How to Unroot/Unbrick the Google Nexus 4

everyone Tim right here from Cuba King 77 come right here to do a video showing how to unroot your Google Nexus 4 back to full stock if you are rooted you’ll see super su right there I am completely rooted and I have a custom recuperation if you wish to obtain back to full supply if you require to take it for guarantee reasons if you intend to simply bring it back the supply just to be on the stock round after that this video is for you or if your tool isn’t starting up properly it’s not mosting likely to loophole anything like that this will proceed as well as bring you back the supply as well as obtain your tool going as soon as extra so the very first thing we’re mosting likely to require to do is turn on designer alternatives so simply proceed and enter into settings and afterwards scroll right down you’ll see my programmer options get on if yours aren’t go to regarding phone scroll down the construct number just quickly touch on it a lot of times after that go back and also designer options must appear enter into designer options transform them on and make certain USB debugging is inspected when you’ve done that we are prepared to go we can proceed and we’re in fact mosting likely to require to set up the and also installed the fresh Nexus path toolkit on our computer I’m not mosting likely to show you exactly how to do that you can just click on the web link in the description download and install the documents mount it if you need aid with that my just how to course video clip shows you just how to do that so if you require assistance downloading and also installing the file check out my exactly how to

course video now because I reveal the steps to install the device set on your computer yet then once you have it set up go on and most likely to your PC ok so once you have it set up you ought to see this display turn up your design type you need to proceed and also choose this fall and find Nexus 4 proceed and also pick it as well as it’s to pick the Android construct you are presently running this is very vital so see to it you recognize exactly what develop you’re running today I am on 4.2.1 right there if you’re on for factor 2.0 if you get on a personalized ROM or if you’re on any type of build if you do not know you can pick any build and attempt it but once again it is essential I get on 4.2.1 I’m mosting likely to hit use currently it states to make it possible for USB debugging we’ve already done so so we prepare to go now when we have this configuration up on top you’ll see complete vehicle driver setup overview go ahead as well as press that and ensure you have actually the motorists mounted I’m assuming if you rooted your tool you have them mounted I recommend simply mosting likely to tip 2 and click personal organizer satisfied vehicle drivers and mounting those that appears to benefit every person so go ahead and do that once you have those vehicle drivers installed in your computer you can go in advance as well as really plug your nexus 4 right into your computer so go ahead and connect it in you’ll see USB debugging up at the top and also now what we’re all set to do is return to stock so you’ll see a box right below back to equip whether your gadgets on typical or soft bricked boot loop to ensure that’s nice that once again if your gadget is bricked or soft bricked or it’s maintains rebooting you have that alternative however

my tool gets on typical now I’m going to press the flash supply and unroot this is mosting likely to entirely wipe your device so keep that in mind I do not think the inner storage is gon na be wiped but your calls your apps all that great things is going to be wiped if you prepare to proceed press ok and also now it says what manufacturing facility photo do we intend to return to you’ll see that it only has 4 point 2 factor absolutely no which is fine with me because I can simply do the fast over-the-air upgrade to 4.2.1 I’m gon na select immediately download and install and remove the factory picture so I’m gon na have it automatically do it for me I’m gon na strike alright and after that I believe a downloader is gon na show up so you’ll see this downloader right below it’s mosting likely to take a little bit of time factory photos are rather huge so simply kind of maintain that in mind but anyways I’m gon na proceed and let this download and afterwards I’ll be back once it is nearing conclusion okay so it’s practically done downloading you’ll see it says complete as well as I believe right after it’s done downloading it should actually resume the process to reboot our tool and after that extract the image and after that essentially put our gadget totally back to stock so looks like it’s mosting likely to extract it and afterwards I think it’s going to reboot our nexus 4 into fastboot setting alright we are now in the bootloader and then once our gadget is identified it’s.

gon na proceed and also examine fastboot status and then go on and kind in those fastboot commands to put our device back to the complete stock this blinking stock will manufacturing facility reset device make certain you have everything supported press okay if you’re ready to continue it brings up this command trigger you will see right below and it’s gon na go in advance and also compose all of the data it’s as archive does not include these photos but anyways these pictures will certainly take a little time to send over to our device so simply sort of maintain that in mind as well as be individual with this procedure I’m gon na be back once it is nearing conclusion I do want to make a fast note that you intend to see to it that your computer doesn’t enter into hibernation mode and also you do not unplug your tool likewise some repairing actions would certainly be to attempt a various cord that’s a major one also try reinstalling vehicle drivers as well fine so it’s it completed in restarting our device is currently rebooting you’ll see that padlock is still down there that is unlocked it claims when it is done press any type of key to continue it claims it will show up to be blue boot looping simply kind of delay due to the fact that it’s going to do a factory reset so it’s gon na resemble it’s not gon na do support so this start up will certainly take a little longer than common even if we have rebooted factory reset our tool sorry so I’m gon na allow it reboot and I’ll be back all right so my gadget has restarted you’ll see it’ll bring us to this.

Start screen I do wish to make a note that say goodbye to information will certainly be cleaned so you can go in advance and also established everything up like you would so set whatever up and also reach your house screen alright once we go to our residence screen proceed and go back right into those settings and after that turn developer alternatives on again like I stated regarding phone rapidly tap on construct number and after that it says you are currently a programmer return as well as you should see programmer choices there choose it transform them on make sure USB debugging is checked hit okay and also we prepare to go so see to it USB debugging is to inspect to connect your gadget back into your PC after that you can really return to this command prompt press any key to exit and afterwards go in advance as well as simply press ok it says assuming operation performative effective you ought to change the design kind that’s great that it’s letting us know that because again we did flash the 4 point 2 factor no I have plus the four point two point one so you might want to change that you can simply swiftly include change most likely to the nexus 4 and after that go to 4 factor two factor no as well as struck use hit ok and also now all we need to do is real act that bootloader this will not wipe anything however it will certainly eliminate that unlock lock all you have to perform in the lower right hand corner is press om.

lock and then struck okay it’s gon na examine ADB condition and after that put us back right into that bootloader once again once again it’s a very basic command prompt you can type in fastboot OEM secure much like unlocking the bootloader fastboot OEM unlock so it’s gon na reboot us into the bootloader and afterwards type in that command prompt really rapidly and also then I believe simply reboot our gadget again alright so it claims your tool should now be relocked at the bottom of the screen it you should not see that that icon but down near the bottom you’ll see lock state secured to ensure that allows you understand that it is locked however all you can do is just press ok as well as then restarting our tool while it restarts look for that padlock you’ll see no padlock simply Google right there to make sure that’s it to ensure that’s just how to fully unroot or unbreak your LG Google Nexus 4 if you have any type of inquiries really feel free to ask simply leave a remarks be certain to register for me as well follow me on Facebook Twitter and also Google+ all the links will certainly be in the description below as always many thanks make sure to provide this video clip a thumbs up.

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