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what’s up people segi here from tech gear talk and also I’m hanging out in the freezing chilly playing around with the brand-new Virgie axe I have actually been privileged enough to reach shoot with this pre-production version for a couple of days and I wish to place together a number of videos for you to share my impressions are really going to be shooting this video clip with the XT 3 which I’ve been utilizing because it appeared and also it’s quite potentially my favored camera because 2018 as well as perhaps even going right into 2019 now the XT 4 improves a lot of the strengths of the XG 3 yet fuji included some significant attributes that can make me perhaps retire the xt 3 as well as obtain among these so allow’s go obtain some shots I desire to begin mainly discussing digital photography and after that proceed to the video features where Fuji made some great upgrades to both the capability and also perhaps equally as vital the total customer experience once again this is a pre-production design and also I’ll publish a more in-depth review once I’ve utilized the complete manufacturing version a lot more thoroughly as for type factor the X t4 is very comparable to the

XT 3 I had not been that acquainted with the outside I possibly wouldn’t be able to tell the distinction at a glance as for dealing with the X t4 is somewhat bigger and a little bit much heavier it has a deeper grip and it’s really a lot more comfy to hold among one of the most amazing functions that was included in the X t4 remains in body picture stablizing or Ibis meaning that the sensor in the cam is really able to change within the body to assist counteract cam shake this is really an enhanced system over what we saw on the XH 1 and also Fuji says that it’s 30% smaller and also 20% lighter which is exactly how they are able to keep the form aspect almost identical to that of the XT 3 currently what I like is that I can now obtain stabilization as well as lenses like the 16 255 F 2.8 and also quick and also reasonably low-cost Prime’s like the 16 F 2.8 as well as the 23 and 35 F 2 which do not have optical picture stablizing of program if you’re using lenses with oh resembles this gorgeous 52 140 F 2.8 then you can incorporate in body image stabilization from the sensing unit and optical image stabilization from the lens to obtain also much

better results so I assume there are 18 X place lenses that you can obtain up to 6.5 quits of stabilization which is quite remarkable there’s even a choice for additional electronic image stablizing which will revolve Annan craft of video footage by 10 percent to assist much more with electronic camera shake currently in instance you’re interested I just published a video regarding the different types of image stabilization what they mean as well as exactly how they function and also I’ll put a web link to it up in the corner as well as in the summary one more great addition to the XT 4 is this point 6 2 million dot completely articulating or vari-angle touchscreen among my couple of complaints with the XT 3 was the three-way tilt display and also do not get me incorrect it’s much better than a two-way tilt screen since it still permits for low angle seeing when firing up and down however when I take into consideration right that I use a video camera I just love having a fully articulating display depending on what I’m firing I might be above the electronic camera or below the video camera if I’m on a slider on the gimbal there are times when I’m actually placed to the side of the electronic camera and after

that of training course I invested a lot of time in front of the cam as well as having a fully verbalizing screen just makes my life so a lot simpler I don’t have to use an outside display and also I know that I can always get the screen to encounter me that produces a much far better customer experience for me I additionally really like being able to turn and face the screen internal so that it’s safeguarded while I’m taking a trip with the video camera I do wish to discuss that I’m fully knowledgeable about the reality that not everyone uses their electronic cameras like I do but I still believe that having the versatility to do all those things is truly vital [Songs] talking shooting Fuji overhauled a shutter so currently we’re getting faster bursts shooting at approximately 15 structures per second and also the blackout time was lowered from 96 nanoseconds on the XD 3 to 75 milliseconds obviously we still have the option to utilize a digital shutter when we desire the outright silent capturing yet the noise of the mechanical shutter is 30 percent less than on the XD 3 the first time I selected it up who was readied to continuous high and also I didn’t also

recognize that so I clicked the shutter and I didn’t actually understand that it was shooting since I’m so utilized to the sound on the XD 3 and also the XT 4 shutter is also two times as durable as that of the XD 3 it’s rated for 300,000 shots versus a hundred as well as fifty thousand shots on the XD 3 given that we’re mosting likely to be firing so much allow’s chat regarding the battery this was a discomfort factor for a few of the XD 3 customers since the npw 126s is sort of an old battery as well as a great deal of the customers chose for the battery hold similar to this person the XT 4 uses the new npw 235 which has a larger ability so we’re checking out 2200 vs.1260 million per hour in typical mode this equates to an incredibly rating of 500 frames versus 390 on the old battery and also in economic situation mode you can bump this as much as 600 shots like on the XT 3 we can still bill the battery in body making use of a USBC cable thanks for using a USBC cord as well as what’s fantastic is that you can make use of the video camera and bill the battery at the exact same time I intend to go on to a number of new products relating to the image top quality we have a new movie simulation called Eterna bleach bypass

