How to Root the Motorola Photon 4G – Latest

every one cubic 877 here from the AC distribute team right here to do an updated video showing you just how to route the motorola Photon 4G from Sprint this is updated due to the fact that there has been an update to the phone on the old approach doesn’t collaborate with the upgrade this approach must function whether you accepted the over-the-air upgrade or otherwise if your phone gets on the upgrade the 2.3.5 upgrade you don’t want to update to this specifically if you plan to blink roms even if it really does not allow you open the bootloader any longer if you update to 2.3.5 so to check you can go into settings scroll down and go to concerning phone under Android variation it lets you understand what your variation is that if it’s on to point three factor five you know what you get on the most up to date and also you can’t unlock your bootloader there’s nothing you can do so unfortunately you’re out of good luck there but if you’re on two point three factor 4 you can still unlock your bootloader I have actually video clips on just how to do so and also so you can prepare to blink roms and also such however anyways this will certainly be the current method to path I will connect from my older video clip first thing you’re gon na need to do is ensure you

set up the motorists on your PC whether it be 32-bit or 64-bit motorists ensure you mount those on your computer system if you need assist with that you can leave a remark and also I’ll aid you out with setting up those or else they’ll proceed as well as return into settings as well as after that scroll down go ahead and also enter into applications and afterwards you wish to most likely to growth and up on top make certain you check USB debugging so make certain USB debugging is inspected hit alright go on as well as back out of it so when you have actually done that you’re ready to go you can actually connect in your photon right into your computer currently so go on and plug it on in allow any vehicle drivers mount go on and pick the manage USB connection as well and also hit fee only and strike fine so make certain it’s uncharged just allow any type of motorists install on your computer let home windows mount do not do this before those set up but or else go ahead and also click on the following web link in the summary of the video doing so will take you to this site significant shout out as well as many thanks to moth 9-3 3 6 for this root make use of photon torpedo route a huge shout-out to him so make sure to thank him or else go in advance as well as scroll down and also you will see download right here so click that data allow it download it’ll be a zip data really so we’re gon na require to do is you can actually most likely to your desktop and as soon as on your desktop mosting likely to open your

downloads folder or any place that documents simply downloaded and install most likely to downloads and you’ll see 4 photon torpedo straight that will click it click as well as drag that folder onto your desktop so go in advance and essence that folder onto your desktop computer when removed we are all set to go so once again see to it all the chauffeurs are mounted ensure your phone is basically being identified go ahead as well as double click on this folder and currently all we need to do is you’ll see this badge data this photon torpedo direct data go ahead and double click on it and also hit run as well as it will bring up this manuscript right here so you’ll see photon torpedo straight streamlined path distribution for the photon as well as currently push any type of essential proceeds to go in advance as well as press any crucial it would certainly go in advance and also run via the script for us make certain USB debugging gets on which we have actually done already so you do not need to fret about that you simply be the buggin calmly concentrate this genuine fast alright so pressing as well as crucial to proceed once again what we intend to do is root so proceed and also press 1 to root you’ll see that you can eliminate origin very easily with this script once more if you rooted and you wish to return simply hit on origin nobody will certainly even understand so proceed and hit 1 and after that it’s going to go on as well as check for SU binary it’ll start a TBD I believe as well as

there we go so it states remain to root press any type of essential to continue hit ok now it’s gon na run through and also do every little thing you require press any type of crucial to proceed once again as well as it claims however you’re going to have to get in some shell commands here not to worry the only five commands press go into after every one so currently we have to enter some commands below which is actually no large offer since it allows you know what you require to type so it the very first primarily cash sign here type CD room/ data/ index and currently next you’re gon na want to kind dot ahead reduce Photon – torpedo Sh and struck go into as well as it states mistake do not stress over that really do not fret as long as it has that extra pound sign down right here at TMP do not bother with these errors currently afterwards extra pound sign following hit dot dot ahead reduce set up – su dot s H and also hit go into and afterwards as soon as you’re done there the last couple commands at the second pound hit departure so proceed and kind leave struck go into and after that at that note following money icon kind leave once more and after that it states push any kind of key you proceed hit enter it’s gon na cleanse up the files it’s gon na reboot our Photon our photon

actually hasn’t done anything this entire time today it’s simply gon na go on and also reboot you’ll see undoubtedly rebooting once more don’t fret about those mistakes that turn up simply proceed through the script and also proceed with this origin procedure so go on and also let our phone go on as well as start up if might take a little longer than common but allow it boot up now alright so phone started up it still says getting in touch with Network however the manuscript claims gadget needs to currently be directed press any kind of crucial to continue if you push any vital it should exit out of the manuscript I believe as well as it did so currently I’m gon na go on and also allow my phone totally boot and afterwards I will certainly show you people that I am currently completely rooted all right phone has actually completely started up once that manuscripts done you can in fact disconnect your device you not need it connected in anymore so as soon as when done there we can proceed as well as go to our application cabinet and also in our application drawer you should see a super individual application right there so there it is incredibly customer that generally allows you know that you do a root accessibility but we wish to increase check that so what I did is proceed as well as set up a root check application from the Play Shop you can simply look for origin check as well as it comes up so proceed and also go into it and also hit concur and after that all you need to do is hit verify root

accessibility so go ahead as well as press that permit it Extremely User permissions once this turns up which essentially allows you recognize you are rooted congratulations this device has origin access as well as that is it so there you go that would certainly be the latest technique to root your motorola Photon 4G really simple very simple I mean that was exceptionally basic actually once again if you are in the most recent update you can’t unlock your bootloader if you are on 2 point three point five that is you can’t unlock it if you’re at 2 point 3 factor 4 you still can unlock your bootloader in any case though this is the most recent method to root if you simply follow this technique to root you can unroot with that same script just follow the command triggers there yet there you have it if you have any inquiries do not hesitate to leave a comment listed below leave a comment let every person recognize that this benefited you if it did make sure to subscribe as well follow me on Facebook Twitter and also Google+ all links will certainly be in the summary of the below as constantly thanks make sure to offer this video a thumbs up

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