Galaxy S6 Edge Review: Worth the Extra $100?

everybody if Scofield right here from Cuba King 77. com and also it’s time to assess the samsung galaxy s6 edge version currently as you guys know Samson brought out two versions the s6 as well as the s6 edge side being with double rounded displays on both sides currently in this evaluation video I’m simply mosting likely to be discussing the side attributes and essentially if the side is worth the added hundred bucks that it costs currently if you wish to see more on software application screen all that interesting info battery life I will certainly post a link to my complete galaxy s6 evaluation in the description going to check that out hereafter video clip now let’s go on as well as focus on the side and take a look at and see if it deserves that additional hundred dollars alright so here we go the s6 side is on the left the blue variant and also the normal s6 is on the right with the whites you individuals can get a an idea of the shade difference in between the 2 if you have an interest in that allow me go on and just flip both of them over for you so there is a bit of a difference in the shade personally I ‘d say I like heaven just a bit better it’s really kind of

a dark blue so only if it hits a particular light does it in fact look really blue it kind of appearances very really dark blue so anyways let’s first speak about the style of the galaxy s6 edge so as you can see you have a little curve on both the left and the ideal side of the gadget as well as honestly right now I was rather stunned by it I truly actually delighted in checking out the screen it absolutely had a WOW variable to it also everybody that I kind of hand the phone to is a hi what are your very first impacts they all say wow this is actually cool and it actually is cool currently taking a look at it has been wonderful there are a pair downsides though to the layout on the left here it’s very slim so it just has a little steel strip right here that’s very really thin and truthfully it simply makes it sort of hold up difficult to select up also when you have it level on the table it’s a lot less complicated simply get a no routine s6 as opposed to attempting to grip onto the s6 side and also draw it up even if it’s so much thinner television an idea allow’s proceed and also place both alongside you can see a little bit of the display on the edge because it drops but yeah I indicate you’ll see that there’s just only a little sliver of metal that you can grab onto and truthfully it’s a little sharp as well so holding it for prolonged amount of times obtained a little bit unpleasant and a little unpleasant even if it’s a little tough to hang on to and also occasionally you locate your fingers kind

of spilling over nuts remarkable is that but sometimes you can kind of get it where you’re keeping in your thumb might touch the best side of the display on accident yet still it’s really amazing utilizing it simply kind of watch just how the message just splashes off the display also that picture in the bottom right simply in general utilizing it i still find myself in admiration even after the length of time that i’ve used it simply sort of pulling this over and also you’ll see simply the photo and message simply sort of swype off the screen and also it’s simply a really cool experience as you can see below is just an examination video clip I did want to explain something you see a little bit of a glare on the brink no matter what watch watch how this photo just kind of flows off the display down near the bottom it’s just a truly actually awesome attribute as well as I just assume it cosmetically it looks actually great but yeah I suggest you’re gon na obtain a little a glow on the brink even if of the layout no male are sort of exactly how you hold it there’s gon na be a little of the glare I really did not discover it as well bothersome honestly it exists but it’s not a huge offer breaker for me currently with the side comes a pair includes as well they in fact have their own setups food selection so if we go right into setups you’ll see side screen right there so let’s proceed

and also go into it so the first 2 you’ll see is side illumination and also individuals edge so basically what happens is you’ll have a tab right below which appears on the lock display also which is called individuals side as well as you set a particular contact to a specific shade so if I touch on it you’ll see I have the alternative to make a telephone call so if I pick it it’s going to really call that person as well as then likewise if I go on as well as go back I can go in advance as well as compose a message so if I choose it and also push this message icon it’s mosting likely to go right right into the messaging application so you can compose a message currently it’s vital to note make note of the particular shade due to the fact that there is a feature when you obtain a phone telephone call from among those people it’s called edge lights as well as what happens is that the side of the display will light up a particular color that details get in touch with shade when your phone is down a little interesting attribute it’s sort of neat and likewise what you can do is push your finger on that heart rate sensing unit on the back if

