Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. HTC One: Full Comparison

hey everyone 10 Scofield here from Cuba King finally doing a comparison video of the HTC One and the samsung galaxy s4 go ahead and put them head-to-head I’m going to make this one video covering all the main things I wanted to cover and then go ahead and just crown a winner so let’s go ahead and get into it alright and here are these two amazing devices want to go ahead and look at the physical appearance of them along with some internal specs real quick so we can flip it over on the back you’ll see on the HTC One you have a for ultra pixel camera which I will get to later on talk when I talk about the camera etc and then you also have an LED flash and then on the galaxy s4 you have a 13 megapixel camera with a flash and along with a speaker on the back of the device again take note that it is on the back of the device we can go ahead and flip it over to the front and on HTC One this is where the two speakers are on the device which is amazing i might add i will get to that later on in the video as well when i talk about some media performance you have different buttons actually on the HTC One you only have two you have a back button and a home button the home button acts as a

couple things you can double tap it and get two recent apps actually so double tap it and get your recent running apps you press and hold it takes you into Google now and press home it just takes you back to home so those are a few things you can do with the home button and then the galaxy s4 you will see you have a menu button and a back button both are capacitive buttons and you have a physical home button press and hold on it and you get your recent running apps the galaxy s4 so otherwise though on the front of ice vault of them at 2 megapixel cameras both are pretty comparable both are pretty pretty good quality you have some sensors on the front as well and then on the side of the device ID you want to talk about the button placement on the HTC one you have on the right side of the device a volume up and volume down on the left side no buttons at all and then on the top of the device you have the power button right here and a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack so the button the power button right here is in the upper left hand corner which I’m not a big fan of honestly I would much rather have it be on the side

here where my thumb is so don’t have to readjust my hand to press that button it’s just a personal preference I prefer it on the side as opposed to the top I believe a lot of people do agree with me on that one it is a little bit cumbersome again if you’re left-handed or right-handed holding it you have to adjust your hand regardless if it’s on the top of the device so it takes a while to get used to that that button being on the top left again it you can get used to it however it’s still you do have to adjust your hand which is kind of a pain on the galaxy s4 on the left side of the device you have volume rockers up and down and then on the right side of the devices where you have that power button which is where I prefer it again it’s where my thumb sits that’s and it’s much easier to use and then volume on the left side here up at the top you do have that 3.5 millimeter headphone jack as well and then down at the bottom of both devices you have a microphone and a microUSB slot so that’s about it for button placement I do want to talk about the build quality and overall feel of the device HTC One definitely wins in that category it feels much more premium a nice aluminum design as opposed to the plasticky feel of the galaxy s4 on the back both of them are smooth this does give the the look of a texture but it is no texture at all it’s actually very smooth so both of them are smooth I I definitely would go with the HTC One for build quality overall it’s a much more premium feel to it as opposed to drop test I wish I could do one again I don’t have an extra phone at my

expense to do a drop tests I’m not exactly sure which one’s going to be more durable I would think the plastic but again I’m not two positives I just want to quick talk about some internal specs of the device and the galaxy s4 you have a 1.9 gigahertz quad-core Qualcomm processor or a 1.6 gigahertz octa-core Exynos processor depending on the market you’re in on a HTC One you have a Snapdragon 600 quad-core processor clocked at 1.7 gigahertz so a little bit difference there in the processors both of them have two gigabytes of RAM as when it comes to storage the galaxy s4 actually comes in 16 32 gigabytes and has a micro SD card slot which supports up to 64 gigabytes so that is a big plus for the galaxy s core however with the 16 gigabyte variant you only get about like eight nine gigabytes available so the micro SD card is definitely necessary one problem is that you can’t move apps to your external sd card you can only move it to the internal SD card so that can pose a problem however in the HTC one you got a 32 gigabyte and 64 gigabyte variant however no microsd card slot the galaxy s4 s batteries 2600 milliamp hours and HTC one’s is 2,300 milliamp hours however the galaxy s4 s battery is removable so if you ever need an extra battery or replace it you can on the HTC One that is not an option and here are the two amazing devices

