Canon M50 MK II a Look Ahead

what’s up guys sigi right here and also welcome to one more technology equipment talk today i’m mosting likely to speak concerning a cam that i’m incredibly thrilled for the m50 mark ii if you’re not new to this channel you understand that i’ve released a bunch of m50 video clips it is just one of my favorite cams to advise since i believe it stands for such a fantastic worth as an entry-level mirrorless cam however today i want to speak about what we can expect canon to include in the lengthy awaited for m50 mark ii or possibly they’ll call it the m60 i created a listing of functions based upon one of the most current leakages as well as what i think is practical to anticipate from an upgraded m50 and also after you view this video clip i’m super interested to know if there’s anything else that you believe canon will certainly add to this version so allow’s start the very first point i assume canon will certainly do is remove the extra plant we see in 4k on the initial m50 this is still one of the largest discomfort points on the m50 because it makes it rather testing to get broad angle 4k video the existing m50 has a 1.6 x plant that all canon

aps-c sensing units cams have yet after that when you film in 4k it uses an extra 1.6 x plant which leads to a 2.56 crop that implies that if we take something like the 15 to 45 set lens as well as we zoom right out to 15 and set the m50 to 4k we’re obtaining 15 times 1.6 times 1.6 which is essentially a 38 millimeter full framework equivalent area of sight if you’re shooting chatting head video clips as well as you have enough space you can probably simply move the cam back however if you’re vlogging or you do not have a big room this is going to be a real problem we have actually already seen this additional crop eliminated on the m6 mark ii which makes me believe that they’ll have the ability to do that by upgrading the m50 mark ii to the digi 8 processor naturally we saw the digit x on the 1dx mark iii but that’s an entire various pet right here so do you believe it’s gon na is it figure x or number 10 i don’t understand what they’re gon na call it the last thing we require is like an additional iphone x iphone 10 fiasco so i believe it’s a digi x allow’s let’s select that all right so currently let’s relocate on to another anticipated upgrade and also i’m speaking about twin pixel autofocus when filming in 4k the m50 changes from double pixel af to a comparison discovery system which is slower

it’s much less precise and also it battles in low light this is possibly the major reason i do not shoot 4k with the m50 and also why when i do i mostly utilize manual emphasis currently again we saw this constraint removed on the m6 mark ii so i can see it being carried out on the m50 mark ii i desire to point out that i’m not simply adding every attribute that i would certainly ever before desire in any kind of camera i’m actually believing about what’s practical for this kind of electronic camera based upon where it fits in canon’s aps-c mirrorless lineup and also for the expected rate which i’ll reach in the future proceeding allow’s chat about battery life so one of the absolute greatest problems about the m50 is battery life the m50 utilizes an lp 12 rechargeable lithium ion battery and it’s rated for 235 shots per fee which’s when utilizing the evf or the lcd there is an eco setting that darkens the lcd nearly right away after taking a photo or also after obtaining focused and also this helps protect the battery it can increase the battery life as much as about 370 shots what i hope is that they determined a method to make use of the bigger lpe 17 battery that we currently see on the m6 mark ii the sl2 and also the sl3 the lp-12 battery is at 875 milliamp per hour and the lp17 is 1040 milliamp hour which is approximately a 19 boost in ability when we couple this with the expected improvements in performance due to the number 8 processor we need to expect to see a significant rise in battery life so for example the sl2 as well as sl3 utilize the exact same battery

however the sl2 is ranked for 650 shots and the sl3 is ranked for 1070 shots so with any luck some of that will convert to the m50 mark ii prior to i go on to the next upgrade if you like what you’ve seen up until now let me recognize by providing this video clip a thumbs up it assists the video clip and the network and lets me recognize what kind of web content you like so i can make more of it and also if this is your initial time right here go on and also strike the subscribe and notification switches so you can keep up to date on all the current equipment and also tutorials okay so next i desire to discuss the sensing unit and also i’m actually torn here like on the one hand i hope they go with the more recent 32.5 megapixel sensing unit that we saw on the m6 mark ii and also the 90d yet on the various other hand the more recent t8i still brought out a 24 megapixel sensor so i’m not certain which method they’re gon na go today if i had to guess i would certainly say that they’re going to keep the 32 megapixel sensing unit for the next level up in their aps-c schedule to more separate the two levels there’s likewise some discussion about regardless if a lot of the efm lenses can truly take advantage of this greater resolution sensing unit yet it’s fantastic to see the canon is likewise coming out with some extra lenses from what i understand up until now the 5 new efm lenses are a 15 millimeter f2 a 52