you desire to neglect the telephone call and also it will actually send a certain message that you can kind of personalize you can turn it on or off it’s called quick reply right here as well as you’ll see you can have it right down there you can choose or you can just transform it off completely currently truthfully I do not put my phone facedown really much in basic type of amusing because i have one face down right here yet no i honestly truly do not so i never truly make use of the attribute that a lot you might discover it useful if you’re in a conference or something like that but overall i have not really located in a big use for it to be sincere you have pick alerts from those people where you have missed out on telephone calls messages and e-mails individuals border i believe it’s rather cool especially since it uses that side right below like i claimed you can phone you can make a text straight from it let’s let me reveal you what occurs when you do get a text message so you’ll see I have a message here called hi there youtube I just sent myself a random message as well as you’ll see right below blue programs up since I have actually that contact coordinated with the blue color right there so it’ll turn up on the lock screen thus you can unlock it and it’s still there when you have it on the home display too so swiping over its really needs you have the message turn up the

time you can telephone you can X out of it or press the messaging switch as usual as well as enter into that messaging app so pressing X is going to obtain eliminate it sadly pressing X in it does not remove the actual message in your alert tray I located that a little interesting as well as weird so in my point of view this people border feature here is probably one of the most valuable especially if you have a top 5 context that you normally speak to you text as well as recall and also forth all best finally those last 2 you have info stream right below where you can have various feeds reveal up at display timeout and climate as well so allow me reveal you that basically you can simply type of swype on the display and it’s going to fill up some details on the brink you can define what specific info you desire so you’ll see got obtain to reveal the blackhawks winning it’s undoubtedly type of having a tough time with the alignment right here you’ll see you have stocks you have news twitter feeds all that great stuff you have your notifications so you’ll see I have 2 messages and that examination message that’s still right there so really interesting truthfully I really did not.

discover myself using it that much if I wanted to mess around with my phone I truthfully just resembled alright why don’t I simply transform it on and use it so over all that information stream wasn’t my favored and after that likewise you have another function called evening clock you can set the moment when it turns up etc honestly evening clucks fine I do not mind it at all so when the displays off on among the sides extremely poorly now I believe since it’s basically throughout the day you’ll see it’ll show the clock right there and also the day so it shows both of those I do not in fact recognize why it’s so dim today in the evening I have actually had no problems seeing the certain time etc so yeah I mean it’s type of trendy I suggest it’s utilizing that side so I indicate that’s simply an additional attribute that i have on at the very least at night when it’s easier to see so that’s really it when it involves functions on the Galaxy s6 side I’m hoping they’ll add more in the future simply to sort of include even more capability that bent display all right so simply desire to provide a couple final thoughts and let you guys know if it’s if I believe it’s really worth the extra hundred bucks it absolutely has that wow aspect as I stated every time I check out it although I have actually utilized it for a little while it’s still like wow and also.

everyone that sees it’s like that’s an actually amazing as well as I’m really thankful Samsung took a danger with it as well as sort of went out in the limb and also did a great brand-new style feature I assume that’s remarkable thumbs up Samsung honestly I do not assume it’s worth additional hundred bucks though sadly like I claimed designs fantastic however it’s type of hard to hold sometimes it’s a little awkward hold it’s difficult to select up off the table just type of performance smart it’s a little doing not have too with those software application features with any luck a lot more can get included the future however like I said I truly like just how the web content simply sort of circulations off the pay off the screen and also just type of spills over it’s really neat honestly yet 100 bucks is a little steep if it was fifty bucks additional I ‘d say that would certainly be a little more acceptable but a hundred bucks is simply a little bit too expensive for me directly so yeah I imply it I ‘d like it much better truthfully I definitely would favor the s6 edge over the s6 yet like I claimed it’s not really worth that added hundred bucks to make sure that’s it hope you guys liked my review video of the s6 side a whole lot even more ahead a great deal a lot more trendy video clips so please click that subscribe switch you can follow me on Facebook Twitter Google+ all web links in the description listed below and also as constantly men thanks extremely much you.

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