Review of the Official Android 4.0.4 ICS Update on the Nexus S 4G

hi there Ron Kuby King 77 right here from the air conditioner organization team here to do a full review video clip on the main ice cream sandwich update on the nexus s 4g right here is a complete review going over whatever so first off menu most likely to setups scroll down most likely to regarding phone you’ll see nexus s 4g android variation 4.0 factor for right there and I am construct number I mmm 76 d to make sure that is what they have actually called that I mmm 76 d a little concealed easter egg i’m mosting likely to begin off with if you individuals really did not recognize about this on Ice Cream Sandwich just rapidly touch the Android version keep pushing it sometimes takes a little while to appear swiftly tap it as well as there you go obtain all the hit hidden easter egg and after that press and hold on the display and also there you go got some little flying ice cream sandwich men that can revolve so I figured I would certainly begin at that little easter egg I know a lot of individuals simulate that type of things myself included anyways let’s go on and also enter into it so we clearly have ice lotion sandwich running as well as I nexus s 4g the main upgrade i do have a video showing you just how to install it update if you want to check that out i will certainly link to that in the

summary of the video however firstly something you’ll observe is a new launcher clearly updated from the gingerbread launcher you have 5 icons down there you obtained your application cabinet and then the 4 other symbols e our adjustable you just press and also hold on it and you can move them out so as you can see i remove individuals from from down there but anyways you have your app cabinet switch is while you have only five home displays really I believe gingerbread was 5 too can not remember it’s been a little while considering that I have actually gotten on gingerbread you also recognizes you have a persistent google search bar up at the top i believe i have a video on how to get rid of that if you do not such as that i will certainly connect to that in the summary of the video clip can not bear in mind off hand just how to do it but i do have a video clip anyways or else go to your appropriate alright you’ll notice every little thing is straight as opposed to that 3d vertical seek to it so you get

your straight application drawer currently going right into widgets also so you go directly into your widgets which is rather good that like the tree computer animations of this going on that is quite cool if you ask me an additional amazing function about the launcher is you have a folders option so let’s say you wished to create a folder with a group of applications with each other say I intend to drop Google Wallet on my google voice simply kind of press and also hold and also drop it on one another tap it and there you go you got your folder right below you can relabel it as well as allow’s state you desire to name it Google spell Google incorrect not taking note so there you have it there’s my brand-new folder right there simply tap on it opens both of the applications which is really good to keep your residence screens not really messy so as I said just click and also drag an application on each other you can have them down right here as well um down right here just same point right there so you can have your your folders down here in the dock bar as well so it’s in fact pretty awesome that Google enable this to take place as well as it’s created this for us so I simulate it a great deal which is a good attribute of Gelato Sandwich to have one more awesome thing let’s go ahead as well as examine out the new style certainly there’s a new style up on top of the of bench up below you’ll notice you have a blue clock up here currently so you have actually got a blue clock going on together with a blue battery symbol which behaves it’s it’s absolutely various so it’s good to

have something different in addition to new signal bars blue signal bars the issue you’ll discover go on with that ice lotion sandwich blue look I’m on Wi-Fi right now yet the 3g icon would be going simply above the signal bars right there allow’s proceed as well as swipe down you’ll see notice up on top you’ve obtained X to get rid of off your notices as well as this whole symbol right below following to the day faucet on that symbol and it will certainly take you right to the setups food selection so it’s nice that there’s a little covert setups thing there to take you right to setups or else alert bar a semi-transparent you can see your applications with there yet it still is tinted you’ll see it’s a sprint at the bottom so generally a very great tidy want to Ice Cream Sandwich I do like the notification bar appearance to it it most definitely looks really clean so are things let’s go back right into that setups food selection of program you have various wallpapers so you can push and also hold as well as you obtained gallery of training course wallpapers so you have different some different wallpapers to select from i’m not exactly sure if these were on

gingerbread doorknob yet they feel like they be different live wallpapers 40 of the fees beam of light live wallpaper which is new you still have the nexus real-time wallpaper from gingerbread if you desire you bubbles hollow spiral phase beams those of all the brand-new ones that you need to select from now so good to have those distinctions let’s go back right into the settings as I claimed of program you got Wi-Fi to go right into your partner I claimed you have to in fact tap over here to go in any of these settings I recognize a whole lot of people somehow in some cases located it challenging to find exactly how to enter partner you’ll transform it on but you do not recognize you think it’ll basically popolo I discover however it does not you got a faucet on the Wi-Fi to obtain right into your into your settings you have Bluetooth data usage more obviously you have 4g setups due to training course 4G works NFC too mobile networks plane mode so you got that going on you have appear right here sound setups of training course basically all your basic noise establishing um brand-new ringtones as well as notice noises certainly they’re a little brand-new you obtained resonance display lock sounds just the same ones that got on gingerbread screen setting exists I’ll typical illumination wallpaper automobile turn display font style size to make sure that’s a little various actually you can change

