Android 4.4 KitKat Review

hi there everyone tim schofield right here from as you can see in honor of halloween weekend break i am wearing my costume making a fool of myself but we are here to assess the most up to date update to the android operating system android 4.4 kitkat i have it running my nexus 4 at the minute i will certainly be obtaining a nexus 5 very quickly so expect an unboxing video testimonial all that good stuff so you’ll be seeing a lot of insurance coverage on the nexus 5 very quickly so please subscribe if you would love to however firstly i do wish to show you guys the new boot computer animation i’ll reveal that off best away now i’m running a customized rom it’s simply a rom port on my nexus 4. There it is here’s the new boot computer animation ideally you people can see it it’s fantastic i truly like it’s very minimalistic which goes along with android 4.4 kitkat so i desired to reveal that off but currently it’s booting up so i’m going to hop over to my desk as well as we’re going to take an appearance at the operating system all right so here is a more detailed look at the operating system as i said this is a nexus 4 i wanted to show to you people that i am in fact running kitkat so i’m going to go ahead and go right into settings scroll down go to regarding phone as well as you’ll see android version is 4.4 which is kitkat

i’m mosting likely to quickly tap an android variation and right here is the the new easter egg doing that flipping it back and forth fine pushing hold on it as well as you’ll see android in the kitkat style logo android 4.4 as well as that’s it so there’s your uh there’s your easter egg in kitkat quite neat so anyways as soon as possible you’re greeted with a brand-new launcher the google experience launcher you will certainly see there are means to install these applications a couple of them i’ll allow you understand i’ll link to where you can get them on your phone so you can install this launcher on your phone really i’ll post a web link in the description for all that great things yet right away you’ll see when you swipe to the left it goes directly to google now which mores than there which is interesting um that it’s right there a good little animation there you’ll see bench modifications to white rather than clear as it opens swiping to the best obviously just much more uh a lot more pages etc press as well as hold on the screen and it raises a checklist of alternatives that’s where you add widgets now when you go to your application cabinet you’ll see it is simply applications there’s no widgets or anything like that so it’s straight up your application drawer in indexed order so if you intend to add widgets you need to

press as well as hang on the home screen press widgets and obviously you have a long list of your standard widgets that feature all your applications all the wonderful google widgets too so if i wish to add an electronic clock press and hold placed on your residence display customarily and it adds it right there you can still resize them drag and go down pull it over and also it resizes it also when you press as well as hold on your launcher you have wallpapers there are some new kitkat wallpapers i’ll post a download link for those in the summary if you want those so i obtained you individuals hooked up with all your package kat goodness you’ll see if i want to set a wallpaper i simply hit collection wallpaper as well as it changes as soon as possible you’ll discover it is clear i’ll put a much better wallpaper on it’s clear in the feeling of you can see that there’s no black background near the bottom so it makes the display appearance even larger not having that line that’s a kind of a cut off line so just sort of revealing you individuals that i’ll establish this wallpaper back as well as up on top as well in the notice drawer you’ll see there’s no simply bar it is clear all the method through simply a wonderful clean seek to it i also intend to make a fast note that if you wished to include a brand-new page all you need to do is continue a widget or an app as well as simply drag it over to the right of your last page and also it’ll include a brand-new one so you’ll see now i have three web page instead of

as opposed to 2 to ensure that’s it’s extremely simple to add a new one you can not do it in a feeling of there’s no plus switch on the appropriate side right here just intend to aim that out for you men there’s settings though so we can go into the settings of this google experience launch you can turn off google now so you do not need to have that on some individuals may like it some individuals may not you do not require to have it there you can turn that straight off you can change what your phone search is going to look for there are voice settings i’ll obtain to in simply a second accounts alerts all that great stuff through google currently but anyways i can just state fine google what’s the weather condition like in ann arbor tomorrow tomorrow’s forecast for ann arbor is 48 degrees with an opportunity of showers there you go so really quickly you’ll see it acknowledge it it’s essentially the microphone is always paying attention for that keyword phrase alright google exactly how are you doing today it’s not mosting likely to react with anything it’s simply mosting likely to do a google search of that yet so you’ll see it’s terrific it reacts extremely well to your voice so you have a very quick means of reaching google currently very comparable to the moto x actually if you people are familiar with that said i’ll post a review video clip quickly really of that gadget so anyways additionally you will certainly notice it has an entirely face-lift to it uh design wise you’ll observe some application uh icons have actually been

