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so here we are just a fortnight into the brand-new year frankly my opening is still gummy from all that joyful whiskey and my hangover hasn’t wholly buggered off and yet samsung has already spat out its fresh quantity of 2021 flagship smartphones and the most cheap of the brand-new trio is this bad boy right here the samsung galaxy s21 5g although it’s still not exactly cheap starting from 769 quid so similar sort of price into that iphone 12. But what i’m gonna do now is whip the samsung galaxy s21 out of its container make you on a full on tour of the hardware and the software ahead of my scrutinize to see what our early marks are of the camera tech the game and chops participate all that exodus 2100 stands up and all the rest of it and for the most recent greatest tech please do placed agree participate that notifications bell mirths now first i’ve got to say that s21 box is appropriately dinky it’s about the same size as the iphone 12 s container and the above reasons for that is of course like the iphone there’s no charger wrap in there and also minor gripe here but can we please stop frame 5g after the names of smartphones just because they’ve got 5g a lot of 5g telephones are coming out now and i’m sick of watch 5g still if nothing else at least the lack of a charge implies the unboxing part of this video is going to be very straightforward literally all

you’ve got inside of the box besides the phone itself is this dinky little slip which contains a quick start guide and a kind c usb cable and you’ve also got a pokey pin device slap there on the back and that’s it so if this was just a easy unboxing this video would last like 30 seconds now let’s turn our attention to this sexy slab of tech the samsung galaxy s21 and first impressions oh god it’s nice and pact at precisely 6.2 inches 172 grams it’s definitely delightful and lightweight but it feels an appropriate weight for its length it certainly doesn’t feel you know too light or doll like and thankfully samsung has been kind enough to send me its new flagship figment violet emblazon which was introduced for the s21 range and i really like it still further actually it’s not in your face uh vibrant or anything like that but i do like the path the colouring various kinds of morphs from off-color into violet depending on exactly how the daylight is striking it like the s20 fan edition which was launched at the end of last year the samsung galaxy s21 sports a glastic back so it’s a kind of a combination composite old-time glass and plastic and it’s got this lovely matte finish to it rather than a silky sheen still further seems reasonably good at sort of hiding greasy scuff observes i just had a baking boat this morning as well so you can see it’s do a really good job there and i found that the s20 fan edition that glastic back abode moderately durable

it didn’t scratch up too easily at all but it surely does feel quite plasticky here on the back of the s21 rather than it’ s actually made of frosted glass and of course one intend ingredient of the galaxy s21 that’s really divided mind is the camera chassis which as “youre seeing” there various kinds of melds into the metal edge and yeah i can see how it would be a level or heated motif personally i really don’t mind it to be honest the main thing is that it doesn’t hump too far from the surface of the phone so you won’t have any problems if you’re resting the s21 on a desk uh simply employing it without it wobbling about all over the place and the rest of the s2 1 design is pretty straightforward you’ ve got your power button and your loudnes rocker on the right rim perfectly bug roll on the left down below is where you’ve got your sim tray and too your character c usb charger no headphone jack sadly once again on the s21 and as usual full ip68 water and dust defiance flake of added reassurance peace of mind if you’re a bit of a butterfinger as you end up slipping in the sag or whatever right now it’s that special go where i’m going to get the s2 1 all set up bung my sim card in there speaking of which it’s a double-sided sim tray here on the galaxy s21 so you can stick two sims in at the same time but of course no office for any memory posters thankfully it’s no biggie because on the galaxy s21 you’ ve got a minimum 128 gigs of storage you can boost that to 256 if you’ve got a bit more cash

to spare and that’s just as well ready because you’ve got a bugger ton of apps pre-installed on this thing so standard nonsense for a galaxy smartphone ready so of course you get all of samsung’s own apps many of which are just reproduction of the stuff you already get from google so you’ve got the likes of samsung p as well as google pig or bixby on top of the google deputy you’ve got the internet browser on top of uh google chrome yada yada you’ve also got a whole bunch of microsoft nonsense on there and of course the likes of facebook and spotify as well thankfully you can just ditch any that your dawn hankers or for instance facebook can definitely do one linkedin as well can most assuredly piss right off now as i expected the software of choice now on the galaxy s21 is the latest freshest android 11 and of course sat on android’s face is samsung’s fresh time one ui explanation 3.1 launcher and today’s wallpaper of preference is a nice bit of one perforate somebody activity the anime reference that i get compared to the most i’m guessing because of his baldy bounce rather than his prowess in engages and of course one ui computes a whole but ton of bonus pieces to android i can’t go through all of them in this unboxing but i’m hoping to do like a tips-off and ruses wording template to go through some of the best software chips now on the s21 soon but from a speedy scout about it looks like all the standard uh one ui peculiarities

