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everybody Tim here from Cuba King 77 calmness right here to do a video revealing you just how to route your Nexus S as well as Nexus S 4G this is the most recent approach on any construct does not that issue it deals with any variant of the Nexus S I do intend to make a fast note that whatever is gon na be white much like it was out of the box your internal storage space is gon na be wipes your images your video clips your music every little thing’s gon na be wipes same with your information your applications context and so on is all gon na be white so simply sort of maintain that in mind see to it you’re back meeting your computer get whatever backed up just to make sure that you do not shed any kind of data that you need so since that being claimed the primary step you require to do is proceed and go into settings scroll right down go to designer choices transform them on hit alright and afterwards inspect where it says USB debugging as well as struck okay so make certain that is examined once it is you can back out of it as well as we are ready to go so you can go on as well as click the link in the summary of the video clip below clicking the link in the

description is gon na take you to this web site what fresh com huge shout out to hug French for placing this toolkit with each other always a satisfaction dealing with this toolkit just because I’ve utilized it with the Nexus 4 as well as Nexus 10 as well as it functions terrific so what you’re gon na wish to do is click this link right here and also it will take you to this message right here go on as well as scroll all the means down and also you will see a download link right here click on this download link and also download it it will be an exe file once downloaded we can go on and go right into our downloads folder as well as you will certainly see a data called NRT 1.6 1.1 or if it’s updated a different variation right there what you can do is double click this application as well as hit run and after that go on as well as just strike mount make a note that it does install two Program Info x86 one fresh advancement and also go on as well as hit mount proceed as well as enable it customer account control and also it will certainly draw out all the needed documents right into that specific folder and also mount the toolkit on your PC so I’m mosting likely to let it install and after that I will certainly be back alright so it’s this tidying up the documents and after that it looks like it opens up the application itself so right here we go Ellen says make certain if you do not recognize your particular version see to it you go to setups about phone and after that you will certainly know to select the tool you have you’ll see there’s a number of very different Nexus S alternatives right below make sure you pick the suitable one I.

have a Nexus S 4G so I’m gon na pick that and also it claims choose the Android build you are presently running so now I’m going I am actually on stock Android 4.1.1 jelly bean so I’m gon na select that and also struck use once more it will certainly be different relying on what variant – the Nexus S you have and what running system you are running as well as what variation you’re on so ensure you choose the appropriate one or else the toolkit might not work maintain that in mind and also before you begin anything I intend to make a quick note I want you to set up the motorists initially on your computer so go to full vehicle driver setup guide right up here click that as well as then what I want you to do is just proceed and also avoid the action 2 and afterwards click this personal organizer internet vehicle drivers switch when you click it you can hit OK and after that I’ve in fact already have personal organizer satisfied on my PC so I do not need to mount it yet proceed as well as let it mount as well as this offers you photos of what you require to do to install PDA web so there’s an aesthetic guide thanks to fresh so there you have it there I just type of intended to point that out see to it you have PDA net set up on your computer once more I currently do so I’m not mosting likely to install it however ensure you set up that that would certainly be to arrangement motorists on their PC all right so let’s go in advance as well as obtain into it firstly we need to open the bootloader this very first component is exactly what its gon na.

clean everything once you have actually opened the bootloader absolutely nothing else will get white so proceed and order your Nexus S 4G as well as connect it in to your computer so just connect it on in you ought to see USB debugging up on top we prepare to go when we have it plugged in we need to open our bootloader initially so go in advance and click lock it’s allowing you recognize it’s entirely wiping your gadget and also struck OK it’s gon na examine adb status and afterwards it should reboot us into the bootloader of our Nexus S so it claims restarting your gadget right into bootloader mode right below and afterwards all its mosting likely to do is sort of come triggering it’ll just claim fastboot OEM unlock which you might do by hand yet this toolkit does everything for you automatically which is fantastic so currently it’s gon na inspect fastboot status lets you understand gadget is attached alright and afterwards you will certainly see this screen come up this unlock bootloader screen you browse with the quantity up and down buttons right here so you’ll see indeed as well as no you want to highlight indeed and after that you push the power switch to pick it this is what’s gon na open your bootloader proceed as well as press the power switch and after that it will instantly reboot I think so it states restarting your tool you’ll see a lock down there that is unlocked allowing you recognize that your bootloader has actually now been unlocked and that ought to be nearly it again it’s going to do influence your reset so this boot up will.

