Leaked Jelly Bean FJ10 Build on Samsung Epic 4G Touch

everyone Tim here from Cuba King here with my sprint samsung epic 4g touch sure to do a review video on a leaked jelly bean rom an official types was digging around it is completely in an alpha build it’s an early test build for jelly bean on your epic 4g touch i believe it’s called FJ 10 which is the the version it is but it’s just kind of an indicator that Samsung is working on a jelly bean update for your epic 4g touch and kind of go I you kind of want to go over it and show you guys some of the features of the updates it does 3g does not work other various things don’t work as well as i said it’s a completely alpha build so i do not recommend installing it i can post a link in the description of the video if you would like to but again i don’t recommend installing it if you do want to install it you’ll have to put the with its CSC file and the CSC slot of Odin and then the other file in the PDS lot about in but again don’t do that unless you know what you’re doing but here we go so you do have an updated launcher I do want to point out right away it does remind me of the galaxy s3 with jelly bean so when we go to our app drawer you’ll

see you got these nice animations going back and forth in between your app drawer scrolling between home screens has that nice animation as well as I said just like the samsung galaxy s3 you also have a slot for widgets you can go into widgets and scroll through those unfortunately one of my most use widgets and touch with on the galaxy s3 is the flashlight widget and they didn’t include that for some reason I wish they would have included the flashlight with you but it isn’t there otherwise you’ll see in your after you have wimax options you have static IP you have devtools IOT hidden menu so a bunch of different things that are just indicate that it’s a completely a test build I believe it’s just an early pork from a different device you will see up at the top though some some different icons there and see if that can focus so a little bit different you can’t turn that percentage on and off if you’d like to in under display settings you can press and hold the home button still and you do have your recent running apps list overall though it is very smooth I am surprised at that you do have your jelly bean animations when opening and closing applications you have an updated dialogue but the Hellers a little offset so it kind of gets cut off down at the bottom not too big of a deal I don’t even know if calls work or text messages work I do not have my number on my epic 4g touch but again 3d does not work so that’s

kind of a big issue and connected to Wi-Fi at the moment you have an updated browser here so if you wanted to load up let’s say qbking let’s go ahead and say qbking go oh no it did it twice whatever it comes up in the search anyways so load that up and there we go so that little it up real nice and smooth you can definitely try this out if you’d like to if you’re only going to use Wi-Fi because again this is super alpha it’s not going to have many things working your to run into various bugs but there’s the browser you can open up a new page you can open up a new incognito page as well so you have that option we can go ahead and go into settings and then you’ll see it just a different settings menu with different options Wi-Fi 4G more being mobile data and such home screen mode which you can change into preset modes for apps and widgets on your home screen sound display storage battery application you do have lock screen settings I can’t access the lock screen at all it just doesn’t work no matter if the screen times out or what it just will not go to the lock screen but when you go to the lock screen you have options to customize shortcuts so there are shortcuts that come

off the lock screen there is apparently going to be a ripple effect that you can have on just like the galaxy s3 so I’m thinking when they update the epic 4g touch to jellybean they’re going to try and make it be just like the galaxy s3 which is pretty cool I think that’s an awesome thing just to make it very similar to that we can go to about device and you’ll see Android version 4.1 point one quickly tap on it of course you got that little hidden easter egg pressing home there’s that so you are on four point one point one other things I did want to show it does at Google mouse you can press the Search button and then you can go to that if I wanted to ask it something what time did the Bears play tonight there we go 830 p.m. Eastern I would get to see little bears beat the lions tonight so I’m pretty excited for that otherwise this just about everything I do want to show you a notification bar wives you do have a little bit of a scrollable panels it only has one extra 12 scroll to from screen orientation sync gps bluetooth 4g and Wi-Fi a little bit of a different order with 4g being right next to Wi-Fi you do have an option to change your brightness right there which does come with the galaxy s3 as i said as well you have the nice time along with the date I don’t know why I did just turn up by five thousand accident and with the Settings button right there you can pinch in i believe and show up all of your home screens you

can swipe over the stats and as I said it is very quick fairly quick with opening applications and doing different things camera application is a little bit different you have different various effects and such black and white but other than that same response with taking pictures focus take the picture I just took a couple pictures there you can go ahead and preview them on the bottom left brings up your gallery and whatnot so you do have those motion enable think options as well just about it though as I said press and hold the home screen you got options to swipe away our recent running apps list you do have google now that you can quickly go into you have task manager and you can clear all which is a huge thing i love having that clear all option in the bottom of your recent running absolute steal enough that manually swipe through all of them overall though very fast i’m very excited because i just does mean that samsung is working on jellybean for the epic 4g touch you have to let me know you think be sure leave a comment be sure to subscribe as well I don’t know why I just pressed and held the home button and it powered off so I guess there’s no power menu yet so it kind of keep that in mind but there you have it if you have any questions or anything feel free to ask just leave a comment let me know you think as well be sure to leave a comment be sure to subscribe as well follow me at facebook twitter and google+ all links of viewing the description to be below as always thanks be sure to give this a thumbs up

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