Logitech Keys-To-Go Review: Ultimate Portability

hello every person tim schofield here from time for a testimonial video this moment of the logitech keys to go wireless key-board as well as it is definitely to go it’s extremely thin very light incredibly portable keyboard now it does it is going to run you 70 on logitech different sites i’ll connect to it in the summary yet uh it’s a little bit costly so let’s go on as well as take an appearance at it see if the style the functions of it are great sufficient to basically be worth the price okay so below it is the logitech tricks to go keyboard this is the android and also windows details variation they have an ios version as well with particular keys for ipads iphones and so on now out of the box it includes the keyboard undoubtedly you have a nifty stand right below and also after that you have a charging cable as well as charging adapter as well now allow’s go on and also have a look at the design of the key-board general it’s a very conventional qwerty key-board you have a number row you have arrows also which is a good little extra touch it’s a really small as well as tiny key-board you’ll see on the best side here you do have your mini usb charging slot and after that an on off button which is red or eco-friendly depending upon the status of the device currently this is a mechanical keyboard which is covered in something that logitech is calling textile skin which is in fact going to protect it from things such as dust dirt water also i’ve in fact spilled water on it and also it shielded it very well you’ll see you can cleanse it off really simple it dries swiftly it is very important to note though that on the exterior

there that that micro usb port isn’t always protected so i do not understand exactly how it’s going to respond if you unintentionally spill some kind of fluid within it currently there’s absolutely a great reason this is called secrets to go due to the fact that it’s basically the ultimate portable key-board wireless key-board it’s super slim it’s insanely thin and it’s crazy like it’s kind of like a thick piece of paper like a piece of cardboard or something it’s crazy just how light it is extremely portable very slim below’s a nine inch tablet computer it does a respectable work at covering the screen if i intend to lug it around with both and also you’ll see here’s with the nexus 9 as well as the uh the keyboard itself it’s it’s actually fantastic simply kind of covering the display a little bit if you intend to slide it right into a backpack it’s super thin does not take up much room at all currently with the textile skin it permits a little softer press to the keyboard which sort of provides it a little much less tactile feedback they have actually done an actually good task at increasing the tricks just sufficient where you can really feel the distinction in between the 2 when you move tricks so you’re not accidentally pushing in between both of them however with the much less tactile comments you could accidentally have an error where you push right in between and it inadvertently does also you obtain utilized to it over a little bit of time it’s extremely

small so there are extremely close with each other secrets so really larger hands are going to take a little of time to obtain used to it simply due to the fact that it’s so compact as well as mobile all right so allow’s have a look at the plastic stand that does include this keyboard as well and also i discovered that it works effectively this port is created your certain phone or tablet it’s pretty global as well i’ve utilized the bigger phablet phones smaller phones the phones you can basically place in up and down or flat nonetheless with tablet computers i most definitely suggest utilizing it flat i’ve made use of up to a 10 inch tablet and also it’s worked however anything over a 10 inch tablet computer could obtain a little leading heavy so when you’re using it you press it could in fact trigger the weight as well as the tablet computer to tip back so with the connected here’s a nexus 9 tablet and you’re just gliding it in what i’m speaking about is when you’re utilizing it it functions just great with the nexus 9 like i stated the nexus 10 can obtain a little leading if you press sufficient it’s mosting likely to press over undoubtedly however you can push quite securely on your nexus 9 as well as you’re using it just great and also the stand works quite possibly and of course you don’t need to be connected to the stand to utilize the key-board you can be totally different from

