Ikki68 Aurora R2: DON’T Miss This Group Buy!

all right we’re diving right into it today since time is a variable the group buy for this board the disgusting 68 aurora round 2 closes tomorrow that’s the 26. the group buy for the kbd67 light rounded three opens today currently that currently holds my top place for the finest entry-level board yet a load of people hyped up the nasty 68 aurora to me so today we’re gon na obtain deep into it you all set let’s go [Music] the icky 68 aurora from wuche studios is packed with different develop options as well as extras to actually call it in for your individual preference and as i stated this is presently an unlimited team buy yet not for long i have actually seen a great deal of sponsored insurance coverage of this board this video clip is not sponsored no cash changed hands for this whatsoever they did send this system out for evaluation however it’s such a harsh very early prototype it really required me to do some soldering on the pcb to deal with some concerns the cost on the standard wired kit is 135 and also it includes this bring situation that really feels like an

artificial micro suede polycarb top and also lower instance polycarb plate silicone plate dampener and also instance dampener you additionally get a coiled usb cord below it’s still not a correct replacement for a true custom but it is possibly the nicest i have actually seen included in a package plus your convertible badge and also a logo design chip like i stated the wired pcb i have below today is a hand soldered model the mass manufacturing variations are black instead of green it’s truly slim at 1.2 millimeters it has flex cuts galore and also it has hot swap that supports multi format that is really unusual to see not to mention at a beginning rate point what this means is you can select in between step caps or routine you can go ansi or iso format on the very same board you can split your backspace and also your left and right changes there suffices space in the format that you can run a full standard right change with stabilizers which isn’t truly usual in a 65 layout or a split

arrangement such as this with a 1.75 u change and a solitary u essential leaving you full usage of your bottom row this is stuff you usually see in a soldered board so to see this here in a hot swap pcb is rather wild all that flexibility does come at an expense though one of the most evident is that there’s no per essential rgb here however they likewise have to get really innovative with button orientation the majority of the outlets right here or southern encountering go into in your backslash trick or rotate it running the split shift you have actually inverted or north dealing with switches and also most notably the room bar is north dealing with only in complete bar config currently this isn’t a problem if you’re running particular buttons like these wuche onions that they sent which are actually extremely great but if you’re running a few of the extra usual buttons like space black inks or nk creams you are mosting likely to face disturbance with gmk caps the turned buttons aren’t the concern but the upside down or north encountering buttons caused disturbance with both gmk and also the new novel secrets pvt such as this taro set if you’re not acquainted disturbance is where the leading real estate of that switch hits the within the essential cap someplace before that switch dispirits all the means in my experience it doesn’t really feel poor however it does not appear great you obtain like this high pitched like

plasticky clacky noise that occurs with it on something like the shift not truly a big bargain yet the room bar harms due to the fact that you’re gon na be all over that point all the time wuche does supply 4 extra pcbs that you can choose up as extras which include more attributes including buoyant rgb with the cost of a more limiting design they likewise provide this with a bluetooth wireless pcb as a package choice for 159 however you’ll need to springtime for your very own battery both pcbs as well as the set consists of support for both qmk and also via they likewise have lots of bonus that consist of everything from light weight aluminum instance tops tons of different plate options 6 various pcb choices even a brass inner weight it is very important to direct out that stabilizers are not consisted of due to the reduced thickness of the pcb typical stabs require a couple janky extra steps so it’s best to simply get hold of a set from luche too that’ll get you for an additional 19 dollars you’ll have to lube and construct these on your own and they have a really intriguing layout i have actually never seen before where the wire in fact clips in from all-time low of the real estate sheesh i felt like a whole lot the instance i’m making use of today remains in charcoal and this is a round

one situation this color is not offered in the r2 by but it is necessary to keep in mind that everything in rounded 2 works with the r1 instance so if you need some additionals for your r1 or you just regret not getting an option when you had the chance you can get anything you require to as component of the rounded two group by entering the develop in the reduced case we see metal standoffs made use of throughout that’s actually good to see we likewise have a really special gasket mounting system here where we have 10 various chips that act as lower assistance for the gaskets you can use nonetheless several you desire in any position you desire which enables you to truly dial in the suppleness or the flexiness of the last build they provide you the choice to utilize either silicone or poron gaskets i’m going to make use of silicone due to the fact that every gasket mount board i’ve ever possessed has porons so i intend to change it up the suggested wuche config is to draw the middle top and bottom and the sides throughout the various quantity of builds of this board for this video clip i recovered and also forth in between whether or not to leave the lower assistance and also under the spacebar inevitably i wound up leaving that out in my final config as a result of the acoustics you can additionally choose exactly how much of the given

