Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC M8 Rumored Specs

every person tim schofield below from qbking 77. com i know it’s been a bit given that i have done a video clip as took a little break although i did miss making video clips as well as connecting with everybody so delighted to be back going to be making a great deal even more videos quickly likewise I did wish to make a note that I am getting pretty near to a 100,000 clients therefore anticipate something a little unique if for whatever reason my client matter gets to that hopefully it will certainly quickly anyways I intended to go on and also simply load you in on what was going on on my side yet i likewise intend to speak about a couple phones currently that springs coming up you’re mosting likely to start seeing manufacturers come out with new versions of their tools on the samsung side of points you will certainly see an februari 24th exact same track is intending on unveiling their galaxy s5 as well as really recently there have been leaked specs from the galaxy s5 they are rumors they do appear quite likely to me i would state that there are really strong reports in a sense of these specifications would make good sense for them to find out with them for the s5 anyways desire to discuss them actual quick one of the main points with the galaxy s5 would certainly be the 5.2 4 inch screen which is a little bit larger than the galaxy s4 yet the screen resolution on it is 2560 x 1440 it’s a.

quad HD resolution and also it must be quite incredible in fact with the pixels pixel matter of five sixty pixels per inch if that is what does come with the galaxy s5 so it’ll basically be the very first in The United States and Canada keeping that resolution if Samsung launches it with that it’s going to be really intriguing to see just how well it looks on a phone instead of I think I have a 2560 x 1440 resolution of my screen right now so it’ll interest see what it resembles on a five-point 24 inch screen in contrast to a 27 inch screen for instance additionally an additional thing I’m personally excited concerning the s5 is that there’s a rumor that it will include a 3200 milliamp hr battery rather than a 2600 which the s4 heads with the included specs and also such you’re going to require more power and also you desire battery left improve even more uh for instance the note 3’s battery life is far better than I wouldn’t say much far better yet it is better than the galaxy s4s once again it does have a bigger battery so with the bigger battery you’re going to obtain prolonged battery life as well as that’s something i really look for in phones i’m not a large fan of billing everything the time.

having to preserve my battery i like to use my phone to its max possibility so it’ll be nice to see a bigger battery on the s5 with internals with the cpu the cpu there’s again mosting likely to be two models much like they finished with the s4 in relation to the global or of the United States variants there’s mosting likely to be a snapdragon version and an X and also O 6 versions so we’ll see what they come out with I don’t understand what ship they’re going to use with the Snapdragon I assume there’s an 808 05 they can use depending on the model so we’ll see because relates to there will certainly be 2 models there’s going to be a 16 megapixel electronic camera on the back and also a 3.2 megapixel video camera on the front so it ‘d be wonderful to see a little upgrade on the front dealing with camera ideally that boosts the ability with video clip conversation I truly intend to see video clip conversation come to be even more of a thing if I’m mosting likely to call a friend I would certainly like to possibly do a video clip conversation I assume that ‘d be kind of great if that became much more and also a lot more of a standard as opposed to just calling them on the phone but we’ll see what takes place there additionally you software program side of points you’re going to with any luck see a new TouchWiz overlay I would certainly such as to see it obtain upgraded there’s some dripped photos which I’ll place up next to me of training course or check those out of the brand-new TouchWiz overlay as well as it is additionally reported to have going to be having 3.

gigabytes of RAM likewise another point I am interested regarding is if they’re planning to keep capacitive touch switches on their guidance my assumption is they would certainly the brand-new tablets that they’ve launched have replaced the menu switch with a recent running apps button I’ll upload a picture so you can see what I’m speaking about yet you’ll see that my hunch is that’s going to be the button format for the s5 I simulate on-screen switches truthfully we’ll see what what they choose to do with it it’ll be interesting as well as a factor I’m pointing that out is due to just an additional fast phone i intend to discuss is the HTC m8 the HDC companion to ensure that would certainly be I think HTC’s plan for the successor to the HTC One is there hasn’t been as much substantial rumors on it much like the s5 so I do not intend to cover it as well much yet there has actually been a leaked picture I do not understand if this is going to be a real point but it’s only just a leakage a rumor you’ll see on the back it has a twin flash and additionally double lenses which is going to be fascinating if they consist of that possibly they’re going to attempt and also go with the 3d impact once again just like the H the evo 3d did we’ll see what HTC decides to do with their electronic camera but yeah to make sure that’s just something genuine fast I want to touch on however there’s additionally a rumor that HTC m8 is not going to have capacitive buttons and they’re just gon na have on-screen switch so weaken I am extremely curious to see if makers are going to start going in the direction of the on-screen buttons LG has actually been doing that electric motor function of.

program is doing that I do not recognize regarding Samsung my hunch is they’re mosting likely to stick to pests with touch switches and also HTC might change over on screen switches will have a look we’ll see it’ll be it’s type of exciting to see all these brand-new specifications on these devices the s5 if those specs hold true is going to be a giant as well as hard to be really challenging to defeat in fact with all those specs if they do a good work with the software program TouchWiz needs a little revamping and it requires to be much less bloating so we’ll see what they blow d if that’s a word it’s a brand-new word i just made any kind of place let me recognize we believe if you guys are delighted to see vs 5 and HTC m8 it’ll be interesting to see what they do please leave a remark please give this a thumbs up I ‘d actually value it you can also follow me on Facebook Twitter Google+ I began an Instagram account also if you wish to follow me there it’s simply at QB joking 77 obviously yet that’s it and also as constantly guys many thanks I actually value your assistance and perseverance anticipate a lot even more to find quickly.

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