iPhone 7 Plus Review: iPhone Challenge Complete!

everyone Tim Schofield here I don’t know if you’ve noticed but my videos are now being shot in 4k so go ahead and go change that setting to 4k and click that thumbs up button while you’re at it but anyways it’s time for my final video in my iphone 7 plus two-week challenge and I’m going to end it with a full review of the iPhone 7 plus I’ve been using it for two weeks now I have a lot to say about it if you missed my previous videos throughout the two weeks I’ll link to them below they’re all in one play let’s go check them out I also do want to mention that I’m mainly an Android phone user I think that gives me a bit of a different perspective on iPhones in general I think that’s why you guys appreciate these types of reviews and these types of challenges now no I do not hate Apple in any way so you don’t have to worry about me just disliking a device to dislike it so with that being said let’s go ahead and get started Apple’s latest flagship the iPhone 7 plus starts at seven hundred and seventy dollars at the 32 gigabyte model and then also they skipped 64 gigabytes and went straight to 128 gigs and then also all the way up to 256 gigabytes in terms of design there aren’t any major differences on the

surface there are a few changes though taking a close look at the seven plus you see here your dual 12 megapixel cameras on the back your LED flashes well more on that in a little bit they have your Apple logo and then moving all the way down to the bottom here you have what looks like two speaker girls however sound only comes out one of them the other one is for symmetry and also holds the microphone as well any of your lightning connector slot now when you look at the top of the device of course you see no headphone jack either and that is because they did not include one so there is no headphone jack I do a video talking about that separately I’ll link to that down below now when you look at the sides of the device you have your volume rockers on the left side and your silent switch so you can put the switch on and it’s silenced device completely gives you a little vibrate notification let you know and I never accidentally have activated this which is great it’s actually it’s not necessarily difficult to do but it does not activate itself in your pocket on accident and you don’t miss any calls that way now on the right side here is just simply your power button and overall the feeling of the device is just very premium so it looks really great I do have a slick rap on it just to kind of give it protection as well and one other awesome thing to note about the device is that it is rated ip67 certified so it is water and dust resistant as

well here’s a look at the front with your home it’s not necessarily a button it’s actually just a capacitive switch that vibrates when you press it more on that in a second and then up the top here you have another speaker your earpiece actually couples as a stereo speaker so it is in conjunction with that bottom speaker up at the top to make actually a very good sounding device I’ve been very pleased with the speaker it gets very loud and it is still very clear when it’s turned all the way up it’s very noteworthy about the stereo speakers on this device is how quiet they get not only do they get very loud they also get very quiet so if you’re in bit laying in bed and want to watch a YouTube video like I am right now listen it’s on one notch and you can barely hear it I’ll turn it up a few and that’s when you can kind of start hearing it so not only does it get very loud pick it up very loud and full it also gets very quiet as well you also have a 7 megapixel front-facing camera as well now when it comes to that home button it actually couples as a fingerprint scanner as well and when you press it it does a little bit of a vibrate which you can have a light middle and strong vibrate as well so when you press it and unlocks it now when it comes to the fingerprint scanner it’s very accurate it’s very quick it is one of the one of the best fingerprint scanners out there right now and of course what I find myself doing is if you just set it on there when you are on the lock screen you’ll see it says unlocked up at the top then you can go ahead and interact with notifications and then you can go ahead and interact with your widgets that you have in your lock screen as well more on software towards the end of the video and then when you click the button it will actually unlock your screen so there’s

actually no way to unlock it by swiping on the display unless you interact with the notification otherwise you have to physically press press the button your home button which actually will unlock the device overall I do really like the feeling of this button it’s it’s different you may or may not like it I personally do like it and then when it comes down to no headphone jack like I said I have a full video on it but it’s to me it’s just an inconvenience simply it’s just kind of annoying at times when you forget to bring your adapter which they include the a lightning headphone earpods for me just don’t work they do include those though which is nice however it’s just an inconvenience you don’t want to carry around an adapter I find myself using bluetooth of my car more often and that’s pretty much it so it’s not as big of a deal as everyone’s making it seem like we’re going along I’d like to talk about display on the iPhone 7 plus now they went with a 5.5 inch size on the plus and then it is actually only a 1080p display in terms of displays you would expect a 1440p display especially at that price point especially it being it being a flagship device and more of that kind more that content is actually coming out now especially on YouTube this is actually a 4k video but obviously you can only see in 1080p because of the display but anyways it is a great 1080p IPS LCD display overall viewing angles are great and