silicone to include you’ve obtained a large wedge in all-time low that has three separate areas to give way for the optional brass weight as well as the bluetooth battery along with one that goes in between home plate and the pcb because of the step-by-step gasket installing system the flex cuts and the included polycarb plate you begin with a surprising quantity of flex and after that can call it back as you require to find your excellent balance of feeling and also acoustics there is no little girl board right here so you need to be responsible with the amount of flex as well as comprehend your limitations so you do not harm the port which is not covered by guarantee there’s a ton of different variables when you’re constructing this board i rebuilt it like 12 times for this video there’s not nearly enough hours in the day to cover every config so we’ll just hit some highlights running it without any wetting in any way not surprisingly sounds attractive hollow breakable i presume it’s not a reduced tone it’s quite clacky quite severe not what i look for in a young boy from there as you include silicone it just kind of dials up the muting and decreases the flex also with all the silicone in it does not really decrease the quantity of flex you really feel during the inputting experience simply the quantity of

flex you can demonstrate on video camera by truly pressing on the board it still feels wonderful if i weren’t gon na purchase anything outside of the supply package this is most likely just how i ‘d run this board but the genuine magic with this board happens with the poron package that’s available in extras this set is a slim sheet that goes in between the pcb and the switches as well as stabs and another thicker sheet that goes in between home plate and the pcb as well as this is the sound right here all the poron up top and the silicone in the reduced and also you’re gold you even reach preserve a bit a lot more flex in this configuration versus running the silicone top as well as well as it simply seems music for contrast we’ll hear it alongside the kbd67 light kitted out with the same switches as well as caps if you’re running the wired variation as well as you don’t need to stress over a location to conceal the battery down there you can make use of some of the more conventional do it yourself mods like polyfill and pe foam there are 16 down firing leds in there to provide some underglow yet the effect once more right here doesn’t actually pinch hit me so i ‘d do it anyway i like the sound of the tape mod yet the more boards i try it on the extra i realize that it simply sort of

makes every board seem the exact same great news is that you can make use of the tape mod right here on the pcb without truly reducing the flexiness of the board in any way what you need to understand below is there’s practically a boundless amount of methods that you can personalize this board but if you do determine to purchase this package i think it would be a huge mistake to lose out on the poron add-on various other things to understand the light weight aluminum top choice is purely visual it doesn’t seem to do anything to transform the sound however it is done truly well like the coating looks wonderful you also have a little chip here that sits in the instance that’s backlit you can personalize one of these out of card stock if you want utilizing the aluminum top obstructs this the badge right here is convertible it’s magnetic it will ship with this one however they open personalizeds and also add-ons from time to time because of the roomy design of this board it is fairly a bit broader than your normal 65 it’s primarily as vast as a tkl lastly it’s simply an actually

fiddly board i needed to really deal with the stab on the inner key to obtain it to return properly you do require to be mindful regarding appropriate plate alignment so your top row or your area bar does not bind on the situation and also there’s certainly hundreds of different mixes and means to assemble this point all in between the wired base package the generally needed stabilizers as well as the poron extras you’re checking out 173 us wish to add a light weight aluminum top and you’re checking out 222. taking a look at the kbd67 light that board is going to release for black friday at 99 it does consist of stabilizers also yet this time around you will need to lube and set up those on your own the round one i assessed came totally pre-assembled steady lashes included as well as it was wonderful i’ll link that video clip down in the description if you have not seen it yet you will not have any kind of layout flexibility but all the outlets are south encountering it has perky rgb in contrast to underglow as well as i think it sounds truly great right out of package in the stock config without any kind of add-on assistances qmk

and through also i like the feeling and also the noise of the abs versus the polycarb instance and it’s a smaller sized impact generally there is wireless available also but very same scenario where you get on your own for the battery both are group acquires as well as in my opinion both deserve the delay i know kbdfans has really exerted to maintain the kbd67 light in supply regularly however production and shipping the method it is currently it’s simply hard you can expect to pay even more for it if and when they can dependably maintain that in supply like a lot of things in this leisure activity it simply boils down to what you desire i do not believe there’s a wrong response right here both of these boards stand for the top 2 places in what’s considered the entry-level customized group i’m personally partial to the kbd67 lite since it’s actually simple to establish and get excellent results as well as the price factor extra properly reflects entry level the iki 68 is all about choices as well as you can maintain overdoing additionals and also tweaking the board till your heart’s material so it makes for a superb sandbox board if you have a little bit more room in the budget as well as you really intend to find out a whole lot about keyboards i believe the only actual objective downside to the disgusting 68 is that you will certainly have circumstances with this board where you do face disturbance if you’re not cautious concerning your button selection as well as your keycaps any questions hit me in the remarks as well as i’ll do my ideal to address those prior to the team i ends and also i’ll catch you all in the next one keep up

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