Pixel 4a vs Poco X3 NFC Two of the best cut-price phones compared

so google’s brilliantly lovable pixel fourier smartphone is finally about to hit the google store in about a week’s time for just 350 of your british quids which i’d certainly see is excellent value for money but then along came xiaomi’s brilliant apocal x3 nfc which quite frankly for just 200 quid the amount of text stuffed inside of this thing is a very tempting proposition indeed so which do you go for pixel or poco well let’s do a full side-by-side comparison and for more than the latest greatest please do poke subscribe and hitting that notifications bell cheers so let’s start this comparison as always with a look at the design and with the pixel and the pocket line up side by side like this you might notice a slight size difference this is a proper full-on david and goliath situation the pixel is a pleasingly compact 5.7 inches so it feels great in the hand nice and easy to use one-handed and everything the poco xc nfc absolutely towers over it though at almost 6.7 inches and both of them do offer a bit of extra one-handed help in the fact that you can like pull down the notifications bar from anywhere on screen for instance but definitely if you want something that’s just easy to manage can slip into any pocket etc pixel’s the way to go besides that rather obvious difference they’re fairly similar in other respects you’ve got nice skinny bezels surrounding both of the displays but you do have a

slightly different cut out selfie camera orifice on these two as well it’s centrally positioned on the pocket shunted off to the corner on the pixel which i personally prefer there is another invisible difference between the pixel and the pockel however and that you’ve got gorilla glass 3 caught on the screen on the pixel just to protect it from scratches and scuffs that’s actually updated to gorilla glass 5 here on the poco x3 to make it a little bit more hardy and as if that wasn’t enough xiaomi has also bunged a pre-installed screen protector on the poco x3 nfc as well for a bit of extra protection now if you flip both the pixel 4 and the poco x3 nfc around they are both constructed from plastic you’ve got a polycarbonate arse end on them from this side it’s pretty obvious which one’s the picks and which one’s the pockel because of course they’ve both got a bit of rear end branding although one is slightly more subtle than the other gonna say neither design is particularly thrilling you’ve got a bit more going on on the poco not just uh with the massive freaking logo but also with the funky circular camera chassis which is a bit love and hit some people aren’t really a fan and of course you’ve got this rather funky stripe right down the center too in the case of the pixel 4 as you can see there’s a very straightforward

design about as exciting as a dead guppy but it does have this matte finish and one of the advantages of that is it doesn’t show up fingerprint grease and scuffs quite so easily so you won’t be constantly buffing it on your trousers like the pockel and if you’re at least hoping for some exciting color combinations to kind of make them a little bit more thrilling while you’re pretty much out of luck on that front as well the poco basically comes in two colors this great effort or a slightly more vibrant blue effort in the case of the google pixel 4a it’s only available in just black now both phones rock a physical fingerprint sensor none of that in display nonsense you’ve got a rear mounted one here on the pixel 4 whereas it’s edge mounted on the poco x3 nfc and i got no personal preference both of them are nice and nippy and responsive but definitely do the job however in the case the poco x3 nfc that figure princess is also backed by face recognition which as you can see there is just as nippy and responsive as well something you don’t get in the pixel 4a now let’s have a shifty at the software because both of these smartphones are running the latest android 10 but in very different geysers so here on the pixel 4a of course it is stock android as you’d expect from a google handset that said the pixel fourier does both some pixel only features that you will only find on google branded handsets you won’t find on other android smartphones so for instance you’ve got the likes of the recorder app which can very helpfully transcribe all of the recorded audio for you very handy if you find yourself in interviews meetings things like that

