there are a lot of cameras out on the market that are more powerful have more features higher resolution better low light performance and can do things that this camera can’t today i’m going to give you 10 reasons why i still recommend the canon m50 mark ii to a lot of people the first reason why i recommend the m50 mark ii is that it’s so easy to use i have so many people that come up to me and say i want to start to learn photography or i want to start shooting video or i want to start a youtube channel but i don’t know anything about cameras and if your gear is not easy to use it adds a lot of friction to the creative process and you’re way less likely to use it if every time you try to take a picture of every time you try to record a video when you’re on vacation you feel like you have to fight your camera to get it to work you’ll just say forget it and use your phone when i look at all the gear that i have here to record my videos ergonomics and ease of use were right there at the top of my list of

priorities there are a few binary features like features that i absolutely needed to have like unlimited recording but beyond that ease of use and ergonomics were it yes i always want good quality but if i end up leaving the camera at home it doesn’t matter how good the low-light performance is or how impressive the dynamic range because i don’t have the camera with me to use now the next reason is an extension of the first one the m50 mark ii produces great color it’s related to the first point because it means that i don’t have to edit my footage or my images if i don’t want to so it’s another factor in making the camera easy to use i always shoot my photos in jpeg and raw so if i really want all the flexibility when it comes to editing i can always go back to the raw file but it’s very rare that i actually end up doing that now a lot of people don’t know how or simply aren’t interested in bringing their photos into lightroom and working with them and they simply want a nice image right

out of the camera and that’s something that i think the m50 mark ii excels at number three on this list is the fact that the m50 mark ii is small and light and so are the lenses of all the cameras that i own and there are a lot of them just ask christy like virtually every single one is bigger than the m50 now there are times when it’s not an issue but if i want a small and light camera body and lens to put in my pocket and go do some vlogging i love how small the m50 mark ii and the original m50 are if i’m going on a hike or if i’m traveling i’d rather not bring a big and heavy camera setup if i can avoid it and when i want to go and do some street photography there’s a real advantage to being a little more stealthy with a small setup and the next reason i like the m50 mark ii is accurate and easy to use autofocus a good autofocus is a feature that i place a very high priority on if the photo or video are not in focus pretty much nothing else matters now in addition to the autofocus being accurate it’s also easy to use there are a few basic options to choose from there’s face and eye detection and then you’re all set like some other camera systems

have three or four menu items that control autofocus and each one of them has a lot of confusing options now there’s an advantage to that because it gives you that added layer of control and you can really nail down the autofocus to work for each specific situation but for the majority of people it can quickly become overwhelming and backfire because they don’t have the proper choices selected if you’re still with me and have gotten value from this video give it a thumbs up it lets me know what kind of content you like so that i can make more of it and i still see that over 90 of you are new viewers so hit that subscribe button the fifth reason i like the m50 mark ii has to do with audio audio is an incredibly important aspect of video if you’re not using an external microphone you’re really doing your video a disservice and the m50 mark ii has a built-in mic input so you can use a shotgun microphone or a wired lavalier or even a wireless mic system which lets you move around and always get great audio now the sixth reason has to do with monitoring audio where unlike the original m50 the mark ii does show

you the audio levels right on the screen both before and during recording i have a video about a few reasons why you may not want to choose the m50 mark ii where i made a mistake and i reported that this feature wasn’t available and by the way that video was not designed to confuse you it’s just a listing of features that aren’t available on the m50 mark ii and if those are features that you think you must have then the m50 mark ii wouldn’t be a good choice for example 4k video the mark ii can’t shoot in 4k but it has some limitations so if you decide that you absolutely must shoot in 4k i would recommend a few other options now the next reason why i love the m50 mark ii is the fully articulating touch screen this is another element that goes back to ease of use and it makes the m50 mark ii so simple to operate we’re so used to our phones tablets and other touch enabled devices so changing settings and selecting an autofocus point on the screen using your finger instead of having to use buttons or dials on the back just feels really organic and it’s an excellent way to interact with the camera and the fact that the screen is fully

articulating means that you can always have it facing you whether you’re behind above below to the side or even in front of the camera now i use this feature all the time so if i want to take a shot from a low angle then i can just open this up and then have the screen facing up so i can properly frame my shot if there’s a group of people in front of me and i have to like hold the camera up in the air i can just not that way go this way and have the screen pointed down and then again i can look up see how my shot is framed and take it when i do product photography or macro work i’m sometimes to the side of the camera so i can have the screen facing this way or that way and again i can always see exactly how my shot is framed and then finally if i’m in front of the camera of course i can flip the screen all the way this way and then again i can see that i’m properly framed and that i’m in focus now this brings me to the eighth feature which is the record button right on the screen this is a small feature and one that i immediately liked when i saw it on another camera i know it seems like it’s not a big deal but being able to hit record with the screen facing me without like having to fumble and find the record

button is great sometimes i have the m50 mark ii on a gimbal and i don’t want to mess with the motors by pressing down on the shutter and again to be able to lightly touch the screen to start and stop recording is awesome now by the way if you watched my m50 video tutorial you saw that i programmed the shutter button to start and stop recording because it’s much easier than trying to press this little red record button well this is sort of taking things to the next level now the ninth reason i like the m50 mark ii is the evf or electronic viewfinder i get a lot of questions about the m50 mark ii versus the sl2 or sl3 or another similarly priced dslr at this point it’s going to be challenging for me to pick a dslr over a mirrorless camera for photography because the electronic viewfinder is such a better choice like first of all it actually shows you your exposure so as you make adjustments to aperture shutter speed and iso you will see the image get brighter or darker right in front of your eye

in real time now next the autofocus is so much better and you have face and eye detection and there are so many more autofocus points so for example the sl2 and sl3 have nine autofocus points when you’re looking through the optical viewfinder the m50 mark ii has 143 autofocus points now of course those dslrs don’t have face or eye detection but even cameras like the 90d which is a dslr and does have face detection in the optical viewfinder can’t compete with the m50 mark ii’s autofocus in terms of accuracy and versatility the next reason i like the m50 mark ii is a clean hdmi output and that means that the camera can send out a clean signal and it can be used to stream or record externally a lot of people immediately think of live streaming in terms of gaming or a youtube channel which this camera can absolutely do but you can also use it as a webcam for zoom and then get much better quality than your laptop

camera or webcam you can use the eos webcam utility app to connect this camera directly to your computer for the easiest connection but if you want the best quality out of the m50 mark ii i would recommend using a capture card because it gives you the highest resolution now if that’s something that you’re interested in i’ll put some links in the description to a few of my favorite capture cards now another option with the clean hdmi is to record externally meaning not to the sd card that’s in the camera you can do it with an external recorder like the atomos ninja 5 if you need to be portable but if you’re by a computer you can use free software like obs and simply hit record to bypass the 30 minute recording limit remember that i have links in the description to all the products that i talked about hopefully this video was helpful click on my face to subscribe and then watch one of these videos remember what i always say buy it nice or buy it twice good luck and see you soon

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