right away you’re greeted with two amazing screens on the HTC One you have a 4.7 inch Super LCD 1080p display with 468 pixels per inch and on the right here we have the samsung galaxy s4 with a 5-inch screen 1080p screen with 441 pixels-per-inch it’s a super amoled display as well so a couple you got LCD Super AMOLED differences however you have a 5 inch and a 4.7 inch display I want to go ahead and give you guys a quick look at some of the colors on here as opposed to just down here i’m going to do straight colors so i wanted to open up a quick application here it’s called the LCD test i want to go ahead and hit start here’s just a quick look brightnesses all the way up on both devices at some various colors just standard colors so you can see the difference on the two when you have colors in full you can definitely see the difference in the screen sides here so you’ll see 5 inch and then 4.7 inches we can swipe over and change colors so here’s green very similar with greens and then you’ve got blue very similar with blue it’s when you go to white and black is where there’s a bit of a difference I prefer the whites on the HTC One you’ll see they’re a little grayed out on the galaxy s4 then if I swipe over you got grey a little bit different between the two devices and plaque you go to black and there’s a bit of a difference between thats with Super

AMOLED black I much prefer blacks on the Super AMOLED you see a little bit of a difference there so that’s just a good look at the colors of them however overall just using the device with various media watching videos etc which I will get to later on in the video I’ll show show off a video and though so you can compare the two however I would give the edge to the HTC One in the display I just prefer it more outside it’s much easier to see it’s much brighter as well inside you know you don’t need that brightness nearly as much but when you go outside it’s much easier to see the HTC one’s display both of them have a different manufacturer overlay the HTC One has sense five-point oh and the galaxy s4 has a TouchWiz over that Android 4.2 point2 in the galaxy s4 and Android 4.1 point2 on the HTC One so galaxy s4 is on a later Android operating system which brings a little bit of changes on one being the lock screen so the lock screen is a little bit different on the HTC One you just slide this guy up and it unlocks the device you also have shortcuts here that you can open up let’s say the dialer we can swipe that up and it opens up the dialer however on the galaxy s4 it’s a little different you can swipe anywhere on the screen to unlock it or from the the top of the screen you can actually kind of swipe over and it brings some options you have that you can swipe to the right and it will actually bring up favorite apps which you can edit or it could bring up the camera application if you’d like it to and then you can swipe to the left and you have widgets you’ll

see I have a gmail widget over here i have a google now widget which shows off a lot of different things and you can add other various ones as well clock personal message you’ll see a bunch of different ones music you can add a TV remote as well as if I want to add the TV remote there you go i can have that on my lock screen so I can turn on/off channel volume etc so that’s just a nice little feature of four point two point two is where you can have these various widgets on your lock screen so that’s just something that comes with the galaxy s4 however the HTC one is supposed to get the four-point 2.2 update in the future no idea when it will receive that trying to show off the default keyboards really quick so you’ll see they’re a little bit different this is a samsung keyboard this is HTC keyboard both of them do have swype so if you want to say hey you’ll see I can just swipe it or you can you can text normally I do want to make a note that the Samsung keyboard has dedicated number role which is amazing I which HTC would have done that I prefer the swipe and the word prediction on the HTC keyboard hey there how are you there we go hey there how are you so again obviously I’m head typing

very well but you’ll see I definitely prefer to HTC One however I do like the dedicated number 0 so I probably give it a tie just because this has a dedicated number 0 again amazing things about Android is there so many keyboard options in the Play Store you pick whichever one you’d like now just a quick comparison call quality very similar with both again it’s it’s very comparable I don’t make too many calls but when I do I didn’t get any dropped calls with either devices I also want to make a note that I when it came to GPS both of them got a lock very quickly no issues with GPS on both of them however when it came to LTE the s4 would actually connect and stay connected LTE in places that the HTC One would not so I’m not exactly sure why that is but I had better luck with LTE 4G LTE connectivity on the s4 as opposed to HTC One when it comes to battery life I’m going to give a slight edge to the galaxy s4 not by much though I get around real world performance may were on three hours screen on time 14 to 15 hour days so they pretty much last all day

both of them are very good again you can remove the battery on the s4 but a slight edge goes to the s4 for the removable battery and just overall battery performance battery and ask for is a little bit bigger 300 milliamps hours bigger as well now just kind of wanted to compare sense in touch was really quickly not too much didn’t want to get too much into it but you’ll see pull down the notification bar they’re both different the main difference is being you got some toggles right up here on the s4 which I much rather have I don’t know why FCC doesn’t take note and have these you’ll see their extended you can swipe over as well a bunch of different ones Wi-Fi Bluetooth GPS you know you also play around with them and also screen brightness you can edit that as well so I do like that a lot having that notification Brides a post that going into settings find the specific setting you want to change you can turn Wi-Fi on and off or having to take up screen space with some widgets here you’ll see Wi-Fi GPS I got to take up screen space use them as opposed to just having them in the notification panel so definitely take no HDC on these notification panels now when it comes to the app drawer you can go ahead and you’ll see it’s it’s vertical on the HTC One and horizontal on the s4 you have widgets as well in the app drawer of the s4 however when you go to hcc you want to add a widget if the press and hold on the home screen and then go ahead and add one I don’t have enough

