Review Anker Soundcore Life Q30 Best ANC Headphones Under £100!

so these bad boys right here are the anker soundcore life q30 headphones they’re available right now they boast high-res audio support insanely good battery life and customizable active noise cancellation and the crazy thing is they only cost 80 quid and literally my reaction when i heard that price was me 80 quid is that all and yes definitely feel free to stick that one on the poster anchor and now i absolutely abort those youtube video thumbnails where the person’s all like oh but these things are actually worthy of one of those gormless gurnen sessions because really the hilly quiz it’s insane what you get for your money so i’ve been using the anka soundcore live q30s for the last few days as my full-time headphones and definitely definitely impressed as you can probably already tell us here’s my full review and for more on the latest creators tech please do put subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers so let’s start with the design and the soundcore live q30s they’re not among the lightest headphones around there but it’s not like having a cement block seller tip to your head either thankfully you’ve got plenty of padding around both the headband area and the cups themselves as well so wearing them for hours at a time is perfectly comfortable the only problem is there is a leather style material on the cups so ears do tend to get a little bit sweaty if it is warm yum and i gotta say i’m

not a massive fan of the look of these things certainly on my baldy bones they look absolutely freaking enormous kind of reminds me of that scene of back to the future where doc answers the door with that massive steel contraption strapped to his skull and there doesn’t appear to be any kind of official water resistance rating or anything like that with the sound called life q30s but i took them out in the rain several times and they were absolutely fine now pairing up with your smartphone is nice and simple you’ve got nfc support in here so you can pretty much just tap and go it takes a few seconds if that doesn’t work for you for whatever reason you don’t have nfc in your smartphone or whatever then just dive into the bluetooth menu find the q30s in there again nice and quick and simple and absolutely no issues with connectivity either i’ve been testing up the anchor sound cores for 40 50 hours something like that and not a single stutter or summer that entire time and that includes when i was out and about as well although obviously i didn’t really get the chance to properly stress test these bad boys by taking them to a crowded area because that’s not such a good idea anymore and if you want to ditch the bluetooth and actually get a proper wide connection on the go no worries whatsoever you’ve got an

actual 3.5 millimeter headphone jack on there sorted when it comes to controls you do have a series of push buttons along the edges of the cups both the left cup and the right cup no swanky touch controls like you get on more premium efforts from the likes of sony and buzz but again for 80 quids what do you expect the controls are pretty straightforward you’ve got your power button as well as a toggle for the noise cancelling mode on the left cup and then over on the right you’ve got the volume buttons and also a pause play button if you want to call up your smartphone’s voice assistant for whatever reason you just got a long press that pause play button and a long press of the volume up and volume down buttons will skip forward or back a track and the buttons all work as expected there’s no real delay between pushing them and actually getting a reaction or anything like that but the problem is the buttons all feel absolutely identical they’re basically just long thin plastic strips and they’re also tightly clustered together that it’s very very easy to mix them up certainly the first few days when you sort of get into grips with the sound core life q30s you definitely have to spend a bit of time with them and really get used to the button arrangement and definitely would have preferred it if they’re a little bit more spread out or

just had more distinctive uh button designs now one of the best features of the anchor sound called life q30 headphones is the fact that you’ve actually got active noise cancellation for under 100 pounds which is still fairly rare to find not just active noise cancellation as well it’s actually multi-modes ancs you’ve got three different settings you’ve got indoor you’ve got outdoor and you’ve got transport which is the most hardcore of the three enc options for really reducing those low frequency rumbles like trains and passing cars and things like that very handy when you’re commuting not that that’s going to be much of a problem in the uk any time soon but it definitely works really well here on the q30 is very good at reducing that really annoying background noise and naturally the soundcore life q30s enc isn’t quite as good as more premium rivals than the other sony wh4s things like that uh some vocals for instance aren’t really damp and you can quite clearly hear conversations going on all around you but for under 100 pounds the performance really can’t be beaten now the way you actually skip between those three different mods is using the sound core app which you can download for free from the google play store and the apple app store as well so you see with noise cancellation active you can then skip between transport indoor and outdoor and thankfully anker has built in a widget as well so if you find you’re constantly changing between the

different levels you can just use that instead of having to go into the app every time and you could also use that widget to turn on the transparency mode otherwise you can also use that dedicated side button beside the power button to cycle between anc transparency and just knocking the whole lot off and that transparency mode uh like other transparency modes and other anc headphones just uses those external mics to actually feed in everything that’s going on around you straight into your ears so you can quite clearly and easily have a conversation or hear an announcement without having to take your headphones off i thought that’s certainly a really useful feature to have when you’ve got a pair of true wireless earbuds and you’re going to be constantly plucking them out of your ears pushing them back in again and everything with headphones i find it’s less essential because you can just go like that basically no i think i just mic as well great stuff and back in that soundcore app you also have a full equalizer feature which is always great to see as well with a whole bunch of presets to cover basically every genre as well as audio books and podcasts any bass fans out there will certainly love the bass boost feature though it does tend to sort of drown out as some of the other elements of the music shall we say and you’ve got a full-on custom eq tool in there as well so you can create

your own pattern to suit your own personal taste and also how knackered your ears are and there’s also a very charming sleep mode feature on here which is basically a form of relaxation tool and this can play all manner of peaceful sounds like wind chimes bird song uh farts and you can basically play all of them at the same time if you want as well as it sounds like birds are merely chirping away as they’re flying through gale force hurricanes and rainstorms and all sorts and it does build itself as a sleeping as well but frankly trying to get a bit of kip with these things strapped to your bones in exactly the most comfortable experience in the world you might as well try sleeping in a suit of armor but anyway so far the anker soundcore live q30s have been pretty effing marvelous because it would be all for naught if they actually sounded like us but the good news is that audio is deeply detailed thanks to the 40mm drivers that anchor has stuffed inside of these things and of course the output is fully customizable as i mentioned before using that equalizer tool in the app just for the standard sound settings i found i can pick up on all the finer details of really complex tracks from bands such as issues some of those instruments that sometimes get lost in the slightly more muddy output from headphones that aren’t quite as capable and no issues with the call quality on these bad boys either you’ve got those dual external mics they pick up on your voice nice and clearly and they manage to so help to muffle some of the background noise a little bit as well to

make sure that you come through nice and clear so lots and lots of highlights to mention but the best part of the soundcore live q30s undoubtedly is that insanely good battery life i’ve only recharged these things once the entire time i’ve been tested them you get around 35 to 40 hours of use even with the anc active and apparently if you knock that anc off just have them in normal mode you’ll get around 60 hours of life which i haven’t even been able to test because it just drains so slowly so certainly among the very best bluetooth headphones at any price point as far as the battery life is concerned and when they are finally drained you do have a bit of type c action for recharging them again and if you do find that they’re drained just before you’re about to rush out on errands or whatever the good news is you can just slap them in to charge for about five or ten minutes and you’ll get hours of use out of the things again just from that so again just brilliant stuff so anyway that is my full in-depth review of the anka soundcore live q30 headphones and as i say i wish the design was slightly sexier but again for 80 pounds considering you get that pretty decent anc you’re getting great sound quality fantastic battery life they’re nice and comfortable to use and you’ve got good strong app support as well not to mention that dependable bluetooth connectivity so that’s what i think but definitely let me know what you think down in the comments below please do put subscribe ding that notifications bell and have yourselves a lovely rest of the day cheers everyone love you

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