How to Install Clockworkmod on the Samsung Epic 4G Touch FF18 ICS

everyone qbking 77 here from AC Snicket dotnet here to do a video showing you how the latest method to install clockworkmod or a custom recovery on your samsung epic 4g touch a lot of you guys know that with ice cream sandwich actually it is unsafe to do a factory reset with stock recovery and there were tweaks that needed to be made to a custom recovery so you could actually do a factory reset it’s called the emmc bug if you’ve heard of it or not but anyways in regards to that you need to be careful with what recovery you use to install roms the safest one is the one I’m about to show you to install you should be able to install any run with it without any repercussions so let’s go ahead and get into it first of all what we’re going to need to do is actually go on our device go to menu go to settings scroll down go down to developer options and under developer options check USB debugging and hit ok so make sure USB debugging is checked under developer options once we are done there we’re going to need to click on the link in the description of the video doing so will take you to this website right here before I get into this again I want to give a big shout out and thanks to my man SF hub for

this be sure to thank him he always does so much for the epic 4g touch in the android community so be sure to thank him anyways what we’re going to need to do is go ahead and scroll down and first of all you will see right here number one prerequisite checklist we are going to need to make sure we have drivers installed we’re actually going to need to make sure we’re rooted so if you have not rooted your device yet go ahead and do so now i will link to my video on how to in the description so you need to make sure you’re rooted first i also once you’re rooted you should have the drivers installed on your pc but if you don’t download and install your those drivers on your pc next what we’re going to need to do is download another file the one I recommend is this one right here efore GT auto SFX exe so download this Exe file just go ahead and click light if you’re on FF 18 fulwood x be basically all the old Ice Cream Sandwich kernels and gingerbread ones as well so i’m just going to download the lite version so again efore GT auto SFX that exe light click on that download it it’ll be an exe file what we can do now is go into our downloads and once we aren’t in our downloads you will see this right here efore GT and now what we’re going to need to do is actually double click on it so go ahead and double click and hit run it’s going to actually auto extract for you and it should open up so you’ll see it is is running through its process let it do its thing alright and here we go as you can see samsung epic 4g touch root install package now once this comes up the screen comes up it should automatically come up you can actually plug your epic 4g touch into your pc again as I said you need to make

sure you have drivers installed so go ahead and plug it on in up at the top I believe it should say USB debugging enabled maybe not so it looks like it doesn’t say it so if it doesn’t say USB debugging enabled don’t be worried because mine doesn’t either it looks like mine’s installing device driver software so let it do it let it do that if it needs to but anyways here we go so once plugged in USB debugging is on what we are going to need to do is select d so go ahead and type in the letter D right there into the script hit enter it’s going to take us to this page what we are going to need to do you will see there are a bunch of different options here the option we are going to want to select which is the safest is letter e install boot image FF 18 clockworkmod egg at SRC so that is the one we’re going to want us to install if for any reason you want to go back to stock recovery you can select G where it says boot image FF 18 that’s completely stock but the one you’re going to want to install is e where it says clockworkmod egg at SRC so go ahead and type in the letter e right there into the script and hit enter so you will see verify USB debugging is enabled everything’s there and go ahead and press the Enter key to continue says waiting for device if for any reason it doesn’t find your device go ahead and try a different cable try different USB port try reinstalling drivers all that good stuff but anyways here’s what we’re

going to need to make sure our screen is on actually and now at this point go ahead and press any key to continue and it should say has been granted superuser permissions if for any reason it brings up a screen asking you for superuser permissions hit allow but otherwise let it go ahead and run through looks like it’s doing its thing again the phone shouldn’t really be doing much the scripts going to do all the work and once the script is done actually it should automatically reboot your device so go ahead and be patient let it do its thing it’s running through its script there we go it says reboots getting ready to reboot go ahead and press any key to continue cleaning up files let’s see if our phone automatically reboots which it should it says if it takes longer than 30 seconds to initiate reboot just manually reboot by using the power button or you can pull the battery either one but it says it shouldn’t it shouldn’t take more than 30 seconds all right so it says activity complete press any key to continue you’ll see my devices automatically rebooting press any key to continue brings you back to that main menu and that is it so we can unplug our device I’m going to go ahead and let our phone boot up and I will be back alright so phone just booted up looks like it’s going to optimize applications again again this is it varies depending on how many applications you do have as I said you can unplug your device you do not

need it plugged in once it automatically reboots your device alright and here we go our phone has now booted up again you should still be rooted super user in your app drawer right there but we now have a custom recovery installed so let’s go ahead and check it out so to get into our custom recovery where we are going to need to power off the device again this custom recovery you should be able to install any rom whether it be Ice Cream Sandwich whether you want to install a gingerbread rom it really shouldn’t matter you should be able to install cm9 AOKP all those good rounds this recovery should be completely safe so once powered off fully powered off what we’re going to need to do is press and hold volume up and power button at the same time keep it held down till the first Samsung screen lights up and then let go so let go once it says samsung galaxy s2 and then it should automatically take us into that custom recovery that we just installed you will see it says a gat recovery which is based off of clockworkmod so here we go this would be a gat recovery this would be our safe recovery I would make sure any rom you install has a safe recovery usually the when you go to the rom thread you should be able to read whether or not it has a safe recovery to install certain roms or not but let’s go ahead and get into it so to navigate through this custom recovery use volume up and down and power button

to select so that’s basically all you do what I’ll recommend doing is actually going ahead and making a nandroid backup right now just something to always have usually you’ll make one before you install a rom or something in case something goes wrong but you can go to backup and restore and just hit back up and it’s going to make a nandroid backup for you you can back up to internal sd card as well so go ahead and do that now if you if you would like to just in case anything goes wrong you have a nandroid backup to restore but that really would be about it as you can see you have your custom recoveries as a gat recovery this would be probably about the safest one at the moment so you can install any rom anything like that I’ll be doing videos on how to install those roms very soon so expect videos on them be sure to subscribe as well follow me on Facebook Twitter Google+ all links will be in the description of the below and as always thanks for be sure to give this a thumbs up

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