that samsung devotees should know and adoration make a welcome return likes the always on display which is of course amply customizable as ever you no longer have a dedicated bixby auxiliary key here on the galaxy smartphones because you can just long press the capability button instead to wake up bixby but i’d rather exactly have it actually switch off the phone as you can see there you can customize what a speedy double sound of it does you’ve got an intense sum of gesture and gesticulate help including fan favourites like elevation awake and you’ve also get that uh much needed one-handed mode now that our smartphones again big as blaze a great deal of beef and the galaxy s21 is just about compact fairly that i could reach up to the surface result of that presentation even with my stubby little fingers but you can drag down that notifications disallow from anywhere on screen regardles and then that one-handed mode can be activated with precisely a immediate little swipe down like so as you can see you can have it either left or right sided and that’s really helpful when you’re in an app whatever it is you find yourself perpetually contacting up to the top mission of the display to actually tap on nonsense of course one of the best bits of one ui in samsung galaxy smartphones in general is that excellent knox security software as for actually opening the maneuver you’ve got an ultrasonic scanner built into that flaunt and touch messages still further seems delightful and nippy and accept i do sometimes struggle with

samsung’s in showing scanners sometimes when my hands get truly cool they just aren’t quite as responsive or accurate takes a couple of taps to work but yeah so far certainly no problems and you’ve also got a bit of ferociou acknowledgment support to back that up as well if you’re not disguised at the time plainly i did struggle to set this up at first on the galaxy s21 i prevented getting a intense document encountered letter which i mulled at first was just a bit of stern sense but i think it was just the dodgy lighting in the studio to be honest and now touch whether that’s all set up it seems to work an ultimate attractivenes as you can see it doesn’t take too long to recognize you’d rather it made its experience a little bit and sort of obliged sure it was clearly you and one of the most important revises that samsung picked up in the galaxy s21 launch was to its smart things app which has now got some extra functionality to help you find your samsung shears that you might have lost so this will help you track down a rascal s21 if it’ s gone missing precisely log onto your samsung account on a computer you’ll see its last-place known point uh or its current point if it’s still turned on and this will likewise work with the other samsung gear like the galaxy buds pro and of course those brand-new smart tags and clearly do stick about for a full review of both of these bad sons however one feature that you won’t find on the standard galaxy s2 1 that you will find on the plus and the ultra is that ultra wide band tech which can be used to for instance unlock your automobile as a wireless automobile key if you’ve got a corroborated simulate so you unquestionably have to jack up your budget if you fancy a bit of that now on the samsung galaxy s21 you’ ll find a 6.2 inch dynamic

amoled 2x showing it’s a similar sort of screen tech to what we saw in last year’s big samsung smartphone exhausts except this time it’s full hd plus instead of quad hd plus and yeah when you compare the s2 1 side by side with uh you know last year’ s s2 0 you will notice a difference in the detail elevations you’d have to get those finer items coming through really nicely on that s2 0 compared with the s21 but you know what because it’s a 6.

2 inch it’s a reasonably compact screen regardles certainly more than up to the task for a bit of youtube netflix disney plus whatever and on that default vivid state oh my god those emblazons they slam you really hard right in the face just like what’s going on in this scene now god i love a bit of cobra kai but of course as usual get full control over the display output here on the s21 all you got to do is dive into the settleds foreman to display and you can play around with all kinds of stuff in here you’ve got the usual dark and light procedure of course you’ve got the adaptive brightness eye ease shield and screen mode is what you miss if you want to play around with the coloring temperature and everything and get most natural seeming colors if you don’t want them certainly in your face you can of course play around with the lily-white poise as well to become them a bit cool a bit warmer and i guess ever the optimist one of the advantages of having a full hd plus solving instead of quad hd plus is you no longer have to decide do i want that quad hd settlement or do i want 120 hertz freshen which you do have supported here on the s21 it is an adaptive screen refresh so it will stick to 60 hertz uh when you’re not utilizing a supported app and it’ll bump up to uh to 120 hertz whenever it sees there’s lots of motion going on or you’re using a supported app that does a little of that 120.