and you’ve also got the likes of the now playing feature as well which can tell you whatever random trackers playing over the radio so you’re not spending the rest of the day thinking oh god damn who is that again meanwhile the poco x3 nfc also has android 10 on board but that’s been customized with the poco launcher which is basically a tweaked version of xiaomi’s on miui 12 with a much more stock android look and feel and one of the advantages is you get a shag load of bonus features chuck there on top of android as well including the aforementioned face recognition you’ve got the likes of the game turbo tool which can be called up whenever you’re playing uh you know i spit call of duty pubg mobile or whatever gives you lots of great features like the ability to open up uh messenger apps and the web browser right there in a mini window while you’re playing the game and there’s loads of extra bonus bits as well like a screen recorder tools the ability to listen to audio on any of your apps while the screen is switched off there’s an absolute ton of stuff rammed in there i’ve done your full miui 12 tips and tricks guides go check that out for all you need to know on the best new bonus features and everything all you need to know is i wasn’t really a fan of me ui until miui 12 but they sort out a lot of their little kinks

and issues and now it’s a lot more enjoyable the occasional little ad and other little issues aside now obviously in these plaguey times contactless payments have become more important than ever and the good news is that both of these smartphones boast nfc as you kind of expect from the poco x3 nfc with google peer support so you can use your phone to pay for whatever and the added bonus that pixel phone is the fact you actually get an oled display on here as well whereas the cheaper x3 nfc just uses a basic ips panel and both of these phones rock a full hd plus resolution you will get slightly crisper images on the pixel merely because it’s a smaller screen but the visuals are still perfectly sharp on that pocket despite the fact it’s freaking huge i definitely still like the visuals on the poco x3 nfc even though it’s not on all that you still get some pretty poppy colors and it’s nice and bright certainly bright enough to use outdoors no worries but the oled panel on that pixel 4 here it just produces nicer color temperature it’s not quite as warm as the poco x3 nfc it’s definitely got a more powerful

brightness on that top level as well so again perfect for outdoors visibility and for your hdr content as well you’ve got full hdr 10 support on the poco despite the fact that it’s only 200 quid which is great but it’s hdr 10 plus here on the pixel 4a and if you want to you can actually play around with the color output here in the display settings on both the pixel and the pocket i find you really do have to manually tweak the color temperature here on the pocket if you want to make it a bit cooler however one area where the poco x3 nfc display definitely beats the pixel fourier hands down is the refresh weird because you can bump that all the way up to 120 hertz that’s an option you most definitely do not get on the pixel 4a which tops off at 60 hertz as for the audio you’ve actually got stereo speakers on both of these blowers although i found that the stereo speaker setup was slightly better on the poco x3 nfc that top speaker on the pixel is rather weak that said i do actually still prefer the audio that is spaffed out by the pixel 4 here because it’s a bit bolder a bit louder and the clarity is just that little bit better compared with the pockel which can sound a little bit tinny when it comes to performance the poco despite being the far cheaper more affordable handset is actually superior because what you got here is the freshest snapdragon 732 g chipset compared with the order 730g packed

into the pixel 4a however as you can see from the benchmarking scores not a huge difference between the two in terms of just general process and power and certainly when it comes to gearman i’ll be perfectly happy with the pixel 4 as well both of these smartphones complete call of duty mobile and pubg mobile on those top detail settings with a perfectly smooth frame rate throughout now that’s definitely helped along by the fact that both of these blowers have six gigabytes of ram stuffed inside but of course when it comes to the gaming you do have those excellent game turbo features on the poco x3 nfc which you don’t get on the pixel 4a and that’s for your general everyday performance well i’ve used both of these smartphones as my full-time personal blow for around a week or so and as you can see apps just load up straight away you know you’re not hanging around waiting for stuff to happen they’re nice and smooth however if you were hoping for a bit of 5g support for proper future proof phone while neither the pixel 4a nor the poco x3 nfc unfortunately has built-in 5g support you’re going to be looking at like the real me x55g the moto g5g plus or the oneplus nord something that rocks the 765 or the 765g chipset for that built-in 5g now on the battery front the poco x3 nfc is once again the winner it’s got a mighty 5160 milliamp battery compared with a slightly more teeny 3080

