Android 4.2 Jelly Bean Review

every person Tim right here from Cuba twist 77 calmness right here to do a full evaluation video clip of Android 4.2 the most recent OS variation of Android that is out currently it’s consists of several attributes it is an upgrade from Android 4.1 our 4.1.2 which is also jelly bean 4.2 is currently the current since today today’s Thanksgiving actually so thanks delighted Thanksgiving to everyone ideally you spent some great time with friends and family I recognize I’m going to after I make this video clip yet anyways allow’s go on as well as enter into the testimonial alright so you will certainly see I do have a Galaxy Nexus right here and also a Nexus 7 below show both running Android 4.2 so oh there are some some differences in between both clearly one being a tablet computer one being a phone there are some distinctions firstly on tablets just you do have user account changing so you can have different homescreen setups and also other various setups can be various so you will see when I go to my lockscreen I’ve set up an one more individual account so I have 2 currently you’ll see there’s a blue one and an environment-friendly one I can rapidly switch over between both so changing you’ll see one has a various wallpaper than the other also you have widgets in your lockscreen on your Nexus 7 which is

an additional attribute of Android 4.2 you’ll see what’s this tune I can include one more one whether I desire to add Gmail another clock calendar so those are other various widgets I can include just to my lock screen so you likewise see that was my homescreen of this user account really marginal I have not included anything to it I have an analog clock gallery yet likewise when I promptly switch to my various other account below once again you’ll see I have a Gmail widget on there unlock and I have entirely different homescreen so yeah it’s absolutely good to be able to have different individual accounts multi-user assistance simply due to the fact that if you share the tablet weather condition with your other half with their children anything like that allowed’s claim your kid suches as to play a great deal of video games you could set up their residence screen where it’s only with games and also you can claim alright usage your account when you intend to use this tablet computer so extremely wonderful that they have actually included that with Android 4.2 jelly bean that is on tablet computers just you’ll also observe a bit of a difference when you’re drawing

down your alert bar whether you pull down on the left or the best side it really does issue on a tablet not on a phone yet I’ll get to that in a 2nd so when you draw down on the left side you will certainly see it turns up your your various alerts like it constantly has your your e-mails your Google now cards also you’ll see the Bulls lost the Rockets regrettably however you can get rid of all you can squeeze in and decrease and take full advantage of those various alerts as well I additionally see when I draw it down it doesn’t go down all the way it just decreases as far as the alerts go to make sure that’s type of great but if I drop as well as pull down from the right side you’ll see it raises numerous settings right here some some boxes of settings you’ll see of proprietor letting me know that that’s the customer account that I am checked in on you have illumination you have simply go straight right into setups right here likewise you have Wi-Fi car turn battery percentage airplane mode and Bluetooth so you have numerous fast settings so if I wished to quickly enter into illumination it brings up this toggle as well as I can rapidly change brightness between low and high so you’ll see that functions great likewise I can go right into Wi-Fi setups if I intended to promptly that brings it up also you can switch on and also off airplane setting you can enter into the battery statistics there and afterwards you also can go straight

into settings as constantly to make sure that’s just a little neat point that you’ll have to get used to is when you wish to enter into your notices you pull down from the left if you intend to enter into those settings people regarding from the right to make sure that’s a little bit different on the Nexus 7 if I wanted to get my Galaxy Nexus right here and also attempt those out you will observe that if I pull it down it doesn’t matter where if I draw it down from the left or ideal side it does not matter in any way I draw it down and also go directly to my alerts whatever yet you’ll see a little icon there in the upper ideal hand edge that if you tap it brings up those fast settings that function really comparable to the Nexus 7 they’re in fact the precise same practically except you have mobile network setups or Ghost rating the information use evidently so you have those all those other numerous you have owner which you can touch on it says this get in touch with does not exist so it would go to straight to a contact as opposed to being able to switch over accounts or you can go straight right into setups much like on the Nexus 7 also so simply a bit different additionally if you wished to rapidly enter into those fast settings you can utilize two fingers and also pull down and also it goes right into those settings so rather than simply going down then touching that symbol 2 fingers straight down go directly into those settings or you can switch back to your

