How to Manually Update the Nexus S 4G To official Android 4.0.4 ICS

hi Ron Cuba King 77 right here from the a/c distribute group here to do a video hangout just how to manually upgrade your Nexus S 4G to the main Gelato Sandwich developed Android 4.0.4 this is official that is being pushed out to phones so if you don’t intend to wait on the over-the-air update to obtain to your phone you can do it by hand by means of this this method so anyways you have to get on supply 2 point three point 7 the newest Gingerbread develop Android three point three factor 7 as you can see you should be on stock just you should have supply recuperation anyways once you do go on and click on the link in the description of the video clip and also as soon as you do I do not take it as well very easy cynic if online forums what you’re gon na need to do is go ahead and also scroll down as well as you’ll see this download button right here you’ll see this download switch click it it’ll automatically download the documents you require to your computer once it’s.

downloaded you’re not done yet go on as well as go right into the documents which must be in your downloads folder or something similar it’ll appear like this will actually simply be a lot of numbers and letters this ta m KD r3z that submit right there and when you have that downloaded you can really go ahead and also plug in your your Nexus S 4G right into your PC you’re gon na need to do that I do not suggest downloading this file directly to your phone that’s not recommended I do suggest doing it to your computer first and afterwards move that over so proceed as well as strike turn on USB storage so turn on USB storage space on your Nexus S 4G and also as soon as you do it ought to appear on your PC certainly as USB storage tool it might take a little while to load up however there it is so you obtained it connected in and all you’re gon na have to do is proceed as well as keeping that downloaded and install data click and drag it over to your phone your removable disk application transfer it on over it’ll take a little of time the documents is decently huge in fact because it is a complete Android.

variation upgrade but right here we go so it’s going to transfer on over alright as well as as soon as it is done transferring over as you can see all you’re gon na have to do go on and also go back into your detachable disks so where your Nexus has 4 G’s inner storages and you’re gon na require to rename that file that T am KD r3z documents you’re really gon na need to rename it and you’re gon na wish to relabel it to update simply rename it to upgrade it’ll be an upgrade that zip but simply relabel it to update easily as well as you’ll really be ready to go so as soon as you relabel it on your Nexus S 4G right-click on a removable disk as well as struck expel so go on as well as eject your phone you’re really all set to go once as soon as you do that you can disconnect your Nexus S 4G from your PC so we can return to our phones currently alright and also as soon as we have that file transfer it over rename to update we are prepared to go really you can go on as well as power off your gadget we’re gon na need to power it on down no you do not have to fret about this deleting.

any kind of data or anything it’s much like getting an update over-the-air to your phone it’ll instantly upgrade it’ll save every one of your information all your apps and so on so keep that in mind once it’s powered off what we’re gon na require to do is press and hold volume up as well as power switch at the very same time press and hold both of them it will take you to this screen it will certainly appear like this to navigate via this display what we’re gon na need to do is utilize the the volume tricks and also the power button you’ll see you have reboot bootloader reboot recuperation and power off press the quantity down switch twice up until you highlight over recovery and also after that push the power switch to choose it what that’s gon na do is reboot you into the phone’s stack custom pile recovering that personalized healing pile recuperation it’ll take you to this page it’ll be an Android overview with an exclamation point the means I surpass the display is simply sort of pushing the volume buttons and power switches all at the exact same time simply maintain doing it up until you obtain this screen and you’ll see.

this this food selection right here you make use of the same buttons to browse quantity up as well as down and also power button go press the quantity down button till you get to use upgrade from sdcard press the power button and after that go in advance and use the volume down button to drop to update drink you’ll see upgrade dot zip pick it and it will certainly proceed and install the official Android 4.0.4 Ice Lotion Sandwich upgrade manually so it’s gon na go ahead as well as do it this is specific what would occur if you got the over-the-air update it would certainly simply download and install to your phone and after that it would certainly reboot right into this stock recuperation and after that comply with the same approach and also install so it’ll take a little of time to set up the data is pretty big so be patient with it and I will be back once it’s done setting up all right and also as you can see mount from sd card complete it actually did take a long time so you really need to be client keeping that it took longer than I thought it would certainly so endure the set up procedure it does take a bit of time yet anyways when it’s done all you have to do is it’ll highlight reboot system.

just push the power switch to choose it and also it will reboot your Nexus S 4G and also once it boots back up you will certainly be running the main Gelato Sandwich ROM Ice Lotion Sandwich develop on your Nexus S 4G so there we go we got a new boot computer animation the good supply Gelato Sandwich boot animation so extremely great there that that got updated but anyways I’m gon na be doing a complete testimonial video clip on this really soon I’m gon na proceed as well as allow this boot and I will reveal you I’m currently an Ice Lotion Sandwich alright so as you’ll see it states android is upgrading right there depending upon how numerous applications you have it’ll take a bit more of time so I’ll let that go on and also load up I am utilizing my flag hole in situation those of you are wondering am i Nexus S 4G I can just stand it up just like that for you guys so absolutely check that out all link to that in the.

summary but there you go it’s completing the boot after android is updating so hopefully it needs to take me to the homescreen it does have a new launcher every little thing is revamped so you’re absolutely gon na wish to inspect out my review video I will do I got ta go somewhere for a couple hours and I’ll be back so I’ll put that up tonight you ought to see that up tonight so as you can see also a brand-new lock display make yourself in the house but sufficient of that let’s simply go to setups genuine fast as well as scroll down go to concerning phone and under concerning phone you’ll see model number Nexus S 4G right there Android version 4.0.4 right there build number IMM 76 and also d to ensure that is what the build number is called however there you go Android variation 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich we are currently in Ice Lotion Sandwich it has a brand-new a brand-new radio in fact it’s updated the radio so ideally you get either far better 3G 4G speed signal and also signal strength – so ideally whatever is boosted with this and now you obtain the Ice Cream Sandwich experience on your Nexus S 4G and you can by hand mount it by means of this video however anyways as I said make certain to take a look at my complete evaluation video clip I will link to that in the summary of the video clip be sure to register for me follow me on Facebook Twitter and also Google+ I such as to be in the summary of the below and as constantly thanks for make certain to offer this a thumbs up.

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