How to Root the Moto X [Sprint, T-Mobile, Rogers, USC]

every person Tim Schofield below from Cuba King 77 com doing it video clip showing you just how to route your moto X this is for basically every version however the 18 team Verizon due to the fact that you can not unlock the bootloader on either of those variants so sprint you a mobile t-mobile latin america you individuals are all good to opt for this root technique however to start with you do need to open your bootloader mine is unlocked go on I have a video revealing you exactly how to do so go on as well as click the web link in the summary of the video since you need to open your bootloader initially next we’re gon na actually set up a customized recuperation called TWRP healing that’s gon na be the next step next we’re gon na require to go on as well as install twrp recovery a custom recuperation as well as then we can course the gadget once that is done so what we can do is go in advance as well as like I claimed unlock your bootloader when your bootloader is opened head out as well as click the twerp link in the description since we require to go on and download and install a file so actually initial you’re gon na wish to go on and click on the supersu zip so that’s in the description as well so click that

supersu zip and also download this so click this download updates supersu zip it’ll be a zip documents once done downloading proceed and begin about that go ahead and also go right into your downloads folder as well as when in your downloads folder you will certainly see update supersu that zip data we simply downloaded just click and also drag it onto your internal storage space so transfer that over to your interior storage it should be right there so you’ll see that zip data did transfer currently you can proceed and also go to that TWRP download file click in the link will certainly take you to this site large thanks to dee cyberpunk 29 DS Troy too every person at team win for getting this recuperation opting for us however you’ll see a download link right here click on that and also download it it will certainly be a dot IMG submit it’ll be an image documents called 263 or perhaps updated potentially however anyways when you have it downloaded and install go in advance as well as navigate to your downloads folder you’ll see in my downloads folder I have that wrecked to 63 documents proceed and right click and hit cut and then go on and go browse to that Android SDK folder double click on it and afterwards paste it inside of that folder so just proceed and also

Click and head paste as soon as you have that pasted we’re gon na require to open up a command timely within that Android SDK folder so hold shift right click as well as hit open command home window below if your bootloader is opened you should be familiar with these steps so now it opens up this command trigger so currently what that command motivate up and we need to go ahead as well as put our gadget into fastboot mode so to do so go ahead and power off the device completely again you must be acquainted with this if your bootloader is opened which it requires to be once it’s powered down go ahead and also press and hold quantity down and also power button at the very same time keep it held down for concerning 3 seconds go in advance as well as let go as well as it will certainly take us right into fastboot mode when in fastboot setting grab your micro USB cable as well as plug your gadget into your Computer so plug it on in then we can go back to that command trigger all right so when we’re in this command trigger we require to go in advance and kind fastboot space flash based healing room and also then T WRP to 63 dot IMG sorry it’s a little hard with this cam in front of me populate IMG so there we go I’m gon na order my phone hold it on up press ENTER as well as it’s it’s gon na go

in advance as well as write the recuperation so you’ll see it’ll say completed as well as we’re prepared to go so it’s on the tool it’s this blinking recovery done allow’s go ahead as well as go to our device currently alright since it’s done you don’t require their device plugged right into our computer any longer you can in fact unplug it but you will see right below it says flashing healing done currently what you can do is use the quantity up as well as down to browse really I believe it could simply be the volume down to browse so proceed and go down to healing and press volume as much as choose it currently it states alerting bootloader is unlocked that’s great yet it reboots us into our team win recovery so there we go we currently have a personalized healing fully mounted alright so since we have actually TWRP successfully installed let’s get this tool rooted so it’s very straightforward just most likely to the set up switch it’s a complete touchscreen healing scroll all the method to the bottom and there is that supersu zip documents that we moved over proceed and also press it X before you do that I extremely recommend making an Android back-up so go to the back-up button as well as backup your information system as well as boot and swipe to make backup I require to do so so I’m gon na go in advance and also do that so once again very suggested you can most likely to the bring back button and restore your

nandroid back-up if for whatever factor you require to so I’m gon na allow that gone through as well as I’ll be back when it’s done all right so it claims successful backup completed I’m simply gon na return back once more as well as currently we can proceed and also route the device so go back to install scroll down press the zip data that supersu zip file and also struck swipe to confirm flash it’ll go on and also run through as well as really mount very su on our tool and also root it so now we can simply strike reboot system and our tool must currently be completely rooted so I’m gon na let it boot and show you people I am now completely rooted alright so now that my tool has actually totally booted I can go on as well as go into the app drawer actual fast and also you’ll see that extremely su is now in the application drawer so once more that shows that you are rooted to increase check I have actually downloaded an application called origin checker you can get it in the Play Shop go ahead and also agree as well as simply hit verify origin gain access to permit it Extremely Individual authorizations once it asks so hit gives and it says congratulations the gadget has origin gain access to so we’re great to go so currently our gadget is completely rooted you additionally have a custom healing mounted if you intended to blink roms etcetera you can do so I’ll be doing future video clips too on this device so please register for me I ‘d truly value it you can likewise follow me on Facebook Twitter Google+ all web links will remain in the description below as always people thanks make sure to give this a thumbs up

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