Canon M6 vs SL2 vs G7 X Mark II – Camera Showdown

what’s up individuals in today’s tech equipment talk we’re gon na contrast the canon m6 SL 2 and g7 x mark 2 I lately did a more in-depth evaluation of each of these video cameras so if you want some more info about a specific one I’ll put 3 web links in the summaries to the various other 3 videos so you can examine them out once you’re made with this set all 3 of these video cameras are in the exact same cost range as well as they’re an excellent selection for someone that’s seeking a small mobile cam that does excellent for both photography and video clip also if you’re creating material for YouTube or social media sites in basic or if you’re shooting video clip for your tiny service or vlogging these are three cameras that you must most definitely consider if this video winds up being useful to you please let me understand by leaving a remark offering it a like’ and after that striking the subscribe as well as notice switches for even more camera and also technology examines okay so let’s jump right in as well as discuss the staminas as well as weak points

of these 3 electronic cameras first I desire to speak about video camera inputting so the SL 2 is a DSLR whereas the g7 X mark 2 on the m6 are mirrorless cams and also if you’re not acquainted with the difference let me take a min right here to explain the way a DSLR like the SL 2 jobs is that light travels through the lens and afterwards the back of the electronic camera there is a sensor however in front of that sensing unit there’s actually a mirror and the mirror reflects this picture up the cam body where there’s another mirror that then shows it out to make sure that you can see it through the viewfinder so basically it’s like there is a prism in the camera currently whenever you take a photo their mayor cracks up of the way the shutter opens up exposes the sensing unit to the light then closes and also a mirror flips back down and after that when you want to shoot video what occurs is the mirror turns up and afterwards locks in that setting so it stays out of the method as well as after that the sensing unit is continuously being exposed to the light currently in a mirrorless camera obviously by interpretation there’s no

mirror so the sensing unit is resting right behind the lens and also it’s regularly being revealed to the light and also that’s why you can constantly see a photo using the display on the back so what occurs when you take a picture with a mirrorless video camera is the shutter initially shuts after that it opens up for the amount of time that you have it set for then closes again and this whole mechanism is why mirrorless electronic cameras are a lot smaller sized than DSLR it’s since you do not need any type of area in below for a mirror at a 45 level angle and afterwards for the prism to lead up to the viewfinder so as you can see the body of both the g7x mark 2 and also the m6 is a lot thinner than the body of a DSLR like the SL 2 which is actually a tiny DSLR now there are some negative aspects to mirrorless cams but I’ll go right into that in a much a lot more detailed video clip I simply desired to offer you the basics here so once more the SL 2 is a DSLR the g7 X Mark 2 as well as the m6 are both mirrorless video cameras as well as there really isn’t a

clear victor here there are simply two different electronic camera types ok so let’s move on to sensor and cpu so the m6 and the SL 2 both utilize a 24 megapixel aps-c sensing unit which is much bigger than the 1 inch sensor on the g7 X Mark 2 currently larger sensor offers you far better image and video clip high quality since it’s able to use more information to develop a sharper picture with more information and also much better vibrant range and also in this situation the edge mosts likely to the SL 2 and the m6 as a result of the much larger sensor currently all 3 electronic cameras utilize the new number 7 cpu so in that situation it’s a draw it’s a really great sensor they all function truly quick both for photography as well as for video browsing points like the food selections choosing brand-new attributes changing in between image sneak peek and returning to shoot all of that is really quick since of the figure 7 procedure which once again is made use of by all three of these cameras next I wish to discuss video resolution as well as frame rates so in this instance it’s mosting likely to be a draw once more due to the fact that all 3 of these video cameras can contend Complete HD so 1080p at 24 30 and also 60 frameworks per 2nd alright so currently I desire to carry on to lens options and also this is where we’re going to begin seeing some

