so you have a gmail notice so you’ll see right here you do have an e-mail I’m going to liquidate of it as well as it goes away something else utilizing

Samsung decks you can touch right here to switch over the display murmuring I’m not going to do so presently and after that allowing you recognize the Cubs obviously are beating the Pittsburgh Pirates currently let’s try out a pair more things why not let’s enter into our current applications button so you’ll see have a close all switch as well as it raises really promptly and you still have that home button so if you leap right into setups the home switch isn’t necessarily as appropriate oh looks like you need to double click any one of these specific applications right below my files so allow’s see what happens if I press the residence button right below it reduces all of your apps and naturally you can conveniently multitask with the multitasking switch or you can open these apps because lessened tray right here and changing alternatives appears like you do not have a whole lot of points you can transform while it is docked a screen timeout allows you know most likely when it will in fact secure too currently I wish to attempt as well as open the electronic camera as well as in fact see what that does oh it functions so you can still use your camera while you’re docked and snap a photo look you’re gon na need to move your dock obviously yet that’s that’s a little odd I don’t truly know why you would necessarily need to use your video camera to ensure that suggests possibly

snapchat would certainly work also allow’s go ahead I really don’t assume I’ve snapchat loaded up on this gadget or at the very least checked in to say the least successive allow’s try and pack up a game so right here is Altos adventure I’m gon na put that sideways and actually send out a text message genuine fast so let’s most likely to load up the messages application that I have as well as allow’s make up a quick message so you’ll see I’m inputting a text now to myself and I misspelled my very own name there we go hey Tim press ENTER and also it presses enter I in fact need to push the send switch appears like and there we go so it loads up hey Tim sends it on off as well as currently what I’m gon na do is really grab my phone and also I did obtain that text in fact as well as I’m gon na message myself back so I desire you to go ahead and also maintain an eye on the display I’m gon na send out a message as well as there you enter the lower right it appears you can hit call mark as checked out or reply so if you hit respond you don’t also need to leave whatever application you remain in you can proceed as well as press reply go and also hit get in as well as it sends it on off alright let’s proceed as well as increase to this app currently as well as I don’t recognize if I’ve in fact filled up Altos adventure looks like this app can not be resized which I guess type of is what it is I’m tapping the begin and it doesn’t look like it’s doing anything I’m gon na try my keyboard and also that doesn’t look like it’s.

doing anything either so a little regrettable there’s a chance that some video games may or might not work as it said it really mentioned that when I filled that up and also it resembles ltos journey may be one of them I can go in advance as well as try another one let’s attempt asphalt 8 that’s well they can’t run to make sure that’s what it states it states that one can not perform at all maybe let’s attempt trust fund the old peanut if you wish to play Pinochle single-decker double-deck resemble that video game works so some games are going to function and also other ones probably are not so let’s go in advance as well as simply proceed as well as push a card and also you’ll see you can play just great as well as last time I go in advance and also make a call I will be doing a full evaluation so go down a remark and let me understand what you would love to see in a future video likewise you can right-click on applications as well as pin them to the taskbar so if there specifies apps you want down at the bottom always you can go on and also pin those all appropriate so I’m gon na go ahead as well as call my.

very own phone as well as struck the telephone call switch as well as you see it tons on up as well as I am currently getting a phone call as you can see from this details phone as well as it automatically puts it on speaker hello yep there’s gon na be a responses loop there yet anyways you’ll see it functioned just fine got everything going you can make calls as well as immediately jumps right into speakerphone so you do not always have to select it up out of the particular dock finally there’s a quick display shot button too so you can proceed as well as take a quick screenshot and modify it if you ‘d like to let’s go in advance and also take another and afterwards press the draw button and also there you go you can actually attract on whatever display shot you took so anyways that’s actually about it that would be the Samsung decks application great deals a lot more ahead as well as I most definitely utilize this daily provide you guys some even more impressions on it also so click that subscribe button you follow me on numerous social media as always people thank you significantly.

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