upgraded the electronic camera uh the phone icon all that things also the application drawer symbol’s been updated a bunch of different applications have actually been updated too i know there’s a new downloads app there’s a new e-mail application too which offers a much more gmail feeling to it i’ll just publish a photo of it i do not really feel like establishing up an e-mail address however yes so there’s brand-new application icons which are great i actually truly like them the video camera one’s great the dialer is great and also after that up on top if i can zoom in ideally this functions you will see that there are brand-new icons for your uh status essentially with battery signal wi-fi um they’re all just white generally so there’s no real color to them you’ll observe you take down and also we go to the i guess our settings here you’ll see that those are all white also there’s no blue to them allow me get my moto x so you individuals can compare to what i’m talking concerning we can proceed and also see that there’s blue as opposed to white in below with any luck the cam grabs these shade adjustments so you’ll see it’s a little bit uh a bit different undoubtedly the displays are various so however you’ll see that there is more color to uh android 4.3 than there is to android 4.4 kitkat also in concerns to create when i go on and enter into the real settings you’ll see there is still some shade with some uh if this on switch is blue yet you additionally see when you over scroll it is simply white now it’s not also blue that is a white color i do not recognize if you can tell due to the history and the camera yet it is definitely simply a.

white shade now so uh it looks like they’re going with a more minimalistic layout which is different of course which some individuals are mosting likely to such as some people do not i personally do not mind it in all i simulate the blue color the hollow color so i rejoice they still kept several of it so uh again it’s just a total personal point of view if you like the brand-new design of some of these or not good next i desire to talk regarding the brand-new dialer which is excellent i truly like it when you bring up the dialer right now you can browse for contacts and also neighboring places so you can begin browsing for services etc you don’t have to go right into your google search you can simply go right into your dialer and look for them you’ll see your favorites are up on top i have a couple of there you can likewise press all get in touches with as well as it raises your whole call listing you’ll see you can scroll via by letter i may be obscuring these out obviously i’m mosting likely to be obscuring these out since there’s numbers so sorry about that individuals but anyways you can proceed and also raise the dialer here there is setups in the lower best import export brand-new contact all get in touches with as well as settings as well we can enter into setups real quick caller id by google which is a brand-new attribute what it does is if you get a phone call from an unknown number if you don’t have a call in there it’s mosting likely to proceed and do a fast search and also search for a company obviously and if it discovers a company it’s gon na allow you understand that’s calling you so that’s a really neat attribute lastly somebody’s applying that you can push this button down below and it raises a dialer it’s a bit extra portable you can start inputting numbers and you’ll notice that it raises a listing of people that you can call so based upon the name or the number that you’re inputting and afterwards you simply push the phone call.

button to call obviously there’s a background too for calls that you have actually made so a wonderful brand-new dialer i truly like it it’s smoother it’s absolutely smoother than the previous one it’s really fluid that’s something regarding kitkat is it’s much faster and also much smoother one more quick point i wished to speak about is with play songs when you’re playing music i have an album open i in fact desire to show you people something else when i hit play it’ll state you can just have 10 tools synced with your collection so i’m going to manage gadgets as well as you’ll see you can complete the activity using these 2 applications it’s just a little various it’s been updated this display so i kind of wished to point that out for you guys it’s simply a little different layout all right so going back to the play music application i’m going to go on and also play this song certainly i know you guys wish to listen to some daft punk however for copyright reasons i can not play the tune so i’m leaving it on silent sorry concerning that anyways when i go on and also go to the lock screen now and also open it up you will certainly notice it is currently full screen cd art which is a wonderful little new attribute there um what you can likewise do is you have lock display widgets obviously um i have google now on there you can simply swipe over one brand-new feature of the lock screen as well is this little cam icon down there that had not been there prior to you can press it and also it starts bringing the video camera over so you just swipe over to the right in the electronic camera or you can simply swipe over to the right from the top of the screen as well and it promptly opens the camera video camera uses there’s truly not that much various you can push as well as hold.

