Official Android 7.0 Nougat Review!

hmm actually really good everyone Tim Schofield here and that was me trying nougat for the first time because Android seven da no nougat is finally here the official build is here I haven’t installed my next my picks will see along with my Nexus 6p other various Nexus devices will get the OTA update I’ll talk about those in the description but anyways let’s get started as always I do a full review of all everything that’s do all the new changes including the new multi window other various things as well so let’s go ahead and check out Android 7 unknown nougat I’ve got my Nexus 5x my pixel C along with my nexus 6p which still does have that wood slick wrap on it and I will be doing revisited reviews for all of these devices now that they do have Android 7.0 nougat I’m going to go ahead and revisit the devices after this update now to start the first thing I want to do is go ahead and jump into settings scroll down go about phone you’ll see Android version 7 that oh and this is the official build not a developer preview quickly tap on that to get to the Easter Egg and this time the Easter eggs a little bit different it’s not a gun necessarily a

flappy Android game you’ll see that you press and hold on the end and a little cat will appear right there and then you can actually customize your toggles hit edit you’ll see a toggle here that says Android Easter Egg you can press and hold and drop that up there and then what kind of happens is if you empty dish will appear you can select it and pick a specific food so if you put a treat there and leave it there for a little while and eventually it’ll say Oh found a cat and then you try and find all the different cats so that’s what Android decided was there Easter Egg this time you’ll notice the launcher looks very similar and I believe that’s going to come as another update from the Play Store not necessarily an Android update and it might be coming with the new Nexus devices so you might have to wait for that to come out for the launcher to be updated now you’ll notice throughout the video things have been updated visually so that pull down bar completely updated you’ll see you have some toggles up here that you can actually just tap on to toggle them while they’re smaller right there and you can go ahead and expand

them by pulling down again and as I mentioned earlier you have a bunch of various ones that you can add data save or invert colors cast and you can edit and move them around as well which is a great feature of course if you want to have specific toggles before or in in that smaller settings you can so if you want airplane mode up there you can just rearrange it up there and then you’ll notice the notifications have gotten a revamp as well so a little bit different one of the great things about these new notifications is that you can expand them still by pulling down and of course you can swipe away individual notifications and then also if you expand the full notification you have a quick reply option so you can quickly I don’t know why it’s there we go you can quickly press reply and type and just send a message back and that’s on a per app basis so Twitter I know you could do with direct messages and developers will just need to implement that into their apps there’s a little arrow as well that you can tap on to expand and contract these notifications and also

with Gmail I’m actually going to grab my pixel C to show off these Gmail notifications when you expand it it’s going to expand almost all individual emails and then you can go ahead and choose which specific ones you would like to expand and then go ahead and interact with whether you want to delete reply them and of course like I mentioned earlier it is completely a different look to them just overall a little bit different and it kind of compiles all the notifications in the one at one spot know another way to interact with these notifications is you press and hold on them and you can actually show notification styler you can block all notifications or do not silence or block so that’s just a quick way you can get to those you can also swipe over and you’ll see a little Settings button pop up on both sides if you do that you can go ahead and tap that and it’s going to bring you to the exact same menu another update is multi window and finally Android has a multi window option and there’s various ways to get to that one of them being in your recent apps press and hold on one of the apps and you’ll see dragged here to

use split screen so you go ahead and pop it up there and it says app may not work with split screen that might be with a lot of various apps but you see it works just fine you can select a specific app to have right here options include resizing the different windows so you have a bar here that you can pull up and pull down if you go ahead and rotate it horizontally that’s an option as well now let’s say interact with one of the apps and I tap on my recent apps it’s going to bring it back to those recent apps so you have that option and then also if you press and hold on the recent apps button that’s going to take you of that multi-window now if you press and hold on it again that’s another way to get into that multi window so pressing holding on that button works just fine and then of course if you press and hold on it it takes you out of it now another app another function of the recent apps which I really like take an alt tab function in your keyboard you press it once press it again it’s going to switch you into that other previous app so you can just go ahead and quickly swap between your first two apps in your recent app tray and also about the recent app tray you have a clear all button up all the way up to the top and now you’ll notice there it really won’t have nearly as many applications loaded in the recent apps they actually will start to

clear them out as you don’t use them which is nice it’s not gonna be super cluttered and you can get up to that clear all button it wipes them all away now here I am watching a YouTube video as you can see now I want to go ahead and show off how you can actually use as a function for the split screen so you’ll see does app may not work in split screen but YouTube works just fine while you’re going to go ahead and go to your calculator maybe just go like this or send a message a text message etc but here’s get working in the pixel so you just kind of want to show that off and of course you’ll see YouTube videos working fine so great you can watch YouTube and also interact with other apps at the same time this update also includes unicode 9 for emojis so a lot of new emojis along with updated ones updated looks color options you press and hold on emojis as well here’s a look at some of the new ones next I want to go ahead and hop into your settings because that got revamped so first of all when other various settings are on such as airplane mode or Do Not Disturb it brings up a colored option right here that you can have a drop-down and it says lets you know what it’s doing and then you can also turn it off if you’d like and then same with Do Not Disturb you can turn that off as well so that’s up there you have suggestions which you can actually

minimize and maximize you’ll see you can use your voice change wallpaper it’s going to add certain suggestions and you can remove them as well if you do not want to see any of the suggestions you just go ahead and remove them all and they go away now also with this new look you can actually swipe over and you’ll see you have some quick shortcuts to all of the various settings I don’t know if I really like this it’s really strange how they do this but if I want to jump in a display you’ll see that dropdowns up there in the upper left hand corner I switched a battery let’s go back to display so you’ll see you can quickly swipe between other ones without having to press the back button and reef find the new settings but speaking of display let’s go ahead and you can actually change various sizes so you’ll see display size can be changed which is new so you have default larger largest and all the way down so you can kind of change that depending on how you like it which is awesome customization options font size which I think has always been there but you can change the size of that as well now also I want to make note there’s a daydream VR in Android 7 that Oh nougats so you’ll see when devices in VR mode just gives you an option right here use a low motion blur settings or do nothing well that is coming very soon I’ll do a video on daydream VR once it’s Maurel once it’s available I also want to talk about one of the new smart lock functions under security settings and you’ll

see trusted face is there they have actually updated trusted face so you can actually set that up for best results hold at eye level etc so you it goes ahead and uses the front camera to look at your face and actually get some facial recognition to actually unlock your device so that’s just another update that they have included in Android 7 to make trusted face a little bit better another update is with battery life battery life should be better in Android 7.0 as you can see um it actually included doze in marshmallow but now they have doze on-the-go and nougat so like my 5 X right here just sitting here is probably saving battery life just kind of chillin they’re not being moved but if your throw your Nexus in your pocket or any device on Android 7 that oh it’s still going to utilize that doze even though you’re moving your phone around it just will recognize if you’re not using it it will go ahead and go into that doze mode and actually save battery life so expect it to be a little bit better on nougat than marshmallow overall nougat feels very snappy and quick lots more to come in my revisited video so make sure you click that subscribe

button and of course there’s a couple other things that I can’t really show off yet one’s the Vulcan API which is going to help with 3d graphics once developers start implementing that into their games so expect some better 3d gaming coming soon and also seamless update so if you go to about phone system updates it’s going to do a better job at updating the device in the background and not completely interrupting your device and just overall boot time should be quicker as well on Android 7 you get so that pretty much it that’s everything I want to talk about lots more to come I will do other videos on Android sono to nougat as well in the future so stay tuned for those click that subscribe button as I mentioned and as always guys I really appreciate watching thanks and have a good day

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