How to Root the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

everybody to became 77 here right here to do a video revealing you exactly how to root your Samsung Galaxy Nexus jellybean this must function if you get on the Gelato Sandwich still as well this will work with any type of variant whether it’s the International opened variation Sprint Verizon it does not matter yet anyways firstly on your gadget you do wish to go on and go to settings I this is the Sprint Galaxy Nexus in my case or else settings scroll down designer alternatives and afterwards go on and also turn those on as well as hit okay as well as then proceed as well as check USB debugging so go ahead as well as strike check and also struck alright so make certain USB debugging is inspected that would be the initial step and once it is inspected we are nearly all set to go so you can go ahead as well as click on the web link in the summary of the video and also clicking on the link will take you to this website first off massive shout-out to MS ki PMS Kip or whatever it is however you pronounce it big shout-out to him for placing this toolkit with each other makes every little thing easier for us so make sure to thank him for it or else proceed as well as scroll down and down the web link is right here you will see go here to download simply click on this web link and also download it it will certainly be an exe file once it downloads you

can simply proceed and also open it up or proceed and go to your downloads and you will see Galaxy Nexus toolkit right there you can increase click on it and afterwards proceed and also yes once it requests for user account control and below it is so right here’s the Galaxy Nexus route toolkits jellybean version right below you will see for GSM as well as LTE it does not matter which variation you do have it it will certainly work so now what we can go in advance as well as do is hit next and also strike following once more as well as strike next again and after that you will certainly see it’s putting it in a folder called C Galaxy Nexus toolkit so on our C Drive there will certainly be a folder called the Galaxy Nexus toolkit go on and strike following and also it’s going to remove all the data we do require right into that details folder so right here we go you can just hit close as well as you can have perform the program that I’ll have checked and going close as well as after that it’ll go ahead as well as start everything up for us you’ll see it opens a command timely says starting ABB right below do you wish to inspect an update is readily available it’s going to

check if there’s an upgrade really readily available for the toolkit itself I’m just going to kind no since I do know I’m on the most up to date variation so here we go it brings this display up now once the display comes up firstly you’re gon na want to do is inspect your version and build so down right here near the bottom is to choose your phone model as well as develop what we can do is proceed and bring this down a little so below we go as well as it’s requesting for the prompt at the base it’s in fact got a blinking cursor and also says what version do you have right there so you need to locate your model it matters not I indicate certainly it matters but you require to make certain that if you have the Sprint you most likely to Sprint Verizon you most likely to Verizon GSM United States GSM so simply make certain you do understand which version you do have in my instance I have the Sprint version right below running jellybean Android 4.1 so I’m simply gon na proceed and also kind 17 so whatever number is before it go on and also kind that struck get in and currently it brings up a new checklist of a lot

of choices so with this options we can go in advance and also scroll approximately the top and also you’ll see there’s numerous things that you can do to start with if you do not have the chauffeurs set up on your PC you do require to make certain you do that so what you can do now is go ahead as well as push one and after that it will proceed as well as saw the chauffeurs for you immediately which is a wonderful device so if you do not have this installed I currently have them set up so I do not need to bother with that but if you do not have them installed there you go otherwise what you can do is initially of all you require to unlock your bootloader opening your bootloader is going to clean everything on your phone it’s gon na do a factory reset it’s likewise gon na wipe your internal storage space so make certain you backup your inner storage space make certain you backup your contacts applications etc everything you do need due to the fact that your phone will certainly be totally cleaned simply like it ran out package so you have that’s one of the points you require to do you require to path it whether or not you desire healing if you do intend to flash roms and so on it’s kind of as much as you you can do it tip by action if you simply intend to path your phone you

can do that alright so I’m just gon na suggest selecting eight one click for all it’ll essentially do whatever for you it’ll unlock your bootloader Leroux your phone it’ll blink a recuperation as well so I’m gon na go ahead as well as choose alternative 8 now again ensure your hang around let me go and plug this and also see to it your device is plugged in as well as it says USB debugging on it otherwise we can go on and go back down and key in an eight so alternative eight choose it you will certainly ensure you review this it is very important again opening your bootloader is actually going to do a factory reset so just maintain that in mind we are gon na need to do that now so we are on our major house screen so we are not in fast-food yeah so enter no and also struck get in as well as it’s gon na reboot our device into the bootloader or fastboot mode it’ll proceed and also place it in the fastboot setting and after that what’s gon na take place is it’s gon na prompt you it’ll say do you intend to open your bootloader right here so you will certainly see unlocked bootloader what we require to do is go on and also press volume up as well as a highlight yes as well as as soon as it highlights you ass proceed and push the

