Asus ZenPad S 8.0 Unboxing and First Impressions

hey everyone Tim Schofield here from Cuba kink 77 dot-com and I’m here with the Asus zenfone and 8-inch Android tablet this model is going to run you $200 there’s also a model that’s $300 that gives you more RAM a little better processor and also more storage anyways I’m going to open this guy up show you what’s in the box and also give some first impressions on it turn it on maybe throw it up next to the Nexus 9 as well to give you a little size comparison but let’s go ahead open it up and check it out alright let’s go ahead and open this guy up so here is the Seuss’s M Pettus 8.0 go ahead and open it up right away created with that 8-inch display on the tablet let’s go ahead and throw it to the side for a second there’s a lot of packaging on it so I guess we could just take that off real quick obviously I’m not very careful about how I open the shrink-wrap all right let’s go ahead just peel this guy off and here we go that should be light now that I feel it there’s a texture difference on the back as well when you get to design in just a second I’m just going to

turn it on right now just so you guys can kind of see it boot up and while it boots up if there’s actually in power and it looks like other goes so now it’s turning on so while that turns on you have your AC adapter you have your booklets and looks like a lot of booklets kind of like a slinky there you’ll see just kind of I guess warranty cards and information and then you have your micro USB charging cable the higher-end model actually has USB type-c in case you’re wondering about that so you’ll see kind of a shorter micro USB cable that comes with it but now let’s go over to the device there’s really not much to see in the box so let’s just go out and pay attention to the device and before we get the software on the device this little peel right here on the top gives you some information about it I guess lets you know there’s a 2k IPS display which is actually if you’re wondering about the resolution it’s 1536 by 2048 before software more hardware there’s also an energy star sticker down here I’m not going to peel that off for now so let’s go and turn this off flip it over on the back very interesting because it’s kind of multi textured and it’s got a nice sleek look to it especially with that trim around the outside and then you kind of have a leather bottom right here which should actually give you

added grip when you hold the device on the back here you’ve probably got your fingers down here so that’s probably a Seuss’s goal right there you see a Sue’s end pad down there anyways let’s go ahead and take a look on the right side here you have your volume rockers you have up and down and then you have power button as well let’s go ahead and see you have a 5 megapixel camera on back nothing too high-end I guess and then you have your micro USB charging on the bottom or the right side however I guess you want to hold your tablet you have front-facing speakers that I’m super excited to test out because every tablet should have front-facing speakers and it’s dual stereo speakers then you have a I believe 2 megapixel front-facing camera but overall that’s about it for hardware you have that 3.5 millimeter headphone jack as well and then down here in the bottom right there’s actually a little hidden well hidden slot you have a micro SD card slot that actually blends in very well with this leather in this little clip so you see right there a little micro SD card

slot okay so let’s go ahead and flip it over and go through the Start screen really quickly you’ll see input method you have a Wi-Fi network alright I sign into the Wi-Fi and then I skipped Google account you have an a soos account as well you have various accounts and sync that you can add that are with it which leads me to leave there might be a little bit of bloatware on here hopefully it son installable if there is some alright let’s go ahead and it next and you want to participate in program to send data i’m not going to at the moment and I’m going to skip data transfer and we should be on the home screen then and there we go so here it is it’s actually running lollipop I believe 5.0 with a Seuss’s Zen UI which is what they have on it for example these n phone you see there’s a software update right away which is kind of good to see just in case there any bugs or anything they got them worked out let’s go ahead and scroll down at the bottom you see about and here it is Android version 5.0 we tap on it and there you go you’ll see this lollipop hopefully 5.

1 is coming soon I’ll let you guys know if I find anything about that in the

full review video that I’ll do very soon so make sure you do subscribe to me so you’re notified when I make that solid job on android flappy bird there also I don’t think eyes notice that when I go into settings here the settings screen is very compact and it basically fits on this entire tablet here to give you an idea here is the nexus 9 it’s not on right now but you’ll see obviously a little bit one inch screen size difference and then flipping it on over just a little bit different so to give you an idea I’m going to put right on top in the bottom left hand corner so a decent amount bigger I mean I guess about one inch bigger I guess that makes sense so let me set that back to the side for those of you that want to see that let’s go ahead and check out if there is I guess bloatware like I said there was probably going to be so you got apps for you right here which is something similar that they had on the zenfone you got 50 plus games I don’t want that okay so you can uninstall that that’s actually really good to see and hopefully clean master that’s a pretty annoying app you can uninstall that as well awesome so hopefully all of this bloat is uninstall ville like I said I’ll mention in the review if it all is or not let’s go to the

camera as well if I can find it somewhere there it is okay and you’ll see there’s a tutorial I’m going to skip it I’m not going to remember photo location and let’s go ahead and take a very messy picture actually so here’s that let’s go ahead and go into the gallery there and there’s a look at I guess what it is it’s finite in pixel shooter it shouldn’t be anything too crazy honestly if I’m going to take a picture I’m just gonna pull my phone out of my pocket as opposed to taking a picture with a tablet or a more high-end camera obviously but anyways that’s about it there you have it um I actually kind of like this leather down at the bottom gives a more premium feel and just looks wise it looks really sleek with that I guess kind of chrome trim around the outside there so let me use it for a while I’ll get back to you guys like I said this is very promising tablet hopefully it runs well it seems pretty smooth obviously right about a box it better be smooth but anyways I’ll keep you guys updated be sure to subscribe you can follow me on Facebook Twitter Google Plus only cents per video below and as always guys thank you very much I really it

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