Blu R1 HD Review: Worth the Ads?

everyone Tim Schofield here and sending you a for review on the blue r1 HD and what makes this device so interesting is that you have an option to save money and get the device with ads on your lock screen now the model that I have been using is the $60 model does come with ads you have 16 gigs of internal storage along with 2 gigabytes of RAM now with that being said you do have a model that does not have ads and you’re going to pay about $50 extra for that but let’s go ahead and get into the full review want to talk about my experience with these ads along with just the device in general because it is $60 which is very inexpensive so let’s get started to start I want to talk about design of the r-1 HD and it’s got a bit of a smaller build it has a 5-inch display so it fits nicely in your hand first thing I want to talk about it’s the back casing because it has a little bit of grip to it so it’s a little bit easier to hold on to it’s not sticky by any means I do personally like the feel of it adds a nice little grip to it now on the back of your speaker which performance is honestly not that great first of all it’s facing the back second of all it doesn’t really get that loud and sound qualities fourthly not that great either so keep in mind

those 60 dollars you have to make some sacrifices up the top area of your 8 megapixel camera and flash and this back casing actually does come off let me pull this off real quick and then you’ll see on the back here you have dual SIM card slots along with the micro SD card slot so that’s a great addition that microSD cards up to 64 gigs so keep that in mind continuing on you have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack up the top make note of that little camera bump we’ll talk about that in just a second on the right side here you do have volume rockers and a power button which are textured the exact same the buttons aren’t cheap by any means they’re not super premium feeling either when you press them they’re just fine they’re pretty standard buttons on the left side here you have absolutely nothing and then down at the bottom you have a microphone and a micro USB slot so known type C which you really can’t expect on a budget device like this and in terms of charging speeds it really does not have any turbo charging capabilities since charging speeds aren’t as good as other devices I have found I carried around a bit of a portable

battery pack this easy ACC one which is 20,000 milliamp hours and also can charge four devices at once and I found that’s really great to have obviously the old carrier on multiple device especially uses says maybe a burner phone for example and then also it has two inputs so you can charge it with two inputs at once and just overall having twenty thousand milliamp hours you really don’t need to charge this that much has a flashlight which is kind of a novelty I really never used a flashlight but it’s great that you can charge multiple devices at once with it I’ll link to in the description if you’re interested but yeah so since that’s the case you can’t really get a lot of charge out of it if you throw it on the charger for 10-15 minutes you really kind of have to have it on the charger for a decent amount of time before you get a substantial amount of charge now the front of it might see a blues logo and then up at the top you have a five megapixel camera with an LED flash I’ll talk about that when I talk about the camera some sensors and an earpiece now when it comes to that camera bump just want to give you an idea of how that affects it it does rock just a little bit when it’s flat on the desk it’s not too much of an inconvenience it doesn’t rock too much it is a big enough device where

the rocking is not crazy you really have to press on the ends for it to really rock and affect so overall not too big of a deal to me now I’m going to get to software and performance later on but I want to talk about the ads because that’s such a big thing with this device so moving on I want to talk at the end so first of all you see I have a notification on my lockscreen with that it couples with another ad just below it it has a line separating it so you know it’s obviously not a specific notification and they do change you don’t get the same one over and over you will see multiples so if I am lock it lock the screen go back into it you’re going to see another ad so a brand new one you can actually swipe them away if you don’t want to see them you want to read all your notifications that’s just fine but now when you actually have no notifications you can occasionally get a full screen ad right there so it does change depending on how many notifications are there and then if you do tap on it it actually acts just like you would interact with a notification it’s going to load this up you’ll see I tapped on this and it loaded up the specific thing on