power button to select it this is going to do a manufacturing facility reset once more so after it does do this it is going to take a while too back up so it’s it’s because it’s gon na take as long obviously due to the fact that we did do a manufacturing facility reset you require to be client with this very first hood up you will see a padlock down there that is unlocked that lets you know your bootloader is opened so let this boot once again it’ll take a while I will certainly be back once booted back up alright so once it boots back up it will take you to this welcome display you need to make certain you can you go through as well as you can establish everything up if you would certainly like to we shouldn’t need to do any type of various other factory resets now upcoming once we reach the house screen we need to go back into setups and after that go on and transform USB debugging back on so return to developer alternatives hit turn them on and after that inspect USB debugging struck alright make certain USB debugging is examined as soon as again and also when it does our device toolkit ought to proceed now so it states proceeding ten in ten seconds okay now what its gon na do is reboot us back right into fastboot and also you will certainly see it it’s doing so now and also I believe what its gon na do now is go ahead and also root the gadget so our

phone is mosting likely to reboot multiple times as well as after that return right into the the bootloader once more right into fastboot mode so simply sort of allow the toolkit do what it requires to I believe that boots back up once it boots back up it returns right into fastboot so I’ll be back once it does that alright so as you can see it says root treatment complete its pushing busybox currently once again your phone is activated so it’s gon na run via this script it does it all for you again this is a he this is amazing that it’s typing in all of these commands for us so once more make certain you do I think the developer for putting this toolkit with each other once it does all this rube things it’s gon na boot us back into fastboot mode as well as now it’s gon na go ahead and blink a healing for us and also it’ll go on and claim congratulations and also now it’s mosting likely to reboot phone as well as return to primary food selection and also there we have it so our we ought to be all done in fact we should be routed we should have a custom-made healing mounted also as well as we need to be done so I’m gon na let this phone go back up and also I will be back okay so the phone’s booted back up you can go ahead and also enter into your app drawer and also you will see Super Individual right there we are currently rooted as well as we do have actually a.

custom-made healing installed so if you are someone that does just want root just and also you do not intend to begin flashing rounds you do not desire any kind of customized recovery what you can do in fact is go back to your device kit and go in advance and also scroll up and after that you will see choice 6 there’s a choice to blink recovery so go in advance and pick option 6 and after that pick supply recovery which can potentially enable you to obtain over-the-air updates if you are rooted just because it does have stock recuperation so if you are someone that just wants origin go on and pick choice 6 and also choose stock recuperation and flash that however otherwise you are actually all done if you are looking for simply origin and a custom recovery I can show you how to enter that customized recovery currently so I’m gon na go on as well as return to my phone alright so currently I am back to my phone you can disconnect it really because we’re done unless you wished to flash stock healing you can do so using that toolkit if you do have any issues with flashing stock healing proceed allow me know I can aid you out if you.

would like but to obtain right into our custom healing you can go ahead and also hit power off hit alright or clearly there’s some applications such as quick boot discovered in the Play Shop job and immediately reboot you right into your customized healing however to manually do so proceed as well as turn off your phone as well as as soon as our device is powered off we need to go on and press and hold volume down quantity up and power switch all at the same time and maintain it held back so proceed as well as push all 3 of them this will certainly take you right into the bootloader right here so now what we need to do is proceed and also press volume down press it once again until it claims recovery setting right there and after that go ahead and also press the power switch to choose it as well as what that will do is reboot our tool into our custom-made healing I think it instantly mounts clockworkmod touch recovery which behaves so go ahead and allow it reboot us right into our custom recovery and there we go clockworkmod recovery version 6.0.1 point no right here this is a total touch display healing we can go on and also check out it actual quick there’s not from the reboot system set up zip from sd card wipe information clean cache back-up and bring back installs and also storage space and advanced so if I wish to most likely to the sophisticated food selection I can just choose it press it let’s.

claim I wished to clean dalvik cache I can strike yes wipe dalvik cache and also dalvik cache was wiped simply like that so you will certainly see really awesome it functions works well there you can in fact still utilize quantity backwards and forwards and also the power switch to choose if you want to if you do not such as the touch recovery you can use that as well to reboot system simply proceed as well as press reboot system now our tool will certainly reboot which would be it so we are currently totally rooted we have a personalized recuperation or stock recuperation if you set up supply if you just want root accessibility and that’s it so if you have any questions in any way feel totally free to ask leave a comment I do have a video clip demonstrating how to secure free hotspot I can connect to that in the description which’s it so you are currently directed with any luck this video has helped out you need to give it a thumbs up make sure to register for me also for future video clips follow me on Facebook Twitter Google And also all web links will remain in the description below and also as constantly many thanks make sure to offer this a thumbs up.

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