your font size if you want it to be big you’ll see my typeface size got truly large so that’s sort of great that you can really change your typeface size on the fly for those of you that like a various want to it so you can alter that in instance you’re questioning in the screen setups storage very self-explanatory battery life allows you recognize what far better talking battery it’s not as excellent as gingerbread it is good I got concerning an hour less than I would on stock gingerbread so I imply offer or take I virtually did the very same point I tested it out with both gingerbread and gelato sandwich perhaps an hour hour and also a fifty percent less and gelato sandwich instead of gingerbread so not way too much of a difference however certainly a bit worse on a gelato sandwich I hope you men don’t become worse yet with any luck it’s similar the gingerbread application wise you generally obtain downloaded USB storage running accounts instincts naturally location solutions safety and security right below inside security you have a few various

Setups you can go to evaluate lock regrettably there’s no face unlock I recognize that’s a function of a lot of you people do like concerning ice lotion sandwich on being on the Galaxy Nexus they have that face and also lap yet the Nexus S is front facing video camera truly isn’t great enough hardware-wise to generally obtain face as well as good luck to be functioning so you have none you so you can transform off your lock display which is pretty wonderful so you can go don’t even need a lock screen of training course you get your CRT display off computer animation still going on you have slide which is generally the one ever and rather a lot uses you obtain your button right below slide over to and lock or go directly to your electronic camera application so primarily you get your choices there so you can unlock their with slide you got your pattern unlock of course pin and password so those are a little bit different which is nice one more little trendy point is you can go to owner info and you can type anything you desire so let’s claim I want to kind in my name so allow’s go ahead as well as kind in Tim and after that I’ll simply back out of it and when i go to my lock screen you’ll see Tim right there so kind of nicely you can kind of obtain a personalized message right there I don’t know how lengthy it can be

let’s state I desire to claim qbking best beneath it I suggest you can in fact obtain it to be a great deal of lines so we’ll see if that appears looks like it does all it will mine so it gets it all in one line simply so you people recognize it doesn’t utilize the enters there so of training course allow me just type of get rid of all this things i talking of the vital word though the keyboard is excellent the forecast automobile correction is impressive this is by far my preferred android keyboard i love this keyboard i absolutely do not need to download and install or set up any kind of other keyword from the market actually it functions actually well I’ll go to the messaging application real fast to check it out since this doesn’t have the autocorrect done yet anyways other setups you obtain your language as well as input that you have undoubtedly your keyboard as well as such day and also time and about fondant where you went into so those are primarily all the settings that I wished to look at allow’s go into the messaging application though as i said i wished to reveal you individuals a couple things keyboard sensible the key-board is excellent of training course i’m mosting likely to face some problem inputting with the electronic camera in front of me but i suggest if you desired to say hi there exactly how was your day to day there you go i indicate it was best as well as it autocorrected appropriately i don’t understand if i mistyped i just kind of did it

without even looking so I mean it worked extremely well you obtained a smiley face they’re on the key-board my day was terrific thanks for asking so there you have it i suggest it functions really effectively even if you intended to say something like asking hi see how life but asking high without a space it automatically does it for you after you hit spacebar after that of course you got xm8!? comma colon semicolon okay there so let’s take place exit out of this another nice attribute is the speech texted has actually been upgraded it’s meant to be live on the nexus s 4g it’s not as real time as you would such as however it still sort of programs up as you’re typing and also talking so let’s go on as well as test it out hey there everyone thanks for seeing this video so you’ll see exactly how its it essentially while I was speaking it was loading it words up it didn’t wait for me to finish and after that pack them up so it did it as I was talking so if you missed it let’s go ahead and attempt it once more I wish you had a good day today my day was fine so there you go as well as you obtained ta remove alternative right there as well as you can simply strike done when you’re.

