Zhiyun Weebill S | The Perfect Gimbal?

what’s up individuals Iggy below and also welcome to an additional tech equipment talk today we’re mosting likely to have a look at a brand new as well as very remarkable gimbal that we developed s this is certainly the following iteration of the we expense as well as there’s some truly remarkable new upgrades in this one this gimbal is made by G you win I assume that’s exactly how it’s obvious I’m not sure I’m truly uncertain about the pronunciation so I’ll simply stick with we bill s from that what I am certain concerning is whether I like this gimbal so allow’s reach that I’m gon na discuss several of the functions of the we bill s and also show you some test video to offer you a concept of the sort of shots that you can expect in terms of stability I’ve had the chance to utilize a great deal of Kimball’s and I do not believe there’s a one-size-fits-all when it pertains to them each one of us utilizes different camera bodies and lenses as well as we’re gon na have various requirements and in addition to various ones which is why I such as to use different sorts of gimble’s and after that attempt to help you decide which one may help you so if you want more information concerning gimble’s electronic cameras digital photography and cinematography sign up with the community by hitting the subscribe and also notification buttons I wish to begin by

discussing what made me also take into consideration the wee bill s which is also called the little giant for me I wanted something that can manage both DSLRs and also mirrorless video cameras with a variety of lenses I wanted a gimbal that was not hefty so it would not add a lots of weight when I’m utilizing it with larger setups I wanted a smaller gimbal that would be super portable so that I don’t have to stress over bringing along a devoted case I also desired adaptability in regards to handling as well as procedure that would allow me really rapidly switch over in between various sorts of shots and still be comfortable while I’m firing I wanted it to work basically best out of package I such as having the capability to go right into the application or the settings as well as make adjustments however I wanted the gimbal to simply function without compeling me to do that I desired the ability to utilize my phone as a screen due to the fact that I made use of many cams as well as several of them do not have fully articulating screens and also having a screen would assist I desired a budget friendly gimbal that I can suggest to any one of you if you’re making use of comparable configurations and ultimately I had not been ready to compromise on efficiency when it involved security and also smoothness so does the we bill s provide on these well yeah it type of does allow’s claim closer check out the we bill

s as well as I’m mosting likely to include some added footage at the end of the video clip to make sure that you can obtain all the info upfront and also if you still intend to see more visuals they’re there for you starting with haul there isn’t a released haul that I saw but I used it with my Sony a7 3 Fuji XT 3 with the 16 to 55 millimeter F 2.8 which I have not had the ability to stabilize on a lot of smaller gimbals without counterweights naturally any one of my smaller cameras like the canon SL 2 or SL 3 rm50 the sony a sixty-four hundred those works simply fine and I also tried it with the new Canon 90 d with a 24 to 70 F 2.8 and also it conveniently stabilized it as well as the eyepiece had not been striking the back motor so I had the complete variety of movement and it might easily get it in vortex setting so as for having the ability to stabilize various electronic cameras with a range of lenses I more than happy with what the Weeble s can do following I wanted something that wouldn’t be too hefty and would not add a great deal of weight which is particularly crucial when I’m making use of larger configurations as well as of program I’m utilizing the term much heavier setup reasonably here I’m not lugging a movie theater video camera below yet I’m always thinking about the lightest setup they can obtain me the results that I desire the Weeble s considers 926 grams which is about 2 pounds as well as I make certain the tripod and batteries include a number of ounces no matter it’s exceptionally light and also going back and also forth between the Weeble s and

bigger gimbals with the exact same electronic camera and also lens combo there’s a recognizable difference checking out the size once more it’s such a little gimbal when I think about the sorts of configurations that it can handle I actually such as this style where the batteries lie on the back to ensure that we don’t need to have a very long handle when this breaks down it’s a far more portable type element which I can easily fit in my knapsack which’s terrific when I’m just walking and also shooting since I don’t have to bring a dedicated case simply for the gimbal it would have behaved if they included an instance like with the crane 3 so that when I’m currently taking a lot more gear I might load it away much more safely rather it features these 2 polystyrene items which would only function as an instance if I placed them back in a box and also that’s me being a little fussy due to the fact that I seem like I wanted in concept however after that I don’t know that I would actually use it as opposed to throwing all of it in among my bags specifically because when you intend to place Gimbels back in there a ridge case you need to break them completely down all right so it’s small it’s light and also it can manage the sort of payload that I need but what about functionality as well as comfort designs again I think the we bill s checks that box for me the

smaller type aspect means that I can use it for a longer time period without tiredness holding it and also making use of an upright mode was incredibly comfortable I did observe that in the beginning I would put my leading hand expensive on the deal with as well as I would accidentally touch the trigger which places the gimbal in adhere to setting however I very quickly readjusted my grip and I found that it never ever happened once again however I intended to mention it just in case this happens to someone else and you do not comprehend why the reality that the tripod legs can be linked at the base for when you desire a longer take care of to stack your hands in upright setting is fantastic I actually like that if you tap the LV button twice the buttons on the back are locked so it does not matter if you hit them while you’re firing then you can just double faucet again and it will certainly return to being responsive what’s even better regarding the layout is the capability to eliminate the feet from the bottom and afterwards connect them on the back to make sure that it enters into even more of a straight arrangement I might still shoot an underslung setting when I intended to which is fantastic if I’m trying to swiftly alter the elevation of the shot yet I actually like the a lot more small configuration for low shots and also I really felt that it was a lot

