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right so call off the search parties at long last because the nokia 8.35 g is no longer missing in action it’s right here in my sweaty grasp in fact ready to slip on out of its box for your view and pleasure and just to the bloody naked timer as well because this 6.8 inch behemoth is just about to grace the big screen as it’s appearing in the latest double or seven blockbuster uh not a great deal to snuff it or whatever it’s called when none other than mr bond himself will be rocking the nokia 8.3 as his daily driver although presumably his will have some sort of special feature where it spreads acid in people’s face but the good news is you can own the nokia 8.3 before the film is even out because it goes on general sale on october the 8th and of course we’re back in march when nokia first launched the nokia 8.

3 they announced it would be costing 500 quid which at the time made the most affordable 5g smartphone that you could buy but of course fast forward half a year and now you’ve got the likes of the oneplus nord the real me x55g the moto g5g plus a lot of 5g smartphones costing between 300 and 400 pounds so as we barrel our way towards the ask end of 2020 is the nokia 8.3 5g still attempting prospect well i’m going to whip it on out of that box take you on a full on tour of the hardware and the software everything you need to know ahead of my in-depth review and for more on the latest creative side please do put subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers i honestly can’t believe it’s been half a year since this thing was actually originally launched what a crazy six months but anyhow what you get in the box is a porky pin device you also get a manual several manuals i love it you got a quick start guide and basically every language ever invented i think there’s even one here in sanskrit yeah i’ve also got your type c usb cable you’ve got your three pin pop-up plug and hmd has kindly bundled some hard shell earphones as well although they look like they’d be best used just as a spare pair when you’re absolutely desperate and that

right there is everything inside the box apart from the actual nokia 8.35 g itself of course i think there’s no condom case bundled in there which is a shame because quite a lot of phones these days they come with just a basic protector to help keep it from getting all scratched up and there’s no pre-installed screen protector here on the 8.35 g either although you do at least get a nice bit of gorilla glass on that back end so hopefully that proved rather rugged i got to say first impressions of the aesthetics here on the nokia 8.35 g is it’s a nice looking device you’ve got a layer of glass on back and front as well and then an aluminium frame sandwiched in the middle with that lovely glossy finish just to match the rest of the phone and you’ve got a lovely deep blue coloration as well with that of the striation effect as the light catches the back end like so apparently it’s all inspired by the polar lights i just know it looks nice that’s all and sadly this is the only color option available for the nokia 8.3 right now but hopefully hmd will launch a couple more in the coming months i really like that sort of desert sand finish on the nokia 5.3 for instance i’ll tell you what though this is a 6.8 inch smartphone so it’s one of the biggest blowers around even in 2020 so here’s hoping that mr bond has got some proper big pockets in his tailor-made suit and at 220 grams it’s a bit of a hefty bugger too the actual power button on the nokia 8.3 is a edge-mounted fingerprint sensor so let’s just

give that a little push in and there we go we’ve got some juice in the tank already i’m gonna get my sim card stuffed inside this as well in order to do a full proper review and as you can see here you’ve got dual sim support but if you do want to slap in a micro sd memory card as well that will have to go in the second sim slot sadly and the nokia 8.35 g supports microsd memory cards of up to 400 gigs in size to expand the 64 or 128 gigs of onboard storage still gives me goosebumps alrighty so the noki 8.35 5g is all set up and ready for action and let’s start our follow-on tour with a bit of security and as i mentioned before you’ve got an edge-mounted fingerprint sensor here on the side of the nokia when the phone’s high-end just tap your digits to that scanner and basically straight into your desktops as you can see there so far seems reasonably quick and pretty reliable but surprisingly uh but also awesomely a nokia or rather hmd global has left in the fingerprint sensor gesture support as well so if you drag your finger down that scanner as you can see it pulls down the notifications bar the sensitivity is a little bit iffy though so it looks like you have to drag so quite slowly for it to actually work and even then it’s only some other time it’ll do it so you know what you’re probably better off just sort of dragging your finger down the screen like so and to back that up you’ve also got a good bit of face recognition as well if you can’t use the sensor for whatever reason as you can see again reasonably nippy now as with all nokia branded smartphones you get a lovely stock version of android on here the latest version of android android 10.