Amazon’s app gives you all the information on it so if you do have if you are signed in you can add it to your cart or do anything in particular in relation to this ad so you’ve shop now for this specific toothbrush very interesting and then now I want to talk about performance and I have noticed really no performance difference with these ads it’s actually been really great in terms of black screened is it doesn’t isn’t stuttering at all in general loading things up the ads don’t take time to load I don’t see ever see a loading screen on any of these ads I think it hasn’t pretty set and then if you hit if you tap on it to when it actually starts to load the specific thing on your Amazon app or your webpage so overall you do get used to the ads being there it’s really not too much of an inconvenience for me and it doesn’t really affect performance so I would say go with the ad supported version if you can obviously handle seeing ads in your lock screen app being able to customize a wallpaper a lock screen so keep that in mind but to me it’s worth saving the money to actually get the ads on your lock screen moving on I do want to talk about that five inch 720p IPS LCD display and overall it’s a solid 720p display it’s really not crazy

eye-popping it’s not a 2k display that you can expect out of flagship devices but overall gets the job done it has is protected with Gorilla Glass 3 viewing angles are fine outside I do wish it got a little bit brighter but I guess overall when you’re watching certain thing videos etc it does the job to be complete lines it’s not bad by any means it does a job and it’s a little bit better than what you would expect from a 60 dollar device now there are some customizations that you can make so if you jump into settings and pop into display settings there’s mirror vision so right away it’s ways you can customize the way your display looks you have picture mode you have standard you have vivid and then a user mode so user modes where you can actually customize everything so you have contrast saturation so if you see you can change the contrast right here let’s see of saturation levels that you can change as well and it gives you the before and after so you can actually really customize the way it looks picture brightness as well if you want to go ahead and change that

sharpness color texture so you’ll see so many various things that you can customize which is always great customization Android is one of the biggest things and being able to choose how your display looks and the best way for it to look is really great also one thing I’ll notice is inconsistencies with these buttons down at the bottom you’ll see it has a white background for example then when you go to the home screen it’s completely clear as it should be so occasionally you’ll get that is a bit of an issue not too big a deal that’s more of a software issue software more software information will come later now in terms of battery life it has a 2500 milliamp hour embedded battery and I’ve been pleased with battery life actually with that smaller of a battery I have consistently gotten a little bit over four hours screen on time so it essentially gets me just about through the day and I’ve been very pleased with a couple with Android marshmallow it does a very good job with its processor and obviously with the display being 720p an overall processing power battery life has been good so that hasn’t been too big of an issue the

only issue is that charging a little bit slow as I mentioned so occasionally if you do absolutely need a charge it’s going to take a bit of time to charge it’s also worth noting that there is no NFC in this device so that’s a sacrifice you’re going to have to make no NFC so no Android pay and no transferring files between the device by tapping the backs moving on let’s talk about that eight megapixel rear camera loading up loading time is fine I have noticed the viewfinder is just a little bit laggy when moving it around not nothing too crazy and honestly the camera is one of the weak points of this devices where another sacrifice is made so here’s just a bit of a Settings button you can shoot 1080p video as well video quality is just man honestly picture size you have a bunch of settings you have obviously professional mode which a lot of people too asked about it does have you can change your ISO white balance sharpness exposure and your color saturation as well panorama face beauty in HDR mode a night mode for dark shots and then as usual the normal mode so it’s

snapping a quick picture obviously a great lighting situation it turns out just fine it looks great I do want to show you guys a couple pictures so let’s go ahead and take a look at this low-light picture and when you are in low-light things get pretty grainy the only time I think picture quality is just fine is when you’re in good lighting conditions and it’s a bit of a close-up you’ll see here this looks pretty good a close-up with the raindrops and the green color on the leaves but even when you’re in a good lighting situation and you’re far away things do get grainy overall I would not expect to take great pictures with this with this device it’s what definitely one of the weak points here’s just another darker lighting situation where things do get grainy so overall I would say do not expect to necessarily take some fantastic shots with this camera it is a weak point even at the $60 price point I guess it is just about what you would expect from a camera now talking about that front facing camera I really take no selfies but here I am talking you do have that LED actually show that off there we go so you see the flicker right there great in lower