take a little time I’ll be back as soon as it’s done it’ll it’ll in fact take you to the start-up screen where you need to establish all that things you can go in advance and establish it up if you desire because say goodbye to data will certainly be cleaned yet anyways I will be back alright so I’m back the device did go to that start-up display I simply skipped whatever but currently you can really disconnect your device genuine quick proceed as well as enter into setups scroll completely down and most likely to developer options as well as then turn USB debugging on once even more allow’s go ahead and transform that on check USB debugging struck alright and make certain that is on once more so and also then proceed and connect your tool back right into your PC so as soon as you simply defeat of irritating is attached as soon as again we’re all set to root our device so you’ll see down below there’s a box for transmitting if you wish to include a custom-made healing to flash go in advance and also examine this box right here you would intend to install a personalized recuperation if you’re wanting to blink any kind of kind of roms or adjustments with this recuperation so there you have it there you can just push the origin button if you do not wish to after that you can just go on as well as leave personalized recovery untreated this is going to set up twrp healing if you have this personalized recovery box inspected or else I won’t need to download this TWRP healing but I believe it will certainly require to download and install some files so what it’s mosting likely to do is go ahead as well as immediately download and install all the needed files for us it’s great that it does it when we require them since the toolkit would certainly be huge if it had the essential files currently so superb that it already includes us again it’s going to download supersu zip as well press ok to proceed currently it’s going through the download of I.

think everyone ought to have to download that don’t hold me to that though it claims match and after that it’s going to download and install a changed boot image I do not believe this ought to take long either and ok to make sure that is done setting up and after that it looks like as soon as these data are done that should be it so right here it is letting you understand just what what its gon na do you require to see to it your bootloader is opened we simply did that so that’s almost it we got it if you’re ready to continue proceed and press ok I’m gon na strike alright it’s gon na check a television status I’m certain it’s gon na throw us right into the bootloader as soon as extra it says rebooting your gadget into bootloader mode like so it is so currently what its gon na do is it must it depends if you really did not examine that custom healing box it should not take as long as this is going to take because this is going to need to blink a custom healing rather than simply rooting the phone so this will certainly go on and mount the customized healing as well as then root your device too otherwise if you didn’t inspect that box it’ll simply root your phone so it appears like it is restarting our gadget back up and after that I believe once it boots back up its gon na return right into the bootloader etc so we will certainly see ok it’s as pressing origin files to your gadget so it resembles it’s the rooting the phone currently it claims rebooting your device in the bootloader mode alright so currently it’s flashing a custom-made recovery once more if you didn’t.

check that box it will not run through this process yet I did so it is gon na boot TWRP momentarily so I think it needs to boot up TWRP healing which is a touchscreen touchscreen recuperation reason me so there we go it did start up TWRP healing it states transmitting so we are gon na see what what that does not exactly certain what it’s doing currently yet we will see so it claims transmitting as well as after that we will take a look and see what happens hereafter is done okay so this is waiting on your gadget to complete starting back up I think we might need to by hand reboot our gadget so I’m gon na go in advance and strike reboot system in TWRP healing so you can go on and also do that on your own it says awaiting it to end up booting back up so I’m gon na let it boot up and also I’ll be right back ok so it’s this automatic routing treatment total we’re gon na confirm that as well as ensure we have a very su in our app drawer once again hopefully this did blink properly I do not recognize why it didn’t really once we got on tour if it does not no huge offer due to the fact that if you mount the personalized recovery it’s very easy to simply flash a zip documents as well as root so we will certainly see anyways go ahead as well as enter into our application drawer and we will see if super su exists otherwise immaterial there will simply be an additional added step to take after we are performed with this and also it doesn’t resemble extremely su exists not a large offer whatsoever so hopefully if you simply selected an origin and also do not have a custom-made recuperation you do have root accessibility if you do not leave a comment and also I will certainly pass.

