How to Unroot/Unbrick the HTC One to Stock

every person Tim Schofield here from Cuba King 77 comm doing a video clip revealing at a unroot or unbreak your HTC one this is for the Sprint version this is revealing you how to run an ru you to return to stock for the gadget I do desire to make a note that returning to supply of your bootloaders if you have actually opened your bootloader after that you may not be able to send it back to see yet you can bring it back into your carrier if you follow this method due to the fact that you will be unrooted etc for other providers I desire to make a note that this technique might function just great I simply wish to make a note that you will certainly need to utilize a different documents you can not use this sprint ruu data I’ll try as well as find a various the various carriers are you files to return to equip so I’ll upload links in the summary the video if I do locate them so I’ll attempt and also maintain this updated for everyone on different service providers too but anyways this is for the sprint ruu I have the sprint

variants I’m revealing you how to run the ruu for Sprint so what we’re mosting likely to first need to do is download and install a data what you can do is go in advance and most likely to the web link in the summary of the video clip and click the download web link it will certainly go on and take you to this website will certainly take us right below shoutout to o MJ and also anyone else obtaining this entailed proceed and click on the initial download web link right below it’s for an HTC one are you utilize if go on and also click on it and download it the download may take a while because the documents dimension is really big so be person with that download and also currently once downloaded you can really go in advance and also go in your downloads folder as well as you’ll see the Sprint HTC One ruu dot zip what I suggest doing is go on and go to your desktop and also develop a folder I’ve currently done it it’s called the HTC One on course just right-click highlight brand-new and also produce a folder to draw out these files into go on and double click on the zip file in our downloads as well as inside you’ll.

see a folder simply essence that folder into that folder that you made on your desktop so you recognize where whatever’s at it’ll take a little bit of time to essence as I stated the file dimension is quite large I guess while it’s extracting you can get our phone prepared I do wish to make a note that whatever’s mosting likely to be white so I believe your interior storage space is mosting likely to be white your your apps are going to be gone everything’s going to be wiped it’s mosting likely to do a complete reset so make certain you back by your images your songs whatever that you need to be supported onto your computer system and when you have actually done that we are prepared to go go in advance as well as press and also hold that power button as well as reactivate in fact you can reboot our phone because we require to obtain in that bootloader I’m assuming if you’re rooted you recognize just how to enter the bootloader while rebooting press as well as hold quantity down our current if you’re in a boot loop you can simply press and hold volume down and power button allow go of the power button keep that volume down switch held down and also it needs to take us right into that.

bootloader which is where we need to go and right here we go so we are now in the bootloader very first step is go on and you’ll see fat foots highlighted simply push the power switch to select it and afterwards see to it it states fastboot so we can proceed and plug our device right into our computer currently that it remains in fastboot mode so plug it on in return to our computer alright so inside you’ll see that folder you can double click on it we do not need to do anything inside this folder right now first off we require to actually real a core bootloader so it’s unlocked today as you people understand what you can do to relock it is in fact return right into that origin folder that I had you download and install when you rooted your gadget if you really did not you follow my method the origin immaterial what you’re mosting likely to require to do is in fact established the SDK tools on your PC it’s extremely simple I have a quick video clip on how to do that just click on it and establish up the SDK tools and also ADB on your computer however or else if you have that folder called root HTC one sprint I can connect to that as well on my site if you wish to just download this folder and also utilize this folder what you can do is actually simply hold change on your.

key-board right click as well as open hit open command home window here since we require to type enter a fast command punctual and the fastboot files are all right there adb sdk tools so once more you can set up the SDK devices sorry regarding this emphasis but again you can mount those I’ll connect to every little thing in the summary on my website so for all info go there I will certainly go on as well as discuss it but once more your device needs to be connected in in fastboot setting so you can type in as fastboot area o a.m. room lock so what that’s going to do is simply relax a bool ur – let me grab the phone real quick and also press Enter you’ll see our screen shut down as well as it claims lock successfully it states coating so we will see if it restarts I think it’s mosting likely to reboot the gadget however once again this is just going to secure relock the bootloader fast so then we can run the ruu to ensure that’s the initial step to this procedure alright so you’ll see the phone is rebooted all you need to do again is press reboot and obtain back into that bootloader so go in advance and press reboot reactivate the gadget and also press as well as hold volume down on mine on plug-in genuine quick so press and also hold volume down while it’s rebooting alright so we’re back to the bootloader you will certainly see right here up at the.

leading it actually says genuine act so you know our bootloader is genuine act once again HTC will probably see that as well as it will void your service warranty nevertheless providers actually do not care regarding that so immaterial but it’ll state tampered and also unwind we simply a fast note you’re in fact going to need to go back into fastboot so go ahead as well as press the power switch as well as see to it does claim fastboot right there with plug it on in very easy as well as now we can in fact liquidate of this command home window we don’t require to run anymore command prompts you can liquidate of your root HTC one sprint folder and also currently we can run the ruu so return right into that re you file that folder that we did produce and you’ll see a configuration that exe best click on it and hit run as manager’ so go on and run this as an administrator indeed and after that we can go in advance and also run via this ru you so ROM upgrade energy is what ru u represents it for those of you that were wondering it ought to run via again this is going to clean everything so make sure you have whatever supported once more is your last chance which ought to be it so it’s setting it up alright so this screen is mosting likely to appear welcome to the ronald 8 energy proceed as well as read the readme understand the caution go on and also strike following and after that this screen is.

mosting likely to turn up it claims to link your mobile phone to the USB cable we already did that finished the steps suggested above as well as strike next I’m just mosting likely to proceed and validate that our phones connected to our PC alright once it does that it says present info by your smart phone choose from below update the existing rom version just press update as well as after that it’s mosting likely to go on and go through the ru u on our gadget so you’ll see it’ll claim from picture variation to picture version you’ll probably desire to see to it these are the exact very same image variations as soon as you examine that go and hit following as well as it states you’re now prepared to upgrade your ROM photo this operation takes about 10 minutes so maintain that in mind press following once again as well as it’s mosting likely to go in advance and examine updating the ROM in your PDA devices restarting into bootloader we have actually currently done so so I it looks like it’s mosting likely to go in advance as well as instantly do that anyways so it takes about ten minutes once more make sure you do not disconnect your tool while this is running through simply sort of ensure that you do not take this to this HTC display removing customer data right now as I said every little thing is going to be wiped I’m going to allow it run via once it is closer to completion I will certainly be back I also intend to make a quick note that while this is running with make certain your computer system doesn’t enter into.

hibernation setting or anything like that so ensure you do keep your computer awake you likewise might see a progress bar turn up on your gadget okay so it just ended up you’ll see restarting Android phone and our gadgets now restarting which should be almost it needs to be practically all you do all you require to do to get back to the supply rom looks like it takes us back right into Buhler just as an actual act up at the top it does not claim tampered anymore and this claims congratulations your rom update is currently total your smartphone awaits use so let it boot on up I’m mosting likely to allow my own boot as well as I will be back the very first start up is mosting likely to take a little longer than common simply since the factory reset was done so just type of keep that in mind alright phone’s restarted you do not require to plugged in anymore as soon as it says congratulations you don’t need to connect it in but that’s it so we are back to complete stock no Extremely Individual in our world of pile healing back and we’re great to go so we’re currently on rooted once more if you remain in a various service provider that are you you should just be a various file hopefully it can run with as well as help you but hopefully this video clip assisted if it did please give it a thumbs up make certain to register for me as well I ‘d actually value it you can follow me on Facebook Twitter as well as Google+ all web links to be in the summary video clip below and as always thanks make sure to give a thumbs up.

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