Review of the CyanogenMod 9 Rom on the Sprint Galaxy Nexus

hey everyone qb king 77 here from the ac syndicate team here to do a review video of the official signage of mine 9 rom on your sprint galaxy nexus so here’s a full review of it obviously synonymous 9 is custom rom made to emulate the stock ice cream sandwich experience but add some tweaks overall though uh speed wise is definitely improved over stock um definitely get a little faster experience going on with cm9 but first of all let’s go ahead and go into the settings so let me go into my settings so go to settings about phone and as you can see right there science mod version nine uh snapshot alpha one so this would be the initial release of the official uh build which does not have any bugs actually so you don’t have to worry about any bugs google wallet works as well you can just get that from the play store you’ll have to download it from there but uh android version 4.0.4 going on so um there you have it there that would be letting you know you are running signage mod 9 out obviously uh so we got our home screen of course basically our stock launcher does have some added tweaks i’ll get to that in a second up at the top you got your basically stock the stock theme with the blue icons up at the top swipe

down notification bar as you can see you’ve got some added tweaks up here you got some notification power widgets which i believe was initially a touchwiz feature and that they ported it over to the rom um as you can see you got wi-fi bluetooth gps and sound you can actually edit those i will get to that in a bit of course you have your settings shortcut as well right next to the date the pull-down bar is somewhat transparent as you can see you can somewhat see through it just like stock so i mean other than that it looks very stock other than these added tweaks up at the top get a stock pull down bar which i’m sure all you guys are used to by now so anyways let’s go ahead and get into other some other things as i said i mean you get your stock launcher which is very smooth um i believe it’s called trebuchet launcher it does have some other settings let’s go back into our settings and you’ll see under interface you have launcher settings right here so go into those home screen settings you can set the number of home screens you have which default screen grid size padding you can

actually disable the search bar if you don’t like to have that on your home screen you can disable that persistent search bar if you don’t like it i don’t mind it so you can have it resize any widget there’s transition effects so if you want to have a bunch of transition effects you can let’s try tablet actually let’s not try tablet let’s try rotate up so if i switch it to rotate up when i transition it should rotate up as you can see it is kind of moving up i don’t really have that much actually let’s drop a widget on my home screen so we can kind of see a little bit of a difference in the transition so if i put a browser widget there we can just kind of rotate it as you can see everything is rotating so that’s kind of cool you got a bunch of different ones in regards to widgets they are scrollable some of them are resizable there’s a as i said an edit in the in the launcher where you can make all of them resizable so you’ve got that option there of course you have your folders options just drag drag and drop apps on top of one another so if i want to make a folder there i can i go into it as you can see i can rename it as well to whatever i want it done there you go there’s my folder going on there so uh but back into the settings let’s go hop back into those sorry about that let’s go back into the launcher settings uh so obviously you have a lot of home screen settings with those transition effects and such i mean you can choose whichever one you want whichever one you like

with page indicators and such you have drawer settings join with apps the widgets you can have more transition effects changed in your drawer fade side pages and you have some other indicator settings as well you also have general settings which would mean you can auto rotate your screen when you’re on your home screen actually on stock obviously you can’t but you can actually have it auto rotate so as you can see it’s rotating my home screen even though i am just on the home screen of course on stock you cannot do that so that would be it for just about it for the launcher settings of course you can install apex launcher nova launcher i believe from the play store and use those if you like those themes is just a placeholder so there’s no themes yet unfortunately system system settings you’ve got notification drawer which would basically these power widgets up at the top you can actually uncheck it so if you don’t want them you can get rid of them so i mean if you don’t want them you can obviously get rid of them um hide on change you can hide an indicator hide the scroll bar but here’s where you can edit them go to widget buttons you get a bunch of different ones to choose from go to sleep you can change media you can go airplane mode brightness lock screen toggle lte which i don’t know if it works or not obviously i think it does

actually i kind of want to test it so i’m going to toggle lte on there so as you can see got it added right away lte right over there so that got added right away i don’t know if it’s going to switch from lte cdma back to only cdma so it’ll be interesting to see if that works toggle mobile data you can also change the order so just go to widget button order and obviously you can change this order which to whatever you want it to be of course so let’s go ahead and try the toggle lte out it’s kind of something i wanted to point out anyway so i’m going to turn off my wi-fi and i’m going to press the lte button i don’t know if it’s going to switch my network settings to the proper ones but i press the lte button so i go into settings go into more going to mobile networks and network mode and it looks like it did so as you can see lte cdma it is set to that by default so if you you might want to go check and make sure that you only select cdma of course because the lte networks aren’t on yet so right away after you first install the rom you might want to go into here and make sure that it’s checked so actually let’s go ahead and uncheck lte now so if i press the lte button i should uncheck it and let’s see if it changed so i go back into their uh network mode and it did so as you can see it it works so you’ve got that lte button which is great especially because um for battery saving you

definitely want a widget going on for the lte of course once it comes out so if you’re not in an lte area of course you probably want to switch it off so it’s not searching or anything so nice to have that working of course i was a little skeptical didn’t know if that was going to work but it works great um as i said speed is is awesome going to the dialer you have your stock ice cream sandwich dialer everything is is basically stock themed of course you’ve got your stock stock browser mine’s trying to connect to 3g still it hasn’t connected yet so obviously it’s it’s struggling but it’ll get there it sometimes will take a little while to connect to 3g i can hop back onto my wi-fi if need be which i just turned back on but uh otherwise lock screen wise you um obviously have your stock lock screen camera unlock those two right there um if i want to go back to my browser as i said let’s go into stock browser stock ice cream sandwich browser really no tweaks there so um you got your recent running apps button down here which works great you can swipe away what you don’t want as you can see there so of course as i said i mean not too much different from stock you got rom manager app you got terminal emulator other than that you got pretty much all your stock applications as well let’s go back into those settings though because there are a couple more i wanted to show um yeah under system you have lock screen actually so a lock

screen is temporary so hopefully you can expect that soon wallpaper settings um obviously you can choose a certain wallpaper and font size so you can change your font size if you want huge um or normal of course so i mean you can change your font size there scroll down actually go to the bottom go to performance proceed with caution here make sure if you don’t know what you’re doing you don’t mess with any of these settings but as you can see you can change the cpu governor you can change different clock speeds as well so as you can see interactive step by default minimum cpu frequency obviously down to 350 you can actually overclock by default 1350 1.35 gigahertz as as always 1.

2 gigahertz 1200 megahertz is the stock’s clock speed the dual core processor speed so i mean you can under clock or overclock by default just in this settings and make sure you check set on boot if you do want to overclock i’m not too i’m not one myself to overclock all that much as i prefer to have the battery life over the the extra speed so but i mean you

got some memory management 16-bit transparency obviously don’t mess with those if you don’t know what you’re doing but really other than that you have a profiles option which i believe see is cm9 specific where you can set different settings for each profile so if you want to go home you will select that if you’re at work you just select that profile and those different settings will come up sound settings display settings um gps

data and and such so there you have it there with a nice profile settings but overall that’s really about it i mean everything is basically stock without those added tweaks of course so um obviously you can just remove widgets and such everything is basically the same of course when you’re in your lock screen you can still pull down your notification bar and turn off your toggles and such so you got those options as well but other than that that’s really about it that is my full review of the signage of my 9 rom on your sprint galaxy nexus let me know what you think leave a comment on the video below be sure to subscribe to me follow me on facebook twitter and google plus all links will be in the description of the below and as always thanks for be sure to give this a thumbs up

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