then of course gets very bright out in the Sun I have no issues watching and watching the display watching videos in direct sunlight at all but just kind of wish they would include a 1440p display I’m a little puzzled why they would not actually upgrade the display to 1440p you also see in display settings you have a display zoom option where you can look at its standard or zoomed so things will look zoomed in overall now I keep mine on standard and there’s also a great option called night shift where if you swipe up you can activate night shift and it gives it a tint this is for when you’re looking at it and looking at your device at night it’s just going to be easier on your eyes and you can change the color temperature if you’d like it more warm less warm so if you’re watching a video playing a game laying in bed then you can go ahead and activate night shift so it’s a little bit easier on your eyes and you can schedule it so it turns off maybe at 7 a.m.

Right when you wake up that way it’s not enabled when you wake up now also one more notable thing is raised to wake which is fantastic I honestly want this on every device to be completely honest because it works so well that’s another thing it needs to work well I wanted every device but I also want it to work well which Apple has done with this device every single time there has not been one instance where I looked at my phone and the display hasn’t turned on as you can see right there even when it’s sitting on there it just knows the correct angle uses the accelerometer and the device even when you have it flipped like this so I flipped it up it should actually activate the display which it does and when I pull it on in my pocket it is always working and it’s just been great so raised awake is a nice addition to the iPhone now I want to go ahead and talk about that dual 12 megapixel camera on the iPhone 7 plus which actually is something that the iPhone 7 does not have so that is a difference so let’s go ahead and open up the camera app and to do so you can do it in a few ways one is by the icon of course another way is swiping up on any screen and you’ll see there’s a quick shortcut to the camera which opens it up right away and then of course you can actually 3d touch on this icon as well to activate a few options more on 3d touch

when I get the software and finally the last way to open up the camera is on your lock screen you can just swipe over and it opens up that icon really quick and also make note of how quick it opens up it really does not lag at all when you open up that camera loads up right away now in terms of shutter speed it is very quick very little shutter lag at all does a good job at focusing quick as well so you’ll see I’ll go ahead and focus right there quick snap quick picture and you’ll also notice after you focus there’s an icon that changes your exposures if you want a little brighter a little darker you can do that very quickly and then snap a quick picture now let’s take a look at the camera app in general now you go ahead and you have a flash right here you have HDR mode auto on or off right there and then of course you have live photos which I don’t use too often let’s go ahead and take a live photo so if I snap picture there’s no motion actually I need to move so if I snap a picture and you’ll see my hands moving let’s go to that picture and then if you 3d touch on it it will activate sound and motion just for a short clip that’s been around for a little while now but personally I just don’t use live photos very often and I just don’t have it on it just takes up a little bit more space than I need if a timer and then also some filters as well so a bunch of various filters which

I pretty much never use I just don’t use camera filters now something that I dislike about this camera app is all of these modes right here to switch you can actually swipe on the display like so or you can tap on them just quickly switch between them but you’ll see if you’re on time-lapse and then you want to switch over to panorama there’s really no way to quickly do it unless you just do it that way and that took a lot of steps so that’s just kind of one downside to it is that you have to quickly swipe or quickly tap on them so there’s no quick way to see them all in one list now with that being said there’s also two times optical zoom so if I want to zoom in on an object let’s go ahead and put chapstick right there and you tap on this and you’ll see two times zoom so not really going to lose any image quality and it does have optical image stabilization however of course when you zoom in a little bit you want to make sure you hold the camera very still otherwise it may get a little blurry but overall the pictures taken into time zoom have been great I’ll show you some pictures in a little bit I mean the quality’s been great is a great lighting

