CyanogenMod 10 Jelly Bean Rom on the Samsung Galaxy S III [PREVIEW]

everyone can be king 77 here from the AC syndicate team here to do a video previewing the signage of my 10 jellybean rom on my samsung galaxy s3 in this case the sprint samsung galaxy s3 so let’s go ahead and get into it right away I’m gonna go ahead and power on the phone it is off at the moment so turn it on and I believe it has the signage of my nine boot animation I don’t think they’ve updated any boot animation to reflected being CM ten and there you have it there you go science my 9 boot animation with Sid there in case you were wondering yes I was using my flat grip on my Galaxy s3 to hold this up you definitely got to check that out I will link to the video for you guys but here we go so boot it on up I am now running signage of my 10 on my samsung galaxy s3 so right away you get this that new lock screen right here where you can go straight to camera unlock or to Google now which I will get to in a second so let’s go ahead and unlock the device so you unlock the phone of course you get the same ice cream stock ICS launcher going on there there are obviously some new features to jellybean so let’s go ahead and go into settings first scroll down go to about phone and under about phone you will see Android version right there 4.1.1 Android 4.1 that shows you we are on jellybean we are on sign in Zermatt 10 it’s a non

official version it’s just a preview version I’m not really gonna be going over things that work and don’t work as it’s not necessarily a daily driver just yet quickly tap an Android version and you get that nice little Easter Egg that I’m sure most of you know about press and hold on the jelly bean and you’ve got some floating jelly beans that you can push around on your phone so there’s a nice little a lot nice little Easter Egg thanks to who anyways other things that you can do obviously the new notification bar right here you will see that right away it has the extended notifications which you can change by using two fingers to pinch in and it basically you’ll see collapses the new messages I am a little behind on my emails I plan to actually get to all of them today but anyways you’ll see I can pinch in and extend it or pinch in and basically contract it it doesn’t work with all of them it only works if there’s actually an extension needed there’s a longer text message a longer email etc you can obviously swipe certain ones away this is from Google now actually letting you know different traffic letting you know the weather as well I’ll get to Google now in a second after wise comes with the CM signage of my music application Apollo I haven’t put any music on my device just yet actually I did but I did a full format of my device but anyways yeah I

just don’t have any music of my device at the moment otherwise though I mean no other applications out of the ordinary oh so you got your play store all that good stuff Google Plus camera camera does work actually so if I wanted to take a picture of this squeegee right here so if I wanted to take a picture of this you’ll see though when you do take pictures it does flash green the screen will flash green you’ll see when you take it at flash that that green it was working just fine I don’t know why it’s kind of locking up on me right now so it was just working let me go ahead and try that again sorry about that it looks like it’s locked up I don’t know why the camera was just working perfectly actually before I made this video cannot connect to the camera so again it’s gonna have issues I’m actually gonna reboot I’ll try again alright so Buddha backdrop let’s go ahead and test out this camera application again as I said it was just working you’ll see that it’s got that little green flicker randomly but take a picture and it looks like it got stuck again that’s actually very unfortunate because it was definitely working when I first installed this but again your your mileage may vary with that camera application I can link to the ROM thread if you wanted to another cool feature about the camera applications actually you can swipe from the right and then it’ll will

preview your images so it looks like so see I took this image before and I took a bunch of pictures right here you’ll see it worked just fine I took a couple of pictures so I don’t know why it’s not working now but yeah you can swipe from the right and swipe to the left to get back to your camera application so very nice that it was working but it’s not anymore again this is just a preview of the ROM there are going to be some things not working of course obviously a decent amount of it is working let’s go ahead and get into Google now so right away in your lockscreen you can swipe up and go to google and it opens up Google now you’ll see you got cards lets you know how long is the different places let’s you know what that the White Sox lost unfortunately some weather in the area and there we have it so otherwise though I couldn’t get it to actually respond when I did voice search what’s the weather like in Chicago Illinois you’ll see I couldn’t get it to do a search probably just a little little bug with cm10 or the certain google apps atom that I use so again it’s it’s obviously going to be a work in progress no big deal there I am on Wi-Fi we can go ahead and go to my browser so we can load on Google load up let’s go ahead and actually load up a better site ac syndicate net we can load that on up and there we go so loads on up of course it feels actually very smooth the browser no lag when going in and out actually usually it’ll have some kind of lag or white screen but I haven’t really seen any yet so very nice very cool the browser appears to be very smooth of course you can use Chrome if you so choose you can

use that as well you have the new keyboard actually I haven’t really used it yet four six six four five threes if I want to text Google I could say hey and you’ll see no suggestions come up after I hit space but they will start to as I use the keyboard more so if I say hey there and put a period and then I can say hey and then when I put space it should save there and it did so you can select there and there you go so of course you don’t have to have that word prediction on you can go back to the Ice Cream Sandwich keyboard this isn’t going to send my numbers not on my Galaxy s3 at the moment to change those settings though you can just go into settings and language and input and you’ll have to mess with the spell checker or the keyboard or whatever and their settings in there you’ll see message not sent touch to review yeah whatever so another thing you’ve got that new YouTube application I don’t know if you guys have seen it or not yet hop into it you’ve got your channel feed that pops up right away actually you can swipe to the left and right it gives you a bunch of different channels that you’re subscribed to a bunch of different things from you to recommended different categories and such or you can swipe over and you’ve got more of a channel feed letting you know videos that were uploaded and all that good stuff so a very cool new YouTube application that came with jellybean you’ve also got those that

widget option where let’s go ahead and grab a widget Apollo and drop it down if I want to put it in this right corner it’s actually going to move the applications automatically so that’s it’s actually pretty nice so if I wanted to go back to my widgets and pick a bigger one let’s say I wanted to pick this four by two at one it will move multiple ones or at least I thought it did well it was going to it did earlier um let’s go ahead and try that again so let’s grab the calendar one so let’s grab my calendar widget you’ll see it’s moving pretty much all of the applications over I drop it down and there you go so it moved them all over to the side and it made room for that widget so it’s another nice little feature from the jelly bean present hold on the home button get your recent running apps that runs very smooth so overall it feels very smoothy of those nights jelly bean transition animations when going between applications and and such so overall it’s uh it’s very nice for just a preview build of cm10 I’m definitely looking forward and can’t wait for this to become a daily driver for us so yeah very exciting I know I’m excited myself you’ll have to let me know what you think be sure to leave a comments be sure to subscribe as well follow me on Facebook Twitter and Google+ all links will be in the description of the below and as always thanks be sure to give this a thumbs up

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