The JUICY New Keyboards from TFUE

fulfill the keyboard that net are already calling the tifu tofu that is kind of funny though in an extremely unforeseen step unique keys and banner tifu have actually collaborated for a capsule that includes a pair workdesk matte layouts plus very top quality variations of both the mk65 and also mk87 entry editions they obtained this retro pixel pink lemonade vibe and also i assume they killed it with this the interest to information is quite bananas completely down to the box tfu might have the best looking package i have actually ever before seen we’ve obtained 2 various desk mats in 900 by 400 a pink as well as a purple these are 4 millimeter stitched sides and also these are going for just 20 bucks you can likewise tip up to the huge pad which measures a tremendous pete davidson 1200 by 600 for only 35 prices below feels really generous extremely available for followers of tifu love to see it right off the slit i wish to be very clear concerning one point since this video will probably

go out to a wider target market than my typical customers you do not need to take these boards apart for any type of factor you can tune as well as modify these however you don’t have to they’re created to come right out of package to your workdesk and for most of you that would certainly be perfectly fine the nk65 is a total develop valued at 175 as well as it’s personalized to the socks you have a bright yellow polycarbonate case with a retro x design repeating on the bottom with lengthy rubber feet and pink we likewise have the tifu branding on the really front of the situation reduced right as well as journalism start graphics on the back leading to the ideal side installed usb c port keycaps here are cherry account dye sub pbt beige base with a pixelated font as well as pink and additional legends in that light yellow you do obtain uniqueness in the set which come pre-installed including the tifu inner trick the yellow escape key the pink area bar along with the press begin modifiers the board likewise consists of vanilla versions of all these caps for a cleaner look buttons are custom-made recolors of the mk silk yellows with a clear housing as well as a pink stem factory lubed with 205

grade no this is set 2 with the enhanced lube job as well as they feel great noise great stock these are linears 45 grams with both millimeter actuation this is a hot swap board with all southern encountering sockets and also 5 pin support we’ve obtained per key rgb and even though the caps aren’t beamed through the white pc plate and the transparent housing on the stems make for severe brightness on the rgb this can all be changed in via obviously since both of these boards are via suitable we do still have the silicone dampening layer in between home plate and the pcb as well as we have actually still got that huge chunky silicone wedge in the base too the nk 65 access was the first board on the scene for this mass-produced polycarbonate entry-level design of board as well as it really just drew a pair objections leading the screws went directly right into the plastic so if you opened your board you ran the risk of removing those this has been dealt with in these newer versions as we currently have actually metal strings embedded right into the case the

other issue is that it had plate install stabilizers which unfortunately we do still see right here if you’re not very into key-boards these are what can make the larger secrets on your board rattle as well as plate places like these aren’t as stable as well as the board is pcb mounted you can not see that real estate wobble in there these are lubed from the manufacturing facility but lovers will possibly intend to re-lube these they’re very simple to venture out without taking the boundary part or you can just strike them with a syringe if you don’t also intend to do that once you obtain those stabilizers situated this board sounds and also really feels actually good the keying feeling gets on the stronger side like there’s no flex or bounce but all-time low place is soft the combination of silicone dampening in a polycarbonate instance functions truly well on these little boards this board appears a great deal better than the very

pricey polycarbonate version of the cyber board that we simply checked out this 65 design is a great deal a lot more usual now than it was a couple years back so aftermarket keycap compatibility is really not a problem simply need to be aware of the shorter right shift as well as the three single u mods to the right of that spacebar likewise included you get a pink spiral key-board cord as well as a switch puller a great hefty keycap puller as well as a zippered lug bag so the nk87 variation of this board is the tko or the 10 keyless version it sees a 20 mark up to 195. The case below is specifically color turned so the case is pink as well as the feet are yellow all the keycap colors remain the same however the wire below is yellow rather of pink the tkl gives you access to a committed feature row with an f13 secret as well as the lower row modifications to what’s called a sangan design with a longer spacebar this can really

make it more difficult to get hold of aftermarket caps though because the spacebar is longer and also the mods are longer too i’m rather certain that every package novel crucial offers has assistance for this however take care if you’re shopping other kits the internal style is primarily the very same yet this board has silicone dampeners inside to separate the top from all-time low the 87 has screw in pcb install stabs as well as overall audios a great deal much better to me supply they’re generously lubed right here also many people would never ever also touch these however i’ll still lube the room bar again with pcb mount stabs you typically have to take the entire board apart to do this so a lube syringe is absolutely the action below this board seems quite low-key and like the 65 it does have a stronger keying really feel no flex no bounce yet it is still actually soft on bottom out you can’t experiment with drawing that reduced silicone out if you intend to hear exactly how that sounds i have

actually done a full testimonial where i did that already on an entrance version i will certainly link that if you want to examine that out the only adverse point i will certainly claim concerning the 87 is that it’s a really large board to be constructed from this thin polycarbonate when you’re simply inputting on the board feels absolutely great if you go squeezing around on it or turning it you will certainly get some flex as well as some creek which one why would certainly you and 2 i believe it’s very excusable at this price point be aware as well that with this product you may have some blemishes in your board novel keys generally does an actually good task about being in advance regarding this before you decide to get if you like these keycaps yet you’re not in the marketplace for an entirely brand-new board unique secrets also has just the keycap set offered for 110 dollars that might appear expensive offered the expense of the total boards however these are huge sets you have compatibility for seriously almost every format you can believe of these are wonderful and thick they have a great audio and also they ought to be resilient for the long term altogether i believe unique keys and also

tifu squashed it with this capsule i really feel like the most significant item of objection will be that they would have looked cleaner without the branding on the front side and the visual clearly is not going to be for everybody however this colorway pinches hit me i enjoy that they conveniently can have charged a lot more for completely developed themed boards with a big name like tifu connected but they didn’t and also they really did not stint the top quality of the product to do it either i believe the 87 is the a lot more full plan yet the nk65 will constantly have an unique location in my heart i simply love that little board i love the noise as well as the feel despite the plate mount stabs they should be open currently for pre-sale and also are expected to start shipping out sometime in very early q4 i love to see a collab such as this because we

really do reside in a time where you can take your talent or a pastime that you’re truly passionate concerning and grow that right into a complying with in perhaps some huge possibilities like this branding is necessary when it comes to putting yourself available each time i have a new idea the first point i do is grab all my socials and also a domain name as well as for that i suggest hover the sponsor of today’s video among the large points i like regarding hover is that they concentrate totally on domain so i have the security of having my domain name different from my holding service that suggests as my online existence grows or changes gradually i can move freely to whatever holding solution i desire as well as i don’t need to stress regarding going through an unlock procedure for my domain name my hosting requirements might transform however my domain name how people find me online that’s my brand name as well as i don’t desire that linked to something i don’t have total control over

hover also has over 400 domain expansions in case the com feels a little as well dated for you you can have or dot live you can truly customize it for your brand and also a huge point having your own domain does for you professionally is it offers you an excellent looking email like i can have brian at and tolerable seedtech at same generic email every person else has dot com and also now you can aid sustain the network and save 10 off any one of the 400 domain extensions they offer by going to negative seed technology huge many thanks to float for continuing to sustain the channel and thank you so much for your time turning up next i think we have the sonnet from mode key-boards i am attempting to obtain some good audio protection out there for your sound guys simply hang tough that’s it for today and also i will capture you all in the following one stay up you

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