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now this my friends is the oppo a53 it’s one of the cheapest oppo smartphones of 2020 at just 169 quid costing roughly the same as the motorola moto g9 play and the real me seven and like those handsets it’s probably not gonna win any awards for best phone of the year but what it does do is deliver some solid specs for a price under 200 quid which you really can’t quibble with if money is a bit tight you can grab your very own oppo e53 direct from oppo and from the likes of amazon here in the uk right now so let’s whip it on out of the box take you on a full tour of the hardware in the software and for more on the latest greatest set please do pop subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers and before i even open the box i just got to point out i love the way that oppo and real me and all the other chinese manufacturers are trolling the hell out of huawei with this easy access to the google apps you use more sticker which now seems to be appearing on all of their smartphones like a big old screw you guys we haven’t been banned yet so there is the oppo a53 let’s just chuck that aside see what else is bunged in here it’s got our old friend mr porky pin device you’ve got your condom case to chuck on there and protect the oppo a53 from life dangers you’ve got your power supply unit your usb type-c charging cable and you’ve even got a basic pair of hard shell earphones

banged in the box as well and the great news is that they’ve actually got a 3.5 mil connection because yes you do actually have a headphone jack on the oppo a53 hala freaking luya so there in the flesh is the oppo e53 and certainly it’s not going to win any awards for originality of design or anything like that but so far i’m quite liking it this is the electric black model although you can also pick up the oppo a53 in mint cream which is the version i actually expected because that’s the color on the box and mint cream sounds kind of disgusting it basically sounds like the kind of confectionery your nan would stuff into your pockets whenever you went around to a house or whatever but it’s kind of hard to tell what it really looks like without seeing it in the flesh to be fair now apparently the design here is inspired by the shining translucent glimmer of ocean waves that’s opposed onwards not mine and what that basically means is it throws off the same psychedelic kind of light patterns that we’ve seen on quite a lot of budget smartphones from the likes of oppo and real me and you know what for a 169 pound smartphone it looks decidedly smart and it is just a plastic finish around back like basically all of the rivals around this price point but i believe you get a bit of gorilla glass 3 action up front you do actually get a pre-installed screen protector on the oppo a53 as well just to keep it in good nick for that little bit longer of course you’ve got your rear mounted fingerprint sensor as well but besides that not much else to report on the design front got a respectable heft at around 186 grams without feeling too cumbersome uh nice rounded corners for a comfortable grip but of course it is a 6.5 inch beast like pretty much every other smartphone released in 2020 so if you’re looking for something compact bums so anyway hopefully we’ve got some power in there already we can get it all set up yes you

beauty and just gonna quickly jab open that sim tray as well see what we’re working with there and the good news is you’ve got a dual sim setup you’ve also got a separate tray entirely for the micro sd memory card if you want to expand the onboard 64 gigs of storage and that’ll support cards of up to 256 gigs in size you should have plenty of space for your files media and what have you alright so spend a bit of time with the oppo a53 and so far no real surprises to be perfectly honest it’s your typical sort of budget phone experience that you would find on the likes of a real me or an oppor smartphone that’s because what you get here is android 10 it’s not the fresh new android 11 unfortunately but very few smartphones actually rock that latest version just yet and of course slathered on top of that is color os but it is again version 7.2 not the latest color os 11 which i only just reviewed but hopefully android 11 and color os version 11 will be coming to the upper ear 53 soon it just helps to organize the settings menu a bit more neatly and adds a few extra bonus features which are well worth checking out but as it is color os is perfectly customizable dive on into the set engine play around with all kinds of different options uh you’ve got themes you can set different kinds of wallpaper including of course good old live wallpapers like this we effort here just like being back in a pub in the 1980s but of course as a bit of an anime geek i will be adding my own wallpaper on there instead and thankfully even with the older colorway 7 you can get a fairly stock android look and feel if you want you get your apps tree on the go you can get your google discover feeding pull down that notifications

bar from anywhere on the screen you’ve got your dual band wi-fi support on there as well and you’ve also got a good bit of nfc which supports as you can see there google place that’s great to see from a budget blower but anyway as i say if you want a closer look at some of those color os features i’ve done a full tips and tricks guide for color os7 as well as the latest version 11 as well so go check those out absolutely bugger all complains with that rear mounted fingerprint sensor as well seems to absolutely do the job perfectly fine just tap your digit and you are basically straight in there as well no hanging around no waiting about boop straight in you’ve also got a nice dependable bit of face recognition as well certainly seems to be dependable so far just tap that power button and as you can see you better even see the lock screen it’s sort of swift and you’ve also got a bit of raise to wake action as well so just pick up the phone and again straight in there now the display itself again pretty standard for a budget blower it’s a perfectly flat 6.5 inch ips panel it’s not a full hd plus resolution unfortunately it’s 1600 by 720 so standard hd if you want a bit full hd then check out the real me seven instead but the good news is that if you dive into something like netflix you’ll see that you’ve got full hd stream and support in there all the wide vines definitely in order and it’s a perfectly fine a bit of budget ips fare fairly natural looking colors a little bit on the warm

