How to Unroot/Unbrick the AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note I717

every person can be king 77 below here to do a video showing you the most recent and easiest approach to unroot or unbreak your Samsung Galaxy Note from AT&T the i-71 7 before I do wan na enter this video clip I do want to provide a huge thanks for to Michael from fly grasp he actually sent me this phone so I can do some videos for you guys to aid you guys out so huge yell out to Michael from fly grasp obviously it does have a flag grip on it I do not even know exactly how you would certainly utilize this phone without a flag slit if you do not have one on your Galaxy Note certainly consider obtaining among program you do have other color options incidentally yet certainly make certain to think of obtaining one it makes it a lot less complicated to hold you additionally can double it up as a stand up and down and flat of program so certainly it’s a fantastic device for this device and absolutely a necessity given that the screen is so large but anyways I will upload links you can utilize code Cuba King 77 obtain complimentary delivery too on the fly grasp but let’s go ahead as well as unroot or unbreak this device firstly of course if your phone is bricked you can not transform it on which is fine if it’s not you can go on and just power off your tool due to the fact that we are going to need to have it shut down I am booted right now I do have a personalized recovery too however when it’s powering down let it do its point you’re mosting likely to need to download and install

some data so go in advance and click the web link in the description of the video clip clicking the web link in the summary of the video clip will certainly take you to this web site right below this is where you can obtain the stock tar file which is what it is called to start with substantial proclaim to Dungey for offering us with these with this tar file I all you also see a couple various other links in the description you’re also going to require to make sure you have the motorists installed on your PC so go adding if you have not click on where it says vehicle drivers in the description and also go in advance as well as install those on your computer system once you have actually installed them you prepare to go then you’re also mosting likely to need to download odin on your computer so you’ll see a link in the description for that so download that as well however otherwise when you obtain to this web link you’re going to also require to download this dot rar here so go on and click it and also download it it will be the supply apply for your AT&T Galaxy Keep in mind so go on and download it it’ll be a pretty large file so make certain you simply endure the download certainly as well as likewise so as soon as you’re done downloading all the documents your stock tar your onin together with the chauffeurs set up in your PC go ahead and most likely to your desktop computer which is what I advise doing and also once you’re on your desktop computer right-click and also hit brand-new as well as make a brand-new folder and also you can simply call it

note on the root because if we have a note on origin folder that’s where we’re gon na place all the files that we do need so in situation you ever require to access it in the future you’ll know where it’s at as well as we’re additionally mosting likely to need to unzip a pair submits so now as soon as you have that data as well as your desktop computer go to your downloads folder as well as when we remain in our downloads folder you will certainly notice that below’s what the file ought to appear like right below so it needs to be PDA odin ATT stock which is a you’ll notice it’s a zip data or a RAR documents it zipped up so we require to extract the data inside you’ll also notice when you download odin it zipped up so let’s go on and also essence odin first so double-click on odin as well as when you double click on open you will certainly go on as well as require to drag a pair files you require to in fact simply drag all 3 so select all 3 files that’s inside that zip and drag it over to your note unroot folder so it’ll unzip all three of those files right into this note unroot folder return to your downloads and dual click where it says PDA note an 18-piece tak and also within is where the tar documents is really that’s where the the data is that we require to unroot so inside you see that tar click as well as drag that and also place that into your note

unroot folder also that will certainly take a little bit of time to essence due to the fact that the documents is much larger than odin was so endure this extraction procedure i’ll be back as soon as it’s done all right so it’s done it’s extracting right into that folder you can go on and double click on the note on root folder that you developed on your desktop computer and inside you will certainly see there is Odin and also there is that stock tar file also so we have actually got both documents that we do require in that certain folder so allow’s get old as well as established so dual click open and also after that it needs to request for customer account control hit of course and after that it should open old as well as this is what Odin is going to resemble right below so you’ll see Android plus SOP up on top this is precisely what we want so right here’s Odin you will discover some switches below we just require to push one of them on the right side press this PDA button that’s right here select it and after that it might take you to the note on root folder if it does not you require to go on and also choose desktop computer and also find the note on origin folder that you have actually just produced so dual click on that note on a root folder and within it you should see that PDA Odin 18 crucial supply submit right there you can double click on that tar data and afterwards it will certainly obtain placed in the personal organizer slot of odin below so you’ll see it is examined too which’s it so you can leave every stated kind checked as well as car reboot inspected as well as well as we’re all set to go so Onan is prepared up and now we require to visit our phone which we did close off so see to it you powered off currently we need to enter what some phone call Holden mode or download setting to do so you press

