DON’T USE the iPad Air 4 WITHOUT these Accessories!

the ipad air 4 could be my favored ipad of 2020. it maintains the smaller type element of the ipad 8 with comparable layout elements to the ipad pro it’s actually more powerful in some aspects and it is available in at a reduced price as well as look at it it’s like a stunning gadget as well as it’s definitely fantastic for content usage but if you wish to optimize what this little baby can do you got ta accessorize what’s up individuals segee here as well as welcome to another technology equipment talk today i’m going to show you exactly how to transform this sleek and effective tablet right into a laptop computer substitute beast you currently understand about the great performance we’re getting with the brand-new a14 bionic chip so let’s proceed and unleash all of its potential as well as likewise improve your total individual experience we’re mosting likely to take a look at productivity we’re mosting likely to speak about actually securing the gadget and i’m truly thrilled to reveal you my brand-new favored accessory which really streamlined things for me all

right so if this is not the initial ipad video you have actually seen of mine you recognize that if i’m changing a laptop computer with an ipad i’m not also trying to experiment with the on-screen key-board so the initial thing i’m going to do is add an outside key-board if you’re mosting likely to do anything beyond simply texting or a number of short emails trust me you’re going to value having a specialized keyboard so if you plan on using this ipad for institution where you’ll be keying up notes and dealing with written jobs or if it’s your primary device for job and you frequently answer email a key-board makes a big difference and we have a number of choices here as well as they’re both keyboard case combos the initial is the apple magic keyboard which you’ve probably already seen it’s the one that makes your ipad float we’ve obtained a truly streamlined layout apple was minimalistic in its technique so it’s slim it looks wonderful and also it helps protect your ipad air 4. it attaches to the ipad air 4 by means of the smart port on the back so it doesn’t call for any type of kind of pairing and also the key-board obtains its power from the ipad so there’s nothing to charge you just open this thing up order the ipad placed it right there you obtain that satisfying magnetic breeze as well as you’re

excellent to go and also the keyboard itself is backlit the secrets feel truly good and the trackpad is the ideal that i have actually used thus far on an ipad keyboard you additionally have a usbc passthrough on the bottom left which is just one of my favored attributes you’ll have the ability to power the ipad air 4 without having a cable television hang from the side as well as all this apple beautiness can be your own for 300 dollars and i can simply see several of you stating yo see i simply invested at the very least 600 bucks on this ipad why you coming with me with this 300 dollar keyboard immediately as well as we still have the remainder of the video with all these other devices to go do not bother with it i obtained your back so another choice at concerning half the price is the logitech folio touch let’s bring that in advance and facility again we’re obtaining a keyboard case combination however this one supplies added defense for the ipad as well as the apple pencil with additional cushioning and a protective bumper it offers four different modes created for keying sketching viewing and also reading a much more

comfortable inputting experience a bigger trackpad and also an awesome row of faster way or feature keys which let you do points like most likely to the house screen control display brightness show or hide the on-screen key-board raise the ipad os search and also control crucial illumination we additionally have a full set of multimedia regulates with back gamer pause forward mute and afterwards volume backwards and forwards controls as well as at the end of the key-board on the leading right we have a screen lock key which turns the ipad screen on or off so this is most definitely an additional terrific alternative and if you want to see a thorough contrast of these 2 i’ll place a link at the end of this video as well as in the summary now you’re not just restricted to keyboards design for the ipad if you prefer to use a full-size keyboard like the magic key-board from your mac pro imac imac pro or mac mini you can use bluetooth to connect that key-board to the ipad air 4 after that you have complete capability as well as if you intend to go next degree and use a usbc mechanical key-board that’s simply fine you grab a usbc hub which i’ll obtain to later on and also you’ll be ready so on my primary workstation i alternative in between a number of key-boards as well as now i’m making use of the corsair k70 mark ii se or unique edition fast

fire which is a dope mechanical keyboard with the usb c center i can just connect it in and also it does not require any kind of added source of power it gets everything it requires from the ipad air 4. and also i just enjoy the feel of a mechanical keyboard so it was incredibly enjoyable to be able to use this kind of board with the ipad air 4. now despite which standalone keyboard you intend on using you’re going to need something to prop up your ipad one option is to make use of a case and an additional one is to use a stand and i have a pair of stands i have this bigger option it’s the a5 from nulaxy and after that the smaller sized one i could not even find a brand on it i’ll place web links on the summary amazon’s loaded with both of these personally i assume i like the bigger one far better because it functions well with both the ipad air 4 and my 12.9 inch ipad pro yet if you just have the ipad air 4 also the small one works terrific as well as this is a stand that allows you position the ipad in practically any type of angle that you want you can see just how easily it sustains it you can angle it down angle it up you can such as leave this over as well as go up this means it’s super adaptable and also you can still get a drifting ipad this means without having to invest 300 dollars on the magic keyboard so there great so you’ve obtained a stand and also

