YOU Should Order the 2021 iPad Pro and THIS is Why!

if you’re considering pre-ordering the 2021 ipad pro but you’re not sure if it’s the right choice which model to go with or maybe you’re considering getting an older model we’re going to talk about all the options because apple made this decision a little bit more complicated than usual i also think cliffhanger that apple hasn’t told us the whole story yet and we’ll get back to that and finally there was another thing that apple snuck in there they got a lot of current ipad pro users really upset so let’s look at the upgrade see how they compare to previous models put them in contacts with a few other devices and then talk about specific use cases so you can decide what’s the best fit for you starting out with what’s new there are a few major differences that i want to quickly cover and then put in perspective if you want more information you should check out my first video about the 2021 ipad pro and get a more complete overview now the biggest change for me is the new display instead of the liquid retina display that we have on the 2018 and the 2020 ipad pro we’re getting an updated mini led display that apple calls a liquid retina xdr display it has ten thousand mini leds with one

thousand nits full screen brightness and sixteen hundred nits peak brightness in hdr the new display also offers a million to one contrast ratio i’m really excited about the 1000 nits of brightness because that will make the new ipad pro work better when you’re outside or working in brighter environments and as a point of reference the display on the m1 macbook air is 400 nits and the one on the macbook pro is 500 nits so the new ipad will be twice as bright as the macbook pro now the rest of the features true tone dc ip3 color gamut promotion which is apple’s adaptive 120 hertz refresh rate fingerprint resistance and anti-reflective coating all of those are available on the 2018 and the 2020 models and of course at this point we’re only going by what apple says i will be pre-ordering it as soon as it’s available but i haven’t seen the display yet in real life so while i’m not disappointed in any way with the display on my current ipad pro the 2020 if you want the best display that apple has ever put on an ipad you’ll want the 2021 12.9 inch ipad pro it’s the only one that offers it the 2021 11 inch ipad pro still has the same liquid retina display that we had on previous models now there are other reasons why you may want the 11 inch model but the display isn’t one of them

remember that i said that apple hasn’t told us the whole story well i haven’t forgotten about that yet but the next major upgrade to the 2021 ipad pro is that it uses the new m1 chip that we saw on the macbook air the macbook pro and the mac mini and it’s the same chip that we’re getting in the new imac and i’m so excited about the new imac like i can’t wait we’re gonna talk about the design in my next video don’t you worry about it i read all your comments about the chin i’m ready to talk about it now back to the ipad pro you see i love text so much i’m always distracted by some other shiny piece of gear so focus ipad pro with the m1 chip now some of you may be wondering why i said that the display was the biggest upgrade when the m1 chip is a giant leap forward from the a12 z chip on the 2020 ipad pro and before i get to that we’re not just getting better processing power we’re also getting at the very least two additional gigabytes of ram and storage that’s two times faster and the m1 chip on the ipad pro is available in the same configurations that we saw with the m1 macbook pro 128 256 and 512 gigs of storage come with five gigs of ram and the one and two terabyte versions of the new ipad pro comes with 16 gigabytes of ram to do a projection of processing power i compared geekbench scores between the m1 macbook air and the 2020 ipad pro where the macbook air crushed the ipads with 1721

versus 1120 for single core performance and 7501 versus 4694 for multi-core performance and i used the macbook air instead of the macbook pro because i didn’t want anyone to think that the fan potentially played a part in the results now if you want to know how the 2020 ipad pro compared to the m1 macbook pro it’s very similar 1721 versus 1120 for single core and 7564 versus 46.94 for multi-core in both cases you see that you’re going to get an absurd improvement in performance so why do i think this is not as important as a display upgrade because the majority of users yes even ipad users already don’t push their ipad to the limits of the a12z chip so it’s hard for me to recommend that you spend money just for additional processing power now a few counterpoints there look if you’re one of those users that does max out your processor for things like photo and video editing or any other processor intensive task then by all means this new ipad pro is for you i’ve got a ton of videos on this channel talking about the mac mini the macbook air and the macbook pro so you know how impressed i am by the new soc architecture on the m1 now another advantage of this new ipad is additional ram so if you’re a heavy procreate user for example and you might say sigi i want all the ram that i could possibly get see that makes sense to me then again the new ipad pro is a good fit now some users are also going to want the faster transfer speeds of up to 40 gigabits per