home screen to actually so I add a panel and you’ll see i can add widgets here so you got to go to a home screen press and hold on it and then you can add which it’s going to add a google now widget i can just drag it up there and there you go so i got a full google now widget right there again very comparable with both over what’s strange about the about the HTC one is that when you go to your app drawer that’s where you do all your editing however if you want to go ahead and add a messaging application to your home page it just duplicate sit what you need to do to get rid of this is actually add it into your apt or so you need to go into their to edit your your bar down at the bottom so that’s just a little bit interesting that they do that again no big deal if you do want to edit any of these icons just make sure you do go into your app drawer to edit them is a little bit goofy and also if you want to add let’s say I want to add kid mode to the home screen I have to drag it up and put shortcut and then put it on the home screen so that’s just a little added step as opposed to the s4 I can just go ahead and click on google and then it brings it to that home screen right away as supposed to have and go to shortcut so it’s a little bit difference there also on the HTC One you do

have blinkfeed you’ll see it brings some news some Facebook weather all into one you go ahead and swipe through and look through all that stuff I personally like blinkfeed what I see it as is kind of a mixture between Flipboard which I have right here a mixture between Flipboard and Facebook home just just kind of to put that into perspective but I use Flipboard a lots for news and such so as opposed to going into a separate application it’s all on one home screen all I do is just not have my home screen set to the Flipboard so I never really have to see it unless I swipe over so I’m kind of a fan of blinkfeed it’s not too big of a deal for me however you can install third-party launcher and use that if you’d like to I would like to see an option to pletely remove it for those of you that don’t like it though so HCC should definitely do that again a little bit of a difference in the buttons you got back at home and a physical home button menu and back press and hold or double tap to get to your recent running applications what I like about the s4 is it has a clear all button

you can press that and get rid of all of them as opposed to having to manually swipe through an HTC One and get rid of those applications so you’ll see it’s a little bit different multitasking however both of them do very good job at multitasking going through the various applications and switching between them again you can kind of mess up sometimes impress that home button double tap it but you get better at it as time goes on so you’ll see again both of them are very good at multitasking I wouldn’t give an edge to one over another however I do want to say that TouchWiz does feel a little bit more kind of having too much bloat in it and it can feel a little bit sluggish at times when doing certain things going back to the home screen the HTC One sense does feel a little bit more snappy so I do give a little bit of a speed edge real world speed edge to the HTC One when flipping through applications going back and forth between them I haven’t had any lag on the HTC One where every once in a while you would get a little bit of screen lag on the s4 all right just want to go ahead and take a look at the camera software real quick when it comes to the hardware I would go ahead and give the winner to the s4 I do prefer the the camera on the s4 when it takes pictures I have I post comparing pictures on the two devices you can go check it out for yourself and compare it for yourself personal preference of mine is the camera on the s4 I definitely prefer that however let’s go ahead and look at some of the software features you do have HTC Zoe on here which kind of takes a three to five seconds if of an image when you take it so instead of just taking a picture it’s going to take a quick little video of something you have flash turning on and off zoom up and down you can actually swipe swipe from the top or the side depending on how you’re

holding it and it will switch to the front facing camera or back facing camera so that’s kind of cool a little just your feature there you can take a picture go straight to the video camera whoops sorry about that and then you have other settings here you have other options you can go ahead and you’ll see it loaded up facebook on accident on my s4 but a bunch of different texture settings you can mess around with some cool ones you’ll see but yeah so a bunch of different options very creative settings and then you have a menu button down here for settings you can switch to the front and back from that night mode HDR which both of them do have self timer video quality just a bunch of options you can turn off the shutter sound so it doesn’t take it make a noise when you take a picture so I’m taking pictures now you can press and hold on it and I believe it’s going to take a bunch of pictures and it is so it’s taking a bunch of pictures it’s going to save them and then you’ll see you can look through

