Review of the Alpha AOKP ICS Rom on the Samsung Epic 4G Touch

hi there ever on Cuba King 77 here from the AC distribute team below to do an evaluation video clip of the aokp rom on your samsung impressive 4g touch this is a Gelato Sandwich bass drum android 4.0 point 3 it’s really very similar to cm9 or they’re very closely relevant aokp is just essentially a rom developed off of resource similar to cm9 to install it i’m not going to be making it out to set up video clip because the install instructions are the specific very same as cm9 indications benign except just made use of the aokp rom zip as well as aokp gf’s clearly so i will certainly post a web link to the downloads to obtain the rom in the g applications but follow my exactly how to set up cm9 video clip to mount your aokp rom since you will need to mount cm7 first even if you need the certain recovery however let’s enter it I have aokp on my phone I’m going to turn it on you’ll observe a little of a different boot computer animation and as you can see it’s type of a pink pony boot animation right there so that’s kind of their thing allow’s proceed and let this start on up you’ll see android is upgrading its

starting on up as well as we must be good to go it is made to imitate the stock Ice Cream Sandwich experience it does have face unlock so as you can see it’s asking me for my pin code let’s go on as well as take that in you get to launch choices primarily you obtain the pile lunger nova launcher i recommend using nova just because it’s the stock launcher with other tweaks as you can see you have actually got your basically Galaxy Nexus buttons down right here modification switches you can get rid of those I will certainly reveal you exactly how to do that however allow’s demonstrate face unlock actual quick it must function i lag my electronic camera as well as it did work so there you have it that functions you have your basically your swipe away 22 unlock a person wishes to talk with me i’ll accept them yet anyways you can sweat that away various other points with Nova Launcher you have a bunch of various adjustments you can do as you can see I have my primarily voice regulates I have actually application drawer I have essentially display previews where you can place these displays in various spots similar to you can on whether it be TouchWiz or sense so you have those options which is good for these button alterations you have basically home back and your recent apps running applications certainly the buttons down here do still job naturally some distinctions between

this and cm9 up on top here as you can see you have a bit of a different motif design to this up here you’ll see that you obtained your date along with you can transform your illumination also whether you want it to be instantly you can activate automatic or you can change the illumination road from right here so as you can see my brightness fluctuating which is really excellent you have other toggles which you can modify Wi-Fi GPS Bluetooth revolve which are established by default you can have it def program whether you touch on it and rejuvenates actually so I will reveal you how to obtain to that too which is kind of cool so however or else themed significantly like supply Ice Cream Sandwich your app cabinet Nova Launcher certainly which I will enter into those settings in a little bit you got your your widgets as constantly so type of wonderful that you have all those generally supply Gelato Sandwich style choices things that don’t function first you do not have 4g yet ideally that will certainly that will come soon no concept yet when he will get that working accumulate but yeah no 4G right now it will come YouTube is still a little wacky get an eco-friendly line if it’s as well as a blue color to your video clips that you see on YouTube likewise with general practitioners it can be hit-or-miss so little heads up there if you require a steady GPS be careful with this rom examination it out first as constantly you can make your groups as you can see I made a gmail as well as people widget overall the ROM appears rather fast battery life

hasn’t been all that wonderful it’s been okay I ran this all the time today as I stated you can swipe away your alerts and bring those away let’s go to settings oh so evidently tap I didn’t recognize that apparently touching the Setups button up on top here do away with these settings so you have that choice if you do not such as those fast panel choices which is really rather great or else I’m gon na press food selection most likely to system setups and we are mosting likely to scroll down most likely to regarding phone not designer options about phone and also as you can see Android version 4.0 point three best there it is in AOKP AOKP represents android open kang task you will certainly see AOSP which is android open resource task which is referred to as the stock rounds but anyways I do not utilize these buttons down right here much they are sort of trendy to attempt out yet eventually you’ll see they get in the means whether you’re keying something in the key-board or whatnot so if you got a message and also you compose one you’ll see that you’re attempting press space as well as you accidentally struck the house button it’ll take you residence and also after that you reached return into it as well as everything so it is sort of a pain act a bit so I’m sure you individuals are going to wish to transform it so today allow’s go in advance and reveal you just how go to setups go to rom control and after that go to power menu options as well as under power menu options inspect show navigation bar toggle right there so see to it that’s inspected and also then you press and also hold the power button as well as right below

you’ll see these navigation bar controls simply extraordinary in the setups menu which undoubtedly is great to have about control allow’s go and discuss some more things general individual interface you can disable the boot computer animation so if you don’t desire your partner seeing your your pink unicorn boot computer animation you can close that off so I locate that sort of enjoyable you can allow 180 level rotation where you can place it upside down horizontal current apps window it states make use of webos design examination switcher I don’t understand if that works or otherwise I truthfully I’m not sure ok so i assume it’s generally you’ll put your recent app so allow’s go into another thing so allow’s open up nova setups allow’s return let’s open contacts return and currently allow’s press as well as hold the home switch ok so brings it up like cards type of like webos so that’s the distinction that vertical it brings up horizontal current applications yeah I assume you can swipe them away you can not so you just swipe up in instead in contrast to whatever you did before so that’s kind of great that you have that little option there from what I hear it’s absolutely got extra options than cm9 I hear it’s obtained an excellent port on the nexus s 4g so it’s absolutely around i’m excited to run and attempt out up and also running all of it day as well as it works jobs pretty well basic you I you can alter your LCD density you can have the CRT off computer animation where obviously it’s like that up failed to remember obtained ta unlock it you’ll see I don’t understand if you individuals observed however it sort of lags when it opens up the the front-facing video camera you’ll see it remains black and afterwards it switches on so it’s sort of kind of a goofy appearance to it how just how you need to type of delay