scenario but as you can see it’s great that you can squiggly switch between one and two times zoom of course you can pinch in and do more for some digital zoom if you’d like to but you can quickly zoom in and out with that button something else I really dislike just about the OS in general on stock apps such as the camera messaging your phone there’s no quick way to get into settings for the camera so let’s say I want to shoot a video and I want to shoot a 4k video and then I kind of want us maybe one time I want to switch over to a 1080p 60 frames per second video to do so there’s no quick way to jump into settings you have to press the home button you have to go into settings you have to scroll down you have to find photos and camera and then that is where all of your camera settings are and it’s such a pain so if you see all the way down and scroll down even more there’s where I can record video and change all of that and of course you can record slo-mo you can change those settings as well so you can’t really do that very quickly if you go all the way into a different app and you’ll see that’s the same for music for videos you have your phone app your messaging app that’s

where all the settings are within this and there’s no quick way to do so see when I swipe up here there’s no setting shortcut I don’t understand why they don’t add a quick shortcut to setting right in one of these menu options now for a couple pictures I took this was in a low-light scenario and the camera did a great job and made it look like not a low-light scenario but trust me it definitely was darker than it looks in this picture and the quality turned out very good the detail on pretty much everything it doesn’t get too grainy overall so it does a great job on low-light photography now when it comes to good lighting scenarios it does an amazing job so here’s one you’ll see you can zoom in on however it does have that optical zoom so I took this picture and then zoomed in and you’ll see this is just a zoom and of course you can get just more detail on it when you zoom in so now here’s another example when you’re close up on this plant I can swipe over and check out all of the detail on this picture fantastic and that’s just with zooming in and then of course taking pictures of moving objects this car is moving maybe going about 20-25 miles an hour you’ll see you got a couple pictures there these are all moving cars at least not the ones parked but the this car is actually

moving and then here’s just a still picture nothing was moving here and then of course it’s great because when you have that optical zoom if you’re looking if you take a picture like this you seem so far away and then if you zoom in a little bit it gives just more detail and of course gets a bit of a close-up so it’s just a nice addition to the camera that two times optical zoom one more you see out here and then zoomed in of course for more detail as well so all in all definitely I think my favorite camera right now on a smartphone the iPhone 7 plus I think it has been my favorite the quality in low-light bright light just all lighting situations has been fantastic the addition of optical zoom with those dual lenses just works well moving along I’d like to talk about battery life on the iPhone 7 plus which is going to be better on this device than the regular iPhone 7 now it has a 2900 milliamp hour battery which may seem a little bit small to some of the Android people which are used to a little bit over 3000 milliamp hours now with that being said Apple has done a very great job at optimizing their hardware and software their battery life is very good one of the best out there right now at least on the iPhone 7 plus their standby time is ridiculous if I don’t use my phone if I

accidentally forget to plug it in you really don’t have to worry about it draining a ton of battery so it does a good job at standby time and just battery life in general when you’re using the device a lot it’s definitely one of the best out there right now I’ve been very pleased now screen-on times not really a metric but if I kind of had to do a guess in comparison to other Android devices my average is maybe around 4 hours maybe a little bit over 4 hours on average on the Android devices that I use I would say I probably would get close to 5 hours on the iPhone 7 plus so good job Apple good battery life now moving along I want to talk about performance of this device now apples are on a ten fusion chip as you can see when I play a game right now it seems very smooth this is more high end game asphalt 8 and you can use 3d touch on it as well to actually drift anyways I want to talk about performance and it’s great it is definitely in my opinion the best processor mobile processor out in the market right now it’s also coupled with three gigabytes of RAM now when it comes to gaming absolutely no lag in any game no frame rates dropped by any means as well obviously it only has to power a 1080p display as well so not necessarily a 1440p which helps with performance and battery life as well it only having the power that 1080p display now let’s go ahead and talk about some multitasking of course with that three gigabytes of RAM so there’s a couple ways to activate that recent apps you can double press that home button then you have your recent apps right here I’m not a big fan of these cards it’s a little

finicky you can swipe at the bottom as well to actually get through them a little bit quicker now with that being said you can also three touch on the left side of the display and quickly swap between apps so if you actually press 3ds I don’t know if you can 3d touch the top you’re probably not so let’s go ahead and active switch app so if we go to alarms here maybe go to the App Store go to games card games double tap swipe over again go to calculator maybe one more maybe just nap a quick picture too so let’s go to camera real quick it loads up snap picture double press and then let’s go back to asphalt actually let’s play another game let’s go ahead and go to this game which is called hop and you just the you’ll see I failed and let’s go back to s fall date so you’ll see multitasking has been so quick going but in and out of apps and it does a good job at keeping the game in the background it didn’t have to reload the game honestly Apple has just really optimized their hardware and