And as usual with the galaxy s serials flagship smartphone of course you’ve got a dual stereo talker setup so let’s just dive on into youtube and test out the video with that objective that notification charm mirths so if you’re after a ford for effortless one-handed use the s2 1 is certainly one of the most compact in 2021 and well worth considering well so that is certainly uh nice and strident on top uh top publication there that’s for sure it’s like the resonate we resound you know it’s not quite super crisp super clear i’d imagine it’ll be better on the plus and the ultra but to be honest again it will do the job absolutely fine for time kicking back with a bit of video action uh and of course if you want to be listening to music well you’re gonna have to use a dongle or get some bluetooth on the go now power in the galaxy s21 is samsung’ s fresh brand-new five nanometer exynus 2100 chipset it’s the first time i’ve actually been energized about an excellent has been stuffed inside of a smartphone for fairly some time regrettably i’m not allowed to do any benchmarking on the galaxy s21 ahead of the review embargo but certainly still further their rendition is nice and lustrous smooth and what i can do is get a bit of gaming on the supernatural gonna try a little of label of duty action but of course rapidly before we do that i just mentioned samsung’s game

launcher has been revised for the s21 as well you’ve got usual facets on there of course which tells you exactly how much of your life you are wasting playing games gives you fast access many games on the likes of the galaxy storage and you can also play around with the provides a bit as well so if you waste a bit too much time on your bar g’s or your caller jobs i obviously recommend simply sounding that and then when you’re actually in tournament you can drag down the notifications prohibit and go to the game booster tool it time pops up on screen like so you’ve got the new priority mode which is definitely model if you’re playing something like ecology and easier tavern g’s where you don’t want to be interrupted mid recreation as it could mean life or death you likewise get an estimate of how much battery life you have remaining if you keep on gaming and that’s definitely one neighborhood which i will be measuring out quite exhaustively for my s21 review because i want to see just how energy efficient that five nanometer 2100 is hopefully because it’s a nice small-scale chipset same immensity as the snapdragon 888 it’ll hold water well anyway that’s enough chattering let’s kneecap some more action should therefore be checking your six buddy because still further certainly the screen seems neat and accept murderou boys get back to your home school and have a bit of this you get ah bugger okay so the s21 doesn’ t seem to prepare me suck at this game any less uh but certainly as i say screen nice and responsive rendition has been very successful on these top item elevations oh bugger off bugger off oh piss fortunately the rest of my crew seems moderately self-confident so that’s

making up for me well this is my third play now and uh the back of the s21 is starting to get a little bit warm but seriously nothing very uh bothersome hey final kill and all this super violence doesn’t seem to be sapping the battery extremely uh hurriedly either and are talking here about that battery it’s a four thousand milliamp cadre here in the s21 so far smaller than what you’ll get into the plus and the ultra which is the 4 800 and a 5 000 respectively but hopefully should told you through a full intensive epoch especially as it’s a full hd board now we’re not quadruplet hd as i said before of course it will depends fairly heavily on the exynos 2100 and how force efficient it really is so stay aria for my asses for more on that and another benefit of that exodus 2100 chipset is you’ve got integrated 5g with it just like you do with that snapdragon 888 so you’ve got 5g backing on that dual sim setup it’s just sub 6 here in the uk though i believe that the us model has four millimeter tide subscribe because you’ve actually came millimeter diameter over there and it’s just a bit of wi-fi six act on now as well so great news if you’ve already got yourself a wi-fi six modem now let’s coming to an end this galaxy s21 unboxing with a look at samsung’s triple lens rear camera tech which is exactly the same as the camera setup you’ll get on the galaxy s 21 plus so what you have here is a 12 megapixel primary shooter you’ve also got a 12 megapixel ultra wide angle lens which you can swap to with a speedy sound like examine and then your last-place lens is a 64 megapixel telephoto shooter which you might think of as a three times optical zoom that’s actually a hybrid zoom hence the high-pitched megapixel count and thankfully you’ve got a lusciou bit of built-in optical idol stabilization for that telephoto lens as “youre seeing” there the idols remain nice and steady despite my shudder sides and you’ve also got the same on that primary lens as well so because that primary lens captivates idols at 12 megapixels but if you type up here you do have the capabilities of swapping that telephoto lens and using a 64 megapixel uh answer click instead however you’ll clearly want to stick with uh the standard primary lens to get the best possible causes as usual

it’s a bit panics perception auto focus and as you can see there seems nice and spry uh clicking between close and far subjects actually helpful if your theme is moving about and a really fast shutter action too as well you can also hold down in order to jump into video recording and most of samsung’s camera features have been tweaked and improved in some way for instance the single take is now in version 2.0 you can once again change the duration of this all the way from 5 to 15 seconds the same as after the last update and then mostly just sounds that shutter button and then get lots of dynamic act on the go hopefully your subject is doing a bit more than chocolate monkey here just to stay here examining all glassy gazed and then once the galaxy s21 has worked its magic you’ll have a whole bunch of different photos and videos to choose from which do random trash so that’s a bit sped up war and many stills and all that good nonsense and it’s great news if you can’t compile your imagination up about whether you want to shoot a photo or a video that mostly does everything for you they can now produce more answers than ever before in this version 2.0 including some slow-mo action and all kinds of good material if you tap the more option as you can see you’ve got a shag load of extra trash all the standard stuff that you’d expect to see on a galaxy s sequences smartphone including the night mode of course which again is supposed to have improved quite dramatically so i’ve turned off all the daybreaks in the studio procreated it super obscurity just going to tap that gallant board now and then i’ll likewise do a shot that isn’t night mode precisely to do a comparison so there’s the standard shot without the nighttime modes