all of them or you can just press best shot and only your best shot will be saved hit OK that would be trusting that best shot feature now let’s go ahead and grab the s4 and take a look at the software on the s4 so I guess it’s somewhat similar you have a camera button and a video recording button there you have different modes auto night sports panorama eraser which you can erase someone from behind rich town animated photo drama shot sound shots and best face I mean you’ll see it has a bunch of different software options for the camera they’re very cool definitely I don’t see myself using them too much you can play around with it it’s a lot of fun you can switch the front-facing camera using this button right here so you can’t swipe over I don’t know if you can actually swipe to view your calorie it doesn’t look like you can so you also have a little button right here to change from greyscale a bunch of different various settings on your camera as well if a Settings button which you can turn off certain things you can actually turn off the noise that the shutter sound when you take a picture so you’ll see taking a picture it’s not making a noise either so a lot of people did ask me about that take up to 20 pictures when holding this it’s going to process all of

them and it saves all of them there is a best shot feature just like the HTC One has and then one other cool thing about it is that you can take a picture using the front facing camera and back camera at the same time so you’ll see I turn that on and you’ll see I take a quick picture it’s going to take it of both whatever the front facing camera is seeing and the back camera and it will put you in a little stamp or something like that you can change the size of it you can move it around as well so it’s up to you how you want to mess around with that but it is kind of neat again I don’t know how much you’re going to use it but it’s a nice software feature all right so I have an HD youtube video loaded up on both devices i have the sound all the way down on both for copyright reasons with the music so i will get to a music demonstration in just a little bit test up the speakers but just want to give you guys an idea of what watching in HD video is going to be like i’ll go ahead and match up the the displays on both of them once it gets to it and then go ahead and play the HTC one as well once it gets to Planet Earth and there we go so now what we can do is go ahead and check out and compare the two again I wish there was sound but I don’t want to get flagged at all so just going to go ahead and show a video for now you can do a quick close up of both of them so here is the galaxy s4 close above it and then we have a close up of the HTC One so there you have it there just want to show those off for you guys again a little bit different on both of them accidentally turn the screen off an HTC One but you guys get the idea both of them look really

great honestly when watching videos both of them are amazing however it’s much better having the sound on the front of coming out the front of the device as opposed to the back tho device when watching a video again I’m not playing the Sun but if I was you would much rather be looking at the screen having a sound coming towards you as opposed to away from you so hopefully manufacturers start putting these speakers on the front in the very near future alright want to do a quick speaker comparison I put a song on my advice a techno song I’m going to go ahead and play the s4 first both of them are in about a minute and then we can go ahead and play the HTC One keep in mind speakers on the back of the s4 and the front on the HTC One so we can go ahead and play it [Applause] alright so that’s the s4 and we can just play it real quick on the HTC one alright so you can say whatever you want but the HTC One speakers are much much better honestly I’ve even done blind comparisons with my friends I would have both devices i would have them close their eyes and play one and then the other and every single time they said they’ve seen one is much better and it is sound quality on these speakers is much better than the s4 you’ll see the speaker right down there again samsung take note you need to get these speakers that are amazing especially having them on the front of the device yet might add a little bit a bit of an extension to have two on the front but it’s

definitely worth it so again HTC one wins by a long shot with the speakers alright just want to give a quick gaming comparison i’m actually going to clear all of the app the recent running applications just to do that on both of them again as I said much quicker on the s4 to do that but I’ve got a game called day dead trigger that I have it’s kind of a 3d intensive game go ahead and load it on up I tap the icon at the same time of both of them so we will see what the loading times are going to look like you see the s4 load is down up just a little bit quicker kind of wide to sound I got to turn that all the way down on both devices so there we go that sounds all the way on we can do is actually go into a mission and see which one loads faster on that as well just kind of figured I’d show you guys that stuff so I’m gonna hit except on both of them at the same time and we will see which one loads up quicker again looks like the s4 did load that up just a little bit quicker than the HTC one so it’s a little bit different it is a different level it’s a different level which is no big deal again it looks a little bit different but again like the lighting is different in the game itself so just kind of keep that in mind so you’ll see i’m getting a tag obviously i’m not going to play both of them but both of them are very fluid so if i wanted to actually just pause one of them and then go ahead and run through so you’ll see running around you don’t get any lag in game at all so you don’t have to worry about that again it works it works very well when playing I can go ahead and pause HTC One grab

