Android 6.0 Marshmallow Dev Preview 3 Review

everyone Tim Schofield here from Cuba King 77 comm and Google has finally announced what Android M is going to be called it’s going to be Android 6.0 marshmallow they unveiled a statue and everything today it’s a completely official they’ve also released dev preview three images for the Nexus 6 the Nexus 5 the Nexus 9 and the Nexus player I have the Developer Preview installed on both my Nexus 9 and my Nexus 5 guys going to show you guys some of the changes there’s even a brand new boot animation so be sure to check that out let’s go ahead and look at it [Music] all right right away you will see a brand new boot animation so let’s check it out let’s see a lot of little animations a lot going on with it it’s really neat overall lots of colors and they all just morph into Android so very smooth very clean I really like it let me know what you guys think about the new boot animation alright very quickly cuz I know you guys are gonna ask let’s go into settings scroll down go to about phone and you’ll see Android version it is now 6.0 going into the Easter Egg and it’s

the exact same no there’s no update to the Easter Egg press and hold it and you’ll still get a little guy shaking his arms I guess I can’t get it I’ll quickly tap and press it all there it goes so you see it goes away no flap Android flappy bird anything like that you also notice there’s some new wallpapers in this build so I figured I’d pull up the nexus time to show them off since it is a larger display so here we go wallpapers here’s a new one this guy I will post a download link to every single one of these wallpapers in the description of videos if you want to download them and put them on your device now you can let’s see we got two more this guy and this guy I really like this one this one’s really neat so I’m actually just gonna set this wallpaper right now and there you have it now a lot of people were asking and wondering did they get rid of the system UI tuner that was in the previous two bills that I have reviews on so if you want to check those out I’ll link to them in the description and no they did not get rid of it they’ve just kind of moved it and changed how you

access it so now I want you to press and hold on the Settings button and you’ll notice it starts spinning really fast when you start holding it you can barely see that in the background once it spins fast let go and you’ll see congrats it has been added to the settings now scroll all the way down to the bottom and system UI tuner is there now they really didn’t add any settings anything specific they’re all still the same from the dev preview too so like I said check out that review if you want to see what they are also you’ll notice that there’s a little wrench right next to the settings if you have enabled this system UI tuner now when it comes to the launcher it’s essentially the same they still you still have the vertical scrolling on both of the devices and you have suggested apps which you can change and of course on the Nexus 9 it does rotate both ways depending on the orientation of the device however on the Nexus 5 they actually got rid of the specific setting to change to horizontal orientation so it does not

rotate anymore which is a little unfortunate because I actually kind of liked having that option on the Nexus 5 and mobile devices obviously need it on a tablet now unfortunately now on tap isn’t available yet however they’ve added a new animation when you press and hold the home button so there it is you’ll see cards aren’t available yet you can press this and go to Google now and then here it is on the Nexus 5 it’s the same animation just obviously just a little bit different on a smaller screen and like I said you can just go to Google now right away now I know a lot of you guys are gonna ask me about multi window mode and yes it’s still on the Nexus 9 tablet through various settings however it honestly is the exact same as it was on the previous builds if I select a layout it still loads up apps you can’t configure them at all I tried playing around with it pressing and holding and really it doesn’t work I mean they work just about the exact same as they did before on previous builds now a couple things that I noticed in the developer options let’s go ahead and go into settings and scroll down you’ll see developer options

when you move down all the way to the bottom you’ll see in active apps and I believe that has something to do with doze I honestly don’t know exactly what it is you’ll see something says active you touch to toggle it it will actually say inactive after you toggle it and then if you go into the app and you come back to inactive apps it’ll stay active again so my guess is if an app is sitting there idly for a while it’ll start saying inactive because you’re not using it and it’s not I guess waking up and using your device you also notice select USB configuration I don’t remember that being on previous builds it might have been but either way you’ll see you have different options including audio stores USB Ethernet included with Android marshmallow a shoe 90 on reddit also asked me to check it for stage fright for those of you that want to run it as a daily driver and we’ll see if and it’s not vulnerable so if you’re wondering about that but overall that’s it Android 6.0 marshmallow developer preview 3 more to come soon so click that subscribe button if I missed anything or there’s anything important I’ll tweet about it or I will just make another video showing off that cool new feature or something like that so stay tuned like I said be sure to subscribe it feels very fluid I’m very excited for an official build obviously hopefully coming in October for those of you that are going to be asking me about it so that’s it give this video a thumbs up if you liked it I’ve really appreciated you found me on Facebook Twitter Google Plus all links in the description B below and as always guys thank you very much I really

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