Wicked Sensations Rom on the Samsung Galaxy S III [REVIEW]

hey every person qbking77 here from the air conditioning distribute group right here to do a complete evaluation video on the evil feelings rom on your sprint samsung galaxy s3 this rom is thanks to team poison so significant yell out to them as well as every person else associated with this rom or else though let’s go on as well as get involved in the review alright so right now uh this rom is based off of lg 8 which is the current sprint uh supply firmware for the supply software application for the galaxy s3 so you’ll see android version 4.0.4 under build number you will certainly see worthless sensations i do have a video revealing you just how to install this rom if you wish to examine that out i can link to that in the description of the video clip you can also look into the boot animation the boot animation is quite trendy at the end of that just how to set up video clip if you intend to see that but otherwise um this rom features 2 launchers you’ll see touchwiz residence which is the basically stock touchwiz launcher as well as you also have apex launchers which is more of a gelato sandwich launcher so you’ll see go to apex launcher um it is themed while the application cabinet switch is themed so go there you’ll see you obtained your application drawer downloaded widgets so you obtained that alternative in addition to obviously

touchwiz residence which i’m going to established by default so i can press the home switch for specific points however yeah so i indicate you have your touchwiz launcher you have apex launcher which is wonderful to have 2 of those amazing alternatives clearly um some people like one or the other so it’s wonderful that he included both or they included both um you got four in one reboot alternative continuing the power switch you got quiet mode information network airplane setting reactivate power off reboot you have reboot hot boot haboo does not work so do not select it you have download and healing so you can go right to download and install mode directly into recuperation setting you have your all those options there up at the top let’s go and also look into the heavy steam you will certainly notice it has an incredible theme if you are acquainted with the epic 4g touch they did have a rom there called worthless experiences so if you’re originating from an epic 4g touch i’m sure you recognize with this rom however or else extremely cool battery icon up there i do truly like that battery symbol you’ll see portion in the center blue signal bars you obtained that blue wi-fi i kind of can jump off wi-fi and also we can look into that 3g icon however otherwise uh uh blue clock is well removed

am pm so you don’t have am pm there swipe down alert bar as well as there’s that 3g symbol you can see right there you have all your supply toggles up below sync plane power saving mobile information display rotation vibrate general practitioners bluetooth and wi-fi yet you’ll see it is themed extremely uh really awesome actually i truly like these icons they brighten blue as well as chosen so you’ll see i activate wi-fi and also uh it obtains chosen lights up blue so very remarkable there uh you’ll see it says worthless experiences obtained the day you have uh setups button automobile uh brightness there given that it’s based off of lg eight certainly you do have a semi-transparent alert cabinet you can still see sort of with it somewhat down near the bottom claims worthless sensations generally very clean extremely wonderful themed alert take down bar there you’ll see i do have my customized background there my qb king 77 background but it does feature the some awesome uh wallpapers so most likely to house screen most likely to wallpapers as well as you’ll see you got some pretty neat wallpaper choices under there that are included so certainly make certain to check those out if you are a person that likes messing about with various wallpapers otherwise as i stated numerous various things are themed you will certainly see it says market it would certainly be the play store naturally but uh

they simply haven’t renamed to be market it is themed it’s got a much darker aim to it so you’ll see a really amazing filling screen too if i go into an application allow’s say i want to go into mad birds you’ll see it is really dark much it’s virtually an inverted application so you’ll see install switches also various if i intended to download mad birds i do have that choice there which is uh awesome so i mean it is inverted one more cool point that’s consisted of in this rom is that it comes with google currently so you can tap on this google search bar you’ll see it brings up google currently find google now i haven’t set it up yet clearly so uh you can go through the setup as well as it obviously is gon na go on as well as fill up google now so very outstanding there you got those uh cards looks like white sox one hell yeah yet anyways lets you recognize the weather in your area so really incredible google currently is really terrific certainly you can proceed as well as touch up here into the voice search and also it brings up a search so if you desired to say what’s the weather like in toronto it’s 73 levels as well as clear in toronto there you go so 73 degrees as well as clear in toronto canada so there you go um or else though i suggest clearly google currently working quite possibly awesome i i love google currently it’s it’s truly wonderful it’s it works so well i’m truly pleased that google chose to come