millimeter f2 a 62 millimeter f4 macro an 18 to 45 millimeter f 2.8 to f4 which is mosting likely to be a terrific upgrade over the kit lens due to the much broader maximum aperture and a 100 to 300 telephoto which is gon na be awesome it’s gon na be small and offer you so much range i’ll absolutely have reviews of all 5 lenses when i appeared later this year so make certain that you have that notice bell activated i also have a more thorough testimonial about my preferred lenses for the m50 so if you’re interested go on and also enjoy that video clip up there alright so carrying on there’s been some conversation about having ibis or in-body picture stablizing consisted of with the next design the present m50 has electronic photo stabilization where the sensor image is being chopped as well as then revolved to make up for camera shake including ibis would imply that the sensing unit would have the ability to actually relocate electronic camera to counter some of that motion so this does a pair of points first it gives far better outcomes and afterwards second it includes stablizing to lenses that don’t have any like the sigma 16 30 as well as 56 millimeter inevitably that would make the m50 mark 2 a a lot more attractive choice to vloggers who tend to fire handheld a great deal however i wonder if they’ll be able to keep the present type variable with

this included performance and also what it would certainly do to the rate if i were wagering i would bet versus this being added yet i likewise don’t gamble so i don’t truly know what that means i simply assume that they require to maintain sufficient separation between this degree and also the m6 mark ii degree as well as i just stated type aspect there so i would love to go over that for a minute and i actually wish that they include a dial to the directional pad just like we saw with the m6 mark ii so that we can manage aperture as well as shutter speed without having to make use of the up button in a directional pad to toggle between the two choices this would certainly still provide the m6 mark ii for the edge due to the fact that it has 3 dials one for aperture one for shutter rate and also one for iso but at the very same time it would considerably improve the ergonomics for the m50 mark ii of course i expect them to keep the viewfinder as well as maybe offer us a somewhat much better one and naturally the totally expressing touch display is not mosting likely to go anywhere it’s an incredibly versatile application and allows you to have the screen facing you whether you’re above listed below to the side or in front of the m50 one point that’ll interest see is whether they have the ability to relocate the 3.5 millimeter mic input to where it does not hinder the completely verbalizing touch display performance as well as that

brings me to some audio upgrades that i would certainly such as to see in the brand-new version the initial needs to absolutely exist which’s the capability to see audio degrees when you’re in flick mode now you can only see degrees when you most likely to the major menu audio tape-recording you can see the levels there and also set them modify some of the sound relevant features yet that interface is disabled once you start videotaping so there are two issues there the first is that you can keep an eye on audio in actual time so you can in fact just see the degree to make certain that they’re not as well reduced and also not expensive the second option is that also if you can like you can on the sl3 you can not customize them while recording so it doesn’t truly enable you to make changes on the fly so with the sl3 despite the fact that i can see the level while i’m tape-recording i still have to quit the recording in order to make changes which is obviously not optimal because it means every time i require to make a modification i need to start a brand-new clip with the m6 mark ii you can constantly see the degrees and you can change them throughout the recording which is excellent now as for the headphone jack i can’t see them including that to the m50 mark ii it would certainly be wonderful i simply truthfully i can’t see that taking