software because they can do that because this is the only device that they have that is the biggest thing about their hardware and software is that they can optimize them together and they can keep them updated in a timely fashion all at once as well so I’ve been very pleased with performance very pleased with multitasking as well and it’s really no stuttering no lag whatsoever it’s really been a great overall experience now moving along less about software and specifically iOS 10 because that is the latest right now and when it comes down to it this is a big part for me because of course I usually use Android and there’s definitely things I like about the software and there’s things I don’t like as well so to start of course there’s no app drawer you’ll see of all your apps right here so folders are actually a big deal I have a Google folder right here for a bunch of Google Apps also you have an option for widgets right here which is a nice addition you can’t customize them within apps you’ll see they have suggestions you can of course show more show less you can get rid of specific ones you can edit these and add specific ones from apps as well this news ones pretty good see you have a weather one your Park car some stocks quick search and that’s where you see your date as well so and you also can activate that on the lock screen as I showed earlier you have them right there now to be honest the biggest thing I don’t like about this operating system is the notification system so you swipe down from the top to get to your notifications you swipe up to

get to your control center which I like I actually kind of like them separate I don’t necessarily want other controls up at the top and you can kind of choose I want to see my notifications or I need to control something so I do kind of like that so now let’s talk about Notification Center it’s bad it really is there’s just no way around it first of all you cannot categorize your notifications and you’ll see if I have maybe six emails that I haven’t seen yet they’re all right here they’re all separated even if you use the mail app you’ll see I’m using the Gmail app and of course if you want to get rid of them you can you have two options you can swipe over and hit clear or of course you have a clear all button right here now with that being said I wish you could 3d touch on a notification you’ll see I did that right there all it gives me is an X archive and reply I wish there was an option that just said clear all Gmail notifications that would solve it for me but there’s not so if you want it and you’ll see it and it’s in a timeline you cannot categorize them if I got a text at this time that text would be slotted right in there in between all these Gmail notifications so if I see I have a couple texts I want to see them in my notifications but I’m cluttered with all these Qi mail and then of course if you want to hit clear all it’s going to get rid of all of them so that is just one thing I really don’t like now this clear all button you can tap twice to clear or you can

actually 3d touch on it and hit clear all notifications if you’d like to but notifications aren’t all bad now you’ll see I’m in an app right now and I can actually pull down and act upon that notification specifically this messaging one so I can quick reply say hi back out of it and I’m in that app so I don’t even need to leave the app to actually act upon that notification which has been great of course you can also just swipe up on notifications and then they’re still in your notification center if you would like to go to them later now of course when I go to my Notification Center if I have a text right here I can go ahead and clear it or I can 3d touch on it and it brings up that specific message as well so 3d touch actually comes into play with those notifications as well and of course the developer can kind of customize what three touching does Gmail you’ll see only archive and reply and it doesn’t even expand them the email specifically however if you use the mail app it does a little bit better job now quickly I want to talk about control center like I said I do like being able to swipe up from the bottom and then there’s another music controls as well so you can switch it to Casting if you want to play it on your Apple TV which I do not have so I was not able to try out an Apple TV but they do have music controls right here then of course you have

night shift I don’t know if it needs that big of a button to be completely honest you have airdrop airplay and then of course you have your flashlight which interestingly enough has settings we can go with low light medium light or bright light and of course me 3d touching on it as well you have a timer so you can quickly set timers as well which is great when you’re cooking you have a calculator as well so you can copy a last result or quickly go into that calculator like I just did and as I mentioned earlier all those quick shortcuts for your camera and then of course you have your airplane mode Wi-Fi Bluetooth Do Not Disturb and rotate and three touching on those does absolutely nothing so 3d touch on the top icons does not quickly go into that setting real quick something I do have to mention is that it does not have a back button and that has annoying sometimes when you’re in a specific app so you’ll see for example Gmail if I swipe to the left because that’s sometimes how you can go back in an app it switches emails so they didn’t implement that correctly so you have to go all the way to the top and press inbox you can actually double tap not press you just have to lightly tap it and it brings the display down so then you can go back to your inbox but overall just annoying in specific apps that it does not have a back button something I also want to mention I haven’t activated it is iMessage and flat-out it is a great addition to owning an iPhone definitely a huge plus especially if you are out of the country you can still use iMessage just uses your data to send