up with this uh yet anyways um you’ll see you got a great card i believe um just letting you know generally ball game of the video game or else though various other options you do have the jelly bean computer animation so when you enter into an application or scroll through different displays you will see it does have jelly bean animations i did send out an examination sms message to google every little thing ought to be functioning fine in this round by the method every little thing you need to have no issues whatsoever it should be entirely steady the only thing that truly doesn’t function is that warm boot choice that i pointed out earlier because reboot food selection however that’s that’s really it another thing i in fact intended to reveal you is that uh the billing the battery icon in fact has an animation when billing so i’m gon na go on and also connect the device right into my computer system so it’s charging and after that you will see up at the leading the battery icon has kind of a billing computer animation there so really cool simply a little point that i desired to mention for you guys i thought was rather cool uh that i liked myself yet otherwise though a.

very cool motif even more of a blue theme to it you’ll see a bunch of different applications are themed symbols our theme you most likely to the calculator you’ll see that is themed of course i imply gmail that is motif jump right into gmail you’ll see that’s completely themed right there um various other points certainly the play store icon the marketplace is style you have a pair songs players you have songs below which i think is the me me ui songs gamer my ui music gamer i don’t hold me to it we obtain all tunes artists so that’s actually pretty trendy so you have a lot of different alternatives there so it’s a cool songs player there as well as i believe you have the stock songs player with music player which you do so you get the stock music player in addition to the other songs one so that music one actually looked really awesome so i’m certainly mosting likely to be utilizing that a person you have s voice there probably not mosting likely to be required if you have google uh google now if you touch on this voice search symbol right below it need to allow’s attempt google there we go to make sure that brings up google now also if you continue the the search button so i’m not exactly sure why it’s not simply giving you a voice.

command if you touch on google yet i presume up on top you’re gon na need to do it yourself which is not also huge of a bargain i’m not also concerned about that clearly it’s really just terrific that google networks you can just touch on this bar right there i believe you can enter into voice search in the in your application cabinet too so it’s actually up to you obviously google wallet’s there google while it’s functioning um resembles you got a great youtube application i do like those filling screens um i assume this uh so yeah i imply you do have a nice look there and go into the settings menu uh into that setups menu you will see good blue over scroll radiance i suggest you have actually some some themed icons on the side below you have call message block so if you have some numbers that you wished to block you can do that natively within this settings which is clearly a really cool attribute there yet yes i imply that’s that’s truly incredible the the theme is excellent i truly like those toggles up on top that’s probably among my favorite features of the rom is those toggles up there i truly like those it does have an ad block so you shouldn’t have to deal with some ads as well as applications uh there’s as i claimed a great deal of inverted applications i think calendar is inverted as well don’t told me to that uh i believe it looks a little.

bit different i’m uncertain i don’t generally utilize the schedule application that commonly i typically simply place it into um a various calendar in fact i just have actually a written calendar that i use i know i ought to most likely obtain upgraded keeping that however i mean it’s it’s it functions for me i actually uh can maintain track as of right now of certain points i have to do but anyways uh in addition to that uh i suggest it’s it’s truly it’s actually got that good style it’s i suggest it’s obtained uh all those little tweaks taking place you do have various keyboard options in there let’s proceed and most likely to language and also input as well as you’ll see you do have uh the samsung keyboard and also gelato sandwich keyboard which i choose so i’m gon na proceed and also uh essentially established the gelato sandwich key-board by default since i do prefer that over the samsung keypad certainly if you like the samsung keypad it comes with that too but yeah that’s that’s actually just about every little thing i desired to reveal you men i do i indicate this rom has been really smooth very fast i have not had any kind of concerns yet whatsoever as i claimed every little thing ought to be functioning just great you’ll definitely need to let me know what you assume make certain to leave a remark make certain to subscribe also follow me on facebook twitter google plus all links will certainly be in the description video below and also as constantly for viewing be sure to offer this a thumbs up do a barrel roll you.

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