you’re utilizing an incredible standalone keyboard as opposed to a key-board situation with a trackpad i would very recommend that you utilize a mouse to finish this desktop computer like experience and also i simply upgraded to the logitech mx master 3 and it’s not my preferred computer mouse i’ve been utilizing the mx master 2s as well as the initial mx master for many years they’re both exceptional but i intended to take a look at this latest design and i definitely love just how it seems like really you can not go wrong with any of them so if you do not intend to spend 100 dollars on this you can certainly find the various other 2 for a whole lot less i’ll place some links in the description they’re all exceptionally comfy to utilize as well as among the attributes that makes every one of them so effective is that they can attach to three various devices on the back of each gadget there’s a switch that i can push as well as it will alternate in between gadget primary which is my primary workstation over there gadget second which is the ipad air 4 as well as tool number 3 which is

my mac mini that’s excellent because i can utilize one mouse to control every one of these gadgets so if i have my ipad at my desk i do not need to get hold of another computer mouse and also set it or anything like that it simply works currently if you want a smaller more portable as well as less costly option check out the logitech m350 which is also recognized as the stone currently with ipad os 14 we have complete mouse support as well as because i like making use of a computer mouse as a trackpad it was an easy option with the stand as well as key-board i can currently use my ipad simply like i would certainly a laptop computer with the included advantage of having a touch screen and also the apple pencil functionality so as much as individual experience i think this is in fact far better than a laptop now a great deal of individuals have asked me if 64 gigabytes is enough or if they require to spend the additional money on the 256 job version as well as before i solution that if you like

what you’ve seen so far as well as have gotten worth from this video let me understand by offering it a thumbs up it lets me understand what type of content you such as so that i can make even more of it as well as if it’s your first time right here struck the subscribe as well as alert switches so you can remain up to date on all the most up to date equipment and also tutorials alright so here’s my brief solution to the storage size concern if you’re simply consuming web content taking notes reading video gaming and also doing very light picture modifying or attracting after that 64 gigabytes is plenty the os is going to take up concerning 12 gigabytes of storage space leaving you with 52 gigabytes of void which is going to take you a while to fill despite having games where a game like pubg takes up a little over three gigs and call of duty mobile takes up about four and also a half gigs it’s still you have a lot left so even if you’re gon na download a bunch of video games you should be simply fine now if on the other hand you intend on doing video clip editing or significant quantity of picture editing if you want a great deal as well as i’m going to stress again a great deal of big games you prepare on shooting as well as keeping video clip on the ipad then certainly choose the 256 gig version

there is one other technique that you can take and it’s my next accessory an exterior ssd i have a couple that i truly like the sandisk extreme pro as well as the samsung t7 both are extremely small they’re mobile and they’re exceptionally rapid and like i stated at first we understand that the a14 bionic chip is very powerful and also you do not wish to slow it down with a spinning tough drive one problem that i ran right into with my ipad 8 was that it was incapable to power the sandisk ssd because it claimed that it needed excessive power yet this wasn’t the case with this ipad you can easily utilize both of these with either a usbc center or perhaps just connect straight into the ipad air 4 and it gives lots of power okay so now we reach my favorite new device the tomtok padfolio you have all these accessories i’m mosting likely to inform you regarding and you may be wondering exactly how am i going to bring all this stuff and also my ipad and maintain track of whatever this is exactly how i’ve been utilizing a number of dedicated technology bags for my ipad 8 devices which you can locate in that video clip but one of the problems that i had was that it required me to bring something else and afterwards maintain track of two points the bag and the ipad as well as then i discovered the padfolio and it’s been fantastic so generally it’s like a two-in-one tech bag and also protective instance i spoke about my concerns with the magic keyboard where it doesn’t safeguard the ipad as much as i would

like and also the apple pencil can easily fall out plus i additionally require a place for all these various other devices this offers both objectives so allow’s open this up relocate those over there we’re gon na begin with the ipad compartment which is on the back and it’s separated from the remainder of the accessories with this rigid divider panel that’s covered in this like silky goodness extremely soft material i like it i you recognize you can make me a blanket out of this it would certainly be excellent and besides feeling nice it’s going to protect the ipad from scrapes even if you put it in right here without a situation currently i actually use this in addition to the case or keyboard so i get double protection currently once i go in advance and flip this divider over then we can see a panel with multiple elastic bands for various accessories and this is really flexible so you can rather a lot utilize it for whatever gadgets you finish up selecting currently the within of the front panel likewise has this really big mesh area there’s additionally a concealed area back right here

