HTC 10 Revisited: After Android 7.0 Nougat Update

every person Tim Schofield here and also if you missed it I made a video discussing my favored phones from 2016 and also I observed I obtained some discuss that video speaking about the dc-10 and asking why that wasn’t on there why that wasn’t included it actually needs to have been as well as I believed to myself hey perhaps I made a blunder maybe I need to have included it on there I did get the Android 7 Vehicle nougat upgrade so what I did is I tossed my sim card on in there as well as have used as my daily driver for a great amount of time now so anyways let’s revisit the HTC 10 and also see if I ought to have included it onto that list HCC has actually additionally done an excellent task of maintaining this tool upgraded in regards to upgrading it to Android 7 deado nougat due to the fact that not a great deal of producers can really claim that they have done that now keeping that being said that did bring along some attributes

among them being multi window that I utilize a respectable amount particularly when I’m viewing youtube videos nonetheless you’ll see that it does work extremely well in various applications resizing them is very smooth there actually hasn’t been any type of performance problems while utilizing this multi home window function as well as HTC is implemented it extremely well they maintained it extremely supply like as you can see as well as that simply sort of speaks with the entire OS in basic very comparable to stock Android you’ll see these symbols are really comparable even the setups food selection is additionally very similar and naturally they do have different tweaks I am using a custom-made launcher now however not HCC’s launcher yet you see with Android obviously you can customize it to your preference yet just overall the OS is really comparable to supply in general they have included a few different tweaks among them being dual faucet to wake which I rejoice they kind of kept because that is something that all phones ought to have the option to turn on as well as off finger print scanner works effectively and also in general the device

build is also just extremely premium in basic and also indeed the build quality is really great nevertheless the resonance motor is method too strong take a pay attention mmm so ideally they might choose that up quite possibly but to be entirely truthful it is so strong it makes so much staff members when it’s even in your pocket there’s truly no means you can be in a silent room and have it on shaking people around you not having the ability to hear it so HTC I kind of dream you would certainly have sort of toned that down a limit or offer you an alternative a minimum of to actually make it much less strong relocating along I would love to discuss the camera specifically some functions about it that I actually don’t like I’m actually not impressed with which would certainly be focusing the moment it requires to really concentrate sometimes especially in low-light situations is quite underwhelming as well as I have actually been a little distressed with it as well as the shutter rate also actually it’s a little bit longer than this is making it appear like especially like ice stated in those lower light scenarios which causes some images to be a little blurred now remember the HTC 10 it’s.

still a really capable point-shoot camera it definitely can give some excellent pictures for you nevertheless you do need to be a little bit patient possibly take even more than one shot due to the fact that of that focusing and you do require to hold it pretty still when you are taking a photo to ensure that you do don’t have any blur or anything like that now obviously it does have this manual setting we can change the white balance ISO all that excellent things also so if I no ways this is a bad electronic camera it’s I’m just type of pointing out that it did not obtain boosted in any way over this update and also maybe a great deal far better particularly at the price point this phone is that something that HTC ten does effectively is audio and also sound quality in regards to the earphone jack as well as audio speakers as well the earphone jack is one of the finest available if you have a nice set of headphones you will see a difference it’s superb when you have result out of 3.5 millimeter earphone jack as well as additionally naturally those audio speakers you do have a bottom firing audio speaker combined with a front speaker as well so you do obtain sound appearing the front here and also all-time low as well currently certainly it isn’t as great some of the phones with both front encountering.

audio speakers nonetheless it is definitely way better than simply having a single firing audio speaker since you do have sound appearing of two to particular audio speakers something additionally extremely significant that I really did not really notice before is the audio top quality of recording and if you videotape possibly songs or anything particularly if you tape a great deal of video the audio recording on right here is very great considering that it does have high res sound tape-recording something I have actually been a little distressed with his battery life and it actually isn’t that excellent it’s practically average of anything second-rate you’ll see right here touch screen promptly three hours 52 minutes 4 hours and also 13 mins which quite much tells the story essentially I can obtain around 4 hrs maybe 4 hours as well as 5 mins display on schedule average which usually doesn’t obtain me with the day however so battery life has actually been very underwhelming now with that said being said charging is in fact really quick on this gadget so you can get a respectable line of juice on maybe 10 15 minutes of cost I do wish to make a note though that when you do.

bill the device it use your phone a whole lot possibly for multitasking or if you’re playing some games it does get a little cozy generally also occasionally when you’re playing some premium video games on this device the phone does get a little cozy it does not fume by any kind of means but just a little a bit warmer than you ‘d like it to over all the HTC 10 is still really stylish and also fast perhaps the periodic sluggish down occasionally but that is extremely rare I do wish to make a note that snapchat is dreadful on this gadget and also I understand snapchat in basic is really bad on Android phones but on this tool occasionally it simply gets also worse it’s choppy with the viewfinder it’s just exceptionally sluggish and also it’s just worse than most various other gadgets that I’ve used snapchat on so if you use snapchat a lot just kind of be aware of that if you’re assuming concerning.

checking out the HTC 10 so now I wish to go on as well as give some final thoughts on the HTC 10 after reviewing it making use of is my everyday chauffeur also currently in regards to my favorite phones of 2016 I’m standing by that there exists is and was a factor that I did not include this phone the 1 +3 and also multiple 3t actually overcooked odds and ends’s the reason that this device was not because video so with that said being claimed the HTC 10 is in fact a very strong tool however it isn’t the best in any type of certain category video camera battery life are both very poor particularly with exactly how much that you spend for this device so the price factor on this gadget simply seemed a little too high of what you obtained for it nevertheless with that said being said the camera battery life of what kill it for me to be completely sincere if both of those were a little bit better I would have included it because video clip however the one plus 3t has better battery life as well as in my point of view I do like the electronic camera on it a bit better also and also obviously this way reduced price point just makes it the cost point alone on the 1 + 3 + 1 + 3 T simply makes it more of a much better deal a much better phone in my individual point of view do not get me wrong the HTC 10 was following in line to be in that video clip yet it was overlooked for different reasons and also these are very individual points that I would certainly utilize in a device points that I like to utilize total so ideally appreciate this video if you did click that thumbs up switch offer me your ideas on the HTC 10 what you believe also and also as constantly people thank you very much.

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