second that come with the new thunderbolt port that replaces the usb c port on the 2020 ipad pro this new port is the fastest and most versatile port on any ipad and it opens the door to a wider variety of higher performance accessories like high resolution external displays thunderbolt docks and faster external ssds speaking of if you’re interested in my external ssd test i did a comparison with some of the most popular models one of them went up to 2 800 megabits per second and i’ll link to that video at the end of this one now let’s get to apple not telling us the whole story and this is just what i think but i think that adding the m1 chip to the ipad pro as an end game just isn’t enough i just can’t see a large enough segment of users that would take advantage of all this processing power with the existing parameters of ipad os so i think in june at wwdc we’re going to get some interesting news see just adding the m1 chip to the ipad pro doesn’t in and of itself mean that you can run mac os apps like final cut logic and xcode those apps would still need to be ported over to ui kit in order for them to work and i think that’s coming now before i get to what upset a lot of people this is what i hope apple adds i would love to see some additional upgrades when it comes to multitasking even a samsung dex-like option i’d love to see better external display support with extended desktop rather than just the current mirroring and definitely without question get rid of the black bars on the side give us full external display support also i hope that they add the ability to reference photo and video files on

external drives while editing and this way you don’t have to copy the files over onto the ipad in order to work with them now the next note where the upgrade to the ipad pro is 5g and i’m a little conflicted about this i guess it comes down to workflow i’m always on wi-fi like literally 99 of the time and when i’m not i’m just gonna tether off my iphone so i don’t usually buy the cellular model of tablets there’s also the matter of 5g availability in every area and which band is available so i think 5g is nice to have on an ipad pro but i’m curious to see how this plays out with the ipad pro audience now we can get to what upset a lot of existing ipad pro users and i can definitely see why in terms of dimensions the 2021 12.9 inch ipad pro is virtually identical to the 2020 model and that’s to say that you wouldn’t be able to really tell the difference you couldn’t tell them apart if you just saw them they are the same height and width with only a .02 inches or 0.5 millimeter difference in depth and .09 pounds which is like 41 grams difference in weight the problem is that according to the leaks this small change while having no impact on actual user experience makes the ipad pro incompatible with previous versions of the magic keyboard and if that’s true and you spend 350 bucks on a magic keyboard and you just want to upgrade to the 2021 12.9 inch

model you need to be prepared to spend another 350 bucks on a new magic keyboard and of course we got a new color of the magic keyboard in white and it looks awesome but i can totally understand why users are frustrated now looking at the apple website the new magic keyboard is compatible with the previous models of the ipad pro and the leaks mentioned something about the additional depth of the ipad pro causing a problem with fit because of the way the magic keyboard closes what i’m curious about is if a tight and secure fit is so important and it is i don’t want my ipad pro falling out of the magic keyboard but if it’s so important how tight of a fit are we going to get with the new magic keyboard with the thinner older models so i’ll get one i’ll test it i’ll let you know now the 11 inch ipad pro model will have no problems fitting into the older magic keyboard because it’s using the same liquid retina display so there’s no change in dimensions i’m going to quickly talk about the new camera features and then we’ll get to who should get what you’re probably sitting there thinking you never focus on any camera features for any tablets you review and you’re right you are but in addition to the image signal processing upgrades that we’re getting with the m1 chip which bring things like smart hdr3 support and should

improve the performance on every camera on the ipad pro we’re also getting a new truedepth front-facing camera this new 12 megapixel camera which is a significant upgrade over the previous 7 megapixel camera now has 122 degree field of view and a two-time optical zoom this enables a new feature called center stage which uses machine learning to reframe your shot in real time and keep you centered in the frame this is like having the ipad pro on a tripod with a camera person behind it that’s following you it will also automatically detect the fact that a new person came into the frame and then make the adjustments to properly incorporate them into the frame i’m really excited to see how this works in real life look the demo is cool but i can’t wait to show you samples as soon as i can okay so which ipad pro should you get if you want to save money don’t need the largest display but want to get the absolute best performance most future proof device then i would recommend the 2021 11-inch ipad pro you’re still getting the m1 chip

with that huge upgrade and processing power you can still get more and faster storage the upgraded thunderbolt port and the new camera features and it starts at 7.99 if you prioritize display size over absolute peak performance because like the vast majority of users you’re not going to push your ipad to the extreme then check out the 2020 12.9 inch ipad pro or even the 2018 model a lot of people sleep on this old model but if you don’t need the upgrades that the 2020 ipad pro bought then it still gives you that same form factor and display now if you want everything you want the best display the most processing power the new m1 chip more ram and more storage then get to 2021 12.9 inch ipad pro it’s an awesome option and i’ll be publishing a lot of content about it as soon as i get mine and i can’t wait to see what this display looks like in real life hopefully this video was helpful click on my face to subscribe and then watch one of these videos you know what i always say buy it nice or buy twice good luck and see you soon

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