side you can dive into the display settings on your kind of a little tweak of the color temperature if you want something a little bit cooler and the good news is that like most budget friendly smartphones the oppo a53 does have a variable refresh rate as well you can have it at standard 60 hertz if you like otherwise you can bump it all the way up to 90 hertz or you can have it on auto refresh rate which just bumps it up when required so there you go apple something to aspire to with your phones that cost about six seven times as much and quite surprisingly you do actually get a stereo speaker output on here as well which is found on very few sub 200 pound smartphones uh the pocket x3 nfc was i think it was the last uh cheapy one i had that did a stereo speaker output sadly the stream bar is an e arc compatible so you don’t get to enjoy that glorious dolby atmos audio with another device okay so on the top volume the audio is a bit gritty and grainy and not fantastic but i tell you what that top speaker does actually pull its weight fairly well just bump up the volume again and then cover the bottom speaker you’ll see tv probably earns quite a bit of money from the likes of rackington to get that button on there so as you can see there’s still pretty good clarity as well for a budget smartphone at least even when that bottom speaker is muffled up as i mentioned before you do get a headphone jack on there as well like most other budget friendly smartphones and you’ve got a good bit of bluetooth 5.0 on here as well for

your wireless connections and that’s got full ldac support as well so hopefully decent quality audio so i’ve hugged the oppo a53 up to my uh soundcore life q30s let’s just uh stick on the aac support and jump to a bit of the new like monster flames album yeah sounding pretty bloody good to me let’s budge on performance and we got shoved inside the oppo a53 is qualcomm’s snapdragon 460 chipset something that you don’t encounter very often in the wild that’s for sure and as you can see from these geekbench results it is fairly basic performance but it’s definitely a step up compared to a lot of the 400 series uh chipsets and the major advantage here is that you actually get the same adreno 610 gpu packed in there as the snapdragon 665 what that means is you should be able to play games like call of duty pub g mobile all that kind of stuff on low detail settings admittedly but with a nice smooth frame rate so they will be perfectly playable especially as you get four gigs of ram in there which generally means that it’ll handle life absolutely fine and apps seem to load up so fairly fast as well as you can see not too much of a uh a weight so yeah if your everyday shenanigans and if you just want something to play a lot i see a light better game and here and there on and everything should do the job absolutely fine as for the battery life well oppor smartphones rarely disappoint in that area and the air 53 packs in a 5 000 milliamps which is actually pretty standard amongst these uh budget-friendly smartphones and you’ve got the usual power saver mode super power saver mode and all the other shenanigans that you can play around with too and the oppo f53 supports 18 watt fast-ish kind of charging as well again fairly sort of standard for phones at this sort of price point now let’s finish up with a gander and that their triple lens rear camera and what you’ve got here is a 13 megapixel primary lens backed by a simple two megapixel macro lens

and two megapixel depth sensor and it’s basically going to be your standard budget oppo camera experience so it should be absolutely fine as long as the conditions are pretty good but as soon as things start to get a little bit dingy it will be a bit more of a struggle especially as you don’t appear to have a dedicated nightboard on here as well you can zoom in if you want to uh like so but again that’s only really recommended in very bright conditions and i’m guessing by the time you get to the five times level even in daylight it’s gonna offer up quite grainy results anyway and certainly in this fairly uh dim studio we’ve already got quite grainy uh results there so yes so certainly in the low light conditions it’s going to be a bit of a struggle but at least you do get an hdr mode for if you’ve got a high contrast shot you’re trying to shoot against a bright sky or something but yeah no ultra wide angle uh lens here and no telephoto lens either so it’s a bit limited as far as the flexibility goes you do just of course have that a macro lens and if you dive on into the more camera features you’ll find the macro mode in there so you can get a bit of an extreme close-up and then of course there’s also a portrait mode making full use of that 2 megapixel depth sensor just to keep your subjects nice and crisp and just blur out everything behind them and if you jump on into the video settings as well you can shoot up the full hd resolution video which is the default set there’s no 4k option sadly and then if we just flip around to that front facing camera it’s an 8 megapixel a megapixel selfie snapper uh so hopefully it should be all right just for simple shareable shots although again i wouldn’t exactly

expect the moon on a stick with this thing uh probably again going to struggle quite badly in low light oh can you tell it’s been a bit of a long week so that right there in a nutshell is the oppo a53 a budget friendly smartphone one of the cheapest oppo’s around right now and fairly strong competition for the likes of the real me seven of course you’ve got the uh the 90 hertz refresh rate nice little ips panel on it you’ve got a 5 000 milliamp battery should last you a day or two between charges no worries whatsoever hopefully respectable performance for your games and everything thanks to that adreno 610 that’s packed in there and good old color os is just as charming as ever if also slightly messy in places so that’s what this baldy northerner thinks anyway but what do you think if you’ve actually been using the oppo f53 definitely please leave your mini review down in the comments below be great to hear your own thoughts and experiences and from all the latest greatest tech please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell it would make me your best friend forever see ya bye

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