HTC One M9 Android 6.0 Marshmallow Update

everyone Tim Schofield below with my HTC One m9 the t-mobile variant that obtained the Android 6.0 marshmallow update over the area to take a while to upgrade so if you’re mosting likely to upgrade it over there it’s going to take a little bit of time anyways we’re mosting likely to go to software info up at the top you’ll see Android variation 6 information sense version still state remained at 7 so that did not obtain updated with marshmallow allowed’s talk regarding what’s brand-new with this upgrade so to start with when you make use of the volume rockers you have do not interrupt setting so you have priority as well as just do not interrupt mode getting on as well as you can check climate alarm systems are played or otherwise now you can reach this mode when you in fact go all the method down with the volume secret as well as you’ll see a little drop-down right here too which obtains you to media as well as alarm quantities leaping back you’ll see

concern you can set a specific amount of time whether it’s 1 2 hours till you turn it off as well as when you take place you can like I claimed untreated if you wanted to play alarm systems or otherwise as well another thing that’s a little various when you push quantity down and power but at the exact same time it’s mosting likely to take a screen shot like before however that display shot can be erased right from the alert trace you just press the erase button and also it is no longer there now allow’s go into Google maintain where I typed out a quick message and also something that got upgraded was message choice so if you go on as well as select on a full word you’ll see a Cut Replicate share got brought up right above straight above that text if you press that dot you’ll see you can pick all too currently when you are really choosing the message as well as you go over to the best allow’s proceed and also return as well as you visit the right it’s mosting likely to pick complete words and also after that when you return to the left it’s going to go letter by letter so

subscribe is going to be the complete word boom and also after that going back is letter by letter so a nice enhancement to message selection something I’m negative if it’s new or otherwise you’re gon na have to allow me recognize is when you go right into settings as well as go right into display screen in motions there’s a color temperature level setting where you can change it from cooler to warmer allowing you understand there’s a white display and also your background too so you can change that let’s go on and also go house and also allow’s just enter into relay for reddit and also currently right here’s a brand-new attribute called Google now at hand I have a complete video reviewing and I’ll link to it in the description but you press and also hold the house switch and it’s going to evaluate what is on the display screen and offer you some contextual results so Incredibly Mario Brothers was mentioned let’s see on that particular display it states I thought I was proficient at Super Mario and you’ll see it raises Super Mario says it’s a video clip game you can google looked go to the YouTube Images websites there’s a lot more integration with

this like I said check out my full evaluation if you wish to see more delving into the after you’ll see up at the top left hand corner is that Android pay app much better combination with marshmallows so if you have been m. 9 absolutely try Android pay leaping back right into setups we are going to most likely to apps and then go in advance and go to configure applications since there’s app authorizations as well as they’re granular and also application authorizations so particularly asking if you intend to enable the application to utilize this point so we most likely to microphone allow’s see what applications are allowed to make use of the microphone all right why is allow’s claim for instance peel Smart Remote that does not require my microphone so I’m simply going to uncheck it and also there it can not access my microphone any longer as well as you do that with a number of numerous setups as you can see now back right into setups there’s a details memory choice to let you recognize your ordinary memory usage over a certain time period and

You can go right into each application and also see how much RAM is utilized by each certain one going right into sound as well as alert scrolling all the means down to app alerts you can figure out which certain apps are permitted to make use of coming to a head so let’s claim if I go right into Facebook I can obstruct all Writing top priority or allow peaking so let’s claim I obtain a notification from Facebook it’s going to drop down a little bit a little display that reveals you what that details notification is and also after that it’s going to conceal for a little bit so let’s go ahead and go back that’s another nice addition and then scrolling down to power as well as right here is where something got upgraded one thing being sleep mode with marshmallows so what’s going to take place is when you have your phone just kind of sitting there not using over maybe if you fall asleep a mishap fail to remember to plug it in it’s going to not utilize almost as

much battery and after that of program there’s battery optimizations right here you’ll see it’s not optimized you’re gon na want to experiment with this yourself if we most likely to all apps and also you can do details ones you intend to take care with this perhaps you desire to alarms might not go off as an example if you’re optimizing it for much better battery life so you may wish to enter into possibly clock and also not enhance it however certainly experiment with it for particular applications that you do not utilize extremely much and also this fall is actually mosting likely to be where you can just reset it if you should with it when it boils down to it the electronic camera actually really did not actually obtain updated regrettably allow’s go and break a fast image and after that go into that image something that in fact was not included is called straight share so when I press the share switch direct share would certainly maybe have provided me a get in touch with in the messaging string or a contact from my Facebook up above it and you can do a direct share to that person instead you need to go into the details application as well as type that you wish to send it to but total that would certainly be Android 6.0 marshmallow on your HTC One m9 with any luck this video clip helped you out if you did give it a thumbs up subscribe to my youtube channel whole lots a lot more to come too you located me a Facebook Twitter Google+ all links in the summary to be listed below and as constantly guys thank you quite

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