lighting situations I guess we do take a lot of selfies that’s great I guess selfies in the dark if you’re at the bar or something for example but overall weak point on the device but it is kind of what you would expect for a device that is so inexpensive now I want to go ahead and talk about performance and some specs overall loading times and higher and things do take a little bit longer than you’ll be used to it as a mediatek mt6752 gigabytes of RAM depending on the model like I mentioned earlier you kind of you definitely should upgrade to that two gigs just for the multitasking benefits in general and overall playing high-end games they work but you will see occasional framerate drops it will start are a little bit in the menus but you can definitely play these higher-end games just expect a little bit of a performance difference compared to more flights of devices in that’s expected obviously you got to expect something like that then when it comes to multitasking you can’t necessarily do crazy heavy multitasking but it still does a decent job at performing well you see that that minimize the game pretty quickly let’s go ahead and go to

the calculator let’s go ahead and hop back into the Play Store and you’ll see it’s loading these up just fine let’s go to the clock maybe hop back into the camera take a quick picture just doing a lot of multi basic multitasking if you’re going to do some heavy multitasking I wouldn’t necessarily think it’s going to handle it well especially if you have a hiring game running so let’s go ahead and go back to that game now after doing all of those things and see you’ll see it is still on that on the pause screen of the game you can just hop right back into the game now if you had one gig of ram you might actually have to reload the game if you do a bunch of things in the background so depending on your usage scenario but overall I’ve been very pleased with the performance it is kind of how you’d expect actually it’s above average sort I would expect and like I mentioned earlier when you’re using with those ads really no performance hit at all things are responsive things are fairly quick when you’re running through screens really know essentially framerate drops when you’re doing basic tasks you will get them when you’re doing high-end gaming etc but I’ve been very pleased with performance one more

thing to take note of is that GPS can be a little bit spotty at times I find it it’s fairly it works fairly well most of the time but occasionally you might get it lose GP or have you in the wrong location but eventually I’ll catch up to you and actually put you in the right spot now here we go let’s move finish off the software section I talked about it earlier in this video I want to go ahead and go to about device it does come with Android six status and that’s extended at one the latest but it is on marshmallow right now and of course with blue and I guess Amazon at the moment updates are kind of in question on how soon it will actually get updated to Android nougat we’ll find out in the future I’ll keep you guys updated on that but overall you see like I mentioned earlier that those soft keys be having a fill just kind of bothers me a little bit but very similar to stock Android experience and I think this device with its performance really shows off how great Android is when is run without a huge skin over the top in general you do have audio profile shortcut you have a nice flashlight shortcut obviously very stock looking even stock looking settings only the display change is really the only difference in of course you have an Amazon separate Amazon settings option but again you

always get those great benefits of marshmallow in terms of per app bases permissions you have Do Not Disturb modes alarms only etc just overall a very stock experience on this device and I think that’s something people are really gonna like especially when it comes to performance they do have a clear all button on the reasons which is obviously added by them but again this really makes Android shine out of advice that has I guess mid lower end processor along with two gigabytes of RAM just really shows what Android can do when it’s not heavily skinned also worth noting in terms of bloatware just come with a lot of Amazon apps as you can see right here so just kind of keep that mind and again that’s kind of what’s expected when you buy device from Amazon when you get it a little bit cheaper with ads so there is some Amazon apps pre-installed alright so just want to give some final thoughts on the r-1 HD and yes you are going to have to make some sacrifices that’s just a standard when it

comes to budget devices especially device at a sixty dollar price point of sacrifice of ads on the lockscreen sacrifice of camera quality a sacrifice of speaker quality but I have been very impressed with the performance on the device I’ve been very impressed with the battery life as well on this device and of course it’s great that ads don’t necessarily inhibit the performance and also they’re not super intrusive either you can swipe them away yeah you’ll have a full screen lock screen ad but that really not too big of a deal in my opinion so if you’re in the market I would definitely recommend this device again you do have to make some sacrifices as I mentioned earlier and it really shows off what a stock Android experience can do very minimalistic skin at all and it’s great honestly performance has been very good I’ve been very pleased so overall definitely like the blue r1 HD for the price point and the market that it’s geared towards so check it out a link to everything in the description hopefully enjoyed this review video lots more to come and a bunch of different devices note 7 coming soon as well obviously opposite end of the spectrum in terms of pricing but there you have it subscribe to my channel if you like this video I’d appreciate it click that thumbs up as well and as always guys thank you very much

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