this is a variant of a turn on it has even more contrast yet after that at the exact same time less saturation it’ll most definitely give you a special appearance of training course we have Pro via Velvia ostia traditional chrome pro- high and basic along with traditional unfavorable we already discussed Eterna as well as internal bleach bypass however we likewise have a Krause and monochrome 4 great black and white shots and both of those are readily available with or without yellow red as well as green filters as well as the last movie simulation option we see is sepia they’re also a couple of brand-new car white balance options white top priority as well as atmosphere concern which give you a lot more control over the accent of your pictures if you ever seem like car offers you a shade cast in certain lights problems you’re gon na actually like this added versatility you can also make tonal curve changes in half step increments as opposed to one step increments like we saw in the XD 3 and the XT 4 presents three kinds of increase modes we have reduced light priority which optimizes the EVF and the LCD illumination to make topics in shadows simpler to see we have resolution top priority where the resolution is in fact increased to make it simpler for you to see

information in the picture and afterwards we have EVF structure price priority which boosts the refresh price in the EVF and provides you smoother motion and if you’re shooting sports or you’re a wild animals professional photographer you’re actually gon na like this since it’s gon na make following your subject a whole lot easier especially as you’re having the frying pan promptly or make quick directional adjustments there are additionally been some enhancements made to the autofocus systems among my favorite points regarding Fuji has always been that they have actually agreed to improve existing equipment with ongoing firmware update the xt3 has obtained a few updates already which have made the autofocus system a lot better than it was when it was released with the xt 4 we have enhanced autofocus tracking and also specifically when topics are moving away I’ll reveal you some tracking shots below and of program I’ll do even more tests once I obtain a full manufacturing version in my hands what’s good is that you can move the autofocus point using the joystick as well as then pick a subject with a half press of the shutter or you can use the touchscreen to do both currently when a topic is picked the xt4 will certainly track it keep it in focus also as it

relocates through your framework and also relocates closer and also further away from the video camera by the method if this is your initial time below and you have an interest in camera testimonials as well as tutorials go on as well as strike the subscribe and also notice switches and after that drop me a remark so that I’ll recognize to claim hello [Songs] [Music] there are few more layout adjustments that I desire to point out first the fast food selection was relocated to where the AF lock switch made use of to be as well as we currently have an AF on button so we can make use of back switch autofocus we still have lockable dials on the top similar to we carried the XT one two and 3 of program we still have the front and rear dials and also I did see that the tension on these seems to be a little looser than on the XT 3 so for me it required a little much less pressure to revolve the dials and also it felt smoother Fuji likewise chose for a removable door for the SD cards so if you’re utilizing it on a rig or in an instance you do not need to bother with that door obtaining in the means I’m not specifically certain why they selected the saggy little rubber things on the left side with the XT three there was a

removable door similar to the new one for the SD cards so I’m not truly sure why they went in reverse on the left side I’ll try to obtain some even more answers for you from Fuji and include them in the thorough evaluation one last layout item is that the brand-new I cap is a little bit larger and also it’s even more comfortable and it’s additionally currently lockable so you can easily eliminate it and after that put it right back on possibly a locks right back into area currently I intend to speak about some excellent video clip updates that Fuji made with the XT four we currently talked about Ibis and also the optional electronic picture stabilization which will absolutely offer you smoother as well as much more steady footage when you’re firing handheld it’s actually fantastic to have the cam remove a lot of the mini jitters that we see from portable video footage as well as when I use it together with lenses that have oh is it’s also better That’s truly just the starting whoo you did something that both photographers and also videographers are gon na be thankful for they totally divided stills as well as menu setups as well as controls first rather of having a flick setting as part of the mode dial there’s now a toggle under the shutter rate dial which will switch the cam from still to movie mode this totally transforms the food selection system when we now have mode details main and also fast food selections so depending on which setting you’re in you do not have to stress concerning scrolling past all the grayed out alternatives that are

unnecessary so for instance if you’re in motion picture mode you don’t have points like image size image quality flash setups and also self timer in your fast menu because undoubtedly they’re unimportant there’s additionally an additional great feature called motion picture enhanced controls which is an expansion of what we saw with movie quiet control on the xt3 when you turn this on it disables all the top dials so shutter speed ISO don’t work any even more and it additionally disables the aperture ring on the lens this method you can not unintentionally have the wrong shutter rate chosen and ruin your video you can still manage the setups using the front and rear dials or the touch display however the setups are kept individually from stills mode we can fire 4k 60 at up to 200 megabits per second for 200 inside if you’re videotaping to the SD card or if you desire 4 to 2 just grab an outside recorder and also you’re all established it’s wonderful to be able to get 4k 60 so that if you’re editing at 30 frames per second you can still obtain half speed slow-motion without losing any kind of resolution if you want some significant slow-motion you can switch over on the high frame rate option which can now shoot 1080p at up to 240 frameworks per 2nd that’s 8 times slow