milliamp packed into the pixel 4a but despite that huge difference in battery capacity there’s not actually a massive difference when it comes to the battery life in general with the pixel 4a you’ll still script through a busy day on a single charge with the poco x3 nfc you’ll generally end a busy day with around 20 battery life remaining so don’t expect to go you know half a week between charges or anything but if you are a power user if you do a lot of uh skyping or zooming or just gaming and things like that on your smartphone you’re probably going to want to look at the poco instead and also the poco has the bonus of faster 33 watt charging as well versus the 18 watt charging on the pixel 4a on the storage tip we’ve got 128 gigs stuffed inside the pixel fourier with the popcor x3 nfc this 200 pound model comes with just 64 gigs but you can throw a bit of extra cash at xiaomi in order to upgrade to the 128 gig model at the time of shooting i was 249 although you can get it reduced to two to nine if you manage to get in nice and early that’s not so much of an issue on the pocket though because you do have micro sd memory card expandability as well something that the pixel 48

does not offer now let’s finish up with a look at the camera tech on these two blowers as well and the pixel 4a actually rocks a single lens rear setup which is exceedingly rare in 2020 well as of course the poco x3 nfc as usual with most budget phones because absolutely bonkers with a quad lens setup but of course as well we know it is quality not quantity that counts so what you’ve got on the pixel 4 is a 12.2 megapixel primary camera with the poco x3 nfc it’s a 64 megapixel effect and this does capture photos at a 16 megapixel resolution by default uh rather than that full 64 megapixels using four in one pixel binning just to brighten up shots when needed but if you dive on into the pro modes you can actually shoot at that full 64 meg now i found that when you keep these phones in full-on auto mode the pixel 4a is undoubtedly the winner it’s also good at just pointing and shooting and capturing great results in pretty much any conditions when it comes to color capture both of them do really well but again the pixel just about edges out the pocket with impeccably natural hues and while the poco x3 performs perfectly admirably for a 200 pound smartphone in those hdr situations where you’ve got strong contrast again the pixel is undoubtedly the winners you’ve actually got individual control over the brightness in those darker elements as well as the overall brightness and in low light situations the pixels night mode is once again the winner hands down

somehow managing to once again serve up photos with accurate colors and sharp detail well the poco can slightly boost the brightness and nothing more however when the poco x3 nfc does have the advantage is when it comes to the bonus camera modes because both of them have the likes of the night sight which i just mentioned and a portrait mode as well which helps your subject really stand out by blurring the background which works impressively well here on the pixel again despite the fact it doesn’t have a depth sensor unlike the pocket but then you’ve got a whole bunch of extra stuff here in the pocket like that full-on pro mode where you can control the likes the iso level the white balance and shoot all the way up to that 64 megapixel modes and of course the buckle also rocks that ultra wide angle lens as well it’s a 13 megapixel effect so as you can see you can get a nice pulled out view of the action when you need to although i found that the color reproduction does suffer somewhat in this mode and last up in that quad lens setup you’ve also got a 2 megapixel macro lens as well which i find utterly pointless because you got that 64 megapixel mode just shoot a 64 meg picture of whatever you’re trying to get a close up of and then zoom in as for video where you can shoot four key resolution horn

movies at 30 frames per second on both of these blows and you’ll get good looking results with both as well respectable image stabilization strong detail and those decent natural looking colors shining through once again and then if you swap around to the front facing camera you’ve got a modest eight megapixel effect here on the pixel 4a and it’s a 20 megapixel selfie snapper here on the pocket but again the pixel turns out fantastic looking results you got those full portrait mud smarts on either as well so again you can blur out the background if you want it to be all about you i found that again in those hdr situations the strong contrast if you’re shooting against a nice bright sky or something like that again the pixel 4 is shines that little bit brighter uh but you know if you’re on the ground either will do you just fine and that right there is how i think the pixel stacks up against the poker so as you can see two very different prospects indeed i love the compact dinky finish of the pixel and of course that camera tech is fantastic but the poco offers extremely good value for money definitely very impressive tech indeed but which one do you personally prefer be great to hear your thoughts down in the comments below i’ve done full reviews of both of these smartphones after using them as my full-time blows for a week so if you go check that out for all you need to know about each of them and for all the latest greatest tech please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers you

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