Galaxy Note 5 Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow Update!

every person Tim Schofield here and also Samsung has launched their initial main update to Android 6.0 they in fact avoided Android 6 that I mosted likely to android 6.0.1 marshmallow which 60.1 just generally includes the brand-new emojis I’ll show those off in simply a second yet anyways I have the note 5 this is really the cambodian variant of the note 5 the initial one to get marshmallow as well as this is what you can basically expect the software a good idea to get on the s7 that’s mosting likely to be announced soon in a pair days I think Samsung made a decent amount of changes to TouchWiz in addition to features included with Android 6 that on marshmallow so let’s go on and also inspect them out alright let’s get started today I wish to make a note that I have actually not applied any type of style so lots of icons or colors are purely the supply TouchWiz theme mosting likely to concerning tool software application details as I stated 6.1 Android which is marshmallow quickly touch on it to get to that Easter Egg and afterwards obviously you can play that fast android flappy bird game the lockscreen has altered a bit the icons in the bottom left and also lower best obtained a little an updated motif to them likewise swiping

up you can currently make use of pattern I don’t think that was an option before when you had a finger print lock you can include a pattern rather than a password talking that fingerprint lock it is very quick I would certainly state maybe a little bit quicker than it was I’m ollie pop do not hold me to that though possibly just a little placebo effects currently when it pertains to swiping on your alert swiping down you’ll see a little alert establishing faster way right there we can jump straight into them straight from your lock screen with marshmallow your finger print can additionally be utilized to make play shop acquisitions and also is integrated right into the system just a lot much more currently pushing as well as holding the residence switch a brand name brand-new seek to the power reboot and also emergency setting option you press restart as well as after that you have to touch it again for it to really happen exact same with power off as well as emergency situation mode it’ll bring this up and also you have to accept it don’t assume the home touchwiz launcher did not add for marshmallows when you press and hold on an application you can not uninstall it straight from the residence viewer you still need to go into the application drawer nevertheless there’s a step applications alternative currently where if you wish to move several apps at when you can go on and drag all of them up below most likely to a particular screen as well as

Go ahead and also be like oh I’m going to order these guys as well as put them on a various web page there’s additionally an upgraded style shop so going right into styles as well as after that struck even more themes you’ll see you have actually featured you have all all you additionally have classifications where you have a color combination so if you desire specific purple ones it’s going to pack up specific themes that are just purple or any kind of specific color likewise particular subjects as well simply a nice updated look to the theme store when it comes to volume controls you can make use of to control exactly how loud your ringer it obtains as constantly you can place it in vibrate setting however pushing down one on vibrate setting does not put me in quiet mode there’s this drop-down right here where you can have media volume notices as well as system as well after that when you draw down this is where you can obtain right into your mute alternative and talking of that draw down bar did get revamped you’ll see a good little animation where they obtain a little bit smaller and also a little bit bigger and likewise you can now swipe down twice to obtain to all of them you can of program reposition them there’s Quick Link that you can add and also after that you’ll see brightness is there as well I simply disabled Quick Attach at the minute and also after that of training course you can utilize 2 fingers as well to get to all of them at when so a.

nice little great and enhancement and also still swipe from left to right to get to obtain quick toggles fast’s also now likewise tap featured in included so let’s allow ahead and press and also hold as well as home button house switch to that you press that little G down at the bottom to get to Obtain now if you ‘d like would certainly real quick actual it however search results it scans the screen it display that Mark Cuban is right there also you get news about Information Regarding as well so it’s a really nice truly I find that Discover don’t use do not too much and A lot as well as kind likewise forget that fail to remember’s there something else that got updated a upgraded animation when computer animation press the push apps current youSwitch see it’s just a simply bit different kind of flows to circulations and then when after that scroll through them via’s kind of individualized so embellished’ll see scope swiping through itWith just go simply each one individually so a little bit different now variousCurrently allow into Google right into where maintain selection message option updated in marshmallow so you press and hold as well as a specific word details then and alsoAfter that notice that the cut copy paste duplicate right above the words as opposed to the top of the screen you press these push dots 3 have shares select all clipboard and then google translate if convert have that installed it will translate it throughout your system when you select things now anotherCurrently

good update is that when you struck share there’s also direct share so I’m not exactly sure why it hasn’t offered me that alternative yet however direct share is where there’s going to be a certain contact in a specific app for example if I text Steve a whole lot Steve would be up there with the messaging application as well as it will certainly be a straight share straight to that function person forgive me now when you proceed as well as do message option when you most likely to the right it’s mosting likely to go as well as choose the whole word and after that when you go to the left it’s mosting likely to go letter by letter so just a bit simpler to pick text currently there’s likewise an upgraded internet browser Samsung Net 4.0 and I have a complete video on that particular I’ll connect to that in the description not mosting likely to chat excessive there’s secret browser and likewise integration with various other apps such as the messaging application something else like that updated when taking screenshots using the power switch and home switch press and hold you have capture more share and plant turning up today as well as also you can swipe down from the notice tray share edit and also erase now you can now delete directly from that notice tray any kind of screen shot you take proceed as well as delve into the Setups app drop to sound as well as.

vibration one that got included is charging noise you can toggle that now while in marshmallow now notices those are points you can customize where you have progressed notice setups which ones use peak which ones are allowed you can obstruct them peak being the sneak peek that appears from the top of the screen you can identify if specific sneak peeks wish to be there if you want them on the lock display there’s a great deal of various things you can personalize when it comes to your notices additionally all on a per app basis speaking of applications entering into those setups and after that application manager there are granular app authorizations so if we go into the electronic camera application as well as after that go to permissions you can choose per application what particular consents you can enable it so let’s claim electronic camera hey I don’t want you to use my location so you can reject that and also then let’s go on and also double tap the residence switch go right into the cam and certainly it’s still going to function but it’s not going to be able to access my place currently in settings there’s a clever supervisor as well as this is where it lets you recognize how much RAM you have actually been making use of and mentioning RAM administration from quite minimal testing if I really feel like it’s doing a.

much better work at not eliminating apps behind-the-scenes to make sure that’s quite amazing let you know just how much RAM each certain application has actually been making use of now returning battery life battery life should be much better on marshmallow button because it has those basically doze is mosting likely to work where if you have your phone sitting still Eve for an extended time period it’s going to do a far better work at conserving battery I’ll reveal you that RAM administration I’m gon na enter into Google maintain I have actually opened a decent quantity of applications ever since allow’s return to it and also it appears like it opened really promptly did not have to refill Google maintain usually after opening up that several applications you would have had to refill it so that’s an excellent indication anyways let’s show off the new emojis the design is still basically the specific same as Samsung has been using however the brand-new ones have been included you’ll see some ones with hands the update bottom-side-up face is there as well as simply overall all the brand-new ones so you can currently see them so if any person from an iPhone sends you any one of the updated emojis not simply mosting likely to be boxes with X’s in them they’re in fact mosting likely to be the updated emojis just with Samsung’s different design overall that’s nearly it though that would certainly be Android 6 tattle marshmallow on the galaxy note 5 even more ahead when it concerns the s6 so make certain you subscribe whole lots more to come follow me on snapchat however in fact making use of that a lot even more Twitter also QB King seve at QB King 77 which’s truly about it so ideally you took pleasure in the video if you did give it a thumbs up and also as constantly guys thanks very a lot.

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