messages between iPhones and of course you can use it on your laptop so seamless integration iMessage it’s great fantastic they added a lot of additions this year I just haven’t used it because when you switch back to an Android device if you’re in a group message with only iPhone people you meet they all need to delete that message that group from their phone before they can send a group message I just don’t get them because they think my phone’s still an iMessage bomb so with that being said there’s also FaceTime which is integrated into the operating system so you can quickly go ahead and send video calls and video chats just kind of like duo’s trying to do with Google but they don’t integrate it in the system it’s a completely separate app whereas this is integrated in the system so if you own an iPhone you have FaceTime and you can just simply use it and 3d touch has gotten better and better there’s just a lot of ways that you can actually use 3d touch whether you’re in Apple music or you’ll see in folders I have notifications but I don’t want to go into that folder to see what I have notifications on so you 3d touch on it you’ll see I have four notifications from hangouts 3d touch on you see two Instagram 1 messenger and then you can tap on it and quickly go into that app great addition to 3d touch and just three just continually got better it’s not necessarily where it needs to be and of course developers can actually integrate it into their apps if I go to Apple music and I want to go to new music and I want to go ahead shut out to my friend max actually for hooking this up and letting me try out Apple music it can 3d touch on specific songs and it brings up information about it and just I can activate edit to library share the song and love or dislike it as well

now something about notification counter it’s nice that they have a badge icon on the apps however if you’re in an app they don’t show up so I don’t necessarily know up top on Android it shows hey I have a text message or I have an email it doesn’t show that anywhere on the display so unless you’re in your home screen you really don’t necessarily know if you have a notification of course you can just pull down the notification center and see that but just glancing at your display while you’re in an app can’t see what notifications you do have and of course with the iPhone you have Siri hey Siri when the Blackhawks game last night as you can see comes back with the right results unfortunately the Blackhawks didn’t win let’s go ahead and ask it something how are you doing today there you go so you see you can actually talk with Siri and of course there’s nothing crazy different about it from the past but it is just a nice addition where you press and hold the button to activate it and now you can use it with your display off hey Siri what’s the tallest building in the world and you see Burj Kalifa gives you the two thousand seven hundred seventeen feet so nice results as well so Siri works pretty well I do like it I don’t know if I necessarily like it more than Google now or Google assistant I guess in the near future but it is a great addition and then it has consistently gotten better over time and to finish off I’m gonna give some final thoughts on the iPhone 7 plus and overall it is a great device it’s very premium it’s very well made the hardware is fantastic the camera is great one of the best out there as well battery life is great one of the downsides is the display don’t know why they only use a 1080p display however with that being said it does help with battery life helps with

performance as well because performance is fantastic really no slowdowns ever and to me the software has its upsides and its downsides as well it is great that you do get updates right away all the devices they do stay updated pretty consistently when it comes down to it I don’t know if it’s enough yet for me to switch over to an iPhone as my daily driver I think I’m going to go back to Android this time so no it hasn’t switched yet but it’s getting very close in terms of hardware great really the only downside is those few minor things with the iOS 10 and then also of course the display could be a little bit better at least higher resolution and overall I would recommend the iPhone 7 plus it is really a great device you really can’t deny that it has some really great aspects including that camera that battery life just overall been very pleased while using this device just not going to use it as my personal daily driver it’s just a personal opinion of mine but I will still hold on to it I may or may not do use in the future of it as well let me know in the comments if you would like me to or not and that’s about it so that’s my full review on the iPhone 7 plus well if you enjoyed it click that thumbs up you can subscribe to me as well lots more coverage coming on just phones and other awesome tech stuff actually something right here coming up pretty cool next to me I’ll show you I’ll show that off in a little bit anyways that’s it thank you guys I really appreciate it

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