Review Sennheiser HD 450BT Budget-Friendly ANC Headphones

hey I’m Chris from tech spurt and these are the Sennheiser HD 450 BT headphones really catching in there guys the cost one hundred and sixty quid here in the UK and yet they still lost all those swim premium features that you’ll find in really expensive headphones like the Sony WH threes the balls q CS and so on and so on like active noise cancellation dedicated up support and comprehensive controls the question is all these Sony’s as good as those more premium handsets are they worth a hundred and sixty quid while I’ve been testing them out for a good long while now I’ve been quite tidy with this review apologies so here’s my in-depth thought on the HD 450 BTS and from on the latest greatest sec please do poke subscribe ending that notifications Bell cheers now first up these headphones support a full-on plastic finish there’s no little metal trim or anything like that so it doesn’t exactly scream premium look and feel of all that said they are proven pretty damn rugged that said that’s not actually a massive lead to similar design to or sony WH threes I think it could be summed up as simple yet smart then you grab them in the choice of black or white colors more vibrant hues unfortunately that’s not really Sennheiser style and as far as

I’m aware there’s no dedicated water or sweat resistance for that matter though you weren’t exactly what to put these down the gym during an intensive workout and I had them on my bones during a gentle rain shower and they’re still absolutely fine so uh-huh as far as comfort levels go there’s certainly lots of padding around the ear cup area unfortunately it cups themselves all rather narrow so even though there is plenty of padding I did find that they were pressing on my ear flap so no matter how I adjusted them tweet them fiddled about with them thankfully the sheer amount of padding on those cups meant it still wasn’t uncomfortable despite that bit of extra pressure what I could have used this more padding around the headband area though it’s a bit scant up there certainly when you’ve got a bald nugget like me you can feel it pressing down there’s a little bit more softness would have been appreciated and also while the Sennheiser HD 450 BTS pulled up nice and compact which makes them really handy for throwing in a rucksack for transport and so on and so on the cups themselves don’t actually rotate a full 90 degrees so when you’re dangling them around your neck like so you’ll find that they are bouncing off your

collarbones quite a lot thankfully again just a minor grumble nothing really worth concerning yourself about too much now thankfully the Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity is absolutely excellent here on the HD 450 bt’s eye no problem paired up with any number of devices all you got to do is hold down that power button a little bit extra and they’ll go into pairing mode and then you can just get them hooked up in seconds to any other smartphone tablet whatever your fancy I thought my connection stayed strong even when I left my smartphone in one room my house wandered off about the place no problems whatsoever and best of all as well it does take a 3.5 millimeter cable as well if you do run out of juice or you just decide to get your white connection on the go instead unfortunately when it comes to the built-in controls I’ve got to say they’re a bit of a hot mess basically you’ll find that every single button and switch is clustered here on the right ear cup nothing at all on the left ear cup which makes things very very confusing certainly for the first few days of use it’s a comprehensive selection of controls for sure you can pause and play your music you can swap tracks

you can change the volume you can activate or deactivate that noise cancellation all kinds of shenanigans you can even get a bit of voice assistant action on the goal it’s just a case of actually working out which button is which once you’ve got that cracked which did take me a go couple of weeks I’ve got to admit then it sort of works alright but again it’s far from perfect in better news I’ve absolutely no qualms whatsoever with the actual audio quality on these things which of course is one of the year some or important factors when it comes to their headphones it’s definitely a well-balanced sound you get nice strong bass kick where appropriate book without drowning out the rest of the track which is the most important thing so certainly Rock tracks and dance track sound really really good you’ve got a nice bit of power behind them a bit of punch but again you can hear some of those finer details coming through quite nicely and both subtle acoustic tracks things like that as well we’ve got a nice depth to the sound vocals come through really well and those vocals really sound great on like some podcasts and all your books – I thought the only real issue I am bad was I found that the volume tended to fluctuate a little bit of its own accord which was a little bit destructive well thankfully it didn’t go quite quite quite loud or anything like that so yeah it definitely seems to be a lot

more subtle not reassure what that was all about but pop format all great and speaking of sound quality you can actually tinker about with an equalizer here in the smart control app from Sennheiser thought to be honest I found it was best just on the default set and Roland piss at about with it too much and as far as functionality goes that’s pretty much it where this apps concerned apart from updates and the firm on the headphones as well inori’s on the kortek phone you can follow up tech support as you’d expect at this price point so when you watch it a bit of Netflix or whatever the audio and the video sync up nicely you’ve got ear see support all of that good stuff that’s for the active noise cancellation I thought it worked really well certainly as strong as any other rivals around this sort of price point if not quite as good as the likes of the Sony WHU 3s and those lot of more premium offerings certainly helps to cut down the rumble from traffic from trains got a lot of trends gone by here so that’s always good and then flick it on or off with just a quick button press as well great stuff and there’s no distracting hiss or anything like that which you sometimes get with some of these cheaper nc headphones as well actually gives you a nice calm little

bubble of peace and blocks out all of this going on all around you and cold quality is perfectly good as well for the built-in mics did a great job picking up my voice even those out and about in a busy environment nor worries that’s for the battery life no worries there either these Sennheiser’s are just as strong as a lot of them all premium rivals phones you get between sort of 25 to 30 hours of battery life per charge roughly and that is with ANC active as well so as I forget a good few days of use before you have to stick them into charge again and it is a bit type-c thankfully and every time you boot up the Sennheiser HD 450 BTS they’ll even give you an approximate estimation of how much battery life is remaining at though it is very very approximate the last time I turned them on it literally said between 2 and 6 hours of life that’s quite a big difference I could make a serious impact on your tear whether it’s 2 or 6 thankfully on that occasion it turns on it because of the 6 cuz I was out for quite a while and now right there is my full review of the Sennheiser HD 450 BTS again great name guys so yeah so definitely for the price point there are a solid pair of anc headphones like NC works really well the audio quality is good few little issues like the annoying controls the fact that they press on your ear flaps a bit too much but but yet definitely would give them a thumbs up if you’re looking for good dependable solid pair of headphones around that price point so be grit to your own personal thoughts if you’ve also been using these Sony’s or if you’re just tempted by them or what other rival pairs you would personally recommend them from on the latest greatest oh please do poke subscribe ending that notifications well Cheers

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