and also hold volume down as well as power button at the exact same time maintain it held down and afterwards it should take us to this warning screen right below what we’re gon na require to do is just press volume up to proceed as well as you’ll see we remain in download setting right here so now as soon as we remain in download setting what we require to do is proceed and also connect our note into our computer so plug it on in as well as there we go if motorists are beginning to set up on your PC let them set up in the bottom ideal hand corner of your computer could say setting up chauffeurs let them mount yet otherwise in odin you must see a yellow box pop up and also it ought to state comm and after that a number it does not matter what the number is just make sure there’s a yellow box and also it says comm right there and we prepare to go that reveals us that odin acknowledges a little the gadget and also we prepare to unroot allow’s go on and just struck beginning as soon as that tar documents in the personal organizer port car reboot have preset time checked hit start and after that it’ll go and proceed as well as go through the procedure I do intend to talk about some troubleshooting steps with Odin if you run right into any kind of issues whatsoever so if you have any

problems allow’s claim Odin gets stuck anything like that the primary reason that Odin has problems is the cord so certainly attempt a different USB cord if you’re having concerns with Holden that’s the major fixing idea also you can attempt reinstalling motorists on your PC you can attempt rebooting your phone rebooting your PC you can additionally attempt using a various USB port also so those are the primary troubleshooting steps with Odin so be sure to try those out before you do ask if you do have any concerns at all really feel totally free to ask just leave a comment yet ensure you adhere to those fixing actions prior to you do ask or else though you will see an eco-friendly box in Odin right there it’ll go ahead as well as allow us understand the progression it does take a while a little bit of time most likely if I had to presume around 10 mins do not hold me to it often Odin will certainly tell you the length of time it does take however aside from that though I’m gon na go ahead and also let it go through simply be client with it make certain you do not unplug your gadget as well as after that I will certainly be back when it gets additionally along all ideal so you’ll see it’s finishing on up it is flashing the last documents that are required as well as you will certainly see a blue box it states reset it will immediately reboot your gadget and it will certainly state pass a green box there it does claim pass it just took 3 mins and also thirty seconds I do think so once more if it does obtain stuck takes any kind of longer than 15 mins something failed attempt those troubleshooting steps or else though it will reboot if for any reason your phone does not

boot you could you will certainly have to do a manufacturing facility reset as well as stock healing so I will certainly show you just how to do that now however I will certainly let’s go back to the phone currently once odin states pass you do not require this connected in anymore so you can proceed and disconnect it as quickly as it claims pass and that’s it so it should be starting up now as you can inform it is starting up as well as it did start up correctly yet allow’s state you get embeded a boot loophole and your phone will not boot appropriately you can go on and undoubtedly you would not be powering it off you will certainly claim it really did not shut off so you can actually draw the battery out so if your phone embeded a boot loophole or anything just go on and also pull the battery just put it right back in as well as now what we can do is proceed and also go right into stock recovery as well as do that manufacturing facility reset if your phone isn’t booting properly so you enter into supply recuperation press as well as hold volume up quantity down and power switch up until the first Samsung screen brighten so you’ll see light up go on as well as let go and afterwards it should take into our custom recuperation which should be supply currently sorry not customized recovery our stock recuperation so as you can inform does take us into Android system recuperation so up at the top here you will

discover an Android system recuperation as well as currently we prepare to do a factory reset so to browse use the volume up and also down switches proceed and push the volume down twice until it highlights clean data/factory reset’ press the power button to select it or really not the power switch I’m sorry press the residence switch to select clean data/factory reset’ so pick the house switch and also then proceed as well as press quantity down until it highlights of course remove all individual information and press the home switch once again and what that’s gon na do is do a manufacturing facility reset of your phone and also you should be great to go you must be totally back to stock on your device you can just strike reboot system currently once it’s done press the residence button once more and after that it should reboot our tool so I’m gon na go as well as allow it reboot and also I will certainly be back alright as soon as your phone boot you need to be greeted with your phone setup you can go in advance and also go through that if you would love to as well as that’s it so we are currently fully unrooted hopefully on bricked too and onto the home display and also there it is to make sure that’s it if you have any questions in any way do not hesitate to ask simply leave a comment I’ll enjoy to help you out be sure to subscribe to me as well I’ll be doing some even more Galaxy Note video clips in the future so make sure to click that subscribe switch check out the flag hold too you can follow me on Facebook Twitter as well as Google+ all web links will certainly remain in the description of the below and as always thanks make certain to give this a thumbs up

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