done so extremely awesome there that that they consisted of that with the nexus s 4g it functions rather well really the job though the voice does function really well or else you have a clearly totally new overhauled style you’ve obtained a new dialer you can swipe over and also you have actually obtained call log and get in touches with certainly all your fundamental phone phone usages or else some brand-new points you got a brand-new web browser taking place we’re mosting likely to wish to check that out the internet browser is really nice you can additionally check out the chrome beta browser i have an evaluation of that i can connect to that in the description of the video as well if I keep in mind to but anyways the internet browser is is actual good you really do not obtain any kind of checker boarding no no actually lag in the pinch to zoom obviously so overall I suggest it’s functioning real well allow’s go and have it pack up a page that really has some stuff on aCSyndicate dotnet so there we go you appear to get done that you’ll see various other alternatives will turn up right here so let’s go in to go as well as it must fill on up i’m on Wi-Fi today in situation you were questioning so there you go it lots on up you’ll see it you can scroll through actual actual promptly general it works extremely well no problems at all with the internet browser itself it runs real smooth runs genuine great so overall certainly a terrific internet browser I’m I like what the Android what Google did.

with this web browser you can go home one more incredible functions press and also hang on the house button basically you obtain this slide carousel with the current and also running applications there oops I do not know why that went away however basically you can additionally swipe them away if you do not want to see them or is it out of them you can swipe away all the ones that you’re you’re not using so there so they do not appear and also they they come right as you open an app so if you intend to go to your messaging app swipe it on the way there you go so if I return to my internet browser needs to need to refill the web page since I swiped it away so you’ll see out on the AC distribute page i press the house switch and after that I simply go directly back into my internet browser you’ll see it it remains on the page and afterwards if I actually go home once again and also swipe it away and when I go back right into it it must have to reload the page back up so extremely very great little feature there with the carousel I recognize a great deal of individuals like that myself consisted of i actually love that feature in Ice Cream Sandwich generally on the lock display as well you can draw down the notification bar so if you have a text or an e-mail.

you can go directly to it while on your lock display you don’t need to unlock your phone obviously you will if you do have a passcode or a pattern a whole lot however if you simply use the slide to unlock you can go right into your applications and also such which is which is really terrific obviously it includes Google+ Google Plus carrier as well total though it’s not as smooth as well as stylish i would not state smooth and also stylish but it’s simply not as quick as gingerbread was i suggest you’ll obtain some lag occasionally however in general it’s an actually good experience considering it’s simply a solitary core phone anyways so I suggest it’s truly good that they quite much got whatever going completely operating and whatever everything working naturally with your widgets you can push and also hold and after that drop them down in the residence display essentially also they’re scrollable several of them not every one of them a few of them are and resizable as well just choose it up drop it back down and you’ll see some dots stand out up you can.

resize them to any place you desire them certainly as well as after that just sort of hit the back switch and also you’re there still scrollable naturally but resizable as well not all of them you’ll discover some of them you can’t resize so that’s type of simply hit or miss you got your 4g widget right there as well so you can switch on your 4g as you please google budget i haven’t tested that out but from what I hear jobs simply fantastic comes with play music motion pictures publications your brand-new google talk application which is great camera cam has really been updated it makes it so it’s a lot much easier to simply kind of snap consecutive photos so you’ll see i’ll take a photo right here it will certainly concentrate it’ll take and after that today i can load it right back on up I think that’s a great deal faster than it got on gingerbread so you’ll see I’m taking them back to back right back to back likewise you obtain your camera you have scenic setting too I don’t really desire to completely enter into this yet you’ll see what you can do is you can take an image and after that gradually go sidewards as well as take an entire scenic shot of something so I don’t truly wish to examine that out however it’s in fact an actually cool function that you’re mosting likely to intend to attempt out so allow’s return into the video camera see if there’s.

anything else I wished to point out some other things naturally you have setups right here you got your settings taking place you have plus minus exposure flash white equilibrium that that’s virtually it i suggest your your quality and so on you can change to the front facing video camera right up here with this button to ensure that’s kind of wonderful so you’ll see there i am hi there every person aside from that that’s that’s practically the electronic camera application so it functions effectively I definitely simulate the the new camera application the theming in addition to great yet various other than that that’s really all I wished to cover is kind of the full evaluation of the official gelato sandwich update kind of obtain you acclimated with it and see to it that you men all understood what was taking place now that you’re out gingerbread any longer for those of you that have not had a taste of ice lotion sandwich yet but overall you’ll grow to enjoy it since it’s it’s actually fantastic operating system i love it a whole lot so i indicate if you have any kind of inquiries in any way do not hesitate to ask leave a talk about the video i’ll be pleased to assist you is out allow me understand what you believe as well if you’re on the upgrade let me understand what your take is on it be certain to register for me also follow me on Facebook Twitter and Google Plus all web links to be in the summary of the video below and also as constantly thanks for enjoying I’ll be publishing numerous various other suggestions methods and so on in the summary so check those out as well and thanks.

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