major distinctions specifically when we compare integrated lenses compatible lenses the g7x mark ii includes an integrated 24 to 100 equivalent lens that’s a pretty flexible lens and also offers you a good series of going quite wide a 24 to short array telephoto at 100 that’s mosting likely to cover what most individuals are seeking from a small point-and-shoot electronic camera as well as at the exact same time I simply desire to explain the fact that it is integrated so you can’t take it out and also replace it with a various lens for instance if you decide that you wish to go larger than 24 or if you desire even more telephoto than 100 you don’t have the alternative of buying an extra lens and after that switching them out now on the other hand the m6 and also the SL 2 both make use of compatible lenses to make sure that indicates that even if you launch with a kit lens like the 15 to 45 on the m6 or an 18 to 55 on the SL to which’s all you have for beginners you can always later on buy

additional lenses that give you some even more versatility which’s good since as you start making use of the electronic camera you might realize you understand I really desire I might go wider than that or I really want I had extra telephoto due to the fact that I finish up firing a lot of things that are far from me as well as that’s why having compatible lenses is a bonus now I enter into lens alternatives in more detail for each and every details camera however once again look into the more thorough video if you would certainly like some more info about that in this instance the edge goes to the m6 and the SL 2 due to the fact that of the interchangeable lenses with a small side to the SL 2 due to the fact that it makes use of both EF and EFS place lenses next I wish to speak about continual autofocus throughout video so all 3 of these electronic cameras can do continual autofocus throughout video but the SL 2 on the m6 use canons double pixel autofocus which actually takes points to the next level it’s faster and also it does a far better work and reduced contrast situations so if you’re gon na be shooting a great deal of video clip having a great and also trustworthy continual autofocus is something that I place a great deal of worth on in this case I’m providing the edge to the m6 and also the SL 2 as a result of the improved continual autofocus

currently another major component for those of you are mosting likely to be making use of these cams for video clip is in fact the audio component as well as all three of these video cameras have integrated microphones however the SL 2 on the m6 likewise have a 3.5 millimeter mic input which’s an incredible attribute due to the fact that both of these video cameras let make use of an exterior microphone as opposed to the one that’s constructed right into the cam and also it’s gon na give you way much better audio for your video clip you can utilize a shotgun mic and you can even utilize a cordless lavalier mic I take into consideration that to be an essential function especially if you’re firing video where somebody’s talking and you desire to isolate their voice from the history sound or even if you just wish to get even more complete as well as abundant sound in basic so as for sound is concerned I’m giving the edge to the m6 as well as the SL 2 but that’s just if you’re mosting likely to use an external microphone okay so as a whole I’m not a follower of paying for features that I don’t wind up using yes these have

an external mic input yet if you’re never gon na use it that’s not actually a benefit that these electronic cameras hold over the g7x mark 2 however if you think that now or perhaps in the future you may wish to utilize that function then it’s certainly one that I assume is rewarding alright next I want to chat about the size weight and construct quality all 3 of these cams are really nicely developed as well as Canon did a really great task at developing solid bodies with very secure grasps on them all three of them are incredibly light and mobile currently the SL 2 for a DSLR is truly small and also light however as for that’s concerned it can’t take on the g7x Mark 2 or the m6 which are mirrorless cams and also are smaller as well as lighter now a good point concerning the g7x mark 2 is since it has an integrated lens when you transform it off take a look at how little it comes to be to ensure that’s a lot smaller sized than even the m6 as well as certainly a whole lot smaller sized than the SL 2 so regarding size as well as transportability go I provide the advantage to g7x mark 2 complied with by the m6 and after that ultimately to the SL – next I want to talk concerning the LCD screens so the m6 and the g7 X mark – both have flip displays that first fold up down 45 degrees like this so you can utilize them for above shots and after that they turn 180 degrees to