on the screen and also it brings up much more alternatives all that great things so virtually the very same as it was before so i’m not really mosting likely to cover the cam excessive with the nexus 5 i make certain you’ll get some new attributes we’ll see what brings out the hardware of the nexus 5 how how the camera executes with any luck it’s far better than the nexus 4 cam one more nice new feature is called immersive mode so i’m going to most likely to play publications and i’m going to check out uh alice in wonderland so when i go to alice in paradise as well as it loads up guide as well as i start reading it you’ll see it switches over the complete screen mode which is called immersive mode so the alert bar is gone therefore are my back residence as well as recent running apps buttons so if you desire to get those back you can swipe up from all-time low and it brings them back or you can swipe down from the leading and it brings them back so it’s great um i recognize it’s great due to the fact that some people when they play i believe you can do it throughout video games too as well as motion pictures so you can have a full screen experience when playing games as well as films um when children play video games they can in some cases accidentally strike the home switch and they don’t understand exactly how to obtain back into uh the particular video game so.

that’s kind of good for for simply that reason alone i recognize i’ve become aware of that issue with some individuals naturally i intend to make a note there’s a brand-new messaging application it is just synced with the hangouts application there is no standalone messaging application so you are virtually stuck to making use of the hangouts app for your messaging if you do make use of a nexus gadget and also use the google experience obviously i likewise of program wish to take down the brand-new hangouts application which ought to be concerning your tool soon where you can it’s basically there’s no standalone messaging app so you make use of the hangouts application to send out sms message as well as additionally your messages your hangouts messages too i’m gon na clearly obscure out a great deal of this sorry regarding that guys yet um yeah so you can just enter into setups as well as i believe there’s a way to uh sync your sms there it is so you can sync sms it’s simply a brand-new hangouts application so it’s very awesome they’re trying to do that it’s not like imessage yet where you can default to imessage and also have it back up with just sms message over your mobile network yet with any luck they’ll obtain there at some point once more sorry concerning blurring out anything any kind of individual info rather self-explanatory there all right likewise you’ll see there is a new keyboard um new in a feeling of you’ll see the gesture route is currently white as opposed to that blue which is various uh they also included a new feature where you don’t even require to grab your your uh your finger when you’re swiping you can say this keyboard is wonderful and this keyboard odds gray so i tried um what you can do is move down to the area bar when you wish to place a space after a word i this is my very first time trying this feature so i do not know how well it’s mosting likely to work so you can say just how is your day i’ll going your stuff going.

so i do not recognize if it’s really going to function well i do not understand if i’m doing it incorrect if i’m doing it incorrect fill me in yet you’ll see there’s a brand-new keyboard so with any luck it is it is better also with kitkat there’s a great deal a lot more emoji support so in the keyboard itself you can you’ll see these right here there’s simply a bunch of emojis that you can use you’ll see there’s a great deal of them i suggest there’s an excellent quantity included with this key-board uh different setups too smileys symbols all that good things so i understand a whole lot of individuals have been desiring this on android it is now below um you certainly obtained official emoji assistance with it consisted of in the google keyboard and also just a couple final other functions multitasking should be a whole lot faster so when you switch over between various applications it must simply be overall quicker once more this is a custom-made rom so yet in general that my experience has actually been wonderful kitkat has been really smooth i haven’t discovered any type of lag whatsoever on my nexus 4 running this rom yet kitkat is great in a feeling of it is incredibly smooth or else though some new features i intend to reveal in the notice panel there’s a new location choice which i’m really delighted they consisted of i was tired of using a widget on my home display to toggle toggle your gps on as well as off so you can transform that on and also off uh they have different modes high accuracy battery saving and gadget just also specific applications can use your area solutions if you.

press and hold on it i haven’t tried it yet if you press as well as hang on it it simply turns it off which it ought to to ensure that’s uh toggling them on and also off you can undoubtedly have to agree there however yeah so there’s a brand-new attribute additionally in the settings application you’ll discover that there’s faucet as well as pay there’s a brand-new nfc ability via host card emulation it’s a little challenging i’ll link to more information in the description if you desired to research it however there’s just type of a brand-new means to deal with nfc and to pay for specific things yet again that’s it that is all i intended to reveal basically all the new features in kitkat 4.4 ideally you guys such as this video ideally it aided you out of program you can still make use of two fingers all that excellent things that was still in 4.3 i simply wished to talk about all the the brand-new features so let me know what you assume if you do like uh the make over to it the new feel let me recognize leave a remark please sign up for me too i ‘d truly appreciate it you can additionally follow me on facebook twitter google plus all web links will certainly be in the summary of the below so as constantly people many thanks be sure to provide this video a thumbs up.

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