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so these days budget smartphones are coming faster than jason biggs and that they’re american pie film it literally seems like me a minute since i reviewed xiaomi’s excellent poco x3 nfc smartphone and now along pops another contender for the budget smartphone crown the realme 7 pro now while most cheapy mobiles including the standard realme 7 use a basic ips display here on the roomie 7 pro you’ve got a gorgeous bright poppy super in-your-face oled panel instead some media fans in particular should find themselves getting rather moist but is the real me seven pro a one trick pony or is it well deserving of that special spot in your handbag slash pants well i’ve been using it as my full-time phone and here is my realme 7 pro review and for more than the latest great tech please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers now as much as i enjoyed the poco x3 nfc it was a bit of a beast at near 6.7 inches and while the real me 7 pro isn’t exactly diminutive at 6.4 inches it’s definitely a bit easier to funnel with one hand especially as the nifty one-handed mode can be easily called into action the back end isn’t quite as exciting as that oled screen though like most budget blowers it is a simple polycarbonate arse or polycast on it if you will but as usual roomy has at least done its best to jazz up the aesthetics a bit so you’ve got a snazzy split design and a choice of silver or blue finishes while that matte surfacing is reasonably resistant to smudgy greasy finger filth and that textured surface and is lovely and soft to touch as well it’s definitely got what we term in the industry as a good hand feel and the disadvantage of a plastic backing is that it usually scratches up like a morphe but touchwood the real me seven pro is still in perfect nick after a full week of being slapped about and you even do get a condom case stuffed in the box just in case you have proper butter fingers and no worries about the front end as far as durability goes either it’s definitely a lot more jason statham than jason donovan you’ve got gorilla glass plating and then slapped on top of that you’ve got an actual screen protector as well so

great stuff now if you’re not familiar with real me smartphones the os of choice here is full fat android with the real me ui slapped right on top this is basically just the color os launcher by a different name so if you dive on into the settings you’ve got the same hot mess of a menu there with lots of really really neat features buried away in there and when i say buried i basically mean good luck finding any of them but when you do track them down the likes of the aforementioned one-handed modes and the screen recording and the super nighttime standby features and all the rest are great little additions to android i’ve covered some of my favorite bits in my previous color os tips and tricks guys so definitely go check those out for all you need to know and you also have a swift and accurate face unlock feature here which can be set to only work when your eyes are open and that proves good backup to the thankfully reliable in-display fingerprint sensor which seems to work well even when the screen protector gets rather grubby you’ve got full nfc support and a good bit of google pay action on there for your contactless payments and you’ve also got full access to the google play store so you can download as many fresh apps as you like and the real me 7 pro also boasts dual sim support plus an entirely

separate slot on top of that for micro sd memory cards up to 256 gigs in size to expand the already pretty generous 128 gigs of on-board storage but of course the one defining feature that really sets the real me seven pro apart from the best budget phones right now like the poco x3 nfc and of course last year’s real me six series smartphones as well is that gorgeous oled display now this wallet friendly sort of cost is ips all the way usually so having that super amoled on there offers up a very different visual experience like most wallet friendly handsets around this price point you get a full hd screen so videos and photos and everything look pleasingly crisp but because this is oled tech you can really play around with the color output as well favorite and more realistic looking visuals or really boosting the color warmth for a vivid vibrant experience contrast is impressively sharp too thanks to those very deep natural looking blacks definitely one of the biggest benefits of an amoled panel the selfie orifice doesn’t intrude too much on the action when you go full screen as it is rather nice and dinky but you can block it out from view if you’re not a fan and if you want a bright display well this thing could blind a bloody rhino when it’s boosted to those maximum levels however it’s not all glory and slaps on the back when it comes to the display attacker unfortunately because there is a trade-off for having that oled technology on here and that’s the fact that

the real me 7 pro does not support 90 hertz refresh rates unlike the standard real me seven what you got here is 60 hertz and that’s it it’s almost like being horrifically hung over and then getting a nice delicious fry up slap down in front of you with eggs and bacon and beans and black pudding and all that good stuff but then you discover to your absolute horror that there’s no sausage and don’t get me wrong it’s still a really really really good breakfast but all you can think about is that missing sausage and yeah i know i’m just getting greedy because it’s a question of cost is now having a high refresh on an oled panel really does bump up that price but seriously where’s my sausage only where’s my sausage the real me 7 pro is pretty tasty when it comes to the audio front as well that stereo speaker setup can pump out loud clear audio on top volume to be easily heard over even the shoutiest of family interactions and when you want a bit more privacy or just want to enjoy some tunes you’ve got a headphone jack or bluetooth to choose between with dolby atmos and high-res audio support slapped on top and this budget blow packs quite a wallop when it comes to the performance stakes as well you got qualcomm snapdragon 720 g chipset