alerts if you simulate again very same features of jellybean with the 2 finger that I was revealing on the Nexus 7 pinch in broaden as well as contract once again exact same with images allow’s claim I have an MMS or a screenshot press as well as hold quantity down as well as power switch to take a screenshot on the Android 4.2 jellybean just intended to point that out for some individuals however you’ll see I can pinch in and also out of that screenshot it reveals a preview of the image that’s specifically what would certainly occur with a picture message too it would certainly show a sneak peek you can swipe them away and they quickly vanish there’s additionally a brand-new camera application I will certainly reach that in simply in fact currently I’ll review it currently so below’s the new video camera application if I wished to bring up my Nexus 7 and also take an image of I might so below it is I intended to obtain a fast picture you’ll see simply a little various symbol there when it focuses turns green when it’s focus takes that image rapidly swipe from the right as well as you’ll see it brings up that picture you’ll additionally see on the left there that the camera is still running it still shows it so if I wished to promptly return right into it it it is truly fast when it tons it back up doesn’t wait I can rapidly take another image swipe back and also I can swiftly scroll through all the photos I do have to make sure that’s type of perfectly you do not have to go one at a time it’s type of like a continual wheel where you can scroll with so it’s extremely neat likewise you have various other electronic camera alternatives below you scenic view video electronic camera and you likewise have the

photosphere choice which I will actually show at the end of the video I’m mosting likely to go outdoors as well as video tape myself taking a full photosphere photo which is when you take various images individually by one it’s it’s actually tough with things closed it’s most definitely more so for things outside or in a much more open location so I’ll get to that in a second however also setups within this camera application you can tap any kind of we’re on the screen and it raises a whole number of settings right here so if I desired to put this away if I intended to touch on the screen you’ll see I can change to the front-facing electronic camera I can switch over to I have choices to transform it on as well as off flash and additionally have it on car you have the leave the direct exposure below that you can transform in your different settings and also you can change the white balance too of your electronic camera so directly into those settings you have scene setting which you can transform the automobile activity evening sundown and also party-store location or picture size so those are their numerous settings that you can do alter lower right below you can touch on this and it brings it up too so you can simply tap you do not need to always push anywhere on the display to bring those up yet it is really hassle-free fast and easy to just touch anywhere on the display as well as swipe up there additionally if I desired to take a video real quick I can go on as well as touch the symbol take

a video clip as well as all I need to do is touch the screen and also it takes an image while I’m recording to make sure that’s very cool you’ll see tap on the screen takes a screenshot disappears I can strike stop and also I have that full video clip recording as well as I’ll in fact hear me speaking and after that you also see I have these images below too simply from taking an image and there’s my video so very cool feature again you can swipe via you can swipe all the means back this is the filmstrip sight you can likewise most likely to grid consider as well if you like the grid choice you can change to that I do like the filmstrip for you especially because they transformed it that you can quickly go with every one of your pictures very quick to make sure that has to do with all I wished to reveal for the cam application with the exception of the photosphere again I’ll add that on completion of this video or now it sort of relies on just how my video modifying goes however all right so outside it’s practically impossible to obtain the video camera to be able to see the display simply due to the fact that it’s so brilliant outside so I’m just gon na go in advance as well as do this inside my home right here so you’ll see this is the photosphere I didn’t wish to keep you guys waiting so right here it is you basically you align the circle inside this to begin and after that it’s gon na go in advance as well as you can align it anywhere you just discover these little blue circles add them in the center simply make certain you do not go too rapid I type of intend to ensure you have it resting on the circle momentarily as well as have it concentrate on these sorry concerning the it’s very challenging to do 2 things

simultaneously such as this but here we go so just locate those little blue circles again it states 2 faster you’re going as well quickly make certain you don’t relocate as well quick otherwise it will get a little fuzzy as well as just kind of look a little weird so lower right below there it is bottom left there it is but you can essentially get the idea you see how warped it looks simply it looks so distorted on right here since again I’m doing a dreadful task of it it looks better if you do it outside so once again you can copulate around you can really go in a full circle you can reveal whatever behind you I’m gon na go in advance and also go outside as well as take some pictures you if you include me on Google+ I’ll include them and also you can really take a good take a look at every one of them and also you can click and also drag and also see the entire point so be certain to add me on Google+ there but that would be the photosphere a fantastic attribute included in 4.2 also I did intend to explain that it looks far better it actually takes a bit to provide the picture and after that it does not look nearly as deformed so right here’s the photo as well as it looks really great in fact so they do an extremely great work at providing it so do not be a little don’t be a little distressed if it looks deformed right when you take it it does take a little bit of time to make the photo some various other points I intend to reveal you some new functions of Android 4.2 is an entire brand-new key-board so allow’s go in advance and also check it out it does have simply you can make use of a typically Hey it has forecast which you can activate and off in the setups so you’ll see its it recommend