And the great news as well about nokia smartphones is you’re guaranteed two years of os upgrade so this will get upgraded to android 11 later in this year and then android 12 next year and you also guarantee three full years of security updates as well on a monthly basis definitely great use if you’re in it for the long haul and like a lot of stock android smartphones as well from like some water and stuff recently you get a dedicated google assistant button housed here on the left edge so just a quick tap of that and the google assistant will pop right up to help you sort your out of course why you would ever need a dedicated google assistant but i’m not really sure because at any point you can simply say it up and up they pop of course you’ve got all those great google services on here the likes of google pierce you can get your contactless payments on the go good old duo and all that of course if anyone actually ever uses dual now if you’re a media fan you’re bound to fall in love with this 6.81 inch pure display panel it is ips tech sadly not oled like many rivals such as the oneplus note offer for a lot less cash but all the same it’s nice and bright and those colors look pretty punchy it’s a full hd plus resolution 2400 by 1080 and even despite the gargantuan size of this display if you smush your face up nice and close while you’re watching a video or whatever the image still looks nice and crisp the nokia 8.3 display has what hmd global terms always on hdr so basically you can display apparently up to a billion different shades of color and as you can see there you’ve got smart str to hdr upscaling as well so can convert those lesser quality video files and pictures and everything just boost the colors and the contrast to hopefully make it look better as for the speaker tech well sadly you do not get a stereo speaker setup here on the nokia 8.35 g it’s just a single downwards firing speaker right here on the bottom and let’s just bump it up to full volume and see what we got right now in 2020 for a price that won’t have you eating beans on toast for every meal for the next decade or so so it may be working all on its lonesome but that bottom firing speaker is actually pretty powerful in fact if you stick your hand over it it’ll get quite the tickle that’s for sure clarity is not too bad as well but it is a shame that you do not get a proper stereo speaker setup

especially as this is a 500 pound smartphone but at least you do a hahaha get a proper 3.5 mil headphone jack down here at the bottom when it comes to the performance the nokia 8.35 g certainly should not be a sludge it’s got the qualcomm snapdragon 765g chipset packed inside which we also found in the likes of the oneplus nord the real me x55g it’s a very capable platform indeed as you can see strong benchmarking scores here on geekbench and you’ll easily be able to blast through the latest games like call of duty mobile stuff like that even on those high detail settings especially as you’ve got either six or eight gigs of ram stuffed inside this thing depending on how much money you throw at hmd of course will it be able to handle gaming over you know a good hour or two long session well i’ll be testing that out for my full nokia 8.3 5g review as for the battery life but you’ve got 4 500 milliamp cells stuffed here inside the nokia 8.35 g so pretty comparable to a lot of other mid-range smartphones and hopefully should easily keep you going through a full very intensive day and maybe even through two days if you’re a bit more careful with it now let’s finish up with a quick squint of the nokia 8.3 5g’s very funky quad lens circular rear camera setup now your primary lens is a 64 megapixel effect although it uses quad pixel tech which basically means it shoots in 16 megapixel

resolution by default and it uses four in one pixel bin in tech in order just to brighten up the images when needed now as you can see it’s quite a complicated ui here on the nokia 8.35 g lots of different features and toggles to play around with you’ve got an ai mode which is activated by default so as you can see here it’s recommending shooting a portrait mode style shot but you can dismiss that just with a quick tap at any point you can swap from that 64 megapixel primary lens to the 12 megapixel ultra wide angle lens instead and as you can see it actually spreads the view across the controls as well gives you a nice broad view of whatever subject you’re trying to shoot and this area is also where you can swap to the 2 megapixel macro mode as well if you want an extreme close-up of your subject although to be honest an extreme close-up of veronica here might be enough to give most people nightmares no offense veronica one of the best things about the nokia 8.3 5g’s camera tech is you get a butt load of bonus features including the likes of the pro mode as well which just allows you to fiddle around with all kinds of stuff like the iso levels the white balance to get a very specific kind of shot it’s nice and easy to use all you’ve got to do is play around with these toggles