which you can’t truly see through however it’s awesome you can if you need to hide any type of papers or anything like that or anything that you do not desire instantly visible you can keep back here and also with all these elastic straps and areas you can really load this point up as well as maintain all your equipment in one area currently the outside difficult covering adds a ton of security from declines and it passed an armed forces quality decline test currently i don’t recognize what that means however it said that it did it i trusted he did it to make sure that makes me really feel good as well as i ask yourself if you pile drop protection like if your situation is ranked for 5 feet and afterwards this is rated for four feet does that mean that i can drop the mix from 9 feet as well as it’ll still be protected i don’t know yet if you know the response to this or you want to just venture an assumption let me know in the remark section however back to the padfolio it’s wrapped in a water repellent textile to shield your things from spills and also it uses twin ykk zippers with truly wonderful pulls this kind of soft orangish shade is called sugar it comes in gray if you’re looking for something a lot more classic as well as a number of other colors so like with all the accessories that i mentioned you’ll discover links in the summary okay so proceeding to my next

device which pertains to charging i never wish to stress over battery life i hate considering that little icon on the leading left and also it’s red it’s like buffooning me concerning like you much better get your things done since i’m regarding to go so both with my phone as well as my ipads i constantly intend to have a power service with me if i’m out as well as concerning and even when i’m at home and also i’m not acquiring electrical outlet after that i utilize the anker powercore 10k redux it has 18 watt power delivery usb c port and also a power intelligence enabled usb a port it’s truly tiny and it’s light so taking it with me is not really an aggravation and also it can really rapidly recharge the ipad as well as this little guy increases the battery life of the ipad so it’s truly all i require for an entire day now if i’m sitting at my desk after that i utilize the ravpower

65 watt 4 port desktop computer usb billing station by doing this i can bill the ipad air 4 with among the usbc ports i’ve got my cordless battery charger for my apple iphone linked to among the usba ports i’m always billing one more ipad or a camera or my mouse with the rest of the alternatives i like that it does not occupy a whole lot of area on my desk it just inhabits one area on my power strip and also 65 watts is a lot of power to disperse alright so next allow’s speak concerning sound due to the fact that if you’re like me you’ll be watching youtube flicks listening to songs and also maybe playing some video games you’re not constantly in a place where you can make use of the speakers which by the way are outstanding on the ipad air 4. Given that not everybody is going to desire to listen to what you’re paying attention to you’re going to desire some kind of headphones i definitely love my very first generation air skins i can’t actually put on earbuds due to the fact that they never ever stay in my ear and also i love exactly how comfortable the initial airpods are at least to me i virtually feel like i’m not using them at all as well as i can see that they don’t supply the ideal audio top quality yet when i’m looking for that i’m going to make use of over-the-ear earphones now a great deal of you have been informing me that i ought to try out the airpods pro so i picked up a set so far i enjoy the audio high quality but the fit isn’t as

comfy for me so i’m looking at some options i do enjoy the energetic sound termination as well as the transparency setting so i actually want these to work and also by the method what do you men think of the airpods max should i get those they look kind of cool but 550 dollars we’ll see all right so moving on you’ve currently heard me state this other device and also it’s an absolute have to if you desire to broaden the capability of the ipad i’m talking concerning a usbc hub and also i utilize this one from vava i believe it’s noticable like vava as well as i assume i bought it on for 25 dollars i simply looked the various other day as well as there’s 20 off discount coupon if you get it on so i’ll put links in the description to it it has 7 ports so you have 3 usb 3.0 ports an hdmi to attach an exterior monitor sd as well as microsd card viewers as well as a usbc dcn so you can give power to the ipad as well as still have access to all the various other ports now unlike with my ipad 8 where i had a whole lot of dongles this is truly the only one that i need i can obtain all the capability that i desire so i extremely advise picking up this one or something like this now one more device that i sort of glossed over yet is truly vital i’m chatting about the apple pencil so we currently know that the ipad air 4 is compatible with a 2nd generation apple pencil which i had not been truly certain that i was going to make use of but for things like image modifying when i desire to make actually exact edits or options this tool has actually become invaluable as well as it conserved me from having to acquire a committed drawing tablet computer then

when i got utilized to it i started using it for things like taking notes working with pdfs and it’s a fantastic device for noting up documents and internet site designs which i do all the time now that it’s component of my operations i actually end up choosing the ipad air 4 to my laptop computers for certain as well as even to my desktop computer for some jobs if you do some of the points that i stated i definitely believe that it’s worth examining out and also let me understand in the remark section what are some various other uses that you have for the apple pencil all right so these are my preferred devices for the ipad air 4 and if you have some various other tips please let me recognize in the remark area and maybe i’ll do a component 2. i’ll put links in the description to where you can buy the ipad air for along with all the accessories that i mentioned in this video as well as if you wind up buying anything utilizing those web links you help sustain my network absolutely free so thanks beforehand i really hope that i had the ability to give you a good introduction of my preferred ipad air 4 accessories if i did please let me understand by giving this video clip a thumbs up tweet it share it and also if you haven’t yet sign up with the neighborhood by striking the subscribe as well as notification buttons you can always discover me on instagram facebook and twitter at technology gear talk recognize what i always say purchase it good or acquire it twice best of luck as well as see you quickly i believe you might like a video clip that will aid you choose between all three ipads so i’ll place that down there as well as if you’re a student check this set out you

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