that hi there guys if I intended to add that I can just quickly are you are you again it discovers as you type so it’ll have better recommendations once you do that so you can turn that on and off if you would certainly such as to you can kind normally you also have motion inputting so if I wished to state hey there just how are you there you go it functioned terrific so you have a face as well I can do away with every one of that naturally you have speech text too and I don’t know if you observe this or otherwise however as you do the swiping so or I guess gesture keying you can say this you’ll see it brings up a little icon up there that allows you know what word is mosting likely to be put when you release your face so it makes it to be very fast this is extremely awesome as well as functions extremely well there you go once again I indicate motion inputting is superb I’m not one that suches as to have the word forecast so I can turn that off you simply enter into setups I assume it might be under advanced but you can turn that off and also after that it shows spelling up there however I also simulate to have the option to utilize gesture inputting so I’m extremely happy that they did

consist of that so fantastic keyboard they did include an Android 4.2 jelly bean I did flaunt those lock screen widgets on the Nexus 7 but I sort of wished to show some my Galaxy Nexus so you can see you can swipe over and yeah when you swipe over from the right it opens the electronic camera application so that was quickly from my real-time screen or you can include widgets left wing once again if you swipe over to the right you’ll see it’s got a little icon for the video camera that will certainly go straight into the video camera or if you go from the left you can include a certain widget you can include the messaging widget which is amazing I love having a messaging widget on my lock screen so you can add that you have the clock again opens the cam straight and also you also can rapidly enter into Google now so allow me go ahead and also quickly reveal you that so you’ll see down right here you have a little circle press on it swipe up enters into Google now or the Google search I do not have my account on this device currently so it’s not gon na enter into Google currently but Google search boy search functions superb they’ve upgraded various cards as well as such as well in the Android 4.2 what’s the climate like in Chicago Illinois there you go so once more voice search

working amazing you additionally have a brand-new clock application so if we go on and also touch on that particular analog clock here it is allows you understand the time day date today down the lower left you can establish an alarm as always so you can turn those on you all your different setups for alarm systems swipe over and also you have a timer so if you had something food preparation or you needed to do the washing you can set a timer swipe over to the right and also you have a stop-watch so if you wished to time somebody Ryung I’m really pleased they ultimately consisted of stopwatch you can additionally do laps tap that little icon as well as it does laughs on lap 2 I desire to do another one start that I can strike stop as well as it clear it I just push this little arrow down the bottom right or you can share those times as well I don’t understand what this is once again you can include cities to ensure that’s excellent so if I wished to include let’s state I’m mosting likely to Denver I can check that or if I desired to include a various one allowed’s state I wanted to include Washington DC I countered and afterwards it reveals the moments for both of those places when you tap on that area establishing so you have Denver Washington DC again you obtained west coastlines as well as you obtained Central and you obtain eastern time so you have all the various times on right here which is

amazing due to the fact that once again for those of you that do travel a lot you can add various times as well as you’ll recognize where what time it is in various locations or if you have family members there once more it’s Thanksgiving today so if you got family members you recognize exactly what time it is let’s say go to my residence at this time you do not wish to be late to ensure that’s actually about it that’s about all I wished to show I’m going to grab my Nexus 7 one more time simply to show a little function that Google decided to include which is fine I imply it’s second best if I enter into settings and enter into display you’ll see you have a D dream option what that is is it actually you can choose when it’s when to begin while docked or while charging or either so it’s mosting likely to switch on while you’re doing either of those options as well as you can have it show the clocks or I’ll strike start now as well as below’s what it is primarily it resembles a screen saver again while it’s billing or while the your gadget is docked also so there’s that you have actually been– flinger so you can start that it’s like that covert setting right below and also you get a sweet walking stick there which is a little interesting I ask yourself if that’s a little hint of what perhaps what the following

variation of Android it’s gon na be called I do not recognize however yeah so you obtained jelly beans there you have colors so we can begin that also just appears some different colors it’s excellent one you don’t need a battery to be extended again when you’re billing or anything like that it’s as didya of Google Currents picture frame and also photo table I don’t have pictures on this now so I’m not going to reveal you those because I can’t yet that’s truly nearly it so that’s a complete evaluation of Android 4.2 jelly bean on both a nexus 7 tablet and a mobile phone so you’ll see it’s a bit different however extremely comparable too of incorporate them very effortlessly they do a wonderful task so I like Android 4.0 you have to let me recognize you assume make certain leave a remark make sure to register for me also you can follow me on Facebook Twitter and also Google+ if you add me on Google+ I’ll I’ll post some photos some images for your pictures so you can examine those out it they look wonderful and Google And also cuz you can look about much like you can on Google Images or Google Earth so most definitely add me to a circle on Google+ yet again thanks and make certain to offer this a thumbs up

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