and then if we flick across there’s the shot using the darknes state “its just” a two second uh blast because it wasn’t like crazy nighttime but as you can see there’s definitely made an impact uh certainly the likes of the phone box and everything you can see is available a lot more detail a lot brighter those colors are looking a lot more natural as well it’s definitely pleased with that initial evaluation we’ll of course be fully testing out the galaxy s 21′ s camera texas stand adjusted for my in-depth review on top of the nine procedure you’ve also got the portrait mode the obligatory food state and you’ve got your pro photo procedure as well if you want to dive in there and piddle about with individual bits like the iso elevations the lily-white match mess around with contrast positions and the foreground and this does come with uh the option of capturing in raw as well although i don’t believe the s21 subsidizes 12 fragment raw unlike the ultra now let’s have a go with that zoom lens which starts you off at a three occasion zoom but you can go all the way up to 30 periods if you disintegrate right the behavior in and this has came samsung’s brand-new zoom fastening piece on the go as well which as you can see there simply sound the preview basically and then it will fasten you in that position so really good if your hand is starting to brandish at that sort of level but of course not too surprising made it’s a three times

hybrid zoom that about 30 terms height of course things are starting to look proper grainy so if you precisely dive back a little let’s try 10 times zoom instead yeah still examining relatively blurry so with the standard s2 1 you’ re probably gonna want to sort of stick to sort of three times four times and not pinch in much more beyond that and then when it comes to the video chops well of course you can shoot up to 4k decide video at 30 or 60 formulates per second now on the galaxy s21 otherwise you do likewise have the option of shooting at full-on ak resolution at 24 encloses per second and one of the new aspects here on the galaxy s 21 as well as the fullhd auto boast which can actually mutate up dynamically the chassis frequency from 30 to 60 encloses per second when it spies lots of motion going on as it most definitely isn’t in this currency so i’ll definitely be measuring out all of those video modes for my in-depth galaxy s2 1 review and if you dive into more there’s plenty more video choppers in now as well including the likes of pro video we can actually mess around with individual parts like the iso status and everything while you are recording you’ve got loadings of other great implements in here as well including uh the excellent zoom endeavour which allows you to very slowly and smoothly pan into your subject and then back out again and if you jump-start back into the mall section another fresh brand-new camera feature for the s21 series is the director’ s view and this allows you

to shoot with both the figurehead facing and the buttock facing camera at the same time fragment of vlogging act of course that’s a feature that “were having” identify on samsung smartphones in the past but with this you can actually uh hop between the three separate lenses there on the back you can actually get a preview right there at the bottom of what uh the idol will be oh and i gotta say after utilizing the camera for about sort of 15 -2 0 minutes or so the s21 is starting to get relatively toasty up around that sort of camera casing area certainly up around the top edge of the phone as well so i’ll be keeping invoices on that see how it fares uh with lots of use out in the field as it were and let’s finish up with a quick squid to that 10 megapixel selfie camera as well so yes let’s have natural glancing uh stones satisfy definitely want to capture me in my amply wan blessing and as you can see you’ve got your customary uh wide angle effort on the go which performs pretty much bugger all difference but it’s always quite amusing with that selfie snapper you can of course shoot photos uh you’ve got the usual photograph mode shenanigans and all that good trash too and you know what that’s actually not a bad selfie that’s that’s pretty good for me i’d give that at least a b plus christ this thing can even represent me inspect good then i’m instantly sold uh if you dive on into the video mod you can shoot up to 4k resolution video at 60 formulates per second or as you are eligible to dial it down if you want as well and once again get that full hd auto which switches between 30 and 60 fps and there you have it in a nutshell the samsung galaxy s21 so as i say a full recollect should be coming in about a week or so i’m hoping to do some similarities with some of the big-hearted antagonists to the s21 as well let me know what you think down below be interested to see if you’re dared by the standard s2 1 if you’d rather upgrade to the plus or the ultra or frankly the whole of it can really suck right off and from all the latest greatest tech satisfy do kept agree ding that notifications bell and have yourselves a lovely residue of the week heartens everyone love you

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