encounter the front so that you can use them in selfie setting as well as this is an excellent feature for when you remain in front of the electronic camera and also you wish to make certain that you’re framed appropriately and also that you’re in focus it’s actually nice to be able to flip the display and have it encountering you now the SL 2 uses a completely expressing display that’s a bit more flexible so first off in its default setting it’s shielded so if you’re packing this camera away you can simply leave it such as this and afterwards nothing is mosting likely to damage it if you’re gon na use it in your behind the cam you can flip it out and afterwards secure it back right into placement as well as currently it’s extremely similar to the default positioning on the m6 or g7 X mark – if on the various other hand you’re gon na remain in front of the video camera then you can turn it out and currently it deals with the front now a few other actually cool orientations is as we have actually discussed if you intend to utilize this for an above shot you can simply

hold it in this manner and also currently the screen is encountering me I can see specifically what the electronic camera is seeing on the various other hand if I want to utilize this video camera on a slider I can turn this display up and after that as the camera moves I can still see the image also though I’m standing over the camera so that’s an actually great feature now I intend to aim something out below that the m6 and the SL – both have Hachi ahead to make sure that theoretically you can place an exterior microphone there however since the flip display of the m6 goes up you can not actually mount a microphone right here because you ‘d be blocking the screen I simply want to highlight that because I like to offer instances of where specs do not inform the whole tale so if all you did was consider specs and also you saw that both of these cameras have hot shoot you would certainly state all right so they both have that feature but when it concerns real-life use if you desired to utilize an outside microphone you wouldn’t be able to utilize this hatchew now it’s not completion of the world there’s in fact an adapter that you can get an mi to the microphone sideways of it yet it’s simply one of those things

where if you only look at the specifications they don’t constantly inform you the whole tale so I would certainly give the advantage to the SL 2 due to the different display positionings as well as the truth that it’s never ever obstructing the external microphone it actually boils down to exactly how you’re gon na utilize the electronic camera so for instance if you’re never gon na make use of an outside microphone that difference does not matter to you for me since I would always utilize one it’s very essential yet at the same time that’s simply the method I utilize this electronic camera you need to decide what is necessary to you because someone else could say ok however the fact that the display flips up to this side offers it a much wider footprint where something like the m6 where it turns up it’s a great deal smaller so everything boils down to exactly how you actually intend on utilizing the electronic camera when it concerns which one of these is a better selection for you I’m just here to highlight the distinctions next I intend to speak about connection as well as remote control alternatives as well as this is where there’s a substantial distinction in between these 3 electronic cameras now all 3 of these cams include both Wi-Fi and also Bluetooth as well as they all deal with a Canon camera connect application which application allows you produce a cordless link in between a smart phone and also each of these

video cameras and also then you can easily move video as well as photos to ensure that you can share them without needing to take the sd card out placed it on your computer system then relocate that to your smart phone as well as then share it so you just produce a wireless link relocate the pictures over and afterwards you can simply upload them anywhere you desire additionally all 3 cams can make use of that app to regulate the cam from another location for taking photos so you might place the cam on a tripod or put it down anywhere you want then take your phone link it to the video camera you’ll see the screen come up on your phone and you’ll have the ability to establish emphasis change settings and then struck a shutter in order to take images yet there’s a big distinction here right now just the SL 2 can use the Canon electronic camera Attach app for video clip so what that implies is with the g7 X mark 2 on the m6 even if you’re in video clip setting as quickly as you link it to a mobile gadget the video setting shuts down so if you attempt to begin a video on the app it would in fact just take a photo at the exact same time you

can not also fire video from the tool itself due to the fact that the display doesn’t function as well as the video clip record switch does not work so as quickly as you connect to a mobile phone the video mode is disabled in the cam with the SL 2 on the various other hand you can really use your phone as a remote screen as well as so I can have the electronic camera established sit down attach it to my phone and afterwards set my focus adjustment all my setups as well as begin videotaping without needing to stroll back behind the cam I hit record and return and take a seat as well as for me that’s an incredibly practical attribute I sit here transform my settings and after that simply hit record I’m done I’m providing a substantial advantage to the SL 2 due to this attribute I’m gon na mention once again that that boils down to exactly how I use this video camera so if you don’t ever before see on your own requiring a remote monitor or push-button control over the cam that’s not a vital difference for you however, for the way I make use of the electronic camera that’s extremely important so once more I like to highlight as several attributes as I can as well as additionally just how they connect to real-life usage

