Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE Unboxing and First Impressions

everyone can be king 77 here from the AC syndicate team here to do a very special video for you guys and unboxing of the sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE finally got it of course I do want to give a couple of shoutouts first of all to all of you guys I know a lot of you guys wanted me to start doing videos for this device some of you guys actually put donations towards this phone which of course I used to help purchase this phone I also want to give a shout out to my friend Thomas as well he’s very generous he donated as well and he actually was the one that tipped me off about it being at Walmart so I went ahead and called up all the Walmarts in my area and actually they had one in stock so I went and picked it up so if you want to call your local Walmart maybe you’ll give it there of course no Sprint store has yet that I know of from what I hear they just started shipping them out so they should be my guess is sometime this week hopefully by the end of the week I’ll everywhere I’ll have it so if you want to come get one today call up your Walmart store you might be able to

find one but let’s go ahead and jump into the unboxing though all right so here we go I’m actually pretty excited I hope you guys are as well so here’s the box this is what it comes in it’s actually pretty small I also notice it’s got like a brown coloring to it which gives you the feel of it being recycled it says package is 100% recyclable so you can recycle the package you also see on the side it’s printed with soy ink it’s made from post consumer paper as well so I do want to give a shout out to Sprint we’re going with the more green feel to these devices which I do like a lot I definitely support that but here it is here’s the box of course you’ve got a nice picture on it you’ve got information on the back more information what’s in the box etc but let’s go ahead and open it up so it is sealed picked it up from Walmart I believe it was about 609 I mean 592 dollars with taxes so pretty hefty price of course but it’s definitely worth it so let’s go ahead and try and get this open so there we go popping on open slides on up and there we go right away we will see the device itself getting popped at you it says location privacy keep your eyes on the road hands on the wheel so there’s that I can’t even get the phone out of the box what’s going on so there we go come on alright so here’s the

device Wow feels very slim actually I’m very surprised at the thinness of this aisle so I want to point out there’s no I believe you can’t take the battery back cover off and you gotta look there so you can’t take that off which is kind of a downside for me I’ll probably get all that stuff in the review but let’s go ahead and see what else is in here we have not very much so I mean very minimal packaging which of course probably to do with the Go Green initiative of Sprint but you’ll see we got three other packages and it looks like in here would be probably the USB cable of course HDC cable so I do have a few of these they all look about this looks exactly the same as the other ones that you have so nothing new okay lies it’s actually very short so very unfortunate the Galaxy Nexus is cable was really long which is awesome I really like having that but my guess is the big quality is better HTC generally has better build quality cables than Samsung does but let’s go ahead and open this up so you got the other PC adapter for us so there you have it there of course you

get your getting started guide see what else is in here probably recycle your old phone information so yeah you get your recycle your old phone getting started getting started in Spanish and important information about your device so there you have it there we can go ahead and turn on the phone he looks like the power buttons on the top I don’t know much about this device I mean I do obviously but I don’t know much about the design of it or the feel of it I haven’t seen too many videos on it but let’s go and turn it on from what I hear it pretty much never has battery so I wouldn’t be surprised if this didn’t even turn on which it’s not so my guess is because of the lack of battery so let’s go ahead and grab my Galaxy Nexus cable my extra long one plug it on in find that port looks like it’s on the side and if I can figure out how to get this in of course I’m having troubles sorry about this guys I can never figure out HTC cable is on which way it goes because sometimes they’re backwards sometimes they’re not looks like this one is a little backwards generally HTC devices are backwards but let’s go ahead and turn it on now I don’t know if it’s going to turn on while it’s charging and probably needs a little bit of charge so I’m going to go ahead and let it charge for a bit and I’ll be right back alright so got it charged and got it charged up as you can see I just turned it on so I obviously want to take this off you don’t want to be

looking at this and neither do i obviously so let’s go ahead and take it off peel it on off you’ll see 4G LTE of course no LTE at the moment hopefully they get those towers going soon Beats Audio overall though I do really like the feel this device is the first time I’ve halibel on it seems like HTC definitely has improved upon their build quality I mean it’s it feels really nice it’s extremely light and extremely thin this is very interesting I did not expect this as I what’s not a big fan of HTC especially with the Evo 3d not a big fan of that device but booting on up you’ll see of course you get your volume rockers your camera button power button up on the top which I don’t like it much rather have it on the side headphone jack on the top as well looks like you got the kickstand in the middle should pop on out which kind of doesn’t make any sense to have the charging port right there and have the kickstand right here that that kind of doesn’t make any sense at all but yeah I’ll talk a bit more about all this good stuff when I do my review so definitely be sure to subscribe to me but you’ll see hands-free and activation I don’t have my phone on my number on here I just picked this up from Walmart off-contract of course so I’m

actually going to cancel my hands-free activation I don’t need to do it so it looks like I don’t know why it says I have 3G I definitely don’t looks like it wants me to set the Wi-Fi network which I’m not going to but this screen looks great I mean it’s it looks very nice very clear haven’t obviously I haven’t used it that off that much so I’m just kind of getting everything going looks like Dropbox and ACC kind of have a little deal going on so you get 25 gigs Dropbox storage for you for two years so since you’re an HTC customer that’s kind of cool if you use Dropbox I know I do or did I’m I’m pretty okay with with it now but there we have it set up more accounts geez got a lot of stuff to do I’ll be doing probably a lot of good factory resets anyway so I’m sure I’ll be looking through that stuff a lot but yeah I mean you’ve got your 4.7 inch display which is very big let me go ahead and grab a couple devices to compare with you got our Galaxy Nexus so there’s that if you guys wanted to see that in comparison and then we also have our Epic 4G Touch if you want to see

that I’ll definitely be doing comparison videos of many different devices so stay tuned for that now that I’m in my new place I’ll be good to go so let’s go ahead and exit out of this show quick tips no thanks but yeah here is the device obviously it’s alpha factory reset so it should be pretty smooth I’ll be interesting to see how it runs it has Google Wallet I did not know that so you got enough seed capabilities on it and such looks like you’ve got capacitive buttons down at the bottom three capacitive buttons they’re not touch screen buttons they’re capacitive just like pretty much any other phones except for the Galaxy Nexus so there we have it this would be our Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE unboxing kind of long so there we have it we got our turning cables information guides and the phone itself that’s it of course can’t take off the back so didn’t the battery didn’t come separate but obviously it does have a battery got the eight megapixel camera on back 1.5 gigahertz dual-core processor so looking forward to to using this phone definitely going to be doing many more videos so definitely be sure to subscribe to me I’ll be doing camera test videos on all that good stuff I know you guys love so be sure to subscribe follow me at Facebook Twitter and Google+ the links to that will be in the description of the video so be sure to click on those and as always thanks be sure to give this a thumbs up

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