Official MIUI ICS Rom on the Samsung Epic 4G Touch [REVIEW]

everyone to be king 77 here from the AC syndicate theme here to do a full review video on the official miui Ice Cream Sandwich rom on the samsung epic 4g touch this rom does have 4g working now so you still have wimax going on so pretty much everything does work you’re going to get text messages picture messages Wi-Fi Bluetooth GPS mobile data everything should be working just fine you might run into a couple bugs here and there but overall there should be a stable experience and you’re going to definitely like it miui rom is pretty cool it is a chinese base rom so this ported over to our devices thankfully it was open sourced so now we can get 4G working but right away you’ll see it is a bit of a different style to it you’ll see different icon style and such lockscreen wise it’s got a very cool lock screen now so you got this button right here you press it you got options to go to your dialer your camera your messages or unlock so you have a bunch of different options I believe you can swipe down notification but I guess not while you know lockscreen you cannot swipe down notification bar but you pull it down to and lock it and unlocks it

right away of course you can double tap on your lock screen and you’ll see you gotta play button and a back and forward button to mess with music so you have music controls all you have to do is double tap on that on that unlock button and it switches to your music controls you can skip you can play you can pause or you can press on the button again and unlock your phone so very cool lock screen there a bunch of options going on launcher wise you have this my UI launcher does not have an app drawer of course you can install apex launcher or any other type of go launcher from the marketplace if you would like an app drawer you don’t have to use this launcher this launcher does have some settings so let’s go into launcher settings you’ll see that it has transition effects wallpaper scroll type keep in memory icon shadow so I mean you have a few transition effects let’s try 3d cube it’s just a random when I pick so you’ll see now it has a 3d cube transition effect of course you can choose whichever affect you like so very cool there no apto are so all your apps are on your home screen you do have folder options you’ll see I the tools

folder already made a bunch of different tools towards calculator I mean you got a bunch of different options so very cool their messaging application get a very cool messaging app you’ll see it is a bit different you have favorites and recommending you’ll see recommend is all the Chinese so haven’t gotten rid of that yet but we can tap new message we can send it to someone you’ll see you have the stock Ice Cream Sandwich cup keyboard so let’s text google 466453 and we will say hi to google so high and send that you’ll notice that it is different theme you got a different style to it so very cool their message has sent so they should reply soon enough whenever they feel I get a kiss but but yeah so overall it’s it’s definitely very smooth I’m very impressed with this i do want to give a shout out to j after dark tcp and marcus and for getting this rom ported over for us and anyone else involved they did a very nice job that’s for sure but let’s go ahead and check out the dialer so here’s a dialer we can make a test call a lot of people like to see what it looks like

in calls so let’s go ahead and check it out look let’s go and make a test call you a nice transition effect there after we made the call so this is what it looks like you have tools you know speakerphone and keyboard so here’s our tools mute record contact ed call note so we have a bunch of tools we have keyboard it looks the call ended so there you have it there but yeah that would be our test call it you’ll see those very cool transition effects i really like that it’s very neat you’ll see that google has texted me back i will open it on up so there’s our text messaging application you’ll notice when i pulled it down before it went straight to our notifications when you have a notification and will automatically go to that notifications when you don’t it will go to our toggles you can swipe back and forth in between the two if you would like to of course you got many different ones airplane mode Wi-Fi Bluetooth GPS you got more so you have a bunch of different toggle options of course so let’s

go ahead and turn on gps i I just kind of want to show you something when I go to the maps application let’s go ahead and hop into it just some more transition things so when I pull down you’ll see searching for GPS you’ll see when I open it on up it has that transition effect and I can go between the two and you’ll see it pops open one and the other so it’s just overall really smooth and very cool that those transition effects are inside this rom it works great I’m highly impressed it’s great that wimax is working i actually tested it out myself I was in a 4G area and I did get connected and data was working just fine so let’s go and happen to the settings you’ll see I’m going to go to about phone and you’ll see you’ve got the miui rom dual-core 1.2 gigahertz gives you information about the ROM and such android 4.0 point for ice cream sandwich of course you’ll see you have common settings and full settings you can swipe between the two or tap between the two it’s up to you but common settings include Wi-Fi brightness Bluetooth ringtones accounts and sync so you got all those common ones and then you have your full settings where it’s obviously just like normal mobile networks more settings etc so you’ve got all these different settings in here which is pretty much the standards Ice Cream Sandwich ones except you get status bar settings going on