the device as well as the keyboard works just fine having your lap on the table anything like that currently i got a great deal of demands to type really quickly and also display what it resembles as well as honestly it’s extremely responsive i likewise haven’t had any kind of concerns with me pushing keys that i know i pushed and also not showing up on the key-board very receptive really responsive to my presses it took a little of time to obtain used to the much more compact size compared to a typical keyboard however after a couple days of keying emails short articles etc i truly obtained made use of to it and also i have actually had no issues lately with it whatsoever and i do really like pressing the softer tricks i do truly like the soft feeling to the keys nevertheless i dream it was a bit much more tactile with the comments however i like the slim design over a little bit extra tactile responses alright just intended to discuss several of the particular buttons as well as performance of the keyboard simply in general currently you’ll observe there’s a windows switch right here which is fine for android tablets as well don’t worry windows button x is a windows button on home windows computers and so on and you have a search button right here and now those are 2 different ones on android the windows button acts as a global search so despite if you remain in an application

or anything it’ll open up that google search bar as well as you can browse the internet for whatever currently the search button in fact serves as an in-app search so let’s claim for instance there’s a search then the google play shop you’ll see there is a google play search within applications that’s going to open up that specific one currently if i press the windows button it’s mosting likely to open my google internet search instead now you likewise have reduced duplicate paste where you have to hold the feature button initially as well as i discover myself not utilizing them way too much the one i use the most is paste since you basically have to touch the display to copy or reduce the message first however the paste faster way is actually pretty helpful there’s additionally a convenient screenshot switch up on top you’ll see it takes a very quick screenshot functions effectively i located that the tricks that i make use of the a lot of are essentially the media switches those are super beneficial for me i use my tablet computer a lot for listening to music pairing to audio speakers etc and it’s wonderful you also see you have a back or leave button residence switch a recent applications button the current apps button is all right things i don’t such as around is on android if you press the current apps switch it’s mosting likely to go to whatever application you allow stop pushing if you push on a particular order see i stopped pushing and also it opened the settings it really did not simply open it which is a little of a pain i think that’s android particular though so whatever uh key-board you have so i can not really blame the keyboard for that however that’s just kind of what happens you can make use of the arrow keys

to navigate around so you’ll see work simply works great press get in if you wish to select a certain option and afterwards up on top here you have a food selection switch as well so you’ll see it opens up that details menu if you’re in an app you have an email switch down there you have a music switch which opens up the basic songs app whichever one you have actually installed bluetooth clearly to combine it and then at the end right here you do have a battery switch which gives you the standing of the key-board as well as battery life’s been wonderful i haven’t also had to bill it yet they discuss 3 months battery life i have not had this yet for 3 months yet and it still hasn’t died you can push and also hold the feature switch and after that this switch to secure the display which’s a little bit uh tedious for me i desire it was simply one button i desire the battery condition is the feature switch in the lock buttons right up right here in the top right and also that’s truly regarding it so i’m not really missing out on any buttons on this keyboard i don’t desire there was a number pad obviously i don’t miss out on any kind of switches they

included practically every little thing that i would have desired in a key-board all right so currently time for some final ideas on the logitech keys to go keyboard truthfully i love it it is great my favorites keyboard out right now it’s mobile it’s light it’s slim it’s everything i personally need since i’m constantly lugging my tablet around nonetheless i do discover myself utilizing my laptop computer a bit greater than my tablet simply sort of day-to-day use specifically due to the fact that i’m editing and enhancing videos a great deal and so on and also it appears to me it’s a bit too expensive if you are somebody that uses your tablet as a laptop replacement using everything the time it could be worth it for the seventy dollars however for the standard customer i don’t think it deserves seventy bucks fifty dollars i would certainly say go all out however seventy is simply a little bit too expensive for me personally however like i claimed if you use your tablet regularly you really require a keyboard i don’t actually kind that quick on on-screen tablet keyboards on phones different story yet tablet computers not so much so it’s truly a personal point like i said premium individuals of tablet computers i would certainly say go all out yet mid to reduced individuals i don’t assume you’re gon na be using it sufficient to be worth the 70 anyways many thanks for viewing guys i wish you appreciated my video clip great deals extra assesses tutorials etc to come so click that subscribe button i ‘d actually appreciate it you can follow me on facebook twitter google plus too all web links will certainly remain in the summary of the video below and also as always guys thanks significantly i actually appreciate it

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