for it to activate which sort of stinks but oh well you have various other choices too there’s so many alternatives that you do have it’s tough to go with all of them but it behaves that we do have a navigating bar which I believe is the bar I I do not know where is navigation bar let’s allow it it says you need to reboot so you guys will have to experiment with the navigation bar another time figured it was something like that but that’s actually sort of neat that you have various other alternatives I didn’t actually go via these options in addition to I would certainly have suched as to I experienced a great deal of them attempt to obtain every little thing work going yet apparently these oh all right I recognize what it is so navigation bar is you can sorry about that you can really edit the switches down below if you desire to allow specific switches you can actually enable a search button or a food selection button so when you’re in an app you can have the menu button down there which is sort of nice so those are for the on screen back residence yet recent apps switches right down there which is type of good you have the switch radiance animation etc so you have those navigating bar options lock screen choices wallpaper lock display design which would certainly be actually type of awesome so you can have it be quad octo stock szostak would certainly be generally the entrusted to appropriate can not left camera ideal unlock allow’s go on and also switch off face unlock actual fast so you most likely to security to obtain to encounter unlock and after that you go to screen lock let’s confirm my password still can’t get it as well as allow’s simply do slide so we put it

to move you’ll see it’s it’s obtained quad now where it’ll have four options for you you need to set those manually however you have cam of program and unlock so let’s go ahead as well as go back into those setups whoops type of nice missed it so allow’s enter into those settings the lock display option settings black screen design I believe you need to choose which apps it opens right below so customized app one allowed’s try to SMS custom-made application to phone three cam for audio toggle so there you have it allow’s attempt all those as you can see when you press on it you got your sound you got your unlock phone and also electronic camera so you have to release among them obviously let’s simply go in advance and just claim blank and let’s see if SMS turns up so it doesn’t so fascinating you’ll need to play with that it is an alpha State if I really did not point out that so you will encounter pests I do not recognize why SMS isn’t showing up you’ll need to play with that I’ll seem like messing with it presently so you have those lock display options which is rather cool that you can add those faster ways power menu alternatives which i currently revealed you whether you have a number of climate alternatives too LED power saver as you can see there’s actually an insane quantity of choices that you can tinker in there I’ll baked into the run so when you have a okp round port you’ll obtain all these type of setups so that’s really wonderful toggle is up at the top you can mess with as

I stated enable toggles you can have it turn on a lot of different ones so allow’s claim I desire to enable every one of these all of them will certainly turn up in a great neat order to make sure that’s type of cool that it that it will do that immediately for you you can have alter the order of them I think someplace I do not know if you toggle order there it is so you can do that as well battery choices battery icon style icon just message only as you can see i go to fifteen percent I come with text symbol with facility text circle mod and elevation so it’s truly terrific that you have all those different battery options without having the flesh themes and so on battery bar location conceal let’s attempt top of nav bar I don’t understand what that that battery bar area base of nav bar ok so possibly I don’t recognize I honestly do not know a battery bar location does there it is so if you have it on status bar up at the leading you’ll see that little blue line there that inform doing your battery percent zet so you can conceal your battery symbol and after that have that appear as well as it essentially if it’s full it’ll be all blew up at the leading so that’s type of great you can have a charging animation color thickness so yeah I suggest you have a truly unlimited quantity of choices signal you can have it be textile shade and so on and

efficiency fine-tunes I have not obtained any one of these yet be careful I don’t recognize if they function or otherwise just beware if you enter into them allow superuser gain access to as well as just if you do not know what you’re doing do not mess with it clearly you can’t overclock presently however in the future you will certainly be able to as long as the port keeps coming so it’s in fact great that I went with all those settings I recognize it’s a whole lot so sorry concerning that people however basic normally general everything Ice Lotion Sandwich I suggest it’s it’s actually a terrific rom to check out if you don’t need general practitioner because well some people have all the best with general practitioner I on the various other hand do not so I mean it’s really hit or miss for me give your supply messaging application allow’s go in advance as well as test out the primarily the voice command hey there exactly how are you doing and also there you have it to ensure that works rather well so you can try that out which is excellent so as I stated general supply experience you can tinker the transition animations which remains in the Nova Launcher setups amount of desktop computers drawer settings dock setups dock setups where you can actually have multiple docs down right here which is type of wonderful within a personalized spectator which is great within the nova launcher options however yeah total that’s just a complete evaluation of the AOKP rom alpha rom on the samsung impressive 4g touch let me know what you think leave a talk about the video below I will more than happy to address any type of inquiries that you do have it does feature supply recuperation as i said be sure to subscribe to me follow me on facebook twitter as well as google+ all links to be in the description the below and as always thanks make certain to provide this a thumbs up

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