regarding ability degree is concerned all 3 of these have really similar functions so they have a lots of guidebook control for advanced individuals and also then at the very same time lots of presets for somebody that’s either starting or simply does not intend to mess around with that stuff and just wishes to start firing instantly currently the SL 2 has an attribute assistant mode which can aid you learn how to utilize your video camera better so if it’s switched on it can do points like program you like what would certainly happen if you alter your aperture or your shutter rate and also in fact does that with photos which can be actually valuable for novices generally this is practically a draw for me I might see why some newbies would like the simpleness of a mirrorless camera and also so they might like the g7 X mark 2 and also or the m6 as well as at the same time various other beginners could such as to feature assistant mode which actually shows them just how to use some of the hand-operated modes of the video camera ok let’s talk about a few

various other attributes that may help you choose between these video cameras so all 3 of these video cameras do personify time gap it’s extremely easy to make use of as well as it’s much far better than using an intervalometer and after that needing to take all those photos as well as create a time-lapse in post-production currently the m6 and the g7x mark – both come with three presets so you can really establish you understand one establishing for individuals one establishing for cloud one setting for sundowns or dawns and also you can save them and afterwards recycle them and afterwards furthermore there’s additionally a personalized feature that you can just alter on the fly the SL two on the other hand doesn’t have any of those presets which means you need to pick the settings each time you intend to do a time gap so for novices it’s actually good to be able to have the three presets conserved for you as well as at the exact same time also if you’re using customized setting after a pair of attempts you’re pretty a lot gon na master it I’ll probably

wind up simply firing an additional video of exactly how to do a time-lapse with these three cameras simply to reveal you how simple it truly is one more function that I wish to go over if you’re vlogging and also walking around a great deal or if you’re hand holding this video camera is image stabilization now both the m6 and also the g7 X Mark to offer both in body as well as in lens photo stablizing to try to eliminate several of that restlessness do you receive from portable video clip now the SL 2 doesn’t come with in body picture stablizing as well as you’ll just get some stabilization if the lenses that you utilize offers that so like as an example this 18 to 55 lens does use picture stabilization so the edge below most likely mosts likely to the m6 then the g7 X mark – at the same time if you’re mosting likely to be relocating around a great deal and hand-holding your electronic camera I would certainly suggest that you have a look at some three access gimbals to give you super smooth footage good so all three of these electronic cameras have their staminas and weak points which makes it pretty difficult to say like which one is

the most effective it comes down to which functions are necessary to you as well as exactly how you’re mosting likely to be making use of the cam now for some people having the smaller video camera where the built-in lens and also simply the simpleness of an all-in-one camera those points are gon na be the priority for other users having a full-featured DSLR with lots of interchangeable lens options a really great and flexible crack up screen external mic input as well as in the ability to remotely manage the camera for video those points are actually gon na stand out as essential and for various other user some type of mix of both is where it’s gon na go to so they’re gon na want to surrender several of the attributes of a complete DSLR while obtaining some more functionality over simply a standard point and click you can not have every little thing in every cam so it boils down to preference as well as what is essential to you they’re all similarly valued and also I’ll put some links in the descriptions to the cameras along with some popular packages they’re constantly holiday specials as well as some unique discounts so the web links will constantly be updated to make sure that you get the least expensive rate

keep in mind that I also have links in the summaries to the a lot more detailed videos of each of these electronic cameras so if you would certainly like to get some more info regarding a certain one go on and examine those out I really hope this video offered you a good summary of the m6 the SL 2 and also the g7 x mark – and also aids you decide which among these is the ideal camera for you if it was please give it a thumbs up tweet it share it and also hit the subscribe and alert switches for more electronic cameras as well as tech evaluations you can likewise locate me on Twitter Instagram and Facebook at tech gear talk excellent luck and also see you quickly

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