Ducky One 3 SF: Best 65% Gaming Keyboard?

all ideal i know everyone’s been waiting on this the ducky one 3 series is below we have the sf version house today the 65 layout ultimately we get the much anticipated hot place but we additionally obtain some modifications below that truly help place ducky back in a competitive spot in the pre-built keyboard market for the end of 2021 you prepared allow’s go [Songs] so the 1-3 sf is presently in pre-order for 129 us that’s a 20 boost over the previous version with distribution currently expected simply after the initial of the year this will naturally likewise be readily available in 60 tko in full dimension and also a handful of different colorways but today we have the sunrise in this wild blue yellow and also grey personally i like it however i understand that a great deal of people out there are gon na desire a more neutral shade something that harmonizes their arrangement a bit versus something that looks essentially like a running shoe the situation right here is still all plastic yet it has some more intriguing geometry this time around around and a

really good appearance that gives the impression of like grain blasted light weight aluminum i should state also that my initial 1 2 sf had some balancing problems when you hit secrets in the leading right or leading left of the board as well hard this appears like it’s been totally fixed below in this new design on the underside we still have the twin placement flip down feet as well as the dip button variety which can regulate some design things cable connection is still left side mounted usb c it’s obtained a deep recess too so no visible adapter and there’s lots of area to accommodate aftermarket cables the top of the case here is kind of mid elevation so it’s not like an entirely floating switch layout however it still leaves a lot of the switch visible keycaps this time around about are no much longer radiate via these are actually high quality double shot pvt they’re textured too they don’t seem like milky however there is most definitely a grasp to them the structure nearly looks like a

much more refined variation of the situation consisted of in the box you’ll get your cable television a handful of added key caps and the accent color including this round person right below a key cap puller in matching colorway and also now a switch puller too due to the fact that this board is warm swap so you can transform out the switches these outlets are kale tinted this time around which i do not assume i’ve seen before these aren’t north encountering leds which you don’t see too frequently any longer and also i assume this is a move ducky produced the idea of simply mass appeal southern encountering outlets are normally preferred by the lover group due to the fact that particular buttons engage with gmk or cherry or oem account where the keycap in fact strikes the top of the button real estate before it depresses right it’s called interference the downside to south encountering is that they don’t support the vast majority of luster with caps suggesting the personalities brighten lovers uncommitted much about that as well as although this

board doesn’t included shine through crucial caps there’s still an actually huge market of people around that would acquire those aftermarket as well as when it pertains to those aftermarket keycap collections you really need to be careful when you’re shopping for the sf version particularly you have two solitary u mods to the right of the spacebar that limits your options a little bit yet the actual kicker below is the two unit appropriate change that’s mosting likely to limit your aftermarket things to gmk epbt some tai hao kits and some not every one of also ducky’s real collections so simply take care before you get as well as the sf is the only variation that has this problem the 60 the tkl the full dimension those are all common so basically any kind of cap collection will benefit buttons my copy included cherry mx gets rid of which have a quite large tactile bump and also i’m glad you can exchange these out these are

truly scratchy feeling as well as appearing and also they have a huge amount of ping despite having the noise dampening inside this board which is a slim layer of case foam in a thick silicone plate foam it can not control the ping on these buttons [ Songs] with those gadaran black inks in there it certainly appears as well as really feels far better yet it does highlight some chances with the stabilizers these guys right here are what offers most off-the-shelf key-boards their trademark rattle i do not understand if these are made by ducky however they are flat under so you don’t require to clip these and also they are manufacturing facility looped but just on the wire and also just sufficient to suffice for most informal individuals in justness they do sound better than basically anything out there from like logitech razer or corsair however you can lube these to obtain a better sound fortunately with the board being hot swap it’s a really simple procedure to access these and it truly does make a meaningful distinction so with lube buttons as well as stabilizers this board appears and also really feels great i’m not listening to anything unfavorable at all and also the dual layers of foam really appear to be working if you do hear any scrape in all in the modded version it’s just my fingertips rubbing on the real structure of the keycaps the 65 right here is

a 71 key layout so with a growing number of retailers providing buttons in packs of 36 you can cover this board with 2 boxes we likewise have two added leds under the spacebar on each side currently surprisingly we still do not have any type of sort of control software application here to make adjustments to the layers of the rebinding or the rgb i made use of to praise that a few years back when key-board or software program drivers were type of questionable now it’s actually wonderful just to be able to jump into software program and also make an adjustment like that quickly overall i believe no matter which version you select these are currently mechanically the most effective variations of the ducky one series unless you simply have to have an aluminum instance they’ve actually left us no reason to have to open or mod these boards whatsoever which is great due to the fact that opening like a one two mini is an item of cake opening this sf is absolutely a duty 2 of the top screws are obscured so you’ll have to remove the instance top as well as

there’s great deals of little clips right here and the end caps have to come off initial i broke a clip trying to get it apart to have a look at the within so you don’t need to i like the brand-new situation layout the double situation foam gets the job done as well as it’s excellent to have hot swap here the only drawback keeping that is the repainted white plate will certainly reveal every little scrape as well as scuff that features getting rid of buttons as an enthusiast it’s simple to see the decision to make use of north facing sockets here is a bad move but as a customer i really like to have a board such as this that i can advise to individuals that still desire to make use of backlit keycaps colorways are mosting likely to be actually polarizing specifically given that none of the launch shades are neutral and it’s not simply the caps with the instance also being wild shades it restricts what you can do with aftermarket keycap colors i make sure a bunch of people would such as to see this in simply a black white

or room grey choice for value i assume we’re quite great below at 129. It’s worth bearing in mind that this isn’t a bare bones you are obtaining switches as well as caps this genuinely is a purchase it and utilize it keyboard that offers you the capability to try out buttons and or adjusting or changing your stabs if you wish to i feel like i’m going to obtain to this or the touch 65 lp comment a great deal as well as my feeling there is that neither of these is better in itself you simply need to pick which one is better for you touch 65 lp is that strong low account style in more secure shades but you’re pretty secured in to the caps the switches and the overall noise of the board the ducky definitely gives you more area to experiment but it does not have software program and it has those wild colors in regards to which is going to do better or be quicker in game the actual solution is i don’t assume either one of these is going to carry out far better than the others so just select what you like total i’m satisfied with the most up to date model of the ducky boards i would certainly want some a lot more efficient manufacturing facility lube on the stabs some software program and some more secure colors yet mechanically and style smart i really feel like these are really strong i wish to say thanks to distinct for sponsoring today’s video this is one of those uncommon moments as a designer where i reach partner with the brand that i’m

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