and you can actually see the effects right there on the screen as well and at any point you can undo all your fiddlins with a quick swipe up of the shutter button like so and in the pro mode as well you can also shoot in full raw format and if you want to edit some pics on the fly or alternatively you can shoot at that maximum 64 megapixel resolution as well and meanwhile the final lens in that rear end setup is your bog standard 2 megapixel depth sensor so just help to keep your subject sharp and help to blur out the background just to help your subject really stand out and look proper lush and if you tap this little button down here you got a couple of extra bonus modes on top of the other stuff as well including a dedicated night mode so this can just take several different shots of different exposure levels fix them all together and hopefully you’ll get a nice brighter result in those low light situations and as you can hopefully see there with the night mode enabled you get much brighter background action here in this test shot uh compared with just shooting with a standard auto photo mode and if you fancy yourself more as a button cinematographer well the nokia 8.3 5g definitely has you covered there as well because even the standard video mode has an absolute ton of different bonus features to play around with so as usual of course you can shoot up to 4k resolution although sadly at 30 frames per second not full 60.

But if you’re trying to shoot a scene with some tricky license very strong contrast the good news is that even at that ultra hd resolution you’ve got access to the hdr feature your home movie should sound brilliant as well with a good bit of ozo surround sound audio capture as well so everything in front of behind to the sides of the camera will be picked up and when you’re listening on a pair of headphones or something like that you’ll really get that sort of surround sound effect and you’ve also got a handy little wind noise reduction filter here on the side as well definitely good news if things get a little bit blustery and as you can see you can once again jump into that ultra wide angle camera and apparently it should be really really good at shooting video even in quite low light situations also hmd claims i’ll be testing that out for my full camera review you could also shoot video with that macro lens as well although that’s probably going to look quite cac you’ve got the action cam setting as well if you’re going to be uh running around jumping doing whatever and shooting at the same time and then finally of course you’ve got hmds fantastic dual lens setups you can shoot with both the front and the back cameras uh once if you want to get your gorgeous mugs slapped in there too but that’s not all because if you really fancy yourself as an ex steven spielberg or christopher nolan or whatever you’ve also got the special cinema mode as well and with this mode you’ll shoot video at that stretch cinematic style 21×9 aspect ratio similar to what you’ll get on the likes of the cinema pro feature using sony’s xperia one mark ii with this mode it always shoots at 24 frames per second

but you’ve got a choice of 2k or 4k resolution all the way up to as you can see a mighty 60 megabits per second so that’ll fill up your storage pretty fast but anyway i’ll be testing that out and following my nokia 8.3 5g camera review so stay tuned for that and then if you flip around to the front you’ve got a 24 megapixel selfie cam as well and that certainly picks you up in far too much detail and that comes complete with the usual portrait mode smarts as well and can you get the pro mode on the go no you can’t that’s a shame so that right there in a nutshell is the nokia 8.3 5g quick tour of the specs the features the camera tech all that good stuff the question is of course though are you still excited about this bad boy despite the fact it’s been six full months since it was actually first revealed and obviously quite a lot has happened in the interim certainly in the realm of mid-range smartphones so be great to your thoughts down in the comments below and by the time you watch this i will have been using this as my full-time smartphone for about a week or so so hopefully i’ll be able to get you my full review in the next sort of 24 hours and if you’ve enjoyed this video you want to see more on the latest greatest tech please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers everyone love you

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