crammed in there along with eight gigs of ram in my review model although you can get it with just six gigs in the base version now this benchmark just as highly as any rivals out there including the poco x3 nfc and in real life it basically means that apps load quick while the overall experience is as tasty as a sausage sandwich with extra sauce gamers will definitely be happy with the smooth frame rates that they’ll find on titles like pubg mobile and call of duty even when those graphic settings are boosted right up these fast-paced games stick around the 60 frames per second mark so you can react instantly to any way god who fancies themselves as a bit of a rambo type and the real me seven pro doesn’t heat up when you’ve been playing for a while so no worries if you’d rather pass the afternoon by cap and falls instead of doing work or spending quality time with your family and speaking of gaming all afternoon long that’s not a problem either thanks to the 4 500 milliamp battery stuffed inside of the real me seven pro and yeah that’s not quite as high capacity as some rivals like again the poco x3 nfc the moto g8 power light but in real life i found that was not a problem whatsoever it’s a minimal difference anyway and i still found i could for instance on the most intensive day get two and a half hours of sat nav use out of this thing all while streaming media over the course stereo get plenty of camera use plenty of other screen on time for message checking web

browser and all that kind of good stuff and at the end of the day i’d still have like 25 to 30 battery life remaining which is really stunning stuff otherwise with more regular use you can just about stretch to two full days on a single charge and no worries when the real me 7 pro is fully drained because it’s got support for 65 watts super dart charge as well which is an even match for oppo’s new billy big bollocks renault 4 pro you’ll have to get a full charge in just over half a freaking hour and you actually get that super dot charger bundled in the box as well whereas a lot of manufacturers who charge a lot more for their smartphones tend to leave that stuff as a optional accessory and the final area where the real me seven pro impresses is its camera tech which here in blighty is a big step up compared with the standard real me seven the primary shooter here on the real m7 pro is a 64 megapixel sony imx 682 sensor and it shoots at 16 megapixel by default not the full 64 megapixel but you know what that’s absolutely fine for your everyday shots my test folders packed plenty of detail so even when shown on a big screen the colors are boosted somewhat for a more vibrant finish compared with what you’d see in real life but that’s not necessarily a bad thing as long as you’re not after absolutely natural looking photos and also definitely stay clear of the chroma boost mode which makes colors look even more mental a 64 megapixel mode is also available as well if you want finer detail but you’ll have to hold the phone really still as your shot will be a blurry mess if you don’t have your situations are handled competently too

you get a nicely balanced snap even when your subject is punching about in bright daylight while moving subjects are also dealt with commendably thanks to the fast focus and shutter speed indoor snaps don’t look overly soft while the real me 7 pro also copes well in low light and that night mode works a treat when things get proper dark making a full on impact you’ve also got an 8 megapixel ultra wide angle lens although this offers completely different results to the primary lens not just because of the wider view points those colors are also a lot warmer so this lens is best used only when necessary and then surreal we can see that it’s got a quad lens camera setup you’ve also got a 2 megapixel model lens and a 2 megapixel macro lens and they’re both pretty much pointless i mean why use a 2 megapixel macro lens when you can just use a 64 megapixel lens and then crop in i don’t know for your home movies and vlogging purposes the roomie 7 pro can also shoot decent looking full hd video at either 30 or 60 frames per second but i prefer bumping up to 4k resolution at 30 fps which gives you sharper looking footage audio is clearly captured with little interference from the wind or other noisy annoyances although the volume can be a little bit soft if your subject isn’t stood right by the phone and if you love your face and you want to share it with the whole world the real me 7 pro will serve you well that 32 megapixel selfie cam can capture you normally or with full portrait smarts and the wide angle view means that you can cram in loads of background detail too or even a bunch of mates when we’re actually allowed to mingle with other human beings again and that

right there is my full review of the realme 7 pro it’s a budget smartphone i really enjoyed using especially for streaming the gut bit media over disney plus netflix whatever else and that is of course the main feature that sets it apart from the rest of the competition that gorgeous oled screen color os even in the latest version 7.2 is quite messy but at least it is packed with lots of great features a bit of one-handed help and all that other good stuff that we know and love the camera tech the battery life everything it was absolutely solid the only thing i missed on this thing was of course a 90 hertz refresh rate isn’t a good trade-off though for those really punchy visuals the nice sharp contrast i’d say just about so go check out my full unboxing of the roomy seven smartphone as well if you want to know more about that i’ve also done a full comparison with the real me seven and the redmi 7 pro so you can see what the differences are which one might be best for you and of course i’ve rounded up all of the best budget smartphones you can get right now in 2020 so go check out all those great awesome videos here on experts of course i would say they’re great and awesome because i’m the bugger who shot and uploaded them but he’ll make your own minds up so please do like subscribe ding that notifications bell feel free to tell me i look like freaking myrrh off of and practical jokers in the comments as well i haven’t heard that one before and have yourselves a lovely rest of the week cheers everyone love you

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