place relocating on the next feature that i completely expect to see is a clean hdmi result today the m50 doesn’t have a tidy hdmi outcome and that means that the only way to get a clean picture out of the electronic camera is to make use of hands-on focus if you intend to stream with the m50 you can do that for free at a lower resolution utilizing the canon cam utility or a 1080p by utilizing paid software program an additional issue with this feed is that there’s no audio being sent from the electronic camera to the computer system with the tidy hdmi result like what we hop on the m6 mark ii or the sl3 we obtain the complete capability of the video camera with autofocus while sending out tidy 1080p or 4k signal to either an outside recorder or a capture card this will offer us the finest quality streaming that this new video camera will certainly have the ability to produce as long as we utilize a capture card whereupon this will turn into one of the very best budget mirrorless video cameras for streaming now being able to tape-record on the surface additionally aids us navigate the thirty minutes recording limit by utilizing something like

the atomos ninja 5. This is a terrific function to be able to benefit from if you film lengthy form web content for youtube like this or if you film lectures or discussions spiritual solutions or any kind of kind of long occasions proceeding an additional attribute that i would absolutely like to see is 1080p at 120 frames per second this is something that we hopped on the 90d and the m6 mark ii but with no autofocus now if canon can include this attribute at this reduced cost point this video camera will certainly just fly off the racks since many individuals like sluggish activity 120 frameworks per second when reduced to 30 or 24 frames per second will give you slow-moving motion by a factor of 4 or 5 times this is since the 120 frameworks from each second videotaped at 120 structures per secondly can be extended to 4 secs of play time at 30 frameworks per 2nd or 5 seconds of play time at 24 frameworks per second now mentioning frames per second allow’s speak a bit about ruptured or constant capturing that’s a function that allows you hold back the shutter on the cam as well as it will certainly simply keep shooting it’s terrific for any type of kind of fast-moving subject like pets running around children that won’t remain still sporting activities and wildlife and the m50 can fire at 10 frames per second as well as a camera

like the m6 mark ii with the figure 8 cpu can shoot it up to 14 frames per 2nd although it’s at a greater resolution and also it will be interesting to see just how high the m50 mark ii will go of program the even more structures you can capture per 2nd the a lot more choices you need to pick from in the future i additionally anticipate to see enhancements when it pertains to the barrier dimension so right currently the m50 barrier can keep up to 10 raw pictures or 33 jpegs before the camera needs to slow down its ruptured price as well as i anticipate both of these numbers to at the very least double with the brand-new model the last feature i wish to raise and after that we’ll reach the rate is upright video clip i totally anticipate the following version to have assistance for vertical video clip outcome this will make life less complicated when developing content for instagram or tic tac or any mobile initial platform having clips identified as upright saves you from needing to revolve each clip independently when it concerns editing and also it develops a much extra smooth process alright so allow’s chat about the price now obviously canon has to be really intentional with just how they price this following version they need to make it high sufficient to separate it from the initial m50 at least till they cease it yet low sufficient where it doesn’t cannibalize m6 mark ii sales i ‘d such as to see it valued around 700 to

750 dollars so it competes directly with the sony a6100 yet let me

recognize what you think do you think that would be a reasonable cost i think that would make the many feeling due to the fact that it would certainly be pretty similar versions all right so these are my estimates for the canon m50 mark ii and also i ‘d enjoy to recognize what you think exist other attributes that you believe canon will contribute to this version as well as allow’s attempt to maintain it sensible for instance i can’t see them including c-log to a cam such as this that would certainly hurt sales for their higher-end models as well as the majority of users of this cam would certainly never ever use that choice i truly hope you enjoyed this m50 mark ii rumor want list video clip and also because it’s my very first of this kind i would most definitely value some feedback if you liked it please allow me recognize by offering this video a thumbs up tweet it share it as well as if you haven’t yet join the community by hitting the subscribe and notice switches you can constantly locate me on instagram twitter as well as facebook at techyeartalk you recognize what i always state acquire it nice or acquire it two times all the best and also see you soon which one do you like do you similar to this one or this set i similar to this one wish it had a viewfinder i likewise really such as this i do not know i do not know i assume i similar to this one i think i made use of i used the m6 mark ii much more i do i use him more but i truly like the m5 yeah i’m not really helping i like both of them you


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