activity if you’re editing and enhancing at 30 structures per 2nd as well as 10 times slow activity if you’re editing and enhancing at 24 frameworks per 2nd as well as that still comes with face and also eye monitoring this sluggish motion is done in cam so when you sneak peek it or play it back on your computer system it’s currently slowed down as much as autofocus for video clip Fuji is proceeding to make renovations after a couple of upgrades to the X g3 I really felt currently that the face as well as eye discovery were working exceptionally well for me and unlike in the past I don’t even truly consider it I recognize it’s solid and after that I can depend on it and also I feel that with the xt 4 fuji took the next step one point that is irritating is that we still don’t have subject monitoring for video clip so you can not click a subject or pick a topic in the framework and also after that have the autofocus system track it as it relocates via the frame obtains closer or further away from the video camera you can pick the area and after that if the subject in that zone relocates better or further away from the electronic camera the ax t 4 will certainly readjust focus yet you need to make certain that you keep that topic in the area or the xt 4 will certainly concentrate on whatever else is now occupying that same location what behaves is that you can transform the level of sensitivity of this feature as well as you can choose how quickly the autofocus system will react to this adjustment and additionally exactly how fast you desire it to rack focus you can make use

of the joystick to move the focus point around or you can just click the touch screen as well as pick a new factor I believe that the touch screen is a bit more responsive than what we saw in the xt 3 however I do not believe it’s like several of the other brands yet simply to ensure I’m clear about this there is subject tracking for stills you can set the electronic camera to large tracking as well as pick the subject then the X T 4 will certainly track it yet there is no broad monitoring alternative for video and with any luck we obtain that in a firmware upgrade I know we spoke regarding film simulation in the digital photography part but when it comes to video clip I nearly solely shoot in eternam if I’m not firing in log that’s my preferred movie simulation picture account photo style whatever you intend to call it as well as I’ve been super delighted with the results if you do require added vibrant variety so for instance if your incredibly comparison the atmosphere you desire to make sure that you’re not burning out your highlights or losing all the details in the shadow you do have the alternative to tape an F lock simply like with the XT three we have some fantastic overlays consisting of a histogram

however I was really wishing that we would certainly get waveforms with this upgrade if you have actually seen my motion picture appearance tutorials I explain how to make use of a waveform as well as why it’s an extra powerful tool than a pie chart so again I’m a little dissatisfied that it wasn’t included with the XT 4 particularly given that they proceed to make video clip particular upgrades Fuji additionally really did not upgrade the mini HDMI to a mini or full dimension HDMI which would have been a plus yet it’s most definitely not the end of the world from a video clip standpoint this is a super effective cam and also I actually do not see any kind of way that I’ll remain to make use of the XT 3 once I have one of these various other than perhaps as a B cam an additional point that I found strange is that Fuji removed the headphone jack from the video camera itself there is a USB C to 3.5 millimeter dongle yet on the XT 3 this was a headphone jack currently you either need to use the dongle with the USBC cable television or you need to buy the hold which has an earphone jack I intend to take a minute to give thanks to the pixel connection for hooking me up with this pre-production design of the XT 4 and also making it possible for me to share my first impacts with you [Songs] overall the xt4 is an excellent cam for Stills and also video clip

Fuji did a really great work providing us significant attribute upgrades that individuals have actually been requesting like in body photo stabilization and a fully verbalizing touchscreen I do wish to state that you still can not use the touchscreen to browse the primary food selection yet you can’t use it with the Quick Menu and also because I can tailor it for both digital photography and also video clip I virtually never ever go right into the primary menu so it’s not truly a big bargain picture top quality remains to be superior and the video includes make this such an effective device overall user experience what the xt4 has been great so much it most definitely appears like Fuji put some thought right into just how to improve it and maintain an eye for a more thorough testimonial once I get my hands on a complete manufacturing version if you have any particular inquiries you want me to cover in that testimonial please allow me understand in the remark area I really hope I was able to provide you an excellent summary of the brand-new XT 4 if I did please allow me recognize by offering this video a thumbs up tweet it share it and if you have not yet join the community by striking the subscribe and notice switch you can constantly discover me on Instagram Twitter as well as Facebook at tech ear talk you recognize what I constantly state purchase it wonderful or purchase it twice best of luck and see you soon

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