here you can have compact or page so when you have compact and pull it down it’ll obviously reload the system UI but you’ll see they’re down at the bottom now and you can scroll them horizontally so you don’t have two pages to flip between you only have this one page notifications would be above it your toggles are at the bottom I prefer to have the separate page for the toggles just a personal preference so you can customize the toggles position you can change which ones are on and which ones aren’t so you can change that can change notifications as well you can hide notifications a bunch of different options as well battery indicator style so you can have graphical you can have percentage so you’ll see inside that image there’s a percentage now you can also have top bar instead so up at the top you’ll see I’ve got a full green bar my battery is at ninety-six percent so it’s pretty much almost full so it’s up to you which battery icon you do like I also as a lot of you

guys know with the miui rom there is a themes application so you’ll see themes right here it is a bit interesting because since Ice Cream Sandwich my Iseman coming out you will see some themes network some will cause reboot so you’re going to have to be careful with this what I did was I went to online themes and I went to latest so I assume the latest ones are going to be all ice cream sandwich updated they might not i went ahead and downloaded the vapor ice 1 i’m going to try it out no idea if it’s going to work so you’re going to have to really be careful with these themes so I’m hoping it’s going to work so let’s go ahead and just apply this theme i downloaded it themes do take a bit of time depending on your data connection to download so it says successfully applied I don’t see any changes at all let’s go ahead and see so we do have changes in the applications of course all of these applications icons have been changed looks like the status bar it hasn’t been changed but I’m going to go ahead and do a reboot so I press and hold the menu button I have a reboot option so I select reboot normal recover your bootloader I’m gonna head to normal reboot so I’m gonna reboot the device you’ll see it says restarting and I’m going to see if the theme has changed at all alright so just fine i had rebooted it does not look like it changed anything up at the top here in our status bar but

these icons did change so of course you’re going to have to be careful as i said with messing with these themes and because some of them are compatible with ice cream sandwich so of course you got to be careful but let’s go into the camera application it works well it is the Ice Cream Sandwich theme style ice cream camera application so we can take a picture of course we got all our basic settings and such as well so very nice there looks like our launcher does rotate I believe it’s a launcher setting that you can have auto rotate on but but yeah that’s about it theme wise you can actually if you find one that does work you can actually customize it so you go to the vapor ice one and I believe you could select this down here and you can choose which ones that you want to have applied or not so of course you can have certain ones applied in certain ones not applied so there you have it there that’s in regards to the themes of course I want to online latest and found vaporized there and I assume that it was ice cream sandwich there’s a bit risky for me so of course just be careful when applying any of these themes again I don’t know if they’ll work or not so if I tap on one let’s say black Android I don’t know if this is gingerbread based or not you’ll see it was modified on 420 so I don’t know oh if this is going to be

gingerbread or not so be careful of course when applying any themes whatsoever I don’t even know if this theme was supposed to work or not but it seems like it did but you’ll see it edited it did not edit any of the application as some of them will what’s going on to the browser the browser is great I do really like it so we can load up a page here’s google com i’m on Wi-Fi so that’s why it’s going decently quick you have a bunch of tab different options you can add a new tab so we add a new tab and let’s go ahead and load up wikipedia and you’ll see we have two tabs going now so we’ve got google and wikipedia if i want to exit out the google and i can flick it up and there you go on back into wikipedia of course you can add a new tab again you can add another new tab you can add another one here’s a bunch of different tabs going on here so flick them up you can hit the X so overall I do really like this browser another reason I like it is because you can hit menu and hit exit and exit out of the browser I do really like that option to be able to do so so

there’s that press and hold the home button you’ve got your recent apps running apps list of course so here you go you’ve got all these different options you got your camera any app you’ve opened up you can of course wipe them away i believe you can press this clean button this paintbrush button her broom button and it’ll basically get rid of all of them so let’s go ahead and exit another browser of course you can flick them back and forth or you can press that button and it gets rid of all of them so it’s nice that you do have that option to do that you wit wise you can press and hold on the home screen and you’ll see a bunch of widgets can pop up so you get a bunch of different options reminds me of the TouchWiz launcher but you get a bunch of different options of course you can add whatever widgets you’d like so if you want a music widget just drop it on your home screen looks like it takes the whole home screen so let’s go ahead and add that and there you have it there you got our music widget going on on that page I believe you can pinch

in and all of them will show I guess not it looks like pinching in brings up your widgets so you can go through your home pages and add different widgets and such so very cool launcher nice options you have a 4g toggle there that you can turn on and off if you like 4g if you use 4g on one really doesn’t because I’m not really in a 4g area so there you have it there a nice music application if I can find it let’s go ahead and go to the music application very nice you’ve got all songs artists albums of course you can go to all your songs you’ve got a whole list of them I have a bunch of different ones on here of course so there you have it there it’s actually really cool i do like the miui music application going on so overall a very nice rom i’ve had no issues whatsoever yet so definitely be sure to check it out I will link how to in the description of the video but let me know you think of this rom be sure to leave the comments follow me on facebook twitter and google+ all links to be in the description of the video below and as always thanks for watching be sure to give this a thumbs up

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