Android 5.1 Lollipop Review: Improvements and Changes

hi everybody Zeb Schofield right here from Cuba King 77 can be found in my hand I have a Nexus 5 and it’s running an updated variation of Android lollipop it gets on android 5.1 now most recent update since today March 9th they finally rolling it out it’s not over-the-air yet I have not seen any kind of reports of it over-the-air it need to come out I’m thinking within the next few days over-the-air however manufacturing facility images have been posted so only for a few gadgets I rely on the following as of today the Nexus 5 the next among the Nexus 7’s and the Nexus 10 have factory photos available to download which is exactly how I mount it on this device I didn’t get it over the air yet I will certainly maintain every person updated with social media I could do video clips too but I have links to the downloads to the factory photos in the description together with a tutorial video accompanying all the download so if you wish to upgrade your Nexus 5 your Nexus 7 your Nexus 10 all web links will be in the description currently prior to we reach the gadget and go actually

comprehensive I wish to discuss one little function that I can’t really show off it’s the double SIM attribute so it brings dual sim support which is good for people that have as opposed to having to function phone and an individual phone now you’ll see in this picture that it has house as well as work it permits dual support where you can select which one to make the phone telephone call from as well as also you can change the shade of the dialer based upon the SIM card you’re utilizing so a nice little touch alright so let’s get a close hands on with the android 5.1 update firstly I intend to go in advance and swipe down enter into setups scroll completely down most likely to regarding phone as well as you’ll see Android variation 5.1 right there model number Nexus 5 this is official the easter-egg did not transform for those of you questioning you’ll see press as well as hold brings you to the android flappy bird currently that’s enough of that allowed’s proceed as well as go home currently the first little modification I intend to talk concerning is the lockscreen so it’s very minor adjustment really

and also to kind of provide you a comparison I’m mosting likely to show you this on my Nexus 4 running Android 5.0 as opposed to as opposed to android 5.
1 so when you swipe below the top you’ll see it brings up your fast toggles right below now when you swipe up from outside the quick toggles on your Android 5.0 it takes you back to the lockscreen now if you do it on android 5.1 it opens the phone currently if you do it within fast settings it simply swipes them back up so if you have notifications it’ll go right back to those notifications that remain in the lock display but if you do it from outside that box it really unlocks the tool now there’s an additional gadget protection upgrade actually and also what’s going to occur is if you report and your device stolen while it gets on android 5.1 it’s going to stay secured until you authorize right into your Google account which is a wonderful touch I can not actually locate the security setups to actually activate it nevertheless it’s a nice function if you in fact lose your phone or it obtains stolen one more upgrade is HD voice call in fact when you’re making phone calls

currently I think you’re going to have to have suitable equipment so still waiting on the checklist for that so with I think the Nexus 6 works currently HD voice phone call being I presume voice over LTE with any luck Wi-Fi calling coming quickly to the Nexus 6 as well it really did not featured a 5.1 update alright anyhow so allow’s discuss some various other things currently the volume rockers have actually altered a minimum of just a bit so I recognize a whole lot of individuals have actually been sort of opposed its the very least bulk of you seem to be opposed to the concern none volume rockers as opposed to getting rid of silent setting currently there’s a little adjustment where if you have an alarm set which I see to it to make certain to have actually one set you can most likely to top priority or none and you can have it establish until next alarm up until your alarm system goes off even if you have none up until following alarms I’m just going to turn off so that’s simply a little wonderful updated function to the I guess the the volume controls currently returning to those fast setups right below you can still make use of 2

fingers to swipe down and also most likely to them now in the quick setups there’s a pair updates to Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth currently you’ll see I neither on let’s state for example turn Wi-Fi on and also I click that little arrowhead underneath and it will provide a checklist of Wi-Fi networks in the area so type of good you can switch rapidly in between them or look for them and same with Bluetooth if you transform bluetooth on it’ll claim no pair gadget offered you can most likely to more setups or select any set device out i have actually hindered any kind of devices yet however wonderful you don’t need to go right into the Settings app you can do everything straight from your pulldown bar currently a pair various other changes in the fast setups you’ll see I have included a couple much more hotspot as well as invert colors have actually been add currently invert colors you can locate any type of accessibility setups near the bottom you’ll see shade inversion it’s going to just type of invert the shades there as well as after that clearly Wi-Fi hotspot’ in the Wi-Fi hotspot settings but you’ll see when you include them before you needed to wait concerning 1 month for them to go away if you didn’t utilize it however currently you can really can control it so you can push as well as hang on it as well as you can

in fact simply rapidly conceal that details faster way exact same with hotspot as well so those two are adjustable as well as you can remove them and afterwards one really small quick little upgrade within the quick setups to reveal you in comparison below’s Android 5.0 when you press Automobile rotate and also portrait that’s the animation as well as now in android 5.1 you’ll see there’s a little spinning animation another little computer animation that’s been updated within the clock application so when I swipe between these you’ll see up leading below those little computer animations when I swipe with extremely subtle however simply good little additional animations – lollipop currently one more thing that obtain updated was the screen pinning food selection so if I desired to pin the display in a specific application you’ll see screens pin this keeps it in view till you unpin touch and also hold back as well as introduction at the same time to unpin it simply a little various simply kind of makes it a bit much more obvious on just how to do it so you press and hold it and it says display unpin so just a little bit of an update alright as well as lastly one of the last things i intend to discuss is

the heads-up notifications that do appear when you obtain a notification whether it be a hangouts text other different apps showing alerts currently prior to you can just swipe swipe them away as well as totally dismiss it or you might touch on it and go to the particular application now you can actually swipe up as well as it dismisses it however it remains in the alert bar to show this I’m mosting likely to go on and also text myself all right so right here it is you need to actually press on it as well as swipe up yet you’ll see I swiped up and also yet it’s still there so it’s still in my notification tray by just swiping up on the heads-up notice additionally one last thing that could look different I don’t know if it is if you continue this clear all I do not recognize if that animation was there before that little refined animation that looks a little bit various to me maybe I’m wrong maybe it gets on 5.0 and and 5.1 too anyways that’s virtually it as for rate goes it feels quite quick it’s been rather smooth actually it’s intended to be a whole lot quicker hopefully that is true with any luck battery life is much better too as well as hopefully the memory leakages taken care of there’s been a just a memory leakage that’s been plaguing lollipop has actually been causing problems for some individuals so ideally that obtains repaired too however anyhow something that we think if you like the android 5.1 lollipop upgrade if you like this video please give it a thumbs up register for me also a great deals more to find with 5.
1 lollipop and whole lots extra with simply android generally so remain tuned follow me on facebook twitter google+ all web links in the description video listed below and as constantly individuals thanks quite

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