more secure as well as given a lot more control it likewise enabled me to obtain right into smaller areas and also obtain angles that I wouldn’t have the ability to enter underslung setting so like I said I truly appreciated the convenience as well as the reality that I can rapidly switch over in between exactly how I handle the Weeble s depending on the kind of shot that I’m trying to obtain as far as exactly how very easy this gimbal was to use I’m gon na claim it was very simple right out of package I just balanced it as well as ran the car song which detects the weight of the arrangement and it immediately makes modifications to the motor torque I actually bill it and after that began throwing different configurations on it as well as shooting and also I never ever obtained that restlessness do you in some cases get when the motor is set up for a configuration that is either as well hefty or as well light and obviously I still have the adaptability if I desire you to enter into the app and make adjustments as much as stabilizing the Weeble s i like the reality that each accessibility can be locked to ensure that you don’t have to bother with the camera flailing everywhere and also you can extremely rapidly see to it that each is balanced and after that start firing it’s likewise a fantastic function because you can secure all 3 of them with or without the video camera

being connected and also it’s terrific for when you’re carrying or simply walking in between areas there’s likewise another interesting setting in the application which is called the motion sync that’s something that resembles the movi pro resemble or the DJI pressure mobile capability it was better than previous efforts by Zun however it wasn’t rather well with several of the other implementations so I didn’t locate myself using it as well a lot I likewise know that I’m utilizing a beta design and also there have actually currently been 2 firmware updates which have actually made a number of renovations however I would want this combined with the next feature I’m gon na speak concerning in order to take this feature to an entire brand-new degree this following attribute was even more of a desire than a need I’m speaking about the capability to wirelessly transmit video clip from the video camera to my phone the reason I desired this is that I evaluate various electronic cameras and not all of them have a totally expressing display so I can not always obtain a super clear sight of what the video camera is viewing as long as the camera has a tidy HDMI out I can always attach it to an outside display however that means having to bring one more monitor and also for the many part those displays are bigger as well as larger than my phone as well as that I always already have my phone with me the GU when made this new trans mount photo transmission component which links to the video camera

and after that utilizes Wi-Fi to send out a video from the gimbal to the phone so currently I can have 1080p30 nearly real-time surveillance using my phone as well as I’m saying practically real-time since it’s not absolutely no latency but it’s pretty close as well as for exactly how I use it it functioned truly well and I such as that I do not need another cord connecting my phone to the arrangement all right so I’m certainly excited by the performance as well as performance of the we Belle s but let’s reach the rate I got this gimbal and I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks but this is a pre-release version which was sent to me for evaluation so big proclaim to GU Winn as well as if you have actually watched my evaluations you understand that I’m gon na tell you precisely what I consider a product whether it was sent to me I’m borrowing it or if I purchased it myself I’m at a point where there isn’t truly a whole lot of equipment that I personally or skillfully require so when I approve an item for review it’s because I’m really interested in the efficiency of the item it’s something that I think you men may find worth in and also it’s constantly with the understanding that I’m gon na claim whatever I want

regarding it so while I was using it for the past couple of weeks I really did not recognize just how much it was mosting likely to set you back and I was believing wow I truly such as this gimbal yet it’ll be fascinating to see where they place it as for pricing since if it’s too pricey it’s simply not gon na function for a lot of developers I had it pegged somewhere in between 600 and also 650 bucks and also I simply found out last evening that it’s gon na cost four hundred and also thirty 9 dollars for the Wii Bell S alone which i assume is a remarkable worth there’s a zoom emphasis Pro plan for 519 bucks as well as that features the extra zoom focus design and after that for six hundred and seventy nine dollars you can get the picture transmission Pro plan which gives you the zoom focus component and the cordless picture transmission module for the efficiency that I got this would certainly be a piece of cake for me as well as it’s absolutely a gimbal that I’m going to get a lot of use from it’s light it’s mobile it can handle the configurations that I mostly use it’s super simple to use as well as also has the cordless performance that I was really hoping for do not forget that there’s more video coming at completion of this video in the meanwhile I’m gon na put links in the summary to where you can get the we bill s and also some accessories

there are constantly holiday specials and discounts so the links will certainly constantly be upgraded with the most affordable pricing as well as if you wind up purchasing anything making use of those web links you can aid sustain my network free of charge and also assist me create extra material for you so thank you ahead of time I also just started a brand-new patreon web page as well as you’ll find a link to it at the bottom of the description as well as on my channel web page so if you like the material I produce you see worth in it if you intend to show your assistance head on over there and choose whatever degree you’re comfortable with I truly wish this video clip gave you a great summary of the Weeble s and also I would love to hear what you think in the comment section let me recognize is this a gimbal that you would desire which you would make use of and no matter I’m always interested about what your configuration is now if this video clip was handy please allow me recognize by giving it a thumbs up tweet it share it and if you having you join the area by striking the subscribe as well as notice switches if you want extra opportunities to communicate with me live come and also talk with me on Instagram Facebook And Twitter a geeky emergency room talk you understand what I always state acquire it good or acquire two times best of luck and also see you soon

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