the s4 and resume that so you’ll see I can run through no lag at all again the lighting was different so i wouldn’t say to check the graphics on both of them however i just want to show you guys a performance difference again the s4 loaded a little bit quicker that might be due to the cpu clock speed but again it looks great mission failed no big deal but yeah so we can go ahead and grab both devices again hit the home button exit out of that and we can actually load it back on up if we wanted to switch back into the game and see how it loads back on up again this is actually exiting out of it so it’s a little bit different set of the screen but again gaining i would see the s4 loads things a little bit quicker I don’t know which one looks better but it definitely loads a little bit quicker on the s4 so you can might attribute that to this cpu but you get a better multimedia experience with the sound because of the amazing speakers on HTC One so it’s kind of a trade-off when it comes to gaming I would say the s4 could probably load a little bit more graphic intensive games and run them a little bit quicker not much quicker but definitely a little bit quicker but then you got the amazing sound on the HTC One just real

quick want to do a stock browser comparison i’m going to load up a web page again on my Wi-Fi so it’s gonna be different I wouldn’t necessarily say Oh unloaded faster than the other because it kind of depends but gonna go ahead and load up my website you’ll see it loads on up just fine i can actually go ahead and go into an article let’s go ahead and go to this article this is actually the camera comparison article i was trying to tell you guys about so it loads on up just fine on both of them we can go ahead and look through i would say that the when zooming in and out on the s4 it at certain articles it can feel a little bit more laggy again when you have a white background it looks much better on the HTC one you’ll see it looks a little bit brighter than the s4 but i would give the stock browser winner to the HTC One just just because of fluidity of it and also there’s a nice little feature you can actually enable flash flash player as well as a flash player plug-in within the which is kind of nice and I do not believe the s4 has that at all so just going to keep that mind if you’re someone that uses a lot of flash player you might want to take a look at that again in regards to TouchWiz on the galaxy s4 you have another nice feature called multi window when you can actually open up two applications at once and you’ll see you have them side by side you can

actually put it in landscape mode as well so you’ll see it’s a very neat feature I don’t find myself using it too much wherever when I do use it it is very convenient so again that’s very neat that they’re adding some of these software features definitely see Samsung adding more software features as opposed to the HTC did I feel like Samsung’s focusing on software hccs focusing on hardware however sense 5 is definitely a nice upgrade you have other features on the s4 such as air view where you can actually go ahead and hover over let’s say a message a text message if I want to go ahead and open up this says I took Stella out she peed and we’re talking about a dog obviously so you’ll see when i load that up it’s kind of nice you can hover over the screen I don’t find myself using it too much but again it it’s kind of cool and then you’ve got things such as air view where it’s gonna scroll based on your head tilt it’s honestly I don’t use it very much it’s it’s very finicky it doesn’t work very well so you’ll see air view right there you have smart screen which is our smart stay smart rotation smart pause when you look away from a video it’s going to pause it in smart scroll smart pause and smart scroll I don’t use very much they’re kind of trivial you’re really not going to want to use them so I mean it’s just kind of a marketing feature of the device in my opinion but again there it’s nice they’re trying to innovate a little bit and add some software features so that’s kind of nice however it does add to a little bit of the bloat of the device in my opinion so I would say they’re pretty comparable with the software features i would say software features goes to the apps for our speed and fluidity goes to sense 5.2 I haven’t compiled any video and I feel like it’s a lot of coverage but I did cover

everything I didn’t want to but now I want to give you guys a final verdict on the two devices I do want to make a note that both of them are amazing devices I want to use both of them I would I could I was taking mine certain features the hardware of the HTC One and certain features of the ask for I wish I combined it too but I can’t so I have to pick one and it was kind of easy for me because i just used them both and found out which one I wanted to use more which one I found myself using more so I’m going to go ahead and give the winner to the HTC one now i want to say i give the winner today HTC One but don’t make don’t make that make you think that the s4 is a bad device because it’s not it’s an amazing device it’s a very hard choice to choose between the two again build quality HTC one is definitely something that pushed me over the edge the speaker’s the amazing sound on them is another thing that pushed me over so it’s kind of give or take you have to look and see what features that you need personally and then you can make an accurate decision so that’s why I compared some of those features the main

things that people use so then you can go ahead and look at and say okay which one did I want to use so again I’m going to find myself using HTC One a little bit more I will go back to the s4 but again I’ll use this one a little bit more but I figured I’d give you guys a winner and that’s about it so again let me know we think be sure to leave a comment again you might like ask for more you might like HTC one more we’ll see so leave a comment let me know which one you decide to pick hopefully you liked this video please give it a thumbs up I’d really appreciate it subscribe to me as well be doing many future on both devices and other future devices as well so that’s about it thanks guys

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