them along to one fresh if for any factor this isn’t routing the device but if you set up the personalized recovery all you’re gon na need to do is click the next link in the summary of the video clip and there will certainly be a supersu zip download proceed and mount your phone to your PC so go ahead and attach it to your computer turn on USB storage and afterwards transfer the zip file that you download over to your device the download web link for that zip documents will certainly be right here I’ll connect to it in the description as I said a download web link and after that go in advance and also move it onto the interior storage space of your Nexus S so right here it is right here simply on the root of its transfer with moved over to removable disk application and also when you’ve moved it over proceed and also expel your removable disk as well as you can unplug your Nexus S 4G really so we’re done with our PC we must be done specifically if you simply rooted the device as well as did not set up a customized healing if you really did not mount a custom-made recovery proceed and go right into the extremely su application make sure you upgrade binaries and so on you can really watch the hereafter process I will certainly do that so if you just rooted go on and you can avoid through this mounting with customized recovery process.

and also wait for me too back up and afterwards you can check it out there however anyways let’s most likely to our phone all right so to enter into our custom recovery go ahead and also power off our gadget we will certainly need to enter into that bootloader and I will certainly reveal you how to by hand do so so if you did set up a custom-made healing and also you want to blink around this will certainly reveal you how to by hand obtain into your custom-made recovery so press as well as hold the volume up and power switch at the same time maintain them both held back and also this will certainly take you in thus now press volume down two times up until it highlights recuperation in environment-friendly right there after that proceed and press the power switch is picked and after that it should reboot us into our TWRP healing once again you have that opened lock there I will make a video showing exactly how to obtain back to supply so right here’s team win healing as well as it need to fill on up right here currently all we need to do is proceed as well as go to mount and after that scroll down and you’ll see CWM supersu zip proceed and pick that zip documents and then hit swipe to verify flash so go on and swipe to confirm and also there we go and it should not take long currently simply hit reboot system which’s it so currently we must be fully rooted as well as that would certainly be it once more very simple just an additional action required immaterial I’ll talk with lug fresh about it you may not also need to do that this action once this video is posted if he updates the toolkit so just kind of maintain that in mind however after this boots up I’ll show you what to do once you have the supersu application all right as well as as soon as our phone has actually started up go in advance and also enter the application cabinet once again if you simply root in didn’t install a custom-made recuperation you must probably do this too you’ll see a super su application in.

your application cabinet go on as well as select it as well as it says no apps configured I’m not connected to any type of Wi-Fi network so if it says binaries require to be upgraded proceed and also update them but apart from that you ought to be fully rooted if anything needs Super Customer consents that must be it I can actually examine that now all right also I intended to make a quick note you might want to set up an application called busybox some root applications need it so once again go on and search in the Play Store for active box and after that hit mount as well as strike approve and also download so make sure you install the busybox application once it’s done downloading I’ll really reveal you men what you need to do when we enter into it even if this will certainly require origin accessibility so again this will confirm that were rooted and afterwards also install busybox on our gadget once more some origin applications do require it set up so busybox is done setting up go on as well as go into the application itself and allow it pack on up I think it might request for Super User approvals today so if it does where you’re mosting likely to require to approve them so there it is incredibly you ask for go ahead as well as approved authorizations that lets us recognize we have full origin gain access to so there you have it again if you really did not install a custom recovery and also can’t flash that zip documents then leave a remark as well as allow me recognize or otherwise you can simply mount a personalized recovery as well as get root access but allow’s proceed and also leave out of it I do not recognize why I simply exit why I simply shut out of it but allow’s go back.

into busybox as well as right here’s what we’re gon na require to do this lets us understand brand-new functions and also currently what we need to do is go on and also choose the set up button so proceed as well as press install this is gon na take a little bit of time so just endure this busybox installment procedure it’s gon na check the system everything and afterwards it will certainly install busybox it might take upwards perhaps around 2 minutes if I needed to think so a little bit of time so allow it set up as well as it appears like installment achieved success I guess it didn’t take nearly as lengthy as I believed it would it type of relies on the device I think formerly when I installed it it took a little bit much longer on a various phone yet there you have it so busybox is installed we have super customer at supersu accessibility I presume and also that’s it so our Nexus S 4G or your Nexus S should be fully rooted now if you have any type of inquiries do not hesitate to ask leave a comment leave a comment allow me know just how it goes even if it helps you please go down a comment allow me understand this video was useful be sure to subscribe to me as well I’ll have various other Nexus S 4G videos up so click that subscribe switch you can follow me on Facebook Twitter as well as Google+ all the web links will be below and